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    Work in progress 01 - 04

    Work in progress 01-14-06-2017.
    Copyright ©2017 – Niteowluk2003.

    I was feeling particularly bored one Friday night; friends away on holiday and my usual Friday night haunt was closed for refurbishment; so I began to trawl through some of the internet chat rooms which seemed popular at that time. I was just about to leave my fourth chat room when my eyes were drawn to a particular question.

    “Should a girl be a virgin on her wedding night? Or should she be a slut and multi experienced used woman?” Crazy Delia was asking. I thought this could be interesting so I responded, “It just depends on the character of a girl / woman? I for one would not cat call a woman for being experienced; when the reverse side of the coin would be that a man in a similar pose would be classed as sowing his wild oats!”

    Suddenly Young Crazy One responded, “See Crazy Delia, here is someone who agrees with me that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!” I quickly typed, “That is not what I said or meant to say! All I said was that it is wrong to criticise a woman for doing what all men are encouraged to do!”

    I must confess I was beginning to wish I had not been so hasty in jumping in to this conversation and must also admit I was surprised when both Crazy Delia and Young Crazy One invited me to a private chat. It was with a mixture of intrigue and suspense that I clicked ok. Once in the private three way chat room; they seemed to let their hair down and firstly they introduced themselves a little better. It appears that Crazy Delia was actually called Stella and Young Crazy One was called Susan. I too introduced myself as Roy and so with introductions out of the way, it was Susan who began, “My mother here does not think I am behaving properly because I like sex!” she stated.

    “It’s not about liking sex, I too like sex but you don’t catch me sleeping with a different man every other day!” Stella countered.

    “Whoa, lets back up a bit here!” I declared. “Firstly let me ask each of you a couple of questions and only the person I ask is allowed to respond!” I continued. “Stella, was you a virgin when you got married?” I asked.

    “Well no but that was different!” she responded.

    “How was it different?” I continued.

    “Well for a start it was war time and you did not know if you would live till the weekend let alone next year!” she ventured.

    “So you are telling me that war time allows for women of the ilk to be sluts and that is all right?” I teased.

    “No it’s not what I am saying; I am saying that your future could be as short as a few days or it could be as long as two decades! It was all down to luck as to whether you got killed or remained living!” She protested.

    “Very Well; then you are saying being a slut in those circumstances was permitted because it was a part of staying alive?” I asked. Again Stella disagreed with my interpretation of her answer and corrected me further, “Women during the war years took on many of the roles men had traditionally carried out because the men usually doing that role would be off at the front fighting! So therefore the acceptance of tomorrow could be your last day alive meant we had less scope of planning a future than of women today.” She responded.

    “So tell me Stella, was the man who took your virginity the man you married?” I prompted.

    “What has that got to do with it!” she enquired.

    “So he was not!” I chided, “So the question is this if it was accepted for a woman to act that way during the Second World War, why with modern preventatives and protection is it not acceptable right now?” I asked. Stella responded again by stressing the war period and the uncertainty for a long life made it acceptable for a woman to be less formal in that way. She did not dispute my statement about her husband not being the man whom took her virginity.

    I now turned to Susan, “So tell me Susan, why you think it is right for you to experiment with multiple partners sexually?” I asked. She replied “why can’t I? After all as you so rightly said there is a huge amount of protection and Doctor’s now are more agreeable in helping women to enjoy their bodies much more, besides it is a form of evolution isn’t it, like women getting the right to vote.” She gleefully answered.

    “Yes but getting the vote did not mean you should place a cross besides everyone’s name on the ballot sheet!” I teased.

    Susan responded, “Why do men always want two types of women? A woman that is virtuous for a bride and a separate she devil in the bedroom for sex! Is it not possible for a woman to be both a sex siren and yet remain faithful to her husband, once marries him!”

    I simply replied, “She can but only about one in every hundred manage to make that adjustment without some feelings of self-incrimination and of those that feel that way about sixty percent feel the need to cheat because of the sex life with her new husband fails to reach the peaks that she enjoyed whilst single!”

    Stella suddenly chipped in, “I could not have put it better! See why it is best to save yourself for your husband who-ever he may be.”

