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A friend's current experiences with the Paranormal.

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There has only been one time when any harm "could" have been inflicted....a few years back now...I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my 2 year old son. We have three glass shelves filled with my knick-knacks on the wall behind the couch. The second shelf came down on us...which was strange would think that if the braces had let go, it would have crashed into the bottom shelf also and we would have had both shelves of stuff hit us. Nope...only the second shelf came down....broke most of the candle sticks and glass unicorns I had. We weren't hurt, just scared! The broken objects had also flown across the entire 15 ft. of living room...I had to pick my way across the living room floor to get the vaccuum to clean up the shards of class and porcelain.
All of us have seen things here. My hubby has seen the spirit of an old man...sitting on the couch next to him, crying. I have heard heavy booted footsteps at night in our kitchen and the floorboards creaking from the weight...even had Tedde get up and check to make sure no one had broken in! I've heard a baby crying along with feeling the feeling of being deeply concerned. I've heard voices whispering but couldn't make out any individual words....I checked to see if someone was standing outside talking or perhaps a car playing music one was. I've seen flickering sparks of light ( like fireflies) throughout the house at night. I've seen shadows and dark figures as has my daughter. She has also heard someone calling her name when none of us had. Our son is scared of the wall next to the bed as he says he can see a spirit pass through it into the bedroom. He'll turn his back towards it to go to sleep so he can't see it......
Part of our small home was built over 120 years ago ( our kitchen area, which happens to be in the middle of our home) and was owned by a coal miner.
It seems these things happen in clusters for a month or so...then they go away for a bit and come back. It is not a continuous thing which is why I have sort of dismissed the high EMF thingy. That would be a continuous thing would it not?
When we first moved in here...10 years ago....after the first few times of hearing the footsteps in the kitchen ( like someone pacing the floor)....I smudged each room with burning sage and asked for the entities to leave and protection from Arch-Angel Michael. It seemed to help for a while. I also poured salt around the perimeter of our home outside. I think I will have to get some more sage and do it again.
This dark shadow I saw unnerved me but I didn't feel petrified....I had even checked to see if perhaps one of the kids or my hubby had gotten up to go to the washroom....nope...everyone was sound asleep. So I dismissed it as my eyes playing tricks on me...a few minutes later I saw it again! The small bedroom we use as a computer room has a window off to my left side which reflects the objects at night, through the kitchen to the doorway into the living room, where we have a desk lamp on top of our credenza which has our record player and TV. This shadow blocked the light as a person would, if one walked in front of it...such as through our kitchen.
When my daughter told me she had seen shadows moving the next morning....the hair on my arms stood up, along with my neck hairs and a chill down my spine. I hadn't mentioned my sighting to anyone...I didn't want to scare them.
I think I have inherited some of my maternal grandmother's sensitivities.....she had visitations from the dead. Her father and then all 12 of her siblings visited when each of them passed on in Cornwall, England.
If any of us where being attacked or harmed or if it was a daily thing happening here...I wouldn't be in this house for very long. LOL! I'd be out of here very quickly. I can't abide a rude, nasty spirit!

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Thanks! I think you're correct....if they were going to hurt us it would of happened by now. It's just unnerving at the times these things happen. I think I'll start marking down on a calendar when we have them happen to see if there is any correlation to the times.
After a few episodes of hearing the heavy footsteps in the Kitchen and voices and finding night the noises were very loud and I couldn't get to sleep,It was like they were having a get together with many of them having a party.... so instead of waking Tedde up to go check once again, I got up. Couldn't see anything as usual...I told them to knock it off or I'd be sending them all packing. They could visit if they so wished but there was going to be some rules! They couldn't make noises to keep me awake. They couldn't scare the daylights out of me or my family by appearing in solid form. They couldn't come into our bedrooms at night. They couldn't be destructive of our belongings, nor do any harm to anyone in the house.
Maybe they need to be reminded every so often? I'm thinking also that some of it could just be residual energy being replayed over and over......
Thanks again for your help and I'll check out those sites. I didn't know that we had any ghost busters in Alberta!!

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    I heard stories a call girl friend of mine experienced with paranormal entities. I thought she was full of shit till I wrote that story on here about sex with spirits. Thought about it Halloween when I was reading ghost stories. hehe Anyway, she said she'd have erotic dreams that were so real she couldn't tell the difference in dreams and reality for awhile waking up. In the dream, they'd rape her but she said it was the best sex she ever had and she really enjoyed it. It was like being in that moment of extreme arousal the whole time (hours she claimed). She wake up and feel like she was fucked. She said just never invite them in and resist them. They finally went away she said.
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    If the Spirits are Mischievous they will mess with you and have fun at your expense.
    If they Intend you harm they would have done it when you are most accessible.
    In some cases they are Spirits passing thru and you are just in the way and they will keep going and only up set things a Little ... Been there seen that...
    Now if it's a big Ugly 4 eyed fat man ... that's me... just throw cold water and slap me, because I'm sleep walking and dreaming again... :icon074: