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Journal April 25 2012

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Husband and I have been talking about it pretty steadily as I have remaining pnderings about 'what might have been' with my father and he had a relationship with his mother.
I only met her once, but she was a [B][I]very [/I][/B]nice person.

Because of our age difference, there are many times, in a small 'ish' way, that it seems as if Husband is like a father or such to me. It's one of the things I like very much about our relationship. I've never called him 'Daddy' xcept in reference to our having a baby (eventually!!), but I guess the 'feel' is there.
I have that kind of sense of security with him.

Today, I'm being hovered over by hubby, as I'm heavy into cramps, and my appetite...suffice to say that I want to head to the nearest Bonanza buffet-restaurant and just [I][B]'Go Garfield'[/B][/I] on it.
That's one thing I've never gotten used to about my period--my stomach and appetite take on a life of their own. Waking up and feeling so hungry it feels like I haven't eaten in a week and the hunger pangs feeling like they're wrapping around my spine--and it hurts!
For a long time, I thought my stomach went on the fritz, then I discovered that during this time it wants [B][I]food[/I][/B], and to follow my cravings.
Biology is weird sometimes, but I guess when you look at it overall, it makes sense.
I never understood the bleeding part, from a evolutionary/survival view it'd attract predators--maybe something to do with natural selection??
Also, it'd make more sense for the body to break down and recycle the tissues rather than losing them, right?

I'd love to know the '[I][B]Why[/B][/I]' behind it all...
Curiosity, one of these days, my curiosity is gonna get me in trouble. :D

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  1. comsmith22's Avatar
    There has always been a desire to see or look into the Taboo and forbidden some times it scares us some times it intrigues us and other times it is ignored... when we are intrigued we have a chance to Look in, investigate and even experience it...

    Right ... Wrong, or Indifferent Take control and don't let it control you...
    Don't Let the Lust and Passion over power the Love and Compassion you are bypassing...
    Take the Knowledge and Experience with you, Keep it where you can use and build off of it...