    I quickly reminded Stella that I was speaking to Susan and not to her so her comment was out of place and if I knew where she was right now I would spank her rear end for breaking the simple rule I has set up in the beginning.

    Susan: “Stella would probably love that but I am not allowed to even sample it according to my mother!”

    Stella: “May I comment? Susan is right I would enjoy someone spanking my rear end especially if I was naked too but I can afford that luxury, now being a widow!”

    Susan jumped in now, “you are not a widow, mum you’re a divorced woman; dad is not dead he is living in Newhaven with a new wife!”

    Stella: “You mean a slag of the worst order!”

    Roy: “Susan you are out of order putting your own mother down like that! And Stella you have to learn to let go, Not since Edwardian times has a marriage been for life even though we always enter the matrimonial stakes pledging each other that ‘I will love you forever’.”

    “Susan, how many boyfriends have you had to date!” I demanded.

    Stella: “Hang on, she does not have enough fingers and toes to count them all! LOL”

    Susan; “That’s not fair! Ask her how many soldiers she had during the war, whilst dad was away fighting!” Susan retorted.

    Stella: “Not fair I was not married to your dad at that point and what you do not know is; you’re dad liked me to be taken care of in that way, so long as I told him of all the details!” Stella rebuked.

    “Ladies; this is a senseless argument, because you both can defend your own point of view but cat-call the other’s past actions as being wrong! I therefore suggest a little test for you both! But it is all dependent upon where you are living as I am in London!” I said.

    Stella: “I live in Essex near Epping Forest to be exact!” She responded.

    Susan: “I live in Chigwell Essex, only fifteen minutes from my mum’s house!” Susan offered.

    “How would you like to meet me and we can run the little test I mentioned?” I offered, “Then we can see probably who is right and who is wrong in this matter!” I continued.

    Almost instantly my PC screen flashed up a double message acknowledging that both woman had said a definite yes almost simultaneously. I asked for Stella’s address as this was the nearest to me and made arrangements for a week on Friday night at seven pm; Susan was to be at her mum’s house by six pm and I would get there around seven. It was all agreed and by a simple click of the enter key I now had her mother’s address in front of my eyes.

    I then messaged each woman simultaneously and said, “Susan I will contact you at 6pm each night over the next eight days; be sure you are there and alone! Stella I will message you at 7pm each day, same rules apply to you too. That is be there and alone.”
    Both women messaged back their consent and just before I closed down my computer I again messaged both women at the same time and said, “What you are told each day is between you and me and if I find out you have told each other what I said to you then there will be severe punishments to follow!” I then added, “Good night Ladies till tomorrow!”

    Having received goodbyes from each of them, I closed down my computer and began to think about the seven goals I would ask of the two women.

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    Chapter 2. Thoughtful propositions.

    My mind was a quandary as I penned rough notes about the progression over the next seven days leading to the final showdown a week on Friday. The first two messages for each woman seemed easy as I would demand they shave their cunts twice every day and three times on Friday night.

    The plans panned out like this:
    Friday night, I messaged Susan first and instructed her that she should go shave her cunt twice after obviously trimming the long curly hairs. She replied that she did not have any shaving gear as her ex had taken all his with him. She seemed quite upset that she did not even have time now to shoot to a pharmacy to buy a razor. Eventually she offered a solution; she would go out first thing in the morning and buy what she would need and then hurry home and shave twice upon arriving back at home.

    Stella seemed much more prepared as she said she always shaved her cunt so it was not a problem for her to shave it twice. As I sat there I thought here is a woman who shaves her own cunt despite claiming to be a conservative person when it comes to sex and yet slams her daughter as being a slut when her daughter doesn’t shave hers.

    After our mutual goodbyes and as I sat thinking it occurred to me that poor Susan was going to have to shave her delicate regions four times in just under twelve hours as I intended them both to shave their cunts twice a day before I met them.

    Saturday Night:
    “Hello Susan!” I typed and followed it with, “I trust you have carried out your promise this morning?”

    Susan: “Yes I did although it was a shambles as I just could not get the hairs short enough not to pull when I first shaved but second time it was easier except from a couple of little nicks which bled a lot!” she responded.

