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Thread: No Regrets 01

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    No Regrets 01

    No Regrets.
    Copyright©2018 – Niteowluk2003 all rights reserved.

    Chapter One. 1st Contact.

    Master Roy, a 61-year-old dominant male, scanned his email account and found the usual forty or fifty junk emails plus twenty that were of interest to him. He deleted the junk emails and began going through the ones of interest, these were mainly from family and friends, a couple were from males or females he had trained. Many of them liked to keep in touch with emails about one every two months or so, to let him know how they were getting on with their new masters. It was one of the things Roy felt most proud of, the fact that he never trained a slave to keep but trained them to expand their sexual limits and then let them go forth with new confidence in what they felt was right for them. He answered the ones that were easiest to answer but kept the more difficult ones that needed careful thought till later.

    He then turned his attention to the three websites that he posted his mainly true stories on, he liked to check in every week or so, mainly to see how his stories were being received. On his favourite site he noted his stories gathering a steady stream of responses and the number of views for his works always seemed in the low thousands. He often thought to himself that there must be authors out there in the real world who would kill for a thousand readers at least. He noted that someone had sent a private message to him through the site and he thought to himself it was probably someone praising or grumbling about his latest stories; as this was normal and as a writer he knew he would never please everyone all the time; he opened the link to the message.

    He found himself smiling as he read: …

    “Master Roy, please forgive my nerve of contacting you so directly, without seeking approval first! I have a problem that I think needs your special skills to sort, please reply to this message if it is ok to contact regarding this matter. Your obedient submissive, Cathy Jones.”

    That was a novel way to get his attention, he mused. He had to hand it to Cathy, she was clearly an experienced submissive and this puzzled him for he never normally took on part trained or fully trained sluts because his methods were based on self-diagnosis and many other master’s trained by fear of severe punishment. He sent a message back to Cathy: …

    “Cathy, you have peeked my interest, but I must tell you now, I do not take over training of other master’s sub-missives’ but I am always happy to advise if I feel it helps. So, I am happy for you to contact me on my master’s email address which is masterroy.gmail.net. Master Roy.”(email address does not exist)

    He finished reading the comments on the stories he had posted and was just about to leave the site when a new message notification came up, he clicked the mail icon and sure enough it was from Cathy: …

    “Master Roy, I cannot thank you enough for agreeing to at least hear my problem, I have sent you a full email with all the details. Yours truly, Cathy.”

    With that Roy came off the site and went back to his email account only this time switching to his master’s account, sure enough there was an email just minutes old. Its topic said, Need your help! He opened the email and began to read, Master Roy, first a bit about myself; I am a seventy-year-old submissive of some thirty-year standing, I have been widowed for ten years now and my last master was in fact my husband. Here is my problem, my daughter is now the same age as I was when I began to discover my submissive streak. She is willing to learn but I don’t want her to suffer as I did, for my first master used to begin each day with a punishment session of at least twenty spanks all over my body.

    This was whether I had deserved them or not, then I was to remain naked until he saw fit to make me do menial
    Tasks, like taking the rubbish outside to the large communal bins (naked of course). I really do not want Samantha to go through things like that. So here is my plea, having read in your stories that you hardly ever use violent punishments to train your sluts, would you be willing to train my daughter?

    I notice from your site profile that you live somewhere in London, which is great because we live in South Woodford and could meet when ever you needed to. Please email me your thoughts on this matter. Your obedient servant, Cathy.”

    I sat back for a few moments, thought about whether I wanted to start training what would be my fifteenth submissive slut and I decided what the heck, let’s do it and be hanged. I hit the reply button and began typing my response. Slut Cathy, you say it is for your daughter but why then is she not requesting my help? Also, if you are submissive, does that mean you will be involved as well? Finally, how do you know your daughter is that way inclined because it is usually kept secret from family members? Master Roy!

    Within five minutes her response came back, Master Roy, in answer to your intelligent questions, I can see how suspicious this may look, but Me and Sammi are really close and have no secrets from each other, she knows all about my experiences as I learned to become the better slut slave; even down to knowing her father was not really a masterful man but he knew how to treat me when I needed it. Sammi is nervous about approaching you because if half your stories are true then she feels unworthy of being trained by such a powerful man. Secondly, I saw my role simply as bringing you two together, but I must confess that I would be honoured if you threw a few tasks my way, if you follow my drift, also both Sammi and I thought I could be useful in demonstrating those harder to understand parts of the training. Finally, As I said earlier, my daughter has watched me being punished and she has confided in me that she found those situations a great turn on, but she said not from the master’s point of view but from the submissive side. Yours truly as ever. Cathy sorry sir, Slut Cathy.

    I had visited South Woodford a few times on route to Epping Forest, so I knew some of the public houses in that area, but I decided on Chingford Mount as a meeting area. The reason behind this was that it was far enough outside the area of South Woodford that she could keep neighbours from discovering her secret and besides it would be nearer to Epping Forest if I decided upon testing them. So, I emailed back to Cathy, Slut Cathy, I have decided that to discus this matter further before I decide, I will meet you and your daughter at the Robin Hood public house in Chingford Mount, tomorrow night at 8pm. You will have three drinks ready on the table two red wines for you and your daughter and a glass of sparkling water for me. You will make sure you have a powder blue napkin folded into a triangle trapped amongst the three glasses. This is how I will recognise the pair of you. Now dress code, No! I will let you decide on that but be aware that I will be judging you on it as well as your time keeping. The rest we will deal with when we meet. You will refer to me in future as Sir.

    He hit the send button and then cursed under his breath, he should have demanded naked photographs being sent to him instead of the elaborate charade of the glass and table napkin. Still he thought too late now, let me go think about what I will give them as a test. He rose from his chair and wandered into the kitchen, he always thought better with a fresh cup of tea. Soon the kettle was boiling, and he began whistling a tune as he fetched the milk. He had not burst out in tune of any sort for over five years, so he noted that he must be feeling pretty good about the upcoming meeting.

    The next twenty-four hours seemed to fly by for him, the same could not be said for Cathy as she could not decide whether to wear a short skirt, a long skirt or pair of slacks even though it was still some way off before they were to meet. The time dragged even slower for Sammi, this was partly her mother’s fault because she had just told her that they were going to meet someone special who was going to help with her problem, Cathy would not be pressed further than that, so Sammi was in a state of anxiety and excitement although she did not know it he problem was hers or her mothers.

