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    Strange Relations. Chapter one.

    Strange relations.
    Copyrightİ2016 – Niteowluk2003

    Chapter one.

    Glenda and I had only been going out for three weeks but we had reached the awkward stage of wanting to go further than just back row fumbling’s and we weren’t yet confident we each other to take liberties so to speak. I ought to point out at this stage we were not innocent teenagers no far from it; Glenda was thirty two and I was twenty eight. We had met by chance on a bus ride and had been forced by fate to sit together on a crowded bus. Some burly guy pushed into her as she sat on the aisle seat causing her hands to contact my leg pretty close to my semi hard cock.

    My cock was in that state because Glenda; was wearing a short skirt which barely covered her arse and a low cut top which did nothing to hide her cleavage, her magnificent breasts straining against the flimsy material of her bra. I later discovered that her firm juicy breasts were 38 D and what I did not know was she was shall we say prone to flashing them for fun. Anyway to get back to the matter in hand or rather nearly in hand. Glenda could not stop apologising about almost grabbing my cock even though it was securely put away inside my pants and trousers. I kept telling her that it was alright only I had wished she had grabbed what was clearly so close to her hand, she knew immediately to what I was referring.

    Anyway she gave me the opening to at least meet her once more when she said 2Is there anything I can do to apologise for grabbing your leg?” to which I replied, yes you could come to the pictures with me tomorrow night. She was a little taken aback and found herself mumbling “what’s on?” I told her it was a horror film and that it had been given great reviews in the evening paper. A little flustered she again found herself saying ok. As she said it she smiled and I quickly paid her a compliment by saying she should, smile more often for two reasons. She looked puzzled and quickly asked what two reasons and I just as quickly told reason one because her smile was beautiful and should not be hidden and the second reason was to have all those who saw her smiled confused as to what she could be smiling about.

    This brought a sexy laugh from somewhere deep inside her and it was more than a little loud and infectious; with the whole lower deck of the bus turning to see what she was laughing at and those closer to us could not help but smile. She blushed a little and I got chatting with her; I asked her name and she replied “don’t laugh, but its Glenda Blagsworth”, I smiled and said if it’s all right with you I will call you GB. She lowered her voice and said you can call me anytime. I quickly retorted but your name is not martini. She instantly recognised an old advert which ran for a few years here in Britain where the catchy words to the tune went along these lines… ‘Any time any place, Martini’.

    Again her laughter drew a lot of attention and she suddenly stood up just as the bus jerked and she literally toppled on to my lap. Now it was my turn to apologise for my hand in reaching out to stop her fall accidentally caught her right breast. She smiled down at me and said, “Whoa I hardly know you.” Before letting that beautiful smile free again. She then said unfortunately this is my stop and I said then it is my stop too and rose to get off the bus together. As the bus then pulled away from the stop I had hoped that Glenda lived alone in a flat and would invite me to her home but she dashed all hopes of that as she told me she lived with her widowed mother who would frown upon her bringing a stranger home. So we exchanged phone numbers and arranged to meet at this very bus stop tomorrow night at six thirty pm to go to the cinema.

    I was laid in bed that night and could not believe my luck; I tried desperately not to phone her; but gave in about ten thirty pm. I carefully dialled the number and then as it started to ring but I nearly lost my nerve as I suddenly thought what if her mother answered it. As luck would have it though it was a landline number and Glenda indeed answered it and without me saying a word she asked is that you Roger. I almost melted into my bed clothes as I heard her sexy telephone voice and I replied yes it is; I am sorry for calling you so late but I wanted to make sure that this evening had not been a dream. She replied that she too had begun to doubt her luck and sanity.

    Next evening I was anxiously waiting for her to arrive at our rendezvous point and twice almost walked away believing she had stood me up; but when she arrived she apologised for being fashionably late and hoped she had not kept me waiting too long. I smiled and told her I could forgive her anything when she looked so hot and sexy as she was right now. She kissed me on the lips and I realised just how much shorter than my six feet one she was, for she had to stand on tiptoe to kiss me. We entered the cinema and to be totally honest they could have been showing ‘Gone with the Wind’ instead of this horror film for my concentration had been on Glenda from the moment she arrived.