    “Ok Susan but I have some bad news for you! You will shave your cunt twice again tonight and then before my contact tomorrow night you will flash your shaved cunt to three different people and I want you to tell me how it felt and what reaction you got from the other people. This will be your task for today but be warned I will know if you lie about this act and I will punish any lies!” I stated.

    “Hello Stella, how are you today? I suppose there is no point asking if you carried out the task set for you as you do it anyway!” I typed.

    “Hello Roy, yes I completed the task easily but I must confess last night I laid awake for quite a while trying to think where shaving my private parts would lead?” came back the message.

    “If you mean you shaved your cunt then say that?” I demanded.
    “Yes, I shaved my cunt!” she replied and I suspected that she would be blushing at having to call her private parts a cunt!

    “Your task for today is to repeat yesterday’s task and then before my message tomorrow you will flash your exposed cunt to three different people and tell me how it felt and what reaction you got but be careful because I will know if you are lying and will punish accordingly!” I sent the message.

    “Oh my god;” she typed back, “I am not sure I could do that in all honesty?” she stated.

    “You do not have a choice if you want to avoid a punishment far worse next Friday!” I offered.

    “Ok I will try to do it just for you but what happens if I get caught by the police?” she enquired.

    “I would suggest for your own sake and respectability that you do not get caught!” I typed.

    Sunday Night:

    “Hello Susan!” I typed.

    “Hello Roy!” she responded.

    “How did yesterday’s tasks go? I enquired.

    “Well I got better at the shaving so no new nicks and to be honest it seemed strange to have a hairless cunt again, almost like going back to my pre-pubescent days!” she eagerly typed.

    “But what about the second task?” I ventured.

    “Oh that, I found the whole episode sexually exciting, firstly I flashed my rear and opened my legs wider than normal so he must have seen my cunt and that was as I climbed the steps on a bus!” she typed. “I know the guy was looking because I could feel his eyes burning into my backside!” she added. “Then ten minutes later he came upstairs on the bus and sat directly opposite me, so when I got off the bus I made sure to turn my legs towards him before opening them to stand up! I deliberately looked in his direction and saw his eyes were on my short dress! As I began to climb down the stairs I felt a sudden panic attack and thought what if the guy gets off the bus at my stop and tries to interfere with me! But he didn’t, thank god!”

    Her typing seemed erratic as I assumed that she was getting excited as she related the tale to me! “The second man I flashed was an OAP on a park bench! God I thought he was going to have a heart attack on the spot! I was sat on a park bench opposite him with my legs wide open and my skirt fluttering in the breeze, I even made a big thing about trying to stop my skirt blowing up and he watched every single movement. Strange thing though he got up and came towards me, for a split second I thought he was going to have a go at me but when he was close enough he smiled and said “Thank you young lady you have just made an old man very happy!”,” she typed.
    “the third man was more or less my age and he was walking along the street with a dog so I dropped a bit of my sandwich (It was my lunchtime break) and his dog pulled him over to get at it so I simply shuffled in my seat until my skirt rode up at the front until I could feel my cunt was on display a little and then I quickly made out to adjust it but in doing so I exposed all of it to the man! He went bright red I swear before pulling his dog away and hurrying away from my bench!” God I loved the feeling of power I felt over that man; the poor little wretch I bet he was wanking as soon as he got home and that made me feel superior to him I don’t know why?” she finished typing.

    “Your task for the next 24 hours is to shave your cunt twice again today and to abstain from any sexual contact. So no playing with yourself or flashing others and definitely no playing with your tits” I demanded.

    Her typed response was “Oh god no, but I will do it!”

    Having then logged out I logged back in to Stella’s account.

    “Hello Stella!” I typed.

    “Hello Roy, how are you?” she typed. I took this as a sure sign that she had not completed the tasks set before her.

    “I am Fine, How are you?” I typed.

    “I am OK, but I must confess to being scared right now!” she responded.

    “Why would that be?” again I typed the message.

    “You will be mad at me! But I truly wanted to do as you instructed! Truly I did.” Came back the message. “I put on a short tennis dress and left off all underwear, went to the local park and slouched on a park bench!” she continued, “But I just lost my nerve as I saw two men approaching where I was sitting!” she typed, “I got up and walked speedily away! I am truly, deeply sorry and will accept any punishment you choose!” She finished.

