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    A Cheerleaders Mom (and Dad)

    Ashleigh leaned into me, her tits rubbing against mine putting her hot lips to mine and kissing me, it was electrifying and my pussy was already wet in anticipation of what was to come.

    My husband was once again away for the weekend and so Ashleigh and I were able to play to our hearts content. She and I had been lovers for about six months now since that fateful day when I had seduced my 15 year old daughter after her cheerleading practise. We had become intimate and shared our bodies and toys ever since and as often as we could without my husband finding out.

    Ashleigh had her arms wrapped around me and I could feel her hot body
    pressing into mine and I just melted into her as she gave me the kiss of a lifetime while stroking my body with one hand. I just couldn't help myself, I was so fucking hot it was unbelievable and I just gave myself to her manipulations, spreading my legs for her when she put her hand between my legs.

    When she touched my pussy, my whole body shook as I went into my favourite place, I was now hers to do with as she pleased and I now wanted her to fuck me so bad I was shaking as she slid her finger into my blazing hot cunt. She took her tongue out of my mouth to say to me,

    "Oh Mom, you're so fucking hot and I'm going to make you so fucking happy, you do want me to fuck you don't you Mom."

    I screamed out “Yes”.

    She then laid me down, put her smallish girl tit in my mouth and I sucked on her gorgeous nipple, I wrapped both hands around her tits and sucked like I was nursing. Ashleigh was now playing with my tits while finger fucking me.

    My pussy was on fire as she manipulated my hot cunt, stroking it up and down, sliding her finger into my cunt hole for a few seconds, playing with my clit and then starting the process all over again. Her dad never took the time to work my cunt like Ashleigh was doing and having her teen tits to suck on while she also was pulling on my nipples, put me right into fuck heaven.

    This little lady had me so fucking hot at that point I would have done anything she wanted and then she put two or three fingers in my pussy, reached down with the other hand and stroked my clit, my body stiffened, my
    ass came off the bed and I had the most amazing orgasm, sending Mom cum all over her fingers.

    She kept right at it with my pussy, finger fucking it and stroking it and it didn't take long before I was cumming like a fountain again. Then she took her fingers out of my pussy and looking me in the eyes, put her cum
    covered fingers in her mouth and sucked all my juice off of them.

    You can't believe what that did to my mind and body; it was always so sexy watching your own daughter enjoy the taste of her Mom’s cunt.

    “Spread your legs Mom”, Ashleigh demanded “I need to eat you up before breakfast”

    I lifted my legs into the air and spread them as far as I could, god I loved my daughter eating my pussy. Ashleigh got down between my legs and when her mouth touched my blazing hot cunt, I thought I was going to die, it was an awesome feeling.

    She kissed my cunt all over, then nibbled on my pussy lips and then started licking me from asshole to clit and I went out of my mind with lust and desire. She stopped for a quick second to tell me to talk to her, tell her what was happening as I loved to talk during sex but my husband didn't like it, so I got very verbal.

    “God your fucking mouth feels great on my cunt Ashleigh”

    “I love having you eat my pussy and I’m getting hotter and hotter”

    I got more vocal and when she put her finger in my asshole, I let it all out.

    “Make me your whore Ashleigh, I want to be your whore”

    I wanted to be her whore and have her use me how ever she wanted.

    “Are you my cunt now Mom?” she asked.

    "Oh yes, I'm your whore cunt, I'm your fucking whore Mom and I need you to fuck me, God, eat my pussy and I'll do anything for you, anything."

    With that, she put some fingers in my pussy and while finger fucking both my asshole and pussy, she sucked my clit into her mouth and I went fucking crazy cumming three straight times in a row. My body went limp after the third orgasm as she had virtually wore me out but when she got up beside me, took me into her arms and with a mouthful of my cum, kissed me, letting
    my own cum leak into my mouth, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back with all the passion I had in me.