    That afternoon things got too much for both Cathy and Sammi, they could not disguise they excitement any further so both decided on an afternoon nap, Cathy reasoned in her own mind that as nothing had been said about any sexual behaviour she would masturbate her excitement away, but as Sammi was not even aware of who she was meeting and why she also decided that a nap and a wank would be good. As the two women began to prepare to retire to their separate bedrooms, Cathy suggested that she would rise at five thirty pm and take a shower first then Sammi could have the bathroom from six pm onwards. Cathy reminded her daughter to be clear of her bathing by six forty-five or they would be in a rush to meet the special one. Sammi nodded nervously and then headed to her room.

    Neither women were used to having afternoon naps and the really did not feel tired, it was only one pm, the weather was unusually warm and sticky, so both found it difficult to go to sleep straight away. Sammi lay there thinking about what tonight could possibly be about and it suddenly hit her, Her mother had done this once before when she had wanted to introduce George to Sammi as her possible new step father, that had proved disastrous, for he had assumed that his domain would include two willing sex partners. Surely Mum could not be planning on another partner and therefore seeking Sammi acceptance of him before moving him in at home, she thought.

    Cathy though had gone to her room and because of the heat, she had lain on top of the sheets stark naked, she ran her hands over her 38C breasts and shuddered as her own palms brushed over her erect nipples. Damn she thought this is going to be harder than she thought and so she climbed off the bed and went to her closet retrieving her favourite large dildo. It was in the shape of a hand clenched and was black in colour having four different speed setting for the vibrations. Cathy joking thought of these as calm, stormy, earthquake, and heaven take me now. Repositioning herself back on her bed she took the spare pillow and eased it under her butt cheeks raising her cunt into the air by some four inches. Then she placed the clenched hand against her cunt lips and switched on the dildo, gentle almost hypnotic vibrations surged through the rubber hand and seemed to shoot straight through her cunt lips and hit her clitoris at 90 mph.

    Her cunt lips began to spread as her sexual desire in creased and as soon as she felt the rubber slide easily against the lubricated cunt lips she switched the button into second position. Now in her stormy mode the vibrations seemed ten times more intense and her cunt began to bubble away like a cauldron on heat, Cathy chuckled to herself, she never seemed to understand where her thoughts came from when she was busy pleasing her cunt. Bubbling cauldron she mused, next she will be imagining getting turned on whilst flying a broomstick, she thought.

    Now she could feel the clenched hand pressing hard against her inner cunt lips and she pulled harder on the hand trying to force it up her cunt, she was struggling and suddenly decided she needed an storm, again she chuckled. With the dildo one notch away from full speed Cathy’s head began to spin, her cunt began to twitch and suddenly it seemed to relax completely, and the hand part of the dildo slipped inside her cunt. This as usual happened with an accompanying groan. Once the head was inside Cathy abandoned herself to her fate by clicking into earthquake mode. Now she moved the hand back and forth delighting in the sensations of the strong vibrations hitting the neck of her womb and alternately the inside of her cunt entrance.

    Meanwhile, Sammi was also having trouble drifting off to sleep but more because of the strange noises she was hearing from across the landing rather than her own sexually heightened state. When she heard, the groan, from her mother, she could not resist going over to complain, but when she stood outside the bedroom door she placed her ear to it and listened, now she heard the buzzing sound a vibrator makes and she knew what was happening instantly, because without her mother’s knowledge she had found the clenched hand and used it often when in the house alone. She grew bolder as she slowly reached for the door lever and slowly pressed it down before pushing gently on the door. As it swung inwards silently, she suddenly saw her mother, legs spread wide apart and the forearm of the rubber dildo sticking out of her mother’s cunt. Now as she watched the face of her mother with her eyes closed and her tits bouncing slightly, instead of withdrawing as she should have she suddenly found her own hand unconsciously move down between her own legs and she leaned against the door jamb as she stroked her clitoris.

    Suddenly a wild thought shot through Sammi’s brain, and as if her body was not her own, she found herself walking silently to the side of her mother’s bed. When she got there without hesitation she leaned forward and began licking her mother’s right nipple before closing her mouth on it like she had done hundreds of times long ago when her mother breast fed her. Cathy’s eyes suddenly shot wide open and she was just about to chastise Sammi when the words that came from her own mouth betrayed her, “Yes, my love, suck my nipple like you used to do as a baby, harder my love.” She moaned, “Make mummy cum like you used to do when breast feeding, baby!” she continued.

    Sammi then placed her hand over her mother’s hand which gripped the dildo and instantly Cathy knew what she wanted to do and incidentally what Cathy hoped she would do. Sammi then began to slowly build the level of thrusts on the dildo making her mother contort between Sammi’s mouth on her nipple and her hand controlling the dildo pounding Cathy’s cunt. Suddenly Sammi pulled her mouth away from Cathy’s nipple and with a sorrowful groan from Cathy, Sammi placed her finger up against her mouth telling Cathy to be silent.

    Next Sammi climbed on the bed twisting her body as she did so to keep pounding her mother’s rubber filled cunt, then Cathy’s vision went black as Sammi sat on her face pressing her soaking wet cunt directly over her mother’s mouth. Cathy began to panic, this was going too far, this was incest and Cathy had no intention of going that far. The thing was though that the more Cathy struggled the more Sammi achieved her aim of her mother’s open mouth mashing against Sammi’s over heating cunt. Then suddenly as if accepting her fate Cathy began to probe her daughter’s cunt with her tongue and more than anything else she found she liked the taste and besides while she was being pounded by the rubber hand she was being turned on even more by the taste of her daughter’s cunt.

    Now Sammi was free to concentrate on pounding her mother’s cunt without having to grip so tight on her mother’s head as her tongue continued to lash her clitoris and inner cunt lips. Suddenly Sammi felt her cunt explode and extra fresh cunt juices streamed into her mother’s eager mouth pushing Cathy’s own orgasm over the top. Five minutes later the two women bathed in sweat from their labours decided to take a shower together to cool of and besides it was now time for them to begin getting ready for the date with Master Roy.

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    Chapter 2… 1st Meeting.

    Master Roy arrived in the Robin Hood Public House carpark at 19:55, he sat and composed himself then exited his beloved car and walked briskly towards the rear door of the public house. With thirty-three-years-experience in all forms of security he walked with an air of confidence and yet not flashy; with his past training he knew he was able to read between the lines of situations and not rely on actual spoken words.

    He entered the bar area and his first impression was that this was a typical old-style public which had been modified to fit in with the modern drinking culture. In the 1950’s a public house would have a public bar and a Snug bar. In the public bar would be the most raucous members of the public with smoking and swearing in abundance, in the snug however; the presence of women would calm the atmosphere and curb the smoking and swearing. Then after the Second World War women having worked in the foundries and factories they came back home with a new sense of being and almost demanded access to the public bar on a level par with the men.