    We sat by accident on the back row and held hands; nothing else for the whole hour and a half; although I could have sworn that Glenda had been rubbing her right tit against my arm from almost the moment we sat down. I escorted her out of the cinema and across the road to the local public house and I swear I was walking on air; even the noisy pub fell silent as Glenda walked by my side to the bar. Mind you I could not have blamed them for she wore a skirt shorter than the one on the bus when we met by accident also I would say she had left her bra at home if the feel of her soft tit in the cinema had been anything to go by.

    After a couple of drinks I politely asked if I could walk her home and she smiled and whispered I was counting on it. We set off walking and I do not remember the journey but I do remember the feeling of having a sexy sweet smelling girl wrapped in your arms and kissing you as if her life depended on it. I very nearly dragged her into the bushes on more than one occasion but just about managed to maintain some decorum.

    All too soon we arrived at her front door and I expected to get the brush off with yet another tonsil licking kiss but instead she rang the doorbell and when her mother answered she almost dragged me in to the hall way. Once the door had closed, her mother slowly looked me up and down and smirked; “is this the best you could do!” she scowled.

    “Oh, Mother, he is charming and witty and I believe he is passionate too if his kissing is anything to go by!” Glenda retorted.

    “OK, let him show me!” Came her mum’s retaliation. I expected Glenda to step forward and kiss me in front of her mother but instead she whispered in my ear… “Roger, darling kiss my mother like you kissed me at the bus stop!”

    I was shocked for her mother looked about forty years of age and obviously had not been expecting us for she was in a frumpy dressing gown and her hair was dishevelled to say the least. With further encouragement from Glenda I finally leaned forward and tentatively kissed her mother, when a quick shove from Glenda brought us together with a bump. I thought what the heck and really tried to push my tongue deep into her mother’s mouth and both our tongues seemed to battle for supremacy.
    When we eventually broke apart, we were both a little breathless and her mother smiled and said “Not bad when he got over his shyness!” and then spoke directly to me, “You may call me Renee, but do not call me Glenda’s mum or mother! Do you understand?” I responded with a nod and a firm answer of yes.

    I was led into the living room and was just about to sit down, when Renee said in a very serious tone, “I suppose you have already fucked her!” then before I could finish she added, “It’s typical now that Terrence was not around to control us!” and as the word us slipped out Renee shook her head and said “I mean her!” and then continued “She had always been submissive to the right sort of male like Terry!”

    Despite her attempt to cover her mistake, I had picked up on the error and I turned to Glenda, with a stern accent to my voice, I said “Glenda, get over here and get fucking naked quick!” I added as an after-thought, “You will get punished severely if you keep me waiting!” As I said this I remained staring at Renee and definitely saw a small smirk or smile before it fleetingly vanished. So that was their game; I made a mental note to stand up to the woman who so challengingly put me down only five minutes ago.

    At this Glenda hurried over and standing in front of me; she began unbuttoning her blouse, Renee began to rise til I told her, “You can sit back down, and I have not finished with you yet; mother slut!” Renee scowled at me but quietly sat back down and now stared at the floor almost wishing it would open up and swallow her. I laughed a little and said in my best serious voice, “You chose well not to disobey me because I am happy to punish mother or daughter, it’s all the same to me!”

    By this stage, I knew that Renee was now mine and Glenda would be as easy to tame. Glenda reached the point of now standing there in her bra and panties, although to be honest her 36D breasts were almost escaping their confines. I looked straight into Glenda’s eyes and firmly said, “I have not told you to stop!” Adding “Stop and you will feel the strength of my hand across your arse! My little slut!” Glenda reached up behind her and was just about to release the clasp when I demanded her to stop. Looking now towards her mother I said, “Why don’t Mummy slut, remove baby sluts bra and panties!” Another half scowl from Renee, until I stared her down and she reluctantly rose to undo Glenda’s bra. When it finally fell to the floor I demanded that her mother suck on Glenda’s left nipple whilst pinching her right one.

    “Now the panties, mother slut!” I demanded. Renee meekly now stood in front of Glenda until I told her to get behind her daughter and not to spoil my view. The panties were off in a flash and I remarked that she was clearly showing signs of being a promising slut as her cunt was clean shaven. Renee commented, “Yes, Terry, her father insisted and he would check her every other day!”