    I loved the taste of my own cum and I made sure I got every drop of it out of her mouth. When I was finished licking the inside of her mouth clean, Ashleigh said;

    “You have such a sweet tasting pussy Mom, and I love spending time between your legs feasting on your delicious cunt”

    She was rubbing her pussy against my leg while doing all this and I could tell she needed relief too, but just when I was about to start she moaned real loud and I got this hot feeling on my thigh as she came on me. I wrapped my arms around her, kissed her as she was still fucking my leg and again I got that hot wet feeling on my leg as she came again.

    “Do you want me to clean up your girl goo darling” I said to Ashleigh as we lay in our afterglow wrapped in each other’s arms.

    “I can’t move Mom I came so hard and yet you hardly touched me, it’s so wonderful, let’s just lie here a while before we get up, ok”.

    “Sure baby, we can do just that”.

    We must have drifted off to sleep for a while as when I woke up it was just past noon. My beautiful daughter still naked and asleep in my arms so I lay there for a while watching her, taking in her hot body. She had developed in the last six months, her breasts were a heavenly 34B now, bigger than when I had first put my hands up her top and felt them. It had been on the lounge floor just a few months back when I had taken my little girls innocence and boy did she learn fast. Her pussy shaven just like mine still glistened with her girl goo and the scent of our sex was in the air, god I loved it.
    She stirred beside me, opened her eyes, and smiled that warm contented smile I loved;

    “Hey Mom, I guess we slept”

    “That’s what great sex does for you honey, but we should get up now we have stuff to do”.

    It was Ashleigh’s 16th birthday coming up, she was having a party and we needed to shop.

    “You still haven’t told us what you want for your birthday Ash, any ideas yet?”

    She looked me in the face and I could tell something was there, “What?”

    She seemed to steel herself and then said to me;

    “Well there is one thing I really want and have for a little while now but I’m not sure how you will get it?”

    “If you spill the beans then we can decide can’t we”

    “Ok Mom, here goes. For my birthday I want Dad”.

    I looked at her a little puzzled, “Well of course your Dad will be here and at the party, we made sure he won’t be away silly”.

    “No Mom, I mean I want Dad to fuck me, I want to give him my virginity, if fact I’d really like to fuck you both”.

    My mouth opened and closed a few times as I took this in, my daughter, the virgin wanted to fuck my husband, her Dad. Oh my god how was I going to deal with this.

    “You’re kinda shocked I can see Mom, ok just forget I said anything” Ashleigh said getting up from the bed.

    I looked at her naked in front of me and recalled my words earlier, “Well baby it’s not anything I was expecting I can say that, really, you want to have sex with your Dad”.

    “Oh god yes, I’ve heard you and Dad going at it a few time now, sneaking out of my room to listen just outside, it sounds so hot. Then I go back to bed and finger myself til I cum and lick all my girl goo up afterwards, just imagining Dad’s cock in my cunt”.

    I blushed at Ashleigh’s words, imagining her just outside the door as Nick fucked me, and yet my pussy was already telling me different. I wanted this too!!!

    “How the hell are we going to get you that?” I asked her.

    Ashleigh smiled, “I have a plan Mom if you’re up for it”.

    “Jesus Ashleigh, you have a plan, just how long have you wanted to fuck my husband”, I said with a pretend sound of anger.

    “Oh Mommy don’t pretend to be shocked, I think you want it too, sit down and listen”.

    So here we were on the eve of Ashleigh’s 16th birthday and our plans to get her her present were all hatched and ready to go. My husband, Nick, would be home from work any moment and my little girl was soon to lose her virginity, I could hardly wait.

    Nick arrived home and we had a lovely family dinner just the three of us talking about the party tomorrow and all the plans we had made, perfect I thought. Keeping his mind on family things would only make things better later. Whilst Ashleigh and I were clearing up later I took the opportunity to reach my hand up under her short skirt to feel her pussy. My fingers found no panties only a wet and wanton cunt waiting.

    “Ashleigh” I hissed, “No underwear and a wet pussy my girl, your shameless”

    “And don’t you wish you could eat it Mom”, she quipped back smiling.

    We exchanged such a hot mother and daughter look it made me weak at the knees.

    About 9pm Ashleigh announces that she is going to bed, an early night ready for tomorrow. She kisses me and her dad and heads upstairs.