    Roy began walking towards the gents’ toilet scanning the tables as he went, looking for the powder blue napkin as an indicator as to which table the two women were sitting. He spotted the napkin and as he passed the table he stopped and asked, “Would either of you two fine looking women, be Cathy?”. Now Sammi smiled thinking that she was clearly not looking seventy years of age and Cathy blushed thinking he could not possibly be implying that I look too young to have a forty-year-old daughter. Cathy finally found her voice and answered, “I am Cathy, you must be Master Roy!” she almost whispered. Roy simply nodded and then leaning forward he said, “Maybe we should vacate to a quieter place like the beer garden!” with that the three of them walked with their drinks out another door and into the almost deserted beer garden.

    As they walked, Roy amused himself by mentally checking their dress code, because he had given them the choices of what to wear, he was also checking them out mentally as well as physically, using the skills taught him over his working life, he was able to profile a dress code by talking to the person or the more difficult instant assessment of a persons sexual skills by their clothing.

    Cathy, was easy to profile but that was because he had interacted with her via email and the ability to read between the lines had given him lots of clues. As they entered the Beer garden he pointed to the furthest picnic table and sent Sammi off to save their places at it. This was just a ruse, for he now turned to Cathy, “Answer me truthfully or face punishment! You are wearing a strong bra are you not?” Cathy looked at him almost astonished that he could tell what type of bra she was wearing even though her blouse was loose fitting. Almost nervously she replied, “Yes, but how could you know that?”

    “Elementary my dear Watson!” Roy cheerily answered, “You are seventy-one years of age, and as such your breast line could not possible be as high as it is now without a strong bra to hold them, you are around a 38C bust size and you have nipples which when stiff poke out at least ¼ of an inch.” He continued. “now if I had to bet on the outcome, I would say that you are not wearing panties and furthermore you have not shaved your cunt in the last two months at least!” he added, “Well how did I do?” he asked confidently. “I can not believe you deducted that much from my dress code, how do you do it?” a Nervous Cathy enquired.

    “Trade secret!” responded Roy cheerfully. “Well answer me, how did I Do?” he repeated. “Roy, I don’t know how you did it, but you are correct in all you have said. Prove to me that it was not a fluke but analysing Sammi’s Dress code.” Cathy prompted. “Final warning, you are just a small step from getting a hard spanking over that very picnic table where your daughter is waiting; you will give me proper respect and the correct salutation or else!” he stated. “Oh, sorry sir, of course I will call you master although it is Sammi who you will be training!” Cathy said almost defensively.

    Now as they approached Sammi, Roy said, “Sammi jump up and down on the spot for three jumps!” “Why?” she asked. “Because your master says so!” came his reply and knowing she was close to doing wrong, Sammi jumped up and down three times as ordered. “You are a 36C bust and you are not wearing a bra tonight, furthermore you are not wearing panties, nor have you shaved your cunt in preparation of this meeting!” Roy announced. Cathy looked at Sammi and the look on Sammi’s face told Cathy that Roy was indeed right. “Holy shit, how did you deduce that?” Sammi asked. “Speak once more like that and you will be stripped naked here and now and then sent to walk slowly round the outside of the public house until you return to the beer garden gate! You both will learn to give me my proper salutation or learn to stand up all day because of a bright red spanked arse!” Roy informed them.

    “Sorry, Master, I was not thinking!” Sammi responded. “Yes, you are correct in all you said!” she continued. Roy took his glass of mineral water and drank it all down before informing Sammi to go fetch another round of drinks. Sammi stupidly stood waiting for Roy to give her the money to buy the drinks, which caused Roy to snap, “I am charging you for your training, slut so, why should I buy the drinks as well!” Sammi visibly shrank back at this outburst and quickly hurried off to the bar.

    Roy sat at the picnic table and then demanded Cathy come stand by his right side. He then slid his hand slowly up the front of her thigh until it reached the crutch of her leg and then he slipped two fingers in to this area and then they were pushed hard against Cathy’s cunt. “Tell me, cunt have you had sex with your daughter, if so how long ago and are you still fucking each other?” he demanded. There was a short pause before Cathy answered. “Before today I would have said no but now I must admit we have only this afternoon whilst I was playing with myself and using my dildo, Sammi walked in and joined me. We only had oral sex though!” she explained almost begrudgingly.

    He warned her not to tip Sammi off or she would pay for it later. When Sammi returned, Roy took some money out of his wallet and sent Cathy to the bar to fetch a third round of drinks. Whilst she was gone he asked Sammi the same question as his hand was rubbing against Sammi’s cunt. “Tell me Cunt, have you and your slut mother indulged in any form of sex, if so when and what was it?” he demanded. “Sir, until today we have not ever got together sexually, but I heard mum playing with her favourite black clenched fist dildo, I crept over to her room and gently opened the door before standing there watching her for a few minutes. Then I walked over, and she did not know I was there until I took control of the dildo and I finally got her to lick my cunt until I came, and I then made her cum all over this dildo, but that was all, Sir, I swear!”

    Just then Cathy returned, and I told them to hurry up and drink up we were going to test their resolve. I quickly downed the two glasses of mineral waters. Both Cathy and Sammi downed, two and a half glasses of wine before following me. In the carpark I ordered Cathy to get in the back and Sammi was to sit in front. I then ordered Cathy to expose her cunt lips by pulling her skirt up and spreading her legs, Cathy seemed to breathe shallow breaths as she did as she was told, like wise Sammi did the same in the front of the car. Then I warned them that they would be punished severely if they covered up or closed their legs. Then we set of at a steady speed, we drove around Chingford and then out onto the M11 motorway where several Lorry drivers at various times, spent time matching my vehicles speed but level with the back door of my car.

    I pulled off the motor way just short of Gants Hill London and then took the back roads through Chingford to Epping forest. Once there we sat in a desolate carpark and we just talked. I asked, “What are you hoping to get out of this, Sammi?” She thought for a short while and then said, “Freedom!” I asked her to explain what she meant by that, she said, “Freedom to be a slut and feel good about myself but also to have wild sex without any guilt.” She answered. “Cathy, what do you want to get out of this?” Roy asked. Cathy thought for a while and then said, “I don’t want anything out of this, I just want to know I have saved my daughter years of anguish.” Without looking at any of them, Roy said, “I am sorry Ladies but what you have just said is bollocks; Sammi there is no such thing as sex without guilt, because it’s the guilt which we enjoy the most. For example, a woman takes two cocks in to her cunt together, its not the stretching of her cunt that gives her the sexual rush, it’s the guilt of a secret pleasure of having enough sex to please two men at once.” “Cathy you say you want nothing except to remove years of anguish for Sammi, Cobblers, you want to relive your wilder days as someone whom demonstrates the sexual treats for her. Don’t tell me that when Sammi was pounding your cunt with that black clenched fist whilst making you suck on her soaking wet cunt, did not turn you on even more because it was incest with your daughter.” He continued.

