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Casa de Chaos

Morning, post-stampede...

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10 women, 8 cats, 1 kitten, and 1 Dinocanine
well, short one as I'm here in the livingroom.
It's a REALLY good thing that this house was built back in the Old days, when they were built for large families and to Last--because the bunch of them coming down the stairs in the morning for breakfast is just Siesmic.

Well, MK still gets carried due to his size, but the rest...LOL, it's an avalanche of feet.
I'll catch-up later, I had to stay up due to international time-zone differences for phone calls, so Nomz, then some well-earned snooze for me.:moon:

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  1. groomleader's Avatar
    Sounds like there's never a dull moment!
  2. Marlene38EE's Avatar
    [QUOTE=groomleader;bt2506]Sounds like there's never a dull moment![/QUOTE]

    It's not how Husband and I had our lives planned, that's for certain, but this house doesn't feel as 'empty' as it once did.
    Alo, in accepting them all in, we saved lives, quite literally. Another major benefit is with so many eyes and ears, I suspect potential burglars and such take one look and just decide 'Hell NO!'. :highly_amused:

    Kittieh-wise, well, the Vet's extremely pleased with their health which is also evidenced by our baby Lynxies reaching their full potential for phyical growth and development. Normally in the wilds, they reach 20-30 Lbs, in more civilized lives they often hit 40-60 Lbs, and none of it excess body fat.Our 'babies' are now both past the 50 Lb mark.
    MK's an Appetite with feet, basically. :biggrin-new:

    The girls we took in have benefitted from how we handle food here, in minimizing the artificial/processed varieties, and among them many minor but annoying 'nuisance' health problems have cleared up, much to their pleasant surprise. They're all happy, healthy, loved by the Animalis Swarm and because of them, there's a very nice 'family' dynamic/feel/atmosphere. For some, this is the only one they've ever had.

    Pretty soon, our Aquaponic/Aquaculture setup will be paying THEM, instead of us having to accept money from them towards helping in household expenses and such. :eagerness:
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