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    Sex with Mom 2, Pimping out Mother

    As mom and my sister napped after finishing our hot sex. I was still horny and excited especially about the fact mom was going to fuck my friends so I went to my room to make phone calls. Being over whelmed and excited about all the sex I just had with mom and sis I wanted to do something to show my gratitude I quickly called the florist. I order two dozens roses, a dozen each for my mother and sister. I love these girls and wanted to show my appreciation for the wonderful hot sex they gave me. I knew they would really be surprised and happy to receive the flowers.

    After calling the florist I phoned my best and horniest buddy Bob. He was the first guy to call my mom a MILF and was not shy about telling me right out he would like to fuck my mother. Bob loved sex and was always horny and always trying to get in some girls pants. Bob was nineteen and a well built guy who liked to worked out a lot. He like to be a macho man as he called himself.

    It didn`t take log to convince Bob that I had sex with mom and my sister several times the passed couple of days and that I just finished a three hour fuck session with sis and mom this morning also, telling him how my sister could deep throat my entire cock
    When I told him I was pimping my mother and I wanted him to have sex with her. Bob jump at the chance as I knew he would.

    Bob now all excited,"I can really fuck your mom. She really will have sex with me for sure?"

    "Yes Bob my mom will have sex with you its guaranteed." I said. Not really sure at this time of anything.

    Bob wanted to to have sex with my mom in his van.

    Bob had a van that was converted into what he called a whore house on wheels. With a bed in the back and all sorts of gadgets like a stereo system and soft mood lights a very cozy atmosphere. A great whore house on wheels.

    Bob always had this fantasy about fucking a girl in his van while someone would drive through the streets of the city during rush hour traffic and of course the busiest time of day. I agreed to do the driving of the van while as he put it fuck mom in the back of his van.
    I really hoped that Bob having sex with mom would work out so he could boast to other friends and I could continue pimping mom and sister and using his whore house on wheels.

    We planned a time for the next day for Bob to have sex run in his whore house on wheels it would be four o~clock in the afternoon last for about two hours.

    Awhile later mom woke up from her nap and came into my bedroom looking for me. Mom was still naked from our early morning fuck session when she came in and sat on the edge of the bed. Looking somewhat refreshed and smiling.

    "What are you doing baby? Were you talking to auntie Linda? She asked.

    "No mom that was not aunt Linda it was Bob. I just made arrangements for you to have sex with him tomorrow at 4 o`clock in the afternoon." I said,

    "WHAT? You want me to have sex with Bob. Your joking baby. Tell me your just kidding." She said.

    I forced my feeling of power over her reminding her of the promises she made to me about having sex with my friends.

    "No mom I`m not kidding." I said I was going to pimp your ass and I did just that. Tomorrow your having sex with Bob." Again I reminded her about her promises to me about being my whore and the conversation this morning about fucking my friends.

    Before she could answer me the door bell rang and mom quickly left my room and ran to hers. I saw the floral truck out in front. Hell that was a fast delivery and knew this was the flowers for the girls.

    "Mom answer the door please. Its a delivery for you mom." I said.

    Mom came from her bedroom wearing a old long tee shirt that she hurriedly put on. It barely cover her crotch and was thin and tight and could easily see through the shirt. When mom open the door she gave the delivery man a full shot of her big tits showing through her tee shirt with hard erect nipples while standing in her high heels showing her long bare legs.

    "Sign her please madam. Some one really loves you." He said as he looked up and down her body smiling.

    Mom signed for the two boxes of flowers and closed the door. In wonderment she looked at me.

    "Who and what are these for? Mom asked.

    "One is for you mom and the other is for sister. Its my way of saying thank you for all the pleasurable sex you girls gave me." I said.

    My sister enter the room over hearing what I said quickly took the second box of flowers from mom.

    Mom and sis quickly untied the ribbon from the boxes and slowly removed the cover.

    "Oh honey there beautiful." lifting the long stem roses from the box. "Thank you oh so much honey I never had anything like this before." Mom said.

    "Yes thank you. You are such a sweet brother. I love you." My sister said smiling and smelling the rose buds.

    Mom and sister put the flowers in a large vases arranging them to there fullest in the vases along with the babies breathe that came with the flowers. They placed them on the end tables in the living room. Smiling mom came to me with her arms out stretched put her arms around me and kissed me hard on the lips pressing her big tits against my chest. Oh fuck her body felt good against mine as I put my arms around her waist and kissed her hot lips.

    We broke our kissing but, I still holding her body in my arms looking into her beautiful blue eyes. "Mom do you think aunt Linda will really want to have sex me?" I asked.

    "Honey she will have sex with you for sure. Aunt Linda is a hot horny slut just like I am baby. I`ll invite her over this weekend for a cook out and see what transpires." Mom said.