    I could tell by her words, she was not only scared at this moment in time but if I steamed in hard handed then she would not obey my future commands and she would be lost to me! “You are right that you need to be punished but at this moment in time I will consider what that punishment shall be!” I typed.

    I repeated the task for Stella that Susan had been given, namely to repeat the shavings but then abstain from any sexual relief for a 24 hour period. She agreed but her message almost begged forgiveness for failing last time and that she was doubly determined it would not happen on this task.

    I wished her a pleasant night whilst I contemplated what her punishment should be! With that I was about to close down my computer when an idea hit me. I quickly typed in to Google maps UK Stella’s post code and zoomed in to just before the total street level. I noticed two things just north of her address was Epping Forest, and for those of you who have read my previous stories you will understand the special place in my heart that this wooded area represents. But just south of her address was a public boating lake, now in Britain we are not really clock watchers for public places like this to close for the night, they normally close at dusk which can vary by as much as four hours depending on time of year. But I reckoned that on the particular Friday night dusk was around seven pm.

    An idea definitely began to form in my head.

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    Chapter 3. How time drags when you anticipate fun.

    The next night I decided that instant messaging between us had run its course and the next level was to speak on the telephone. So as soon as I contacted Stella I asked for her phone number and I suppose that half wanting to protect herself she would only commit to me having her mobile number; still it was a start. I informed her that I would be phoning her later that night to discuss her upcoming punishment.

    Then I messaged Susan and again asked for her phone number, she willingly gave me her home landline and her mobile and once more I told her I would be ringing her later so she was to stay by the phone. In my mind I still had a few wrinkles to sort out about the next stage but slowly an idea was forming and if it came off it would be quite fun to witness.

    So two hours later I called Stella and as best as I can recall the chat went like this; “Hello Stella!” I began. “Hello Roy!” she replied. “What exactly are you wearing right now? I enquired.

    “Oh, I am wearing a black blouse and slacks!” came back the reply.

    “No Stella that is not an exact replay; now is it?” I demanded. I could hear her breathing hard for a few seconds before her response.

    “I am wearing a black nylon blouse and red pair of leggings but I suppose you want to know more about the underwear,” she hesitantly said. “I am wearing a three quarter cup black bra and matching camisole cut panties!” She excitedly stated. I then instructed her to go and remove her red leggings for the shortest skirt she possessed. I also informed her that the rest of the clothing would suffice and therefore she was not to change anything else.

    Having ended the call to Stella after gaining her home address and leaving her with the anticipation of what was to come for her. I am a firm believer of telling my submissive paly things the truth and then leave them anticipating when the things I have told them begins to happen. Now I turned my attention to Susan; “Susan, your mother likes silky underwear but what about you?” I asked. “I too like silk next to my skin, but my overriding practical side tells me to dispel the silk for modern almost tailored profile but I do allow myself the luxury of a silk camisole!” she replied excitedly.

    I think I shocked Susan with my next question, “Do you have any sex toys and if you do what are they?” I asked. Knowing she would be punished for not being truthful; Susan replied, “Yes I have a few toys; I have three different sized vibrators, two butt plugs on yellow and one standard black;” Then she seemed to hesitate before finishing, “When I was married my husband brought me a toy back from Amsterdam and it was an oversized strap on cock! He suddenly blushed when I asked him on whom would I have the chance to use it on?” she added. Rather ashamedly Susan revealed she had used on her husband a few times before they divorced and he ended up in an all-male relationship. I may have shocked her further by saying “Each to their own! But at least it saves you know having to buy one!”

    I quickly informed Susan that she was to pop all her sex toys into a bag and bring them to our meet, not far from her mother’s: I did not tell her what I had in mind at this point as I did not want her to chicken out!

    With the initial plans made and a time table laid out; my work was done for the next three hours and so I chilled by sketching out the profile of tonight’s affair. It went like this;
    1. 7.30 pm meet with Susan.
    2. 8.00 pm arrive at Stella’s home.
    3. 8.30 fun begins.
    4. 11.30 pm Stella’s punishment begins.
    5. Midnight I leave for home after finding out if they want to see me again.

