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Casa de Chaos

Dom's Night (Part One)

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The following contains Adult Situations of an Alternate Lifestyle/Sexuality nature.

I am pulling no punches here, this is Life in the raw.

I do make an effort at keeping things tasteful though.

If you continue to read on, now you know what to expect.

Thank-You for reading!!
Exhausting but SOOOO worth it!!

Parts of this might be a little out of order time-wise...well, no one's perfect, right??

First, the real advantage we are able to enjoy during these get-togethers is that as we're out in the nowhere, privacy isn't a problem and we don't have to worry about offending any neighbours.

The reason this is important is because some things are done outside the house, like the BBQ, and given what us subs/slaves were wearing, and some of the Dominants, we'd likely outrage more than a few folks if they were onlooking.

Wanda, as example, is a Professional Domme, and her outfit was tailored to be open-front, showcasing her breasts.

VERY healthy-looking B cups with nipples you just want to wrap your mouth onto.

Brianna and myself were wearing relatively-speaking somewhat conservative attire. See-through long-sleeved half tops, really short miniskirts, thongpanties, and I was wearing the Mare's Boots while Brianna wore the moddied high heels husband did up for her.

The Mare's Boots are a custom work done up by Husband based off something he came up with for one of my stories.

They're high-heeled to the point of just short of being Ballet Boots, difficult to walk in and impossible to run in. Brianna's heels are from her own shoe stocks, and quite extreme themselves.

Also, as some Dominants have certain fetishes, subs/slaves were made to urinate outside, under supervision--there's more than a few Coyotes in the area.

NO unescorted trips outside for subs/slaves, even if completely free of restraints. That's a Law of the Get-Togthers, because while it's unlikely they'd cause trouble, why test it.

This aspect of toiletry also fit in with the Equine and Canine personas of some of the slaves/subs as animals don't use indoor toilets.

Embarrassing, humiliating...and I loved the thrill!!

Brianna and myself were made to pee 'Mare Fashion'.

Bent far fwd at hips, legs wide apart, after Husband adjusted our skirts for us so they were out of the way and opened our thong crotches.

The thongs are ones hubby modified, the back of the crotch is held closed with a snap and velcro, so we can be made immediately accessible for him as and when he chooses.

Rather than garter belts and stockings, as I usually prefer, we got lucky and some things Husband ordered for us through our local Lingerie store arrived in time...

I've been wanting some of these for a while, but never thought to order them.

Gagged, hands and arms very securely restrained behind out choice. Husband made us wait until we were both bladder-burstingly desperate, then he and a few other Dominants took us and other subs/slaves outside to the area of the yard marked for such.

I had the chance to see Ponygirls do it, and for them it seems to be an everyday thing, for Brianna and myself, it was something quite new. Brianna, even as desperate as she was couldn't get started ,so I finished doing my tinkle and nuzzled her to comfort and encourage her, feeling very much like a Mare caring for her Filly. She was whimperingly desperate and Husband coaxed her by gently pressing on her lower belly and using some long grass stems to tickle the inside of her thighs, and that got her started much to her embarrassed relief.

I kept nuzzling her as Husband wiped us then closed our thongs while speaking with the other Dominants.

Petgirls/Canines either crouch or cock a leg as you'd expect.

You never think of these kinds of things and details until you encounter them!!

The topic between Husband and the other Dominants was Winter, as it'll be too cold to take us outside, so they're looking at alternate ideas, clothing options, etc..

Back inside, I got to watch a Ponyboy servicing his Master orally, and learned that his tail-plug had a vibrating prostate simulator in it--and as he was locked in a chastity, I could tell at a glance that made for an uncomfortable combo!!

Exposed male genitals, with specifically made clothing/outfits for such was the rule, not the exception. Many females were similarly displayed, hence Chastity devices on males and females depending on how they're 'Owners' felt they'd behave.

The Canines were a bit of a nuisance at times, but in keeping with their personas--they kept sniffing around and 'bothering' those of us of the 'equine' persuasion.

Not all of the Ponyboys were homosexual, and two were at least Bisexual and tried mounting Brianna and I after we'd been tethered and revealed for Inspection. I'm just glad they were in chastities!!

Neck tethered close to a hip-height railing so you're bent fwd, legs locked wide open at the ankles with a spreader bar and thong crotch open--not the best position to defend oneself from, especially with your arms bound behind your back, gagged and blindfolded with a spreader bar locked between your ankles keeping your legs wide open!!

A few words on the Restraints used on us during transport...

Husband makes most of the gear he uses for BDSM, and comparing it to storebought, it's exceedingly hard to find things that approach the level of quality he can put into things, as well as the detailed craftsmanship. But, he is making this specific for Brianna and myself, and can take the time without compromising quality in materials or workmanship.

The pics above are as examples--although he does purchase genuine Hospital-issue equipment as it meets his safety requirements, and he doesn't ever compromise there!!

The arm sleeve is similar to above, but the cuffs are more towards the ends, wider, and offset for comfortable arm-nesting inside it when secured. from there, he used the 201 series cuffs on our upper arms, and a single strap, like seen in the pics, to link through the hasps closing the sleeve and the hasps on the cuffs, with just enough tension to ensure that we had to keep proper posture and stick our chests out somewhat.

Our head harnesses were more like the bottom-most picture except that the blindfold and gag can be put on or removed using snaps and velcro fastening. The harness doesn't rely on them as structural elements to be wearable, it's just a 'frame', and has a lined collar with tether rings front and to each side. The gag panel he used for us was a curved panel, with a thick, mouth-filling cut-down silicone dildo used as the gag itself. The inside of the panel is soft gloveleather, and it's filled with synthetic sponge so that it absorbs and distributes pressure over the mouth more comfortably and completely--and seals it off.

I helped him test them when he was refining the design--and they're extremely effective in keeping a Mare and her Filly muzzled and quiet, no matter how hard they try to scream. ;-)

The unwanted mounting attempt occurred shortly after we all arrived, and to be honest, I'm impressed with how deep they're into their personas!!

They were pulled off us near-immediately, and chastised for it, I clearly heard a riding crop or something across a rump!!.

The only reason I know for sure it was a couple of Ponies was Husband filling me in on things later.

The Inspection was for all of us subs/slaves. I could hear enough to know that others were being tethered as Brianna and I were, male or female it made no difference. Our sexes were openly exposed, as were our breasts, helpless to do anything to interfere with or stop what was coming aside from using a Safetune.

Safetune...a tune that's clearly and instantly recognizable when hummed while wearing a gag, even with a blocked nose.

My sinuses suck, genetic legacy of my Grandmother, so the last is an important point.

Brianna, myself, and every other slave/sub could hear the sounds of examination gloves being torn out of packaging and before that the smell of the alcohol based, aloe-laden hand sanitizer our host makes.

(He has many issues against storebought and the Triclosan in it)

I was so wet and aroused, I must have been literally dripping, and I could detect Brianna's arousal scent also, meaning she was at least as wet as I was...which added more fuel to the fire.

[B][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=6]To Be Continued....[/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

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  1. GhostRider's Avatar
    absolutely fascinating! Thanks for giving us boring folk a look into this fascinating world we never would have gotten otherwise
  2. Marlene38EE's Avatar
    [QUOTE=GhostRider;bt2194]absolutely fascinating! Thanks for giving us boring folk a look into this fascinating world we never would have gotten otherwise[/QUOTE]

    You're welcome!!
    I'll be continuing it when my wrist & hand heal.
    Minor spill, sprained the hell out of it. :-)
  3. comsmith22's Avatar
    Interesting... Most intriguing... Not sure where i would fit in... but as a fly on the wall, or the statue on the mantle till I understand it better... But i do find it ... worth perusing