    “now, both of you strip! Because I need a piss and you two are going to be my living toilet and swallow my piss. Then you are going to fist each other’s cunt in the full beam of this car’s headlights.” He grinned as he told them his plan; “Now fucking hurry up or I will tie both of you to a tree with a hand up each other’s cunts and call a local gang of bikers I know. They know how to treat sluts and have many cocks available to do so.” He continued. When both Cathy and Sammi were completely naked, Roy made them get out of the car and lay on the grassy bank just in front of the car. He laid the head to head and had them rest their head on the other’s shoulder. Then he took out his cock and standing beside them he began to pee. At first a little trickle that barely reach their heads but once in full flow, they were both swallowing mouthfuls of piss and seemed to be enjoying it. Soon the flow of urine began to slow and fall away but if the two women thought it was over the were wrong as Roy demanded that Cathy fist Sammi whilst licking residue of urine from her face. Afterwards Sammi did the same to Cathy before Roy ordered them both into the back of his car and he drove them all the way home and made them walk naked from where he parked the car to their front door.

    Once inside, Roy looked over the living room and moved an armchair back against the wall, then he moved the large wooden coffee table into the large clear space he had created. Roy instructed Cathy that on the days he would attend here, that this layout must be in place. Then he told her, “Go fetch me all your sex toys! I will then tell you what you will need to buy.” After Cathy had left the room he ordered Sammi to get down on her knee’s in front of him, then he unzipped his trousers and pulled his flaccid cock out. “suck!” was all he said and Sammi immediately opened her mouth and leaned forward, licking the underside of his cock head before accepting it into her mouth fully. Then she began to suck and tease his cock into life. Sammi was still blowing Roy’s cock, when Cathy returned. Acting as if nothing was happening, Roy demanded Cathy lay out her toys on the coffee table and then with almost palpable condescending taste, he told Sammi to stop sucking and for her to go and get her sex toys. As soon as Sammi left the room, he ordered Cathy to get down on her hands and knees. He then went behind her and reaching forward he located her still erect nipples and whilst he applied acute pressure to them, he ordered her to reach back and guide his cock into her cunt.

    Then he rapidly fucked her honey pot whilst pulling her nipples towards him, Suddenly Cathy’s mind flashed back over twenty years to the last time she was in a submissive role. The mixture of pain and excitement felt even more intense than she remembered but it also proved to be her weakness. Cathy knew without being told this was a test, a test to see how long she could last without begging for mercy or her climaxing. The latter caused her down fall as suddenly she let out a loud grunt and the almost pitiful wail as her orgasm shot through body. Even the orgasms from the clenched fist paled into insignificance compared to how alive every singe nerve felt as she succumbed to her master. Cathy now realised the thing missing most from her sex life was just that a master to serve fully and completely. When Roy looked up he saw Sammi by the Living room door with her hand clenched between her legs, clearly mashing against her cunt, in her other hand was a net bag with an array of sex toys in it.

    Master Roy now pulled his cock from the panting Cathy’s cunt and ordered the peeping tom to get here and suck his cock clean. After she had complied with his wishes, he made her layout her toys alongside her mothers. Then he picked out the toys they were to keep, the rest were to be put away until they found their new permanent Master. He then told Cathy to get a pen and paper. Mean while he picked up a well-worn dildo and instructed Sammi to lubricate it in her cunt before fucking her own arse with it. Sammi knew better than to disobey and besides she was horny after seeing her mother fucked, so she sat on the sofa with her legs wide apart, she pushed the dildo in and out of her soaking cunt, Roy watched carefully before demanding she stopped playing at it and she had better fuck it properly or 24 spanks would soon be felt on her body. Its implication of, on her body, tinged the threat of punishment with an air of menace.

    Just then Cathy returned and almost jealously noted her daughters sexually lewd act. An act that took another step towards pure lust as Sammi pulled the dildo from her cunt and began pushing it hard against her anal ring. Roy ignored what was happening and turned around to face Cathy before saying, “Cathy, One strap on cock at least 12 inches in length!” Seeing no reaction from Cathy regarding writing anything down, He snapped, “Cathy, are you listening to me!” Suddenly Cathy snapped out of her daze and said, “yes, Sir!”, “Then tell me what I just said” Roy demanded. As Cathy hesitated, Sammi, hoping to help her mother out began to say something but was warned to shut up before double punishment came her way. Roy repeated his first item for them to buy and added several other items too including two of each size of butt plugs from medium, large and extra-large, four speculums with open range of six inches. Finally, the last item of toys was to be two twenty-two-inch long double enders. Next Roy snapped back at Sammi, “I HAVE NOT TOLD YOU TO STOP!”

    She quickly returned to fucking her own arse as Roy continued to speak with Cathy. “These next items with need to be bought according to both of you slut’s sizes, Two rubber masks without eye-holes (one for each of you), likewise two rubber tops preferably with nipple holes and four pair of deluxe wrist/ankle restraints. Is that clear!” he said. Cathy meekly said, “Yes Master!” “Finally, and I mean this, you will both shave your cunts twice a day until I say otherwise!” he added, with that he turned to Sammi and said, “what you have not cum yet?” paused for a moment, “that will never do? maybe I should phone my mate and get him to bring his Alsatian dog over, I swear that dog makes the meanest of sluts howl as they are knotted!”

    Suddenly the very real threat of being violated by a dog urged Sammi on to greater heights in trying to make herself cum. Just as Roy walked out the front door he heard the tell-tale throes of Sammi orgasm.

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    Chapter 3… Training in earnest.

    When Roy arrived home, he phoned Cathy’s home and demanded to speak to Sammi, “hello, Master!” she said. “hello Slut, answer truthfully or face punishment, did you cum?” Roy demanded to know. “yes Sir”, she responded. “Did you do it yourself or did your mother help?” Roy then asked. There was a prolonged silence and the in a quivering voice Sammi said, “I have to be honest, sir; Mum pulled on my left nipple whilst sucking my right one and that got me over the line, so to speak!”

    Roy said with an authoritarian voice, “The next time you delay before telling me information I demand from you, you will receive a real punishment, which by the way, would last a full day! You had better learn that you will not keep secrets from me, and you better learn fast, you little slut!” Again, meekly Sammi responded, “Yes Master, I will not keep secrets from you!” Roy then snapped, “put that whore of a mother on this phone now!”