    I asked “When did you lose Terry!” Renee told me it was when Glenda was 22 years old and he had died of Cancer. I simply said, “I was sorry to hear he suffered so much before his passing!” Renee turned and peered from the side of Glenda and for the first time since she had met me she smiled a genuine smile of thanks. As the panties came off Glenda left foot I then told Renee to strip off too. There was a last hurrah of ‘should I defy him or not’ but she surrendered and stood up moved to the side of her daughter and slipped her Frumpy dressing gown off her shoulders and as if some long forgotten screen siren she let it slide to the floor. The contrast now was clear, Glenda wore sleek slender panties almost g strings but her mother wore more sensible broader panties commonly called passion killers.

    Now the roles were reversed and I told Glenda to remove her mother’s undergarments and she too got to suck and tease her mother’s tits just as her mother had done to her. At my command Glenda stopped playing with her mother’s tits and moved behind her. Now she slipped her hands down her mother’s sides and into the band of Renee’s panties, then slowly but surely she slid the panties down. To my amusement and surprise, she revealed her mother also kept her cunt shaved. I commended her on her husband’s training and how well he must have trained the pair of them, for them both to have continued shaving their pubes even six years after Terry’s passing.

    Then as soon as Renee’s panties joined Glenda’s on the floor, I ordered Glenda to kneel in front of her mother and the instructed Renee to spread her cunt lips before telling Glenda to make her mother cum. While keeping a careful watch on the pair, I slipped out of my clothes and noticed Renee take extra interest in my semi hard cock, so I pretended not to notice but began to stroke my cock as if being turned on by their actions taking place before me. As my cock began to rise I watched as Renee licked her lips and never took her eyes of my moving hand. By this stage her stomach muscles started to ripple as the actions of her daughter teased her clitoris and cunt opening. Next her thigh muscles trembled and she seemed incapable of standing still. Finally I took pity on her by telling Glenda to stop. Renee groaned as her excitement reached a peak just below the level she needed to cum.

    Renee then regretted saying, “that’s not fair, you allowed her to cum so why not me?”

    “Sluts don’t get to choose when they cum or if they cum at all!” I snapped, “you should not challenge my authority and question my plans, for your information I had planned to have Glenda fist fuck you or at least finger you to a climax but now you need to be punished and I will have to think of a suitable punishment for a wayward mother slut.” I added. Renee’s faced lowered to stare at the ground and she meekly said, “Master, I am so sorry, please forgive me. The only excuse I can offer is that I am rusty at obeying having not been used in six years!”

    I told her to look up and looked her square in the face before saying, “what would Terry have said about such an outburst?” again Renee looked aghast and in a barely audible voice she said, “Sir Terry, would have slapped my face and spanked me severely!”

    “Do you not think that I would do the likewise!” I said in a stern manner, “Surely the only things to consider now; would be how many and how hard!” I added. Again Renee looked at me and as soon as I caught her glance she lowered her head and stared at the floor. I caught Glenda almost smirking at the fact her stark naked mother may be punished in front of her eyes. The smirk disappeared instantly when I said, “You, my dear fucking slut, are not exempt from punishment too and for delighting in others misfortune yours would be harder and carry much more number wise!” I added, “In fact yours would be double and also you would be best served to remember that if I catch you smirking again I would tie you up and stick you in the middle of your back garden naked until the next day! So be warned!”

    Turning back to Renee, I said “How many would your master and husband hand out for the discourtesy you have shown me?” Renee answered truthfully “as many as it took to make me apologise sincerely!”

    “As you have shown me a pretence of honesty, I will postpone your punishment until a future time but be warned any discourtesy shown me before this punishment is dealt with will triple the number of slaps!” I informed them both, “But you my young fucking whore, I will suspend your punishment too but only until next Saturday at 9.00 pm and it will be in the back garden and you will be naked and shaved!”