    “Kinda early for Ash isn’t it”, Nick says to me raising an eyebrow.

    “She’s had a busy day and wants to be fresh for tomorrow”, I replied not wanting to make a big deal of it.

    “OK I guess, wanna watch a movie?”

    “I’m a little tired myself, how about we watch it in bed”

    So 30 minutes later Nick and I are in bed watching a movie, all cuddled up and having a love in.

    The movie gets to a raunchy part, I had planned what to watch after all, and I notice the sheet moving over his crotch area.

    “Getting you excited darling” I say to Nick, looking at his cock twitching under the bed clothes.

    He smiles back at me and shrugs a little, “Maybe, wanna find out?”

    Now it’s my turn to smile and I lift the sheet and look down at my husband’s engorging cock and lick my lips.

    “Mmmmmmmmm I see it’s very big, I need to take care of that”

    And without hesitation I slip under the sheet, grasp his cock and pull it into my mouth in one swift movement, taking Nick by surprise.

    “Christ girl, you’re hot tonight”.

    I say nothing my mouth now full of cock thinking this is just the beginning.

    Nick’s cock is leaking pre-cum into my mouth and I so love the taste, almost as much as I love the taste of Ashleigh’s dripping cunt, I want his cum but the plan for Ash comes first. I sigh and come up for air.

    “Close your eyes” I say to Nick.


    “Just do it, you’re gonna like it I think”.

    He does as I ask and I slip from the bed and grab up two of his ties I have hidden. Standing beside him I then proceed to tie his hands to our bedstead.

    “Oh my you are hot tonight, you haven’t tied me up for ages” Nick says keeping his eyes shut.

    “This is just the start” I whisper in his ear, “Hold on to your hat”.

    With his hands tied securely I then slip the blindfold over and he is in darkness.

    “You ok in there?” I gently say.

    “Hell yes, you’ve got me so turned-on right now”.

    I moan into his ear and then plant kisses down his body, my mouth heading back to his thick 8” cock. It’s waiting there for me and I waste no time in taking him back into my mouth.

    “Oh God, that’s good”, my husband is in ecstasy.

    I can feel the walls of my cunt grow as I engulf Nick, slipping over his erection like a soft suede glove flexes and grips my fingers. And the way the muscles of my vagina ripple over the length of his cock once it is fully embedded in me. At that moment I was lost, clenching and unclenching his scrotum and feeling the vibrations pulse along his length. My eyes closed, his cock pulsing. I didn't know where I was, somewhere in the agony before the ecstasy. Another universe.

    Nick’s cock massaged my cunt, his hardness muted by the wetness of my secretions. It was so weird, he just lay there trying to control his eruption while I spasmodically rose and dropped hard onto his cock. I knew I was coming but not Nick, not just yet. I pressed my finger against his cock and ground my palm around his length to stifle his urge, there was more.

    “Hey that’s not fair”, he wailed from behind the blindfold, “Take a guy to the edge and leave him hanging”,

    “Shush” I told him, I want to taste.

    I lifted my leg and felt his cock slide from inside me, a sense of loss almost, and instantly felt my pussy dribble down the insides of my thighs. Standing beside the bed I looked across the room at Ashleigh and grinned.

    Unbeknown to Nick she had been hiding in our walk in closet before we came to bed and at my signal had entered our bedroom once the blindfold was in place. I had thrilled at the sight of my own 15 year old daughter watching me suck her father’s cock and then slipping him inside me to fuck him.

    She stood there in new white lingerie we had bought especially for her de-flowering and I could already see the damp patch spread across her pussy. God I wanted her.

    She crossed the room as Nick’s cock slipped from me and before it had barely touched his skin she engulfed it with her mouth. He groaned thinking it was me who was now sucking our mixed juices from his cock but it was his daughter and I was in heaven watching.

    "Ahhhhhh!" he moaned as she lightly ran her fingers along his shaft, her nails lightly tracing the thick veins. Looking across at her, I noticed the goose bumps that broke out all over her body, and I noticed the incredible rise and swell of her perfect nipples. Although I had been fucking my daughter now for many months I still appreciated her body. I was amazed.