    My sister was standing naked waiting for her chance to thank me for the flowers.She to gave me a hard kiss on the lips at the same time I took advantage of her naked body by grabbing her tits and ass.

    Mom now excused herself saying she was going to take a shower.

    "Oh by the way your sisters eighteenth birthday party is next week end. Mom reminding me and my sister as she headed for the bathroom.

    My sister standing nude in front of me. "Hey what do you want for your birthday? I asked. "Maybe another fuck from me sweet sister reaching out and squeezing her tits."

    She just laughed and gave me a hug."You know we will have sex again so don`t push on me okay."

    "By the way whats this I hear about you pimping mom to your friends."

    "Yes dear sister I`m doing just that, I`m pimping mom out to Bob for a sex session tomorrow." I said.

    "Do you want me to set you up with someone dear sister?" I asked.

    "Maybe at a later time. I`ll see how much mom enjoys it first. I think its a good idea to have planned sex with someone." She said.

    "You know sister my friends already know your a whore so don`t disappoint me. I did tell Bob to tell our friends that you would be available for sex with them." I said.

    "Your going to pimp me as your whore? She asked.

    "Yes, That's my plan you and mom love sex so much not to get sexually involved with my friends." I said.

    She didn`t answer me and walk away somewhat pissed off about what I said. Well I didn`t give a flying fuck about her attitude she would fuck my friends or get her ass whipped from me. Oh the feeling of power was getting stronger.

    Mom called from the the bathroom."Honey come here please I need your help."

    I went to the bathroom were mom was sitting on the edge of the tub legs spread wide open exposing her cunt. She was still wet from the shower and her hair was still wet and hanging over her shoulders.

    "Honey should I shave my cunt bald or just trim it some. How do you like my cunt? Soft bald and smooth or with a landing strip? She asked smiling making my cock aroused.

    Mom was toying with my feelings and talking dirty she was exciting me very much. I took the opportunity to prove to myself that mom would become sexual aroused by talking dirty to her. If she really like dirty talk the first sign would be her nipples they would become erect then her breathing would become short and heavy.

    "Mom shave your cunt bald like a porn whore bitch and oil it so its soft and slipper so my cock can slid into your fucking cunt easy. When your done shaving yourself I`ll check your cunt hole. My whore has to be cleaned shaved." I said.

    Mom definitely love dirty talk her nipples stood out erect and her breathing instantly changed to a short heavy sound. I smiled at her knowing i was right.

    " I`ll leave you alone to shave your cunt because my cock is getting hard and if I stay I`ll will be fucking you in the tub." Now finish shaving your cunt. Make it smooth." I said.

    Mom was hooked on sex with me and loved every minute of the nastiness I gave her. Mom finished shaving her pussy and called me in the bathroom again to inspect her cunt. Mom was putting on some oil and feminine lotion on her freshly shaved cunt when I enter the bathroom the aroma was sexy smelling and it aroused me. Mom again sitting on the bath tub exposing the folds of her cunt and spreading her asshole for me for a close inspection.

    "Check my cunt honey are you pleased with what you see?" She asked teasing me.

    I loved playing this game with mom and I wanted her naked body more and more I was in lust for her. Closely inspecting and feeling her naked cunt rubbing my hand over her smooth pussy I said.

    "Mom you passed inspection your cunt is perfectly clean and bald. I love they way you look honey." You`ll be a good fuck for Bob tomorrow." Now slapping her bare ass.

    As I walked out of the bathroom I felt great I didn`t feel I was doing anything wrong. I had no guilt feelings about having sex with mom and pimping her to my friend Bob.

    After mom finished her bath. I took my shower and freshened myself.

    To finish out the day and spend time together with no sex involved mom suggested we plan for my sisters eighteenth birthday party.

    The girls planned most of the party and took care of the guest list.
    I didn`t care about the planning of sister`s birthday party I knew they would handle it very well. My only question at the time.

    "Mom is dad going to be here for the party?" I asked. He was away on business and business kept him away from home mostly all the time. Mom assured me he would be there.

    "He has never missed any ones eighteenth birthday party ever." Mom said.

    We worked on sisters party plans.It was late night when the party details were finished and the guest list was made out. We all were tired and ready for a good nights rest. I suggested we should all sleep together in mom`s king size bed.
    The girls agreed it would be nice to sleep together. I turned out the lights we all climb into bed together. I was in the middle of the girls of course and we were all naked. OOOHHH I loved the feeling of the naked bodies next to me. We didn't`t have sex but hugged and kissed a lot before falling off to sleep.

