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Incestuous Inspirations...

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I could have had an encounter with Incest, and my Dad back when I was 16 and 17...but, I hesitated and lost the chance to find out for certain forever with my parents death.
But, the thoughts are still there, rattling around in the attic of my brain.
I guess I'd have to say the 'trigger' was one day when i walked in on my Father coming out of the shower, and his cock was half-erect.
I couldn't stop staring, even though I recall my brain trying to throw me into 'reverse'...
Dad, he just stayed casual, chuckling at the expression on my face and didn't add to the chaos by yelling at me.
But, thinking back with the benefit of what I know now--I'm pretty sure he was interested in me.
Little things, like 'leaning over' me to get something from a cupboard or drawer--when there was really no need.
That's just one example, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

I'll work on this as things 'gel' regarding it inside my mind...

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Updated 04-28-2012 at 01:56 AM by Marlene38EE

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  1. ThrobbinHood's Avatar
    most women have that fantasy
  2. Marlene38EE's Avatar
    [QUOTE=ThrobbinHood;bt1933]most women have that fantasy[/QUOTE]

    True, but I cannot shake this feeling that if things had gone just a tiny bit differently, I could have had a really special relationship with my Dad that way.
  3. SergioSirsay's Avatar
    This of course reminds me of Heinlein, and something Maureen mentions in the narrative of [U]To Sail Beyond the Sunset[/U] about her father--in summary, that she would not have shied away if he had made a pass, and that she believed he would have, but at same time she knew he was being careful of many factors that she knew only some of at the time she made the observation.
  4. Marlene38EE's Avatar
    Pretty much, yeah...then 20/20 Hindsight shows you what you missed.
  5. comsmith22's Avatar
    Please don'y dwell on the past and what might have been... the hind sight only make you think more of the Missed Chances... Think of the good times and move on with them as guiding markers for your Life...