    Her breasts were full and round like smaller versions of mine, with
    perfectly pink, puckered points in the middle. They were firm and upright, complete in their youthful splendour. Her stomach sloped down to her tiny waist that flared in with amazing curves that I did not have and of course the beauty of her pussy astounded me.

    She had a completely hairless pussy just like mine, freshly shaven this afternoon when we had done our girly stuff to get ready for sex. Her pussy was a piece of work, as her lips stood out in a tightly compacted V, showcased between her recessed pussy mound, it was a delectable sight.

    I watched in delicious anticipation as Ashleigh continued to work on her father’s cock, flicking his head before engulfing his shaft, he was in a world of ecstasy that he just didn’t even know about.

    Ashleigh removed her mouth from his cock and I huskily said to him “How you doing up there”

    “You are driving me wild tonight woman and I need to fuck you again, let me out”

    “Not just yet” I whispered, “I have a bigger surprise for you”.

    And with that Ashleigh once again swallowed her dad’s cock as I looked on.

    This time I quietly stepped to the head of the bed and bending down to Nick’s ear whispered, “And what do you think you surprise is baby?”

    He made to reply and then alarm bells must have gone off in his head, if I was talking in his ear who the hell was sucking his cock.

    “What the fuck, who else is here?”

    “Now wouldn’t you like to know darling” I said still beside his head. “She sure looks good sucking your cock especially after we had been fucking, all those tasty juices and she lapped them up, mmmmmmm”

    “But I don’t get it, why, who, are you mad?”

    “Now honey do you want me to get her to stop and send her away, coz I can”, with that Ash released her lips and hands from Nick’s cock and stepped back.

    “Are we Ok with this” he said,

    “I am if you are darling, why do you think I invited her over, we have quite a show planned for you if you’re interested”

    “Jesus woman, you are fucked up tonight but hell I will fuck the both of you if you want”

    “Oh we do want”

    I signalled Ashleigh to get back to sucking as I prepared to take off Nick’s blindfold. How the hell was he going to react to this, well in for a penny I thought.

    I undid the knot and pealed the blindfold back; Nick blinked in the light and looked at me grinning.

    I kissed him hard on the mouth and said “We planned this together, it’s her birthday present so please don’t freak out”

    And with that I pulled back so Nick could see past me to whoever was sucking his cock.

    "It's so big and hard," awed my daughter as her hands continued to run along his rigid shaft.

    The look of shock on my husband’s face to look down and see his young teenage daughter between his legs feasting on his cock was incredible and I waited with bated breath to see how this was going to go,

    “It's so hot, I love it Daddy," Ash said with a smile as she looked up at me, her lips returning to kiss her father’s cock.

    He almost lost it right there, with his baby girl holding his cock in her hands, and kissing it with her little mouth.

    “Holy fuck Ashleigh, what have you two done” he cried trying to free his hands.

    I slipped down to my knees and moved over next to our daughter, “Don’t spoil the surprise darling, you said you wanted to fuck us both”

    “Fuck you both, that’s our daughter”

    “Yes daddy and I want you to fuck me, I want you to be my first”

    I told Ash to taste him, and held my breath as I watched Ashleigh lean forward to kiss her dad’s cock. It was an incredible moment as my husband and I watched our only daughter lean in and kiss his cock, her first cock and her father's cock. I moaned into his ear as she kissed the fat head of his cock.

    "Here Ash, let me show you this," I told her as she grabbed the shaft in her hands. I went on to explain the art of a hand-job and the wonders of a blowjob, and I stood there and watched her toy with his cock. Nick groaned out to both of us as we leaned in together, each of us running our tongues along the sides of his shaft, his resistance was gone.

    Our tongues met and we kissed each other meeting and playing with each other directly over his swollen shaft. He watched his wife and daughter French kiss before I turned back to his cock, slowly running my lips down along the shaft, my hand at the base to hold it up straight.

