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Poplar 'fluff', Pollen and Hormones

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Are making it so bloody hard to think I'm doing a new story as a kind of 'pacemaker' to keep my brain ticking-over.
I'm just 'messing around' basically, trying to keep the 'connection' to the writing-part of my brain active.
How futzed am I?
I nearly put sugar and boiling water into the [I][B]tea box[/B][/I], rather than my mug.
Twice, so far.
Caught myself both times, but I'm seriously messed-up twixt the ears right now. Husband and Brianna are feeling the effects of the Poplars also and none of us are allergic to them--but the pollen itself is a nasty irritant just on it's own I've been told.
My sinuses and the amount of sinus meds I've had to take will attest to that.

What we need is a really good storm with some high winds to blow the rest out of the trees and heavy rain to soak it down and keep it down.

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  1. Landy's Avatar
    We have had more than enough rain here in the UK just lately, I will have a word with the rain Gods and send some your way. :crazya:
  2. BriannaFilly's Avatar
    That'd be really great!! This poplar pollen and fluff is reallt nasty crap...even Georgina and Hector ar snorting and sneezing.
    It's raising sheer hell with Marlene's system, especially her sinuses.
  3. Marlene38EE's Avatar
    I'm so fed-up with my brain being 'offline'....
    It's like all the 'components' aren't communicating/networked properly.