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Religion, my views & thoughts...

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First, I will always hold to the perspective of a person's freedom to worship or not as they choose.

That said, I personally have NO use for religion--any of them.
They all claim the same line; 'They're of peace'. History shows a far different picture, including the modern era where we have Islamics hungering for our destruction and jerking-off to the idea of Islamifying the western world.

They're just as bad as the rest, no different aside from the name they use for their religion.
My biggest problem with religion is that no matter what, they're always trying to sneak into your life and assimilate you--very much like the Borg from STAR TREK.
...or the Necromongers from CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK.
Husband, myself, Brianna chose to live our way, free and unconcerned with religion--and of course that makes us especially 'desirable' as converts. One thing I rarely, if ever, mention is the steady pressure from a variety of church groups here that are absolutely determined to bring us into the fold.
Aka; Assimilate us.
What part of Respect For Other's Beliefs don't they get?? Are they so damned stupid that they actually believe they alone have religious freedom but that our choices under the same law is 'invalid'??
I no longer deal with them, as Husband and John noticed that it was really stressing me out, messing up my sleep, stomach aches...
They made the rounds to each, both of them, and made it clear that they were to stay away from our home and us or thre would be dire consequences. Our Lawyer is ready to nail them to the wall for criminal harrassment and stalking charges.
That's just the Christians.

Our Islamic locals, which are a bunch of wanna-be hardliners, tried bringing suit against the market for discrimination as they have pork products on premises which is offensive to Islamic religious beliefs. They've also filed complaints against women being allowed to dress offensively in public, demanding new local ordinances be passed regarding such.
They're NOT making any friends they plainly do NOT understand the principle of live-and-let-live.

In the end, I recognize and speak for people being able to worship as they choose, or not.
It'd be really fucking nice if the same respect and consideration were according us in-kind.

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