    I then instructed Glenda to lie upon the coffee table on her back with her head off one end and her arse at the edge of the other end. Then I ordered Renee to fetch some rope or something that could be used as rope. Ten minutes later she returned and handed me several lengths of expensive silk ropes and she told me, “These belonged to Terry and as you are now taking his place, he would be happy for you to take ownership of his things and his sluts!” I thanked her and then sorted two ropes of equal length.

    I took the first rope and folded it into two then I measured the width of the coffee table which was a stout ornate wooden affair. I then placed the centre of the rope about the centre of the table and quickly made a loop of rope which went around the first leg and with a simple knot tied it off. Repeating this on the opposite leg I now had two short lashing ropes which I tied securely to Glenda’s wrists forcing her to spread her arms like a star jump. I repeated the process at Glenda’s feet and now she was secured and could not move, I then made Renee like on top but face down and in the opposite direction to Glenda.

    Now with Renee secured like Glenda but with both their faces in line with the other’s cunt, I stopped and smiled then taking my leave of them I went outside into the garden and searched amongst the hedges of the garden. I almost gave up but at least I found what I was looking for and putting on a pair of gloves I plucked a handful of the plant I was after.

    Back inside I told the two secured women I had in my hand stinging nettles and I was going to rub then into their cunts and if they moved or cried out I would repeat the process on the tits and their tongues.
    Glenda was first I made sure that I covered all her cunt lips and her clit before moving around the table to repeat the process on Renee. Now I stepped back and placed the nettles in the hearth before removing the gloves. Both women by this stage were clearly feeling the effects of the nettles and indeed were trying not to squirm as the plants natural defence began to take effect even more.

    I then slipped on a condom and approached Renee from behind, As soon as my cock touched her cunt lips she begged me not to fuck her as she promised Terry on his death bed that he would be the only person to fuck her. I laughed and instructed her that she had only very recently told me that I had inherited everything of Terry’s and that included her body. I then changed angle of my stiff cock and began pressing against her sphincter muscle. The more I pressed the more it gave and millimetre by millimetre my cock entered her arse. When I had half my cock length up her arse I demanded Glenda begin licking her mother’s cunt and as soon as I felt Glenda’s forehead against my balls I gave a mighty thrust and sank the last three inches of cock up Renee’s arse.

    For the next twenty minutes I fucked her arse furiously and because she had not been allowed to cum before it made her climax even stronger; her clutching arse soon milked my condom covered cock of its first load of the night and I suddenly whipped out my cock; carefully removed the condom and tied it with a knot. Then I walked around to Renee’s Head end of the table and showed her my prized condom filled with spunk; not that it was filled to capacity you understand; but I placed it between Glenda’s and her mother Renee’s body telling them to keep it warm.

    I forced my sticky cock into Renee’s mouth and kept telling her to clean her master’s cock with her tongue. As I withdrew my still stiff cock I took another condom and slid it over my cock head. Then sliding it fully into place I dipped it into Glenda’s cunt and banged away for nearly an hour, feeling great that having cum once already I could resist cumming so quickly again. I have to confess that I so dearly wanted to flood Glenda’s cunt with hot white sticky spunk but had a more useful idea about not just this load of spunk but also the tied shut first condom.

    All too soon I felt that tell-tale tingle and the warm sensation as my spunk sped along my cock and erupted only to be caught in the teat of the condom. Reluctantly I pulled my cock out of the soaking wet cunt of the daughter and allowed the mother to once more lick the juices from it. Finally I released them both and made Renee sit on the floor with her legs spread as wide as she could manage, “Slut, you will stay in that position until I allow you to move. Be warned though if you so much as move your legs a fraction of an inch then this punishment will be voided and you will be punished all over again. Do you understand?” I demanded.

    Renee simply nodded until I reminder her that I couldn’t hear her. “Yes, Sir, I understand!” she said in a low voice. Now turning to Glenda I asked, “As you and old mother slut here are horny little fucks; you must have some sex toys around here somewhere?” Renee shot a look towards her daughter, but it was too late. “Yes, Mother has quite an assortment, but I don’t know where they are?” Glenda said.

