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Character creation for erotic fiction & other works...

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It's funny how it goes.
You set out to create a one-shot character and discover that you've created one that's likely gonna come back again now and then.
Case in point, the Cruel-Mouthed woman in Breeding Marlene.

Right now, the brain is in 'idle' and I'm just picking up after it. But I started thinking last night about recurring and one-shot characters for my [I][FONT="Georgia"]Shrike [/FONT][/I]series while watching Gold Rush, Bering Sea Gold and Deadliest Catch. I love those shows because that's [I][B]Reality[/B][/I], freezing water and serious risk all in one go. People [I][B]die [/B][/I]out there, after it's a good channel, and some good shows to glean personality traits from.

Started work on them, and there's a few who will be recurring characters, and quasi-villains, in that series of mine.
For those wondering what I'm referring to, [FONT="Georgia"]Shrike [/FONT]is my series of stories, sci-fi, and was heavily inspired by [I]Firefly[/I].
It's space-western stuff, except that I maintain continuity and the characters are genuinely anti-heroes. They have their good points, to be certain, but they're not the nicest bunch because when I set out with them I wanted messed-up, damaged people just working to get-by and make-do with what they've got. But not too messed-up.
Which in 'getting-by' and 'making-do' is each other in a weirdly dysfunctional 'family' relationship.
The people I use as villains in the series are as bad or worse than the ones we all see in the news.
No aliens or such, don't need them.
People get weird enough by themselves.

Villains...if you look back through the news and history, it's a problem trying to come up with characters worse than some people that have existed in reality.
Hitler. Pol Pot. Idi Amin. A variety of cult leaders, serial killers and the like...J. Dahmer, if you tried just writing him as a character, people would find him implausible because [I]'People can't be that bad'[/I].
Tell that to his victims.
Same for the Husband & Wife serial killers we had here in Canada, the Bernardos, and the Pickerton pig farmer--they're still pulling bodies out of his farm.
Add in interstellar travel, colony worlds and such, and those kinds of monsters have all kinds of room to roam and you never know when you'll run into them.

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