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Casa de Chaos

Chapter 12 & New Story are....

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Coming along nicely.

The start off for the new story gave me some problems, as my brain didn't want to go in the direction I, I let it lead and things worked out as a nice prologue, and kicks off the story nicely I think.
I'm just doing the 'raw' stuff right now, getting it down, then comes editting, adding details and it'll be Saturday before anything about the new story gets published.

I also need a title for the damned thing...
Currently I'm using 'The Ranch' as a working-title, and it has some small merit, but it's kinda 'flat' and dull...I know there's better somewhere in the depths of my brain, just gotta sift it out.
Georgina the Cat...loving creature though she is, is NOT much help--NO appreciable typing skills at all, and useless at spell-checking. LoL

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