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Dom's Night (Part 3)

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...more than once during the Inspection, I was glad of the restraints, my legs were going rubber-kneed, and without the restraints binding my arms and hands, I don't know what I'd have done with them as I doubt I'd have been able to keep still!!

Being 'unwillingly' handled by strangers, discussed as though my thoughts and opinions were of absolutely no consideration at all...that's the stuff some of my favorite fantasies are made of!! I couldn't keep myself from squirming, and if the spreader bar hadn't been linked to the rings at the ankles of the Mare's Boots, I doubt I'd have been able to keep them open I had such a raging case of squirmies!!

The converstaion about Breeding me with one of the Pony stallions had me nearly throwing a fit!! It was very much a fantasy (safely) made Real, and I was so excited I felt a little faint/lightheaded.

Part of me was outraged, but that was part of me that was Into the fantasy--one of those split-window mindsets.

I did struggle against the restraints, and all I did was continually remind myself that Husband knows what he's doing, and the only way I'd be getting loose from them would be when he released me from them.

One Dom was tickling the insides of my thighs with his fingertips, making me squirm and yell into my muzzle, and basically 'prancing-in-place'. He had his hand on my rump cheek, squeezing and commenting on how well toned I was, discussing my figure relating to 'Foaling', stud fees, and such in a very classy and tasteful manner that was also thoroughly infuriating and arousing as hell.

I knew, down deep I was safe, and because of that I was genuinely enjoying the scene a lot--although I think I nearly hyperventilated at one point from sheer excitement.

My breasts, milk-laden HH cuppers that they are, were treated roughly but not overly so. My nipples were examined, my breasts hefted, comments were made that I'd need a milking soon--and that was the simple truth!!

What I wasn't expecting was a warm mouth shortly after that, although I did hear comments regarding letting the Filly go to her Dam...

Brianna, my beautiful Filly, was Nursing!!

I was still tethered and helpless, but my Filly showed no signs of apprehension and suckled like she'd never stopped from birth. It's not just suction, folks, the tongue and some use of the teeth are employed also.

When I realized what was going on, I calmed down a lot, and relaxedly enjoyed having my Filly Nursing, and wishing I could nuzzle her, but the restraints utterly prevented that.

Brianna drained both my breasts with me enjoying having her under me very much like a Foal with her Dam, then I was released from the tether and spreader, and my blindfold removed, while my girl pressed close and I nuzzled her with this amazing and almost new feeling of love in me for her.

Brianna's eyes were just 'glowing', and I could feel the same depth of affection from her and tell at a glance she was really getting into the swing of it all.

Husband did release us from our restraints, and made it clear that it was only temporary, to allow for circulation and such.

Prior to leaving the house, Brianna and I had both taken an aspirin at Husband's order, to assist with maintainance of circulation while bound. His methods of restraint aren't overly-constrictive, but better safer than the sorrier, yes??

Around us, various subs/slaves were being handled and seen-to by their Dominants, restraints checked for pressure-spots, water given, etc..

There was so much to see for the Filly and myself and it was overwhelming!!

The Ponies were dressed in full 'show' tack, and all of it looked expensive!! The Pets were done up for show also, but not nearly as comprehensively as the Ponies, although the spring-loaded braided leather wrap 'tails with buttplug ends did lend a very convincing quality to them. Wanda's Leatherboys attended her like priests attending a goddess, silent, and always slightly behind her and to either side.

It's all still quite a 'whirlwind' inside my mind--too much to try to take in over the day and night.

The 'Conventional' slaves/subs were dressed in revealing outfits, all gagged, all leashed and collared, with perfect slave postures and unhesitatingly obedient to spoken or hand-gesture given orders.

Lunch was served, as it was the right time for a relatively late one, mainly cold cuts and such, good 'party-food', serve yourself--or in the case of many subs/slaves wait until you're hand-fed by your Dominant.


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    Now Thats ... Hot:wanker::thumb:
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    [QUOTE=comsmith22;bt2377]Now Thats ... Hot:wanker::thumb:[/QUOTE]

    Dom's Nights are always 'Interesting'. :winknudge:
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    Wow, fascinating, you're giving me a look at something I'd never seen's mezmerizing.