    Everything planned was tight on schedule but not rigidly fixed and certain parts of the fun I would probably receive a lot of opposition to, but I figure they would bend to my will. I now fixed myself a light meal and waited until 6.30 pm before setting out.

    As I approached the agreed meeting point I began to feel maybe Susan would back out and not show, because although she opened up and told me the dark secret of her husband liked to take cock as well as give it; there just seemed an edge which was not clear and therefore she was still holding back from me.

    Susan did turn up but she turned up five minutes late, she apologised as one would expect; I told her that her excuse would not be accepted and for future precedence she would now also be punished right after her mother’s planned punishment.

    She suddenly seemed unsure and asked if she could hold on to me. I turned and smiled before nodding and as she closed up to me, I spoke softly but firmly, you will do everything I tell her and she would enjoy it so much. I threw in a sly proposition. “I know you need a firm hand and believe me I have the firmest of hands and if you obey me like a good little slut or you WILL feel it!”

    Somehow this comment registered with Susan’s subconscious as she seemed stronger as she now cradled into my six foot frame, her steps seemed more assured. She never commented on my statement, but she did have a sly smirk on her face for the longest of times. Just before the road turned into her mum’s road; I pulled her to one side and said, I know you have not told me everything about your little secrets, so I am giving you the chance to tell me now or if I find out later it will come with some cost to you!

    She looked straight into my eyes and then shakily began to tell me a few home truths. Apparently Susan had grown up in a bit of a strange house; in as much as every Sunday night she would be called to the living room and punished for her misdemeanours of the week. Not so strange except she had to be naked and her mother and father were also naked. I quickly asked up to what age did this happen? She replied nervously that it continued until she was 19 years old and that was when she married her husband, a married which lasted four years and her husband’s apparent preference to other men developed.

    I told Susan that tomorrow night I would meet with her alone and she would tell me everything that happened in those sessions and from what age they begun and how they developed as she grew older.

    With that we returned to walking towards her mother’s house. I rang the doorbell and within moments her mother opened the door. Susan stepped inside and as I followed her I put my foot against the door and told her mother; “Lift your skirt slut” without hesitation she lifted her skirt to show me her black lacy cami-knickers. I told her to keep it up and to follow me.

    As we stepped into the living room I told everyone to disrobe. So we did exactly that and I turned to Stella and told her to bend over, whilst I retrieved the largest black butt plug from Susan’s bag. Without lubrication I slowly pressed it home into Stella anal ring and told her that her punishment would double if she dropped that plug. Now I turned to Susan and ordered her on to her knees and made her slowly suck my cock whilst an envious mother looked on.

    Out of the blue I asked Stella to tell me about the upbringing of Susan and warned her not to leave out any details. She looked shocked as she glanced from me to Susan and back; she then related the weekly punishment regime that her husband insisted upon, only in her version she was punished for her faults before Susan was summoned to the room.

    Susan had managed to raise my cock to its full length of seven and a half inches and looked as pleased as punch to do so. I then told her to put on the strap on attachments and her mother looked really shocked as the girdle of the strap on was adjusted and the rubber 10 inch cock suddenly began to point skyward.

    I quizzed Stella about these punishment nights and asked questions like, what form did the punishment take? How long was the punishment times? Were toys ever used in these punishments? And finally did she enjoy being punished?

    Stella began, “The punishment would vary depending on the offence deemed to be committed; my husband, Jack, would always be the one to deem whether you had committed a punishable offence. The punishment would range from him simply having you across his lap with his five inch cock pressing into your stomach and his hand would alternate between left and right cheeks; to him using household implements for more serious offences!” she said with a shaky voice. “The punishment times were always to begin at 8 pm and could take as long as to finish at 11.30 but usually it was two hours in length!” She finally finished by saying, “I grew to like them but in the beginning I found it hard to accept that my punishment was indeed a showing of love from my husband and after Susan was born it did take on a much more sensual feel and dare I say it; it became even more enjoyable!”

    “So you were turned on by having your daughter present when you got punished?” I asked.

