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Life, Time, & Relativity Einstein Never Considered

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I'm the world's least organized person. Now that things are 'quiet' around here after the showdown...I can write about the day.

Those of you who know me fairly well, know that I need a 37 Hr day like in MiB.
I've been ghosting around SSP, learning what being a Mod is, learning the tools and such, getting it all figured out--now I know how I 'fit' into it.
I'm on here a LOT, so I'm gonna be keeping an eye out for spammers and handling the Greeting of new members as best I can.
Twitter, that I'll be handling on a day-on/day-off basis as it seems to be a good way of building the membership and calling old members back.
Also, it's fun...but [B][I]freaking addictive.[/I][/B] The crack cocaine of social networking!! LOL

As some of you have noticed, I tend to be a 'Binge' writer. That's how my brain operates--like a Cheetah it goes off on a major high-speed dash, then it needs a chance to rest and recupe. So, when it's ready, I'll pick up the pen again--and it's starting to show signs of waking up again. thmb
Frankly, I hate that it works like that, but all my efforts in the past to change that aspect of my creativity have never worked out very well at all, so I leave it the hell alone now and don't push or annoy it.
As you guys know I'm hubby's Research Assistant and keep the house running. Happily, the house doesn't take much time and I've got the laundry schedule sorted now so I can do it on autopilot. Then there's all the swamps I wade theough every day with getting our company started--and it's not easy dealing with that. People consider our technology 'experimental', and NO one wants to 'go first'.
Thus, persistence and patience are the rules there...but there are some days I just wanna hop a train down to Ottawa and Washington DC, grab Harper and Obama and shake or slap some effing sense into both of them.

Working from home has it's own frustrations also.
Most of our neighbours are really nice folks, friendly and helpful, good folks to know and easy to get along with. SOME however, like that Nazi-Vegan make me wanna wring their necks like a dishcloth. Of late, someone who just moved into the area is complaining [B]([I]strenuously[/I]) [/B]about our solar arrays and wind turbines powering our home.
Thing is, they really don't know what kind of trouble they're stirring up for themselves.
I spoke with Husband about it, and he has this 'tone' when he's getting ready to deal with anything that's a threat to home and hearth.
It's chilling, and Final, I've seen his eyes when he's using that tone and it's the look of a man who isn't about to tolerate any threats to his home or life.
Husband doesn't tolerate being pushed around, [I][B]by anyone[/B][/I], and when he pushes back--[B]you feel it. [/B]He's very much a go-for-the-throat type and I KNOW he's already called our Lawyer about this and something's in-motion to deal with it.
But, four rather nasty phone calls today from the neighbours about 'when are you gonna take those fucking things down?!'. I had John handle the last call, because I was starting to feel stressed and under-attack...well, he just held his hand out, making it clear he should take over.
Fine with me, glad to have him do it!!
If I'm a 'Luxury Liner', he's a 'Battleship'.
John won't tolerate people abusing people he's close to. He's also got one foot in the grave right?? Nothing left in life to fear.
[B] Keeping that in mind...[/B]
He told the svoluch, in NO uncertain terms that he was welcome to come over and get his attitude adjusted...and that if he continued the harrassment, he'd go over there and save the bastiche the walk, and that one more call would see him in the hospital ICU, crippled and speechless for life.
So, the dumbass comes over...
...and ends up facing John, who is NOT in a good mood.
Words were exchanged, the guy saw me looking around the edge of the wall and said; 'what're you looking at, cunt?'
John just [I][B]backhanded [/B][/I]him, not a 'slap' this is the kind of full-armed backhand that sends a bell-ringing message and connected [B]solidly[/B].
[I][B]No warning[/B][/I], nothing said, just knocked him flat like he was swatting a bug.
John's long-boned, but heavy-boned also with nothing 'extra' on his frame so it must have really hurt!! Then, he coughs up some blood into a kleenex wad while the idiot's working on getting himself picked up, idiot sees the blood while John's just [I][B]GLARING [/B][/I]at him and the dumbass picks up on the fact he just got his ass kicked by someone who's really in bad shape.
John, totally unruffled, tells him to stand up--makes it an Order in tone, and then tells the loser that if creates any more trouble for us or the neighbourhood, the next time he'll take his head off. Quiet, conversational voice like he's talking weather or such.
From Mr. badass-bully to [I][FONT=Georgia]'yeah, okay, I don't want trouble either!'[/FONT][/I] in the flick of a wrist basically, and John glaring the fool into a nervous, fidgeting mess like a kid being read-out by a principal at school.
John finishes glaring this twerp into realizing that there's some folks in the world who don't put up with modern-age society-bullies, tells him 'You're dismissed, go home and behave yourself.'. and that's it, done and finished, comes into the livingroom and ruffles Georgina's ears like nothing had happened, de-spooking her.
I asked John why he backhanded him, as Husband did that one guy who assaulted me once.
He explained that in punching with a closed 'normal' fist, you can really hurt yourself, and then showed me this folded-finger way of making a 'proper' fist, where the middle-knuckles are the striking surface, calling it a 'tiger's paw' fist. It's like punching someone with a 'wedge' and I imagine it'd do a lot of damage. Handy to know if I ever need to defend myself again.
That was my morning at 10AM-ish.

Brianna, home from work today and tomorrow due to water pipe hassles at work, saw this also and was totally blown away by it. Right now, major case of hero-worship going on from her regarding John. Especially after what he said to her below...
Now, the Filly KNOWS we're Protected, that there's no question about it.
Here's what he told her, when she asked some questions;

[FONT=Georgia][I]"I don't care who you are. If there's one thing you never do if you've plans to see tomorrow, if you value your life, if you don't want me as an absolute enemy--never threaten my family."[/I][/FONT]

He was dead serious when he said it, meaning every single word and how he he sees Martin, myself and Brianna.
We're his family. No questions or doubts about that in any way or form

Below are two vids that remind me so very much of John...and watching them had Brianna and I in tears, especially the 2nd one.

[CENTER][B] [URL=""][/URL][/B]


He's no TimeLord...but maybe he should have been.

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