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Casa de Chaos

Chapter 10 Updated April 18 2012

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Chapter Ten is running nicely, and I know where this story is going. Husband has tossed in some interesting ideas regarding how long a person can be kept alive for...based off research being done today in extending Lifespans. He's worked out the background engineering of the breeding facility, why it doesn't get detected and what it's built to survive.
There's some real darkness associated with the place, too...this isn't a 'quick-and-rough' idea on the part of the fictional powers-that-be.
For me, knowing these little things really helps, it makes it more like writing about a real place, so all I have to do is describe it. :)

I also added some new Manga-style pics to my album. Now I have to organize them--once i figure out the 'how' of the server's ways so I can work with it.

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Updated 04-18-2012 at 02:02 PM by Marlene38EE

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