    “Oh no; it was never that but I have to admit that my punishment was always before Susan came into the room, but I suppose I did enjoy watching her punishments as I was always made to stay whilst she was punished. I suppose the reason for my staying too was to curb my husband’s free unrestricted sex attitude, I mean he could have gone to the ultimate taboo had I not been present but he always stopped before reaching that point.” She answered a little more confidently now she saw I was not being judgemental about this subject.

    “What do you deem to be the ultimate taboo?” I enquired.

    Again she looked from Susan to me for reassurance that it was ok to spill the beans. “For my husband to have had actual sexual contact with his daughter!” she said nervously.

    Suddenly Susan spoke up, “But he did, after I was sixteen and as he placed me across his lap his cock always rubbed against my clitoris!” she stated.

    “No; no, you must be mistaken, Susan your father would never break that ultimate taboo! He swore to me that if I took my punishment like the slut that I was then he would never defile you! Besides he always took me afterwards as we lay in bed and he would not have been able too if he had just fucked you? Now would he?” she stammered.

    “Mother you are either still so in love with his memory that it is colouring your memories and blanking out the bits you don’t want to hear. But he did defile me as you put it; I would have preferred to said he took my cherry and taught me sex was good and couldn’t be wrong no matter what!” Susan retaliated. “Many a time after midnight on the punishment nights he would slip into my room and take me!” she added.

    “Oh my God,” Stella cried out, “I thought after all this time he had been true to his word given so freely to me!” Stella continued. Both woman now looked deep into each other’s faces and it was Stella who blinked first, so to speak, as she almost whispered “I owe you a big apology, I called you a slut and a whore but I never knew my husband your father made you that way!” Susan accepted Stella’s apology wholeheartedly before adding, “The good thing is though; after Dad taught me; I have now hang ups about anything. Normally incest would sicken me but having grown up with it I find it amusing and often an added thrill.”

    “I am going to tell you something now, which I hope will remain between the three of us and not be repeated outside this room! Mum, you remember that boy you really liked but always said he was a wimp?” Susan asked. “You mean Jimmy Crackon?” Stella asked. “Yes, that’s the one; well the reason we got on so well was because Dad told me before I met him that he was a spirit likened to my own! I did not work out what he meant until later but he too was into incest and for him it was with both parents!” Susan declared. “You mean his father sanctioned him fucking his own mother?” Stella gasped.

    “No mother, He sanctioned Jimmy making up threesomes with both his mother and father! And yes he swung both ways as did his dad and thinking about the times I joined them so did his mother! I do not know if you knew but Dad before his departure was a regular visitor to their special sex nights!” Susan announced.
    “I knew your father was fucking around behind my back but I never made it my business to find out who or when! But he went from wanting it with me five times a day to twice a week so I knew he was getting it somewhere else!” confessed Stella.

    At this point I interrupted the mother daughter chat and abruptly said, “Family reminiscing is fine but I am not going to wait till you both reach your pensions!” Both women quickly turned and looked at me; trying to defuse the situation with smiles until I cut them down. “Stella you are playing an unsafe game as you already are in short order for a punishment!” I reminded her.

    Both women offered their apologies and seemed genuine in that, at least. Now I smiled a little as I informed the two women of my decision as to Stella’s Punishment. “Stella as a deterrent to you being disorderly in the future, I have decided your punishment should be sterner than I would normally administer for a first offence. You shall accept a vibrator into your cunt, turned on though mind, and you will make your way out in public from here and bring back proof of having reached Epping Forest; that proof will be an airtight container with a note I wrote earlier. You will find it in the old hollow tree just by the side of the road on the main road to High Beach.!” I continued.

    “Of course you may think this an easy task after all carrying a vibrator in your cunt and the butt plug in your arse would be very little discomfort; however if you add in the fact that you will not be allowed to dress before undertaking this venture and therefore public transport; in fact any transport would be impossible for you to use NAKED.” I finished.

    Stella looked at me almost pleading and then resigning herself to her fate, she looked at Susan almost expecting her to plead mum’s case for her. Finally Stella spoke, “Sir, may I please ask if there is any other punishment no matter how harsh that I could accept rather than the one laid out for me in your conversation?” I slowly shook my head and then said, “If you can prove to me that there would a risk of serious harm likely to befall you, then I will change the punishment if not you must do the journey or be tied naked for two days on a lamp-post outside this very house!”