    "Oh fuck, this is incredible," he moaned out to us as Ashleigh bobbed her head on his cock, her mouth doing magical things as I looked on with rapt attention. Her mouth was incredible on his cock her wet lips sliding along the shaft as her tongue pressed against the underside, all of which was
    heightened by me staring on. Moving to release my husband’s hands my eyes did not leave my daughter's naked form as she sucked as much of her dad’s cock into her mouth.

    As I untied Nick he sat up and grabbed at Ashleigh, hauling her up the bed to gaze into her eyes. Before he could say a work she kissed him, smothering his lips with the taste of his own cock and the remnants of my own cunt juices. At first it seemed he was reluctant but then I saw his lips part and they kissed so deeply and I was sure Ashleigh would get her present now.

    "I want to taste her pussy," I said sliding down between our daughter's outstretched legs.

    Ashleigh spread her legs wide inviting my lips in whilst pulling her father’s face to her young tits.

    “Suck my tits daddy”

    Nick willingly devoured her chest as I began to sample Ashleigh’s pussy, and I could feel her body begin to shake and quiver beneath me. Her first of many orgasms ran through her body as I worked on her pussy and her father continued to toy and play with her nipples at the same time.

    "Ohhh god YES!" cried out Ashleigh as her body erupted in climax, and she grabbed my head with her hands. She pulled me to her face, and we embraced in a deep, soul-shattering kiss, our mouths locking tightly together. My husband looked and saw the tender moment, and he moved away from beneath her legs, allowing me to fully embrace my little girl, and hold her tight to me. Her breasts pressed directly into my chest, and they squashed between us as our bodies locked together.

    I watched Nick do what was once unimaginable to me, and slide his hands down to her perfect, sculpted ass, taut and firm and he lifted her up off of the bed with his hands.

    "Mmmmmm, oh yeah Daddy... so good... so good," moaned my daughter as we continued to kiss.

    I sat back and watched them together, my own hands rubbing myself as I watched father and daughter together in front of me. His cock had blossomed again to a fully erect state, and it was firmly lodged against her stomach, his balls rubbing against her drenched pussy mound.

    I watched them as Nick laid our daughter back on the bed, and I sat up a little to watch the scene unfold. My husband leaned in over Ashleigh and kissed her on the lips, their tongues emerging together to test the waters. Ashleigh was moaning as her father slowly licked her body, and the sight became too much for me. I got up on the bed on the other side of Nick, and I leaned in and kissed my daughter, her tongue surging into my mouth.

    "That is so fucking hot," I whispered.

    "I have to see you fuck her, I have to see that," I said simply as Ashleigh and her dad slowly parted.

    “Daddy” Ashleigh squealed “Please fuck me now”

    "Ash, I will help you get this monster in, but you are going to have to be patient. Give your Dad a kiss, and then straddle his legs with your own."

    My daughter leaned in for a brief kiss, and then she did as I asked and positioned herself over his body. I got behind Ashleigh as she squatted and again warned her that it was going to hurt a little. I stared down at my daughter as she seductively perched her body over her dad’s, her arms on
    either side of his chest as she spread her legs over his waist. Those amazing breasts of hers hung directly in front of his eyes, her amazing nipples still ripe and erect as they suspended out from her chest.

    "You are so beautiful," he told her as she looked up and smiled at me, a little nervousness visible on her face. She leaned in and kissed him again, their tongues playfully darting together, and he groaned into her mouth as I watched her rock hard nipples graze across his chest as they kissed. She squealed into his mouth and lifted herself up, and I looked down to see what was happening now.

    I bent down and licked our daughter's hot pussy while he kissed her. I was using my tongue to really lube up her virgin twat, and Ashleigh bucked and
    squealed in response. I reached for her firm teenage breasts, and I began to tug on her nipples while I ate out her pussy. We soon had her nearing an
    explosive climax, and her pussy was saturated with her juice and cum.

    Immediately after her climax, when her pussy would be the wettest, I reached for Nick’s cock and held it up against our daughter's sopping twat. I pressed it directly against the wet slit, letting the juice stream down onto the head of his cock and along the shaft, and all over my fingers as well. Ashleigh threw her head back as she felt his cock against her pussy for the first time, and her breasts jutted out forward, her nipples straining against the taut skin.