    “Hello, again Master!” Cathy said, “Don’t fucking Hello me, bitch!” he warned her sternly, “Last night, you said I would not be training you, but it seems like I must, for you keep interacting with my slut! So, from now on you will answer to me for every action you take, and you will be known amongst the three of us as Old Whore!” he stressed the word old. “Well what have you to say to that!” he demanded. “Yes Master, thank you Master, I will wear the name amongst ourselves with pride!” Cathy answered.

    Suddenly Roy found himself admiring someone else’s training of a slut, because he never expected such a came acceptance of her new role. “Cathy, who was your previous master?” Roy asked. “Believe it or not, it was my husband’s brother!” Cathy admitted. “So, you were a big whore in those days too!” Roy quipped. Nothing better than to stay silent, Cathy answered, “Yes I have to admit, I had to take care of three cocks everyday in those days!” “Three cocks, so who was the third after your husband and his brother?” Roy asked. “Oh, god, now I am letting out all the ghosts from my past, but the third one was my husband’s widowed father!” she replied.

    “You will write down for me, how you came to be a whore for those cocks and in which order you began to service them. Do you understand?” he demanded. “yes sir, I will begin writing it today and hopefully it will be ready for next week’s meeting!” she responded. “No, it will be ready for discussion tonight and you can tell that eavesdropping bitch, she too will have some trips down memory lane when I finally get to know both your backgrounds, Goodbye Sluts until 7.00pm tonight!” Roy finished and put down the receiver without even waiting for a reply.

    For the rest of the day, Roy hardly managed to put in any real work and it was a good job his security shift had no real need of rapid response for he could not get Cathy’s words out of his mind, the sly old bitch had taken care of not two but three cocks probably for years daily. He was lost in these thoughts when young Jenny Brown from the solicitors typing pool, touched his arm. “Roy are you alright!” she asked. “Sorry, Jenny I was miles away!” he replied. “I know that I asked you twice for the basement storage keys!” she added. “Sorry, here you go!” he said. “Look Roy I think you had better come and help me! At least then you are daydreaming out of public view!” she insisted. Roy had got to know Jenny reasonably well over the last six months, in fact it may have been nearer eight months since she transferred here from the solicitor’s Brighton Office. They had flirted often, and it always ended in the same way, Roy would invite Jenny out and Jenny would always say that he should be careful he could be biting off more than he could chew!

    Now down in the basement, the typist was busy working her way through the racks of old case files, clearly, she was looking for something. Roy noticed that today she was not using the easy glide ladders but instead was reaching up from a standing position. He also mentally noted that every time she reached up above her head her hemline rose up almost threatening to expose her panties.

    For the first time in nearly four months, Roy looked at jenny through fresh eyes and realised what a sexy aura she had about her. Just then she nudged a box and it began to fall, quick as a flash Roy darted forward and grabbed it just before it hit Jenny on the head. In doing so his body bumped into hers. Jenny turned around in such proximity to him and then said my knight in shining armour, but what may I ask was that lance that nudge my backside. With that she looked straight down and smiled, she slowly moved her hand out in front of her hand lightly stroked the bulge in Roy’s trousers.

    “You should have said that you keep such a big weapon in your armoury!” she toyed, “I would certainly have taken you up on your date offer If I had known about it!” she now flirted. Once more Roy’s security training took over as he assessed the situation and he quickly leaned forward and kissed her full on the lips, Jenny wrapped her arms around him and pulled the two of them even tighter, Roy noticed she was humping her groin against his leg, no that was quite true it was the bulge against his leg she was rubbing with her cunt. Suddenly the was a clattering sound just behind Jenny which made them jump. Roy burst out laughing as he realised he had been so distracted in the kiss he had let slip the archive box he had prevent from crowning Jenny.

    The papers in the box had spilled and jenny turned looked and then scolded Roy, “I am going to have to pick all them up now” she said with a smile. Then pushing gently on Roy’s chest, she turned around and bent over, this time her skirt rose high enough for Roy to see her pale blue silky knickers. He wondered if he should pull them down when Jenny suddenly looked back at him without standing back up and she said, “What are you grinning at? I suppose you see something you like, well if you do then I suggest you grab it with both hands. Roy stepped forward and placed his right hand in between her slightly parted thighs and rubbed her cunt through her panties. Jenny just froze and allowed him to carry on, soon barely audible groans leaked from jenny’s mouth and she looked back at him with a wild passion in her eyes. “Fuck me, fuck me now hard and fast!” she growled. Roy smiled and said, “Not so fast my little horny cunt, you will meet me tonight at six forty-five and I will fuck you before the night is over.” With that he playfully slapped her backside and then turned and began to leave. Now it was his turn to glance behind him and as well as drinking in the sight, he simply said, “You know Costa coffee on the High Street, meet me there.” With that he was out the door and halfway up the stairs before he heard a feint “Ok!”

    Walking up those stairs was probably the hardest thing he had done in years, you see Roy and Jenny had flirted harmlessly five years ago when he joined the security team at that building, but for the last two years it had developed more in to sexual jousting than merely flirting. For example, Jenny would say after her vacation, I will bring in my holiday snaps to show you and then say something like, oh maybe I’d better not seeing most of them have me sunbathing in the nude, to which, Roy would reply that’s ok once you have seen one tit you have seen them all.

    Now at last it seemed something was going to happen, and he was going to oversee that something. The rest of the afternoon was even harder for Roy, because between thinking of what Cathy had done in the past he now had hot flashes of Jenny, taking a pounding from his cock, going around in his head. Thankfully five pm arrived and as he watched the normal office staff leaving for the day, he also watched for his relief to come so he could shoot off. Jenny skipped down the last few stairs after seeing Roy standing there, she walked up to him and made a big thing about saying see you tomorrow Officer. The other security guards grinned, namely because they had seen the flirting over the years and had decided it was a non-starter.
    After Roy got out of work he hurried home and went straight through the shower and then dressed casually in a smart blue tracksuit, boxer shorts and light tee shirt. He glanced at the time and decided he did not have time for even a tea-time snack, so he would have to grab something on the go. He slipped into his car and then gently drove off. Soon he pulled up in the car park just off the High street and popped into a café ordered a quick cheese salad sandwich to go and made his way to Costa coffee shop. As he entered Jenny was there waving frantically at him. He walked over and placed an order for his coffee and one for Jenny. Now sat at the table, jenny leaned forward and said in a low voice, “Where are you taking me to fuck my brains out!”