    Stella looked her daughter and shaking her head, she genuinely looked scared. “Look if you keep to the edges of peoples gardens you could always duck out of sight if anyone can along and besides the fresh air may just make you more receptive to my instructions in the future!” I whispered to Stella.

    There was nothing more to be said except Stella suddenly asked if she could use a bicycle to speed up the journey; I agreed to this one concession but told her that every time the Vibrator dropped out of her cunt from the moment it was inserted would be a spank when she returned and I stressed that I would rely on her honesty about this!

    I instructed Susan to take her large vibrator and check that it worked; the low drone of the buzzing answered this for me; next Susan was to kneel between her mother’s legs and lick her cunt so that the vibrator slid in easily but I never mentioned that it could also slip out easily too.

    Once the vibrator was inserted; whilst Stella prepared to mount her daughter’s bike; I looked at my watch and said, “It is now quarter past nine so you should be back here by eleven pm at the latest; so best you make a start right now!”

    As we watched Stella disappear off the street, I ordered Susan back inside and made her sit in the easy chair before tying her arms down to its arms. Her legs were then secured in such a way as to keep them open. Sitting directly in front of her but close enough to be able to touch any part of her I demanded she tell me how she got to know about Jimmy and his family.

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    Chapter 4. Nearly in court.

    Susan began, “I suppose it was easy to introduce Jimmy and his family, because his father was a work colleague of my father! How he found out about jimmy’s little secret I do not know but one week-end the two families got together for a picnic in Shoreham Sands!” she gasped, mainly because I was slowly stroking her cunt lips. “I never realised till much later that at the picnic my mum sat close to Jimmy’s dad and likewise Jimmy’s mum sat really close to my dad! But in hindsight I now know why they were sat so close to each other as this allowed them to play with each other discretely.” She continued.

    Just then we both stood holding our breath as a police siren screeched past the house; when it had not stopped we breathed again. “Jimmy and I sat together although strangely we were told off for sitting too close together!” she added. “By six fifteen that evening we all got up and walked back to our separate hotel rooms; although at the same hotel but on different floors; we soon joined up together and as the drinks flowed the atmosphere got bawdier; it was then that my dad laughingly said that Jimmy and I would make a good pair in their group! I simply began to wonder what it was, he meant.” Susan explained.

    “At 10.00pm Both Jimmy and I were sent back to our own rooms and the four parents remained in each other’s company. I waited about half an hour then crept out on to my balcony and slipped easily on to my parent’s balcony, from where I could see all the action in my parent’s bedroom.” Susan continued. “What I saw has stayed emblazoned into my mind ever since, There was my dad and mom completely naked in the presence of jimmy’s naked parents and not only that Dad was touching Jimmy’s mum, pretty much like he had me the last time we were alone together.” She declared.

    “Susan, tell me all the details, be more specific!” I commanded. “Dad was sliding his hand over Alice’s cunt; by the way Alice is Jimmy’s mum and John is his dad!” Susan added. “His hand was moving back and forth but I could see his middle finger was hooked and must have been sliding into Alice on every forward stroke, she was obviously loving it by the look on her face!” she continued. Just then the door of the hotel room opened and I instinctively ducked down out of sight; in stepped Jimmy and in a matter of seconds he was stark bollock naked!” Susan recited. I knew this excited her because in her description her voice became a fraction higher as if she was reliving the moment right now.

    “Once he was naked he was led by his dad, John, to where my father stood, then he dropped down to his knees and opened his mouth; I could not hear if anything was said but almost as a reaction to him opening his mouth in this position my dad guided his seven inch cock towards his mouth.” Susan swallowed hard and continued. “I could not believe my eyes, my dad was gay!” she now faltered in her speech.

    “Your Dad is not gay, he is at best bi-sexual!” I corrected her.

    “But it’s the same thing isn’t it?” Susan asked.

    “No; it is very much not the same thing!” I insisted, “A man that is sexually aroused by a woman and can also be sexually aroused by another man is entirely different from a man who can only be sexually aroused by another man!” I informed her. “A gay male is not interested in a female in a sexual way, same as a woman who is only interested in another female is a gay woman!” I explained. “You see I see it that a man who is sexually active with the opposite sex and people of his own sex is a well-balanced male! Not only that but he has clearly thrown off the shackles of repressive sex and is not afraid to experiment in his sexual endeavours!” I concluded.

