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New Schedule & A New Life...

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[B][CENTER]Here's how Husband sees things now when I'm attacked by Leftists, islamic-Apologists/Denialists, or other such fetid, flopwitted, foul-minded and decerebrately traitorous types who betray our nations and western cultures.[/CENTER][/B]


[FONT=Georgia]Husband has gone to considerable effort in re-structuring his schedule and such to be available to assist me in my online War regarding Islamification Resistance and working against the 'Elites'/UN/Agenda-21.
I can handle it--but having Backup-On-Demand is never a bad thing because the types that i end up fighting across Youtube and various forums and such like to gang-up and attack 'wolfpack-style'...

In short, they fight like the under-testicularized quasi-males they are--cowards.

Tomorrow, November 16, is my Initiation as a Witch, by request and Invitation of the Elders of our Pagan community.
When the Invitation came some time hit me like a sledgehammer between the eyes.
So much so I asked them if they had the right woman and they assured me they did.

I have chosen to be Consecrated to Hecate, as I feel a kinship to her, and it 'feels' right down in my depths.
So...after Midnight, when Friday becomes saturday, I become a Wich as that moment passes and one day ends as a new one begins.
24 Hrs with nothing but tea or water...never tried fasting before, but this is one occasion where my habit of skipping meals actually works somewhat to my advantage.[/FONT] :thumb:
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  1. kaidman's Avatar
    well you are by far the most coolest witch I know and I can safely say your sexier than some voodoo witches I've had the pleasure
  2. ROCKNROLLER's Avatar
    Welcome to Paganism. I've been a Pagan Witch since I was 17.
  3. With_lust's Avatar
    Blessed Be! Been living with a Witch for the passed 14 years.