    Roy smiled, “Trust me and let it be a surprise!” Jenny began to protest when Roy said quite firmly, “if you want me to fuck you then you had better shut up or I will fuck you but only after I have spanked your arse red raw” Suddenly Jenny shut up and sharing half of Roy’s sandwich they finished their coffee’s and exited the shop, walked a few yards and then entered the car park where his car was. As they approached his car he told Jenny to turn around, he then used a silk scarf to blindfold her and helped carefully into the car. “Why am I not allowed to look, Roy?” she asked. “You will see soon but when we pull up I want you to remain seated in my car and definitely no peeking or you will get a spanking!” he responded.

    When he pulled up he simply said to Jenny, “wait here I will be back.” And then he made his way to the front door of Cathy’s home, rang the bell once and almost as if they had been watching out for his car the door instantly opened. There was both Cathy and Sammi standing there in tee shirts and skirts, neither woman wore a bra that much was clear, and he suspected the knickers were off the menu too tonight. He told them he had a guest with him and once she was beside him they were not to speak unless told to do so. Then he fetched Jenny and as they approached the open door he said to Jenny, now my mischievous little minx, there are two very close friends of mine right in front of you, I want you to tell them loud and clear why are you here with me. “Roy has promised to fuck the living daylights out of me tonight!” she said in a clear confident voice. “Wrong, I said to you that you would be fucked hard tonight, I did not say only I would be doing it!” Roy explained. Leading the three women into the living room, Roy was happy to see the same furniture adjustments as he had made previously was still in place.

    Roy lead Jenny to the table and laid her down on it, face up. Then he demonstrated that the other two should tie her arms to the coffee table legs and he set about doing the same to her feet. Now he spoke to Cathy did you buy the things I listed for you, some of them sir, Cathy spoke up. Suddenly Jenny became aware that at least one of the mystery guests was another woman. Let me see and Sammi laid out their purchases on the sofa. He handed the pair the strap on cocks and the immediately put them on.

    “Fetch me a large pair of scissors!” he said pointing Cathy. “Now you open this bitches blouse!” he demanded of Sammi. “What a shame she is wearing a bra, oh well with a simple snip that won’t be a problem!” he announced. When Cathy returned he slid the cold metal along Jenny’s flesh until it’s blades were either side of the cross over between the cups and ‘snip’ the cups fell away revealing the already erect nipples of Jenny’s breasts. Then with a flick of his hand the other two women began to lick around Jenny’s 36a breasts before suckling on those rubber teats that she called her nipples.

    Deprived of sight, Jenny found her other senses were heighted, so the sense of feeling responded quickly to the lapping tongues and suction on her breasts, although aware she was uncomfortable in her surroundings Jenny had to admit her sexual desires increased and she found that not knowing the mystery assailants increased her over all horniness. Suddenly Jenny felt the cold steel again only this time it criss-crossed her right thigh as it neared the side panel of her panties and again ‘snip’ lessened the tightness of the elastic around the top of the panties. Sure enough, the same cold steel criss-crossing her left thigh led to that side panel being cut too. Now with a sense of TAADA he pulled the pantie material away from her now exposed cunt. Her skirt was pulled down to her ankles leaving her bottom half all exposed to this unknown couple, one of which at least, was a woman. OMG Jenny suddenly thought, what if the woman’s voice was in fact a shemale with a cock waiting to ravage the cunt she had now so foolishly offered to Roy. Instead of fearing this new thought, Jenny found it added to her overall sexual excitement.

    With swish of his arm suddenly the two sucking mouths were gone but her swollen nipples still throbbed and demanded her attention, but she could not move her arms to reach them and now that throbbing sensation seemed to increase as her frustration grew. Roy had three fingers screwing into Jenny’s cunt to stoke her passion up even higher, he indicated to Cathy he wanted her to pull the blindfold off Jenny’s face when he raised his hand. Cathy nodded. “Slut Jenny I want you to meet two special people for you tonight,” he suddenly raised his hand, Cathy tugged the blindfold free as Roy finished.

    Jenny eyes flew wide open and she suddenly saw two women’s faces looking back at her, she also saw both women had strap on cocks between their legs and Roy Smiled as he became aware that Jenny had seen the rubber cocks. “Lady sluts meet Jenny cum-bucket, Jenny meet Sammi slut and her mother Cathy whore!” Roy chuckled. “Now slut and whore I promised cum-bucket here that she would be fucked before the night was out, but I did not say by whom or with what, so, now I can tell her that cum-buckets cunt will be fucked hard by Slut while her mouth would be fucked at the same time by whore!” he delighted in watching Jenny’s face as he announced she was going to be spit roasted by rubber cocks and then he added, “afterwards I shall fuck her arse and then she will fuck one of you two but that will be decided by me after I watch you both, the winner will be the one who shows the most treatment to our guest here.”

    So, he clapped his hands and Sammi went and stood at the feet of Jenny, whilst her mother, Cathy, went to her head. When Roy nodded his head they both began. Cathy pinched jenny’s nose until she opened her mouth to breathe, where by she then un-ceremonially stuffed the rubber cock down her throat. All the while, Sammi pinch Jenny’s clitoris between her thumb and forefinger whilst stuffing her rubber cock up Jenny’s cunt, then the both worked in tandem bringing not just one gargled orgasm from jenny but many, in the finish the orgasms ran into each other till Jenny twitched like someone being electrocuted. (Now many of you readers will take that with a pinch of salt but in the girls’ defences, I should like to point out that unlike a man fucking a woman when he must fend off his own climax, this mother and daughter team was getting no sexual enjoyment out of this fucking and so were able to persist for much longer and faster than any male could ever hope to achieve.)

    Both women were bathed in sweat by the time I allowed them to stop and poor little cum-bucket Jenny, well she just lay there gasping for breath and slowly cumming down from her mind-blowing orgasm. I ordered Cathy and Sammi to undo the ropes at Jenny’s legs but not the rope around her ankles but the section which was fastened to the coffee table legs and then holding this rope the hauled her ankles over head and held them low, in effect doubling Jenny over but more importantly exposing her anal ring, not only to my inspection but also my mercy as I pressed my hard cock against the ring and kept pressing home until her ring finally gave little by little till my cock head disappeared inside her arse. Then slowly picking up speed I began to fuck her hard, Poor Jenny had not had the time to recover and being bent like she was she could not get deep breaths of air into her chest so her muscle began to burnt sugar and this pushed her intensity even higher so when I finally pulled out and sprayed her face and upper chest with my spunk she just collapsed gulping air into her lungs as the two women released her legs. Both women scrambled to be the first to suck up their master’s spunk from the distraught girl.

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    Chapter 4… the night of the long fucks.

