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Dom's Night (Part Two)

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[B] Cont'd here due to space limitations....[/B]

The Dominants were chatting politely and eloquently amongst themselves, discussing us slaves/subs and I realized that it had become something like a 'showing' also. My heart was pounding, adrenaline was making me feel like an electric charge was going through my blood and nerves, I was really focused on what my ears brought me.

I was excited, and being blindfolded somehow helped keep the sense of embarrassment and humiliation at being so exposed down somewhat. I could hear Brianna sounding under her muzzle in surprise, then protest, and tried jerking my head up in reflex to go to her. She's our Filly, my Filly as I'm her Dam, and I am protective of her. Hearing her sounds of distress provoked a very strong reaction in me, even though I knew she was perfectly safe--so I rolled with it, and just let myself enjoy a kind of private fantasy-play regarding abduction and such things and being surrounded by relative strangers really added an explosively-direct element to it--like rocket fuel dumped into a bonfire.

I heard Brianna trying to strenuously protest through her muzzle, then a yelp and a groan at the same time I heard the Dominants discussing how the Filly's reactions to Inspection were distressing her Dam. (Me)

I kept reflexively trying to stand and go to her, trying to tell them to stop bothering my Filly, and thoroughly enjoying the private roleplay!!

I knew, from Brianna's sounds, she'd likely been just subjected to a finger up her bottom, and unlike me, she doesn't have too many issues with anal play. She won't accept a cock up her bottom, the idea scares her, but fingers and toys she's fine with as they're generally safer and less of a strain on things.

My breasts were felt, examined, as well as my legs, the muscles felt down the backs of my thighs from my buttock cheeks.

I've seen animals examined, and horses too, on TV and very much felt like a prize Mare being shown and inspected. One of the Puppygirls, I think, started whimpering and was reassured by her owner while the insides of my thighs were felt, along the tendons and my belly felt, gently palpated,..and then I felt a thick finger enter me...

It was a bit of a surprise, and I jerked against the restraints, adding my own surprised soundings to the assortment as my vagina was gently probed increasingly deeply as my labia were spread to expose my clit. I was fingered, probed, felt, examined, my clit teased as they discussed my responses and Brianna's, and my being Bred to one of the Ponies...

I knew it wouldn't happen, but hearing it was like a lightning bolt hitting me, the fear-thrill blasted through me, and focused in my genitals and felt a fresh tidal wave of arousal and myself getting even wetter--which was embarrassingly-enough noticed and commented on. Two fingers slid up inside me, and I tried reflexively to escape them--no luck, and felt a thumb along the cleft of my buttocks, and realized that it felt like a Professional examination, and added to the fear-thrill of hearing the Dominants discussing Breeding me. I was in dread of a finger invading me anally, but that didn't happen--all the Dominants know about each sub's/slave's Absolute Limits. But, the fear-thrill was there... ;-)

A word about Environmental Responsibility and the Lifestyle...

The sounds of gloves being put on and stripped-of was continuous, due to cleanliness/safety considerations it was one set of gloves per sub, then a fresh set. Latex gloves, so no worries about biodegradability. I know this from the discussions with Husband afterwards. Nitrile gloves don't break down satisfactorily, whereas latex gloves left exposed to sunlight and it's UV does so reasonably quickly and can then be tossed into our host's compost. Don't forget, latex comes from trees to begin with. Leave a condom out in the sun and air for a few days and it starts turning into a dry dust, flaking and breaking down under the UV and O2 in the light and air.

[B][SIZE=6]To Be Continued....[/SIZE][/B]

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    TY for reading!! ((HUG)) :icon063: <- Christmas related, not arousal-related. :thumb:
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    Wow, all this and environmetally responsible too!

    I like!!