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OMG Stuff Falling From The Sky!! LOL

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MK, the kitten, has never seen rain, snow, etc. before.
So, the hailstorms yesterday and today held his total fascination. :cat:
He had his first bath yesterday, and considers bthtime to be Playtime. :highly_amused:

Today, is just a casual-day. There's nothing to do, so we're all just lazing around like a stereotypical Harem--albeit with a swarm of Kittiehz who demand attention. It's pretty Rare such days come along, so we're going to get all we can out of it, and watch babycat Mk harrass his older and MUCH bigger Lynx sisters who weather such with fine, Lynx dignity. :devilish:
Georgina's grabbing some 'me' time atop the bookshelf, above and out of the kitteny-khaos.

We're still working on getting funding to build the powerplant, and are looking at having a friend Crowdfund for us. The usual financial channels are so [I]disgusting [/I]it's no longer worth spending time on them.
One thing they claim is that our business model is non-viable. [I][U]Really?[/U][/I] Last time I checked, powerplants make damn good, hefty, solid and ongoing revenue.
Warren Buffet didn't build the Topaz powerplant to LOSE money, right?

They also tried telling us that any powerplant of less than 100 Megawatts is 'not economically viable'.
I checked around Alberta, found more than a few privately-owned powerplants between 1 and 10 megawatts that are doing Just Fine.

SO, they're Liars as well.

Well, too bad for them and their investors. We don't need them--[I][B]they[/B][/I] need us, but they've pissed us off so absolutely with the total lack of respect and their Lies, we will no longer deal with them.
Our technology takes Sun and Wind energy and makes it as reliable as Coal/Gas/Nuclear--more so, actually, as our Uptime is superior.
People have been wanting this for decades, we have it, we can deliver and we will.
idiots and their obstacles, well, life's about getting past such.

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