    When I was sure jenny had recuperated I announced that Cathy was the one to be fucked by Jenny and I added a rather poignant twist, Jenny could position Cathy in any pose she wanted so long as it involved Cathy being tied to the table in some way. Jenny instructed both women to remove the strap on cocks, before she took one of them and slipped it on. I suppose the chance for retribution was too much for Jenny for she ordered Sammi to lie across the coffee table east to west and then tying Cathy’s feet to the south, she had Sammi’s mother lie back trapping her daughter between Cathy’s back and the table, quickly tying Cathy’s hands to the north end of the table, Jenny then forcibly slid the rubber cock into the whore’s cunt and she was of sufficient mind that once the cock was in place she, herself, was ideally placed to not only fuck Cathy’s cunt but also lay into Cathy’s tits or just as equally into Sammi’s cunt or tits.

    The next hour was filled solidly with Jenny fucking Cathy’s cunt whilst spanking either her tits or those of her daughter, Jenny even felt emboldened enough to invite me to fuck Cathy’s mouth or the mouth or cunt of Jenny. I declined but told Jenny to carry on. In the finish Jenny pounded Cathy’s cunt with the strap-on and spanked both their tits while trying to fist fuck Sammi’s cunt. I swear to god she would be there now still punishing and fuck them if I had not called a halt. Whilst I praised Jenny for her ingenuity, whispered for her to watch this, “Slut and Whore, get into a sixty-nine position and devour each other’s cunts. The winner will be the one whom makes the other first to cum twice. And just so you are clear the winner will not be spanked but the loser will receive four spanks from cum-bucket, four from the winner and finally four from me on any target area that is selected.

    It was a close thing, but I think experience overcame the energy of youth as Cathy succeeded in making Sammi groan out an orgasm twice before she had done the same. Jenny chose to have Sammi seated on the coffee table and aimed her four spanks onto Sammi’s breasts, Cathy had Sammi laid on the table with me and jenny holding her legs wide apart. I honestly thought as I watched Cathy spank her daughters cunt in a savage way that there would be a long-clouded silence in the household. Finally, I had Sammi on her knees and place two of my slaps on each buttock. I asked Sammi to be honest and tell us what she thought as each punishment was delivered, she said, “Jenny knows more about this type of sexual foreplay then she let’s on about and some thing tells me not to get on her bad side because there is an evil sadistic vent in her. Mom, I know she loves me and I believe for that reason she had to show more aggression so as not to display favouritism, so I forgive her, until I get the chance to punish her!” she added with a cheeky smile.

    Roy waited to hear her comments on his punishment but Sammi remained silent, Roy suddenly grabbed Sammi by the hair and dragged her off her feet in front of himself. He looked her square in the eyes and snarled, “you have forgotten someone, have you not!” Sammi began, “Sorry sir, but I did not think you wanted me criticising your skills or techniques!” “When I say each punishment I mean just that, I gave you punishment so, I expect you to tell me about my own actions just as much as anyone else’s.” he commanded, “your punishment was just about perfect for me, it was hard but fair and you didn’t try to add to the despair of the punishment by choosing a much more tender area. I think the consideration of fair and just punishment would train a slut like me faster than heavy handed punishment” she declared. Roy could not argue that this was contrite to curry favour because her logic behind the punishment appeared really sound.

    Finally, at 5 am, he allowed slut and whore to retire to bed and he and cum-bucket dressed and left, on the way home, Jenny was quiet almost too quiet as if troubled by something. Only when instructed to tell Roy her thoughts did she begin to speak, “Master, I am alarmed. Firstly, because I am totally new to this subservient thing. Secondly, as to the reason Cathy and Sammi allow you to dictate so freely about their actions and finally, what if Sammi was right? What if I do have a very cruel streak which comes out in my sexual activities?”

    Roy smiled, “You know the me, you see me at work! And now you have been introduced to the me, as the dominant Master! Ask yourself is the me, at work the same me at Cathy’s home? Yes, it is but like two sides of the coin but never the less it is still the same coin!” He added, “You have the two streaks of nature, you can be dominant with weaker minded people but also submissive too when under the control of a Master. You are what is called a sexual switch!” he then made a joke of it, “Yes, I said switch not witch!” and without waiting for any response he continued, “Sammi said she felt you could have an evil sadistic streak, not that you did have; So, tell me what’s the most precious thing you can think of?” he enquired. “Oh, that’s easy, Life!” she answered.

    “Correct! Therefore, if you value life, your evil sadistic streak even if you had one, would stop short of doing actual permanent physical harm to anyone!” Roy continued, “But it does raise an interesting point, as a Switch could work along side me, and assist in their training but still be subservient enough not to seek special treatment from me?” he hinted. “Oh, Master, I do not know but I would like to try to find out, if I overstep the mark, I would expect you to punish me in anyway you saw fit and I would not complain!” Jenny said excitedly.

    “I will tell you what we will do! We will give it a trial run, just for six months with an option of cutting it short if I find it too contradicting, like wise if things go well I would offer you the chance to continue learning from me!” he ventured. “Oh, yes, Master, that sounds wonderful!” she responded. “First things first, You, will need to buy your own dominatrix costume. I have a catalogue at home next time we are there I will show you it and I will point out the type of thing you should buy!” Roy added. “Sir, I do not want to appear too forward, but could we not go there right now, I can shower and although you destroyed my underwear I can manage at work without it, so we could go straight from your home to work, you could drop me off just around the corner and no one need know we spent the night together!” she excitedly asked.

    “OK, just this once!” Roy responded. As soon as they arrived at Roy’s house Jenny excused herself and went to the toilet, Roy could hear her pounding her pussy with her hand until she let out a groan and then flushed the loo before returning to join Roy. For his part, Roy allowed himself an inner smile, he held out the catalogue he had spoken about and as soon as Jenny went to take it he grabbed her arm. “You were masturbating; in my toilet!” he snapped. Suddenly Jenny realised she had over stepped the mark. She tried to apologise but he refused to listen, she tried tears and sympathy but again that failed, eventually as Roy knew she would, she asked, “What can I do to make it up to you, Master?” she asked.

    He spun her round and she landed with a crack on her back on his sofa. “Strip you, worthless whore!” he snapped. Frightened by the situation, Jenny hurried out of her blouse and skirt and instantly knelt at her master’s feet. “Assume the presentation position,” He demanded. Jenny looked puzzled and then asked, “What is this presentation position!”. Master Roy groaned, “You really are a novice, aren’t you!” Jenny simply nodded. “The presentation position is achieved thus, Feet eighteen inches apart, arms behind your back with hands gripping the elbow of the other arm and then pull your head back and turn your knees as far out as possible!” Roy finished.