    "Oh yeah, that feels so good Daddy," groaned my little girl as his fat cock pressed against her twat. I watched with swelling desire as I rubbed it against her steaming pussy slit, and then rolled it over her swollen bud of a clit. Ashleigh continued to buck and grind against it, and I could not wait to get him inside her.

    "Ready baby?" I asked our daughter as she pulled her body backward towards his cock. Firmly holding his cock in my hand, I placed my other hand on her
    perfect ass and guided her down. Nick reached for her hands, and they held hands tightly as I began to shove his cock into our daughter's virgin pussy.

    "Unnnghhh GOD!" cried out Ashleigh in a machine gun burst release of breath. The combination of nerves, fright and pleasure had her in an extremely confused state, and I did my best to soothe and calm her. I continued to massage her breasts and rock hard nipples as my husband pushed his cock home, hoping that the pleasure would grow and would quiet her

    "So fucking tight!" he grunted once the head of his dick shoved its way inside her body. The feelings were unlike anything that I had felt before, and any concern over my daughter's fright was lost as the intense feelings washed across my body. Her pussy was like a silk glove on his cock, tight and unyielding. He groaned out again as he felt my fingers rub against his shaft as he pried our daughter's pussy lips open.

    Ashleigh began to cry as his cock ripped her pussy wide open, and tears began to stream down her face. I lifted my body up to her, hugging and kissing her, and she responded with a deep kiss, her tongue driving deeply
    into my mouth. Her fingers were digging into my arms as his cock continued through the tight passage that was her virgin pussy, and she gamely put up a fight to handle it all.

    "There, right there mmm..." she whimpered to me as she shifted her pussy around his cock. Moving slightly allowed her to better accommodate it, and with a sudden pop she sat down on him, fully impaling herself on his rigid length. Her body shook with the fullness of his cock, and she clenched her eyes tightly shut. Holding her tightly in my arms I kissed her and ran my
    hands through her hair, telling her how beautiful she was.

    She sat there and let her body adjust, his cock stretching and pushing her pussy extremely wide open. She wriggled a bit, his dick still fully embedded inside her, and her body slowly opened up.

    Sitting up on my knees, I stood upright behind our daughter, and slid my arms around her stomach as Ashleigh rode his meat. Pulling her upright my hands went to her breasts, my fingers closing on the erect nipples in the centre. I groaned out as Ashleigh turned her head to kiss me while riding her father’s cock at the same time.

    Watching me toy with my daughter's nipples was too much for Nick, and it was also too much of an added stimulation to our daughter. Ashleigh moaned and shook as she kissed me, her body erupting in climax, and her slick juice pouring out of her pussy. Nick drove deeper and faster into her tight little body, his hips rising up to slam into her as his climax came rushing
    forward to meet hers.

    He cried out as his cock exploded deep inside her, bathing her insides with his hot seed. We continued to kiss as he came, and I continued to tug and twist her nipples as her body shook with a mix of his cum and her own orgasm. He held his hips up off of the bed, pushing deeper as his cock spurted and shot inside her, her moans and cries his reward.

    "Oh God, so good... cumming again... oh Daddy! You're making me cum again!" she screamed as she turned from me and sat down firmly on his cock, the last bits of his cum blasting deep inside her

    While Nick hugged and kissed our daughter, I attacked her pussy with my tongue, sucking her sweet virgin juice and his cum into my mouth.

    I took Ashleigh’s face and swapped kisses with her, letting her taste a mix of her own virgin juices and her dad’s cum from my lips.

    “Happy birthday darling” I said

    “Yes happy birthday Ashleigh” her dad added

    “Oh my birthday isn’t over yet, I want to watch you fuck Mom ass next”

    But that’s another story……………….

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    Great story, hot and steamy!!

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    that is one hot story......

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    great story... wish there was More... Thanks for the share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Very hot story. Hope to see more

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    Loved it! Is there a prequel or even a sequel?

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    Yes there are 3 previous chapters, all headed Cheerleaders Mum or Mom, then Mya gets involved



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