    Then Susan explained to me what she watched, how her mother licked another woman’s cunt whilst taking a lover’s cock up her. She also told me it was john’s cock which ploughed her mother’s cunt and how she saw; John lay on the bed then her own mother, Stella climbed over him and sank his still erect cock into her. Alice then climbed onto the bed and moved to mum’s head and mother started licking between Alice’s legs. The excitement in her voice rose another notch.

    Then Dad climbed on to the bed and edged himself behind Alice; from my viewpoint I thought I saw him stick his cock up her arse but I could not swear to it, but one thing I would swear to was my mum next took a cock up her arse as Jimmy climbed behind her and began rutting her. I soon saw from my angle his cock enter and pull back from her anal opening whilst John’s cock pounded her cunt. Soon mum was twitching around as her hands tried to hang on to Alice’s arse cheeks but she too was jolting around from my dad’s thrusts of his cock. I could not help myself so I began stroking my own cunt wishing it could be me taking both of those cocks.

    Finally Susan stopped her detailed account and she sat silent red faced as if she had given away a major family secret; so now in a soft understanding voice I spoke. “Tell me Susan, did you manage to climax as you watched your mother being a whore!” Susan nodded rather than answering. “You said you wished it was you in her place? But is that what led you to being rebellious now?” I enquired.

    “I suppose it was; but I could not understand why my Mother in particular would come down so heavy on me after all I am only doing what she had done in her earlier life!” Susan answered.

    “AGH but you see you are not supposed to know about that; have you ever told your mother or father about what you witnessed.” I asked.

    “No but why should I?” she responded.

    “Because if they do not know you are aware of what they have done then they will naturally try to protect you from getting a public reputation of being easy and a slut! You see; but if they knew that you were aware of their swinger lifestyle then they would not need to be so protective of you!” I explained.

    Just then the front doorbell rang; once again Susan and I froze, once more the doorbell rang and now I responded by going to answer it. I have to admit my heart was pounding as I feared her mother, Stella, had been caught streaking. As I passed the hall clock it registered that it already half past eleven; where had all the time gone! Through the frosted glass panels I could see a shadow of a person and I took a big gulp of air as I opened the door just enough to peer through the opening; instantly I through the door open and in rushed a blushing Stella.

    Closing the door behind her I followed her into the living room where an excited Stella thrust the air tight container in my direction. Instead of taking it I asked if she had opened it, she shook her head before saying my orders were to retrieve it not to read it. I told her now to calm herself and to read what the note actually said, she opened the airtight lid and pulled out the piece of paper. Still in an excited voice she read aloud, “If you are reading this then you have found the container as demanded of you, it also shows that you are a slut for racing through public streets as naked as a jaybird. Furthermore if I am right then you will by now be on the verge of the best orgasm of your life and just a few thrusts of the vibrator you have so carefully prevented from falling out of your hot wet cunt you would cum. Truly you my dear slut have earned that orgasm so now before moving another inch make yourself cum but whilst you do so repeat until it breaks ‘Thank you Master’”

    Without hesitation, Stella began to thrust the vibrator in and out of her cunt thanking me all the time she was doing this. And within five minutes her legs turned to jelly as she collapsed grunting her way through her orgasm; luckily she collapsed onto a sofa and as soon as she had finished cumming I ordered Susan to clean up her mother’s cunt with her tongue, which of course brought further cries of delight from Stella. Susan lapped away like a starving man would lap away at the nectar of life and my fingers inside Susan’s cunt told me she too was excited as she obeyed my command.

    Afterwards as Stella lay recovering and I slipped my hard cock into her daughter’s tight anal ring; I instructed Susan to inform her mother of our discussion during her absence. Susan shot me a rather dirty look and was rewarded by a hefty slap across her rump, but she informed her mother of what she had seen and heard although she did forget to relate her own actions but they too were soon out in the open as I quizzed Susan on what she had told her mother.

    That night we made a pact that this little threesome was indeed a WORK IN PROGRESS!



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