    Jenny opened her legs to what she thought was eighteen inches apart, placed her arms behind her back and tried to grip her elbows but just could not reach so she gripped her forearm as near to the elbow as she could, pulling her head back she realised this then thrust her breasts forward; at this point she suddenly thought, my breasts are ripe for spanking in this position; and then she tried to turn both her knees away from each other. Roy now, placed his hand between her thighs and by crooking his index finger he began to simulate fucking her cunt, then he bent the second finger fully and this then rubbed against her clitoris, heightening her sexual lust further. “Slut have you ever had anal sex?” Roy asked. Jenny suddenly froze and stared straight ahead, Roy repeated his question, “Have you ever had anal sex, slut?”

    Hard pressure against her cunt and clitoris suddenly stirred Jenny into speaking, “No, Master I was always taught anal sex was disgusting and dirty and only those in league with the devil, practised such things!” she spluttered. “Who told you that?” Roy asked. “Sir, my mother and father told me that just before I left home to move to London.” Jenny responded. Roy looked at the wall clock, unfortunately time had beaten them. He told Jenny to go shower and get dressed as they had only forty minutes before they needed to leave for work.

    Jenny suggested that they showered together but Roy simply replied, “Not a good idea and besides I need to prepare breakfast whilst you shower and then you can finish it while I shower, we can then eat it fast before heading off to work. Jenny, you will return here at eight pm tonight to finish where we left off!” he remarked. For both Jenny and Roy, the day passed so slowly as if the world was in slow motion. Jenny felt she would go mad before her eight pm rendezvous with Roy; Roy too felt the time drag which was very much a new feeling for him.

    Once back at his home, the couple hardly begun to exchange pleasantries, when the phone rang, Master Roy rose and picked up the handset, “Hello!” he spoke softly, “Aagh Sammi, what can I do for you?” he asked. “Calm down, you, crazy slut!” he snapped down the phone, “start from the beginning and speak slowly!” he commanded and then there was a long silence from his end of the phone until he finally said, “OK, we are on our way, stay there until I arrive.” He snapped. Grabbing his coat, he told Jenny to come with him and he would explain whilst they were on their way to Cathy’s house.

    Fifteen minutes later he switched off his car engine and looking at Jenny, “I hope your good with soapy hands?” he asked. “Jenny could not believe what he had told her I the car as they drove to their current position. Sammi was waiting on the doorstep as they arrived and with very little exchange of words he rushed past Sammi and found her mother, red faced and clutching her stomach tightly. Looking back towards Sammi, he demanded to know how this had happened. Sammi began, “Yesterday after you left, we began doing what you had told us; Mum had three enema’s and I had two. Then Mum asked me to stretch her arse in preparation for Saturday night, well we began with a lady’s sized and shaped, antiperspirant spray, mum then had another idea, she suggested three oranges would stretch her further up her arse. Well last night we managed to get two of them back out by mum thrusting hard, but I could not even feel the remaining orange, wedge deep inside her anus!” Sammi explained, “well mum suggested leaving it alone and let nature take its course, so to speak. By this morning there was no change, I even came home at dinner time to check on her but still no developments had occurred and no tonight, mum was in agony and I still could not feel the orange. We were even considering going to Accident and emergency department at the hospital, but mum swore she would die of embarrassment. So, we called you for advice!” Sammi explained.

    “Right Sammi get me the washing up liquid, Jenny get some marigold gloves on and get back here pronto!” Roy commanded in a calm manner. “Cathy, I want you to lay on the coffee table with your arse over hanging this end!” he directed. “Sammi stand there beside your mother, now follow my lead in holding you mother’s leg in the air. Jenny while we hold her arse up off the table, I want you to insert your index fingers into her anus and when I tell you, you will spread her anal ring enough for me to be able to squirt this washing up liquid into her arse! Then we hold her upside down for a few minutes before righting her and then whilst she squats and thrusts as if taking a shit, you Jenny will force her anus open, and with luck, the washing up liquid will have greased the path down to the trapped orange and her thrusts should start it moving. Jenny’s fingers spreading her anal ring should aid it passing through the sphincter muscle.” He explained.

    At the fourth attempt there was a loud escape of air from Cathy’s anus and then the orange coloured skin of the fruit appearing in the opening and Jenny’s nimble fingers managed to extract it like a cork from a bottle. The incriminating object suddenly hit the floor and Cathy groaned as much in relief as any other reason. Cathy was informed by Jenny without prompting from Roy that this emergency was going to cost her eight spanks on any part of her body she deemed worthy. Cathy looked towards Roy as if to say, how dare she but Cathy was grateful she had not spoken out when Roy announced, “Slut and whore, I have decided to take Mistress Jenny here, on as my female dominatrix and yes she has the power to award punishments. Just so you know I will endeavour not to interfere in any punishments she hands out; if I feel they are just and appropriate reasons.” He informed the pair. “I shall not interfere this time in Whore Cathy’s punishment but as Sammi was equally to blame as Cathy, the punishment will be double for her; and the reason for this is simple, she should have considered the possible problems with her actions. For example, if I was going to do this to a woman, I would have got some string and a reasonably large coat button. Then I would have threaded the string through the button and the passed the string right through the middle of the orange. I probably would have done this for each of the oranges that Cathy wanted up her anus. The string would give me the option of pulling each orange out singularly or all three together with the buttons preventing the string pulling straight through the orange.” Roy explained. “this would then have prevented the calamity we have just witnessed.” He concluded.

    Jenny made Cathy sit on the edge of the coffee table, and as each spank landed on her exposed breasts she had to say, “Sir, your whore is sorry from causing you distress and worry!” When it came to Sammi’s punishment, jenny asked, “Sir, may I save you the trouble of punishing this worthless slut, please allow me to meter out her just punishment on your behalf!” I smiled and nodded my consent. Jenny made Sammi lie on the coffee table and she tied both her arms and legs so Sammi could not cover her tits or cunt. Then with equal gusto she rained fifteen slaps equally distributed, with each breast and her cunt getting five punishing strikes. The sixteenth and final spank went straight across Sammi’s lower jaw. I had to admit the redness of Sammi’s cunt, and both breasts were about an equal dull shade of red.

    With that Roy ordered both Cathy and her daughter, Sammi, not to indulge in any form of sex until he was present on Saturday night. Now he and Jenny left and headed back to his house where, Jenny selected the dominatrix costume she wanted but to be fair she did take on board all of Roy’s recommendations and she even bought her own four pairs of handcuffs and three different sized interchangeable rubber cocks, one rubber cock harness and six butt plugs in three sizes.



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