    Turning my attention to Renee now, I demanded, “Where does mother slut keep her fuck toys?” Renee once more almost glared at her daughter before saying, “in the suitcase beneath my bed!” I dispatched Glenda to fetch them and whilst she was gone I made it clear to Renee that I had noticed her defiant stares at her daughter and also her attitude was not what expected for a low down submissive Old whore. Furthermore I told her that that attitude had better change damn quick for I do not like punishing a slut harshly but if it came to a battle of strength of wills then my softly-softly approach would be stopped and she definitely would not like my forceful approach.

    I instructed her that over time she may well get to sample my pleasurable spanks as opposed to my harsher obedience spanks and I stressed that believe me you will not like those even if you were the world’s most submissive of masochists. Just then Glenda entered the living room and stood in the doorway carrying an old brown suitcase about two foot wide and three foot long and eight inches deep.
    I was just about to instruct her to place upon the very coffee table she had been lain on, when she said, “Master, can I ask you a question?” Smiling I said “you just did!” Glenda smiled and said “No, I mean you say you have a forceful slap and a pleasurable one but how will we know which is which?”

    I responded, “Believe me, my little whores, you will know when you sample them!” I pondered for a minute or two and then said, “Glenda put that suitcase on the sofa and then kneel before the coffee table and lean across it.” As she was doing this I instructed Renee to do the same, then I said “I apologise for this in advance as neither of you have yet been badly behaved enough to warrant this but as a demonstration it could be useful for you not to feel this again in the future!” Then I raised my hand and Slapped Glenda’s arse as hard as I could. She let out a scream and my red hand print soon appeared on her left buttock, I repeated this on Renee and she too screamed and the same sized hand print appeared on her left buttock too.

    Then returning to Glenda I raised my hand again to the same level as before only this time I brought it down in a more gentle speed and left my hand in contact with her right buttock, as I felt her flesh warm from the slap I then smoothed my hand around her buttock before letting my fingers probe at the entrance to her arse and then slid them further down her arse crack until I found the wetness spreading form her cunt and finally I ran a finger over her clitoris; making her tremble and jump slightly. Once more I repeated this on Renee’s behind and both sluts agreed they preferred the second experience to the first. I think I proved my point and both immediately declared their intentions to obey me to the letter.

    I now told Renee to resume her position with her legs spread as wide as she could and I made Glenda open the case and place the toys one at a time on to the table. I was a little disappointed to find there were no nipple clamps and only the smallest of Butt plug sizes. There was however a large strap-on cock which was black in colour and appeared to be about ten inches in length and about three inches around its girth.

    I immediately told the pair of them that they would need to purchase for themselves one medium sized butt plug, one large sized butt plug and two pairs of nipple clamps with twelve inch chains attached.

    With that I now told Glenda to pop one of the tied off, Condoms into her mouth but to be careful not to burst them. Laughing now I told them we were going to play a sexual game of musical chairs only instead of chairs and having to sit on them we were going to pass the condoms between each of their mouths and when I said stop the person with the condom in their mouth was to burst it, swallow the contents and spit out the rubber condom.

    I let the music play for a good ten minutes as they passed the condom between them; I noticed that the amount of saliva which was passed between them increased the longer their actions continued. I suddenly called out stop and Renee almost smiled at the fact she had the condom in her mouth. Her jawline seemed to appear to chomp and then she carefully pulled out the broken condom before showing Glenda and I the white sticky residue of spunk in her mouth; then in a quick swallowing action she then showed us a clean mouth. I handed her the remaining condom and set the music playing again, this time it was Glenda who got caught with the condom and likewise she showed the before open mouth shot and the after swallowing one too.

    I began to dress and Renee saw this as a chance to get up and relax her aching thigh muscles until a stare from me reminded her that I had not given permission for her to do so she quickly returned to her position. Once I was fully dressed, I told her she could stand and lay on her back on the coffee table with her legs spread. I then told Glenda she was to lick and finger her mother’s cunt until her mother had achieved three orgasms and she must not stop until that time. With that I kissed both my sluts on the forehead and told them I would be in touch later on in the week.

    At the bus stop as I made my way home I looked at my watch and sighed, it was quarter to three in the morning and I had to be up for work in only three hours. It’s a tough life when you’re a dominant male in charge of two horny women, who are sluts and it’s even worse when they enjoy strange relations.

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