    We awoke in the morning feeling really refreshed. The three of us did what was necessary to get the house cleaned and in order. My big job was to take care of the pool and yard. As the time passed into the afternoon I reminded mom about her sex date with Bob.

    "Mom Bob will pick you and I up here at the house about 4 o`clock. I want you to dress very slutty and look like a hooker. Wear a halter top with no bra and a short skirt the kind that's low and shows your hips. Oh yes put on high heels and NO panties." I said watching for her reaction.

    Mom smiled a little trying not to show her excitement about the sex she was going to have with Bob. Mom of course now knowing I was very serious about her roll as my whore was not about to stop what she already had promised to do for me.

    "Yes baby I`ll do just what you want. I`ll be ready in a few minutes for my sex date."
    She said.

    Bob arrived just as planned at four o`clock with his van. The whore house on wheels. Mom and I walk out the front door to meet Bob. I was holding her hand as I walk with her to meet Bob. I was very proud of my mom and how she looked dressed as a slut. Bob had a big smile on his face as he greeted us. You look hot baby as he opened the side door of the van. Now mom and Bob enter and got into the back of the van on the bed and I went to the other side and got in the drivers seat.

    I drove the van out of our area while Bob and mom sat on the bed in the back of the van. I position the mirror so I could watch all the sex action in the back that was about to go on with mom and Bob.

    I drove through the busiest streets in the downtown area while mom had sex with Bob. Watching in the rear view mirror as mom slowly stripped naked which didn`t take much she was wearing only a skirt and top. Bob of course stripped naked also, in a few minutes mom began to play with Bobs cock. After awhile mom went down and began sucking Bob`s cock. In a bit mom turned and laid on her back spreading her legs and cunt wide for Bob to tongue and lick. After some playing mom allowed Bobs cock deep in her cunt letting him fuck her. We were stop at a stop sign when mom gave a big moan of pleasure as Bob brought her to a climax.

    "Oh yes Bob that's it, that feels sooo good. OOOOH! Stick that hard cock in me baby,cum in my cunt." Mom encouraging Bob to fill her with his cum. "Fuck me Bob make me cum. Cum in my cunt." Oh, Bob I love your fucking." She told Bob.

    Bob let out a moan as he filled her cunt with his hot seed. "OOOHHHH, fuck baby your cunt is so hot and wet. I love fucking you." Bob really was enjoying his fuck with my mother.

    People looked at the van as mom moaned in pleasure from Bobs hard fucking wondering what was going on inside. The light change to green and I continued to drive on. I drove around for about an hour and a half then headed back to the house ending the sex trip with mom and Bob. When we arrived back at our house. Bob thank Mom and I for the pleasurable afternoon of sex. Then drove away with his van leaving mom and I in the driveway. Mom and I walk slowly to the front door of the house. I had my arm around moms waist and walking with her as if nothing had happened.
    I was very horny from watching her and Bob fuck in back of his van and now I wanted to fuck mom. Once inside the house I grabbed mom and roughly and passionately kissed her and began fondle her tits pushing her back towards the sofa. When she got to the sofa I pushed her and she fell backwards on the sofa. Bouncing on the sofa her tits fell out from her loose halter top. Trying to catch her self she landed on her back on the sofa her legs spread open and the short skirt she had on flipped up exposing her naked bald cunt.

    "What are you doing honey? Whats wrong?" Why are you so rough with me?" She asked.

    I was in hot lust for her and very horny and my emotions were running wild.

    "Mom your a fucking whore and I want to fuck you.Spread your cunt for me." I demanded as I drop my pants to the floor.

    "I watched you fuck Bob in the van I`m fucking horny. I want your cunt, I need to fuck you." I said.

    Some what afraid of my actions at first then she realized I was just very excited and I needed to relieve my sexually desires with the use of her sexy body.

    With my dirty talk that excited mom and knowing I wanted to fuck her she could`t resist and open herself spreading her cunt for her me. Moms cunt was still leaking Bobs cum and penetration of her cunt would be easy. Jumping on the sofa between her spread legs I rammed my cock into her wet cum filled cunt. Looking into her wide beautiful blue eyes I asked her.

    "Mom did you squirt when Bob fucked you?"

    "No I didn`t squirt it only happens when I `m really aroused and very hot and horny." She said.

    "You will squirt with me fucking you. I can make you squirt you fucking whore." I rammed my cock into her cunt fucking her harder and harder pushing my cock in her cunt as deep as I could ramming her hard watching her big tits sway and bounce under me as I fuck her on the sofa. I was taking her like a wild animal in heat.

    Within minutes mom began to shake and squirm under me breathing heavy and moaning.

    "OOHHH fuck me, yes, fuck me. A moment later she became more vocal. FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I`M A FUCKING CUNT! A WHORE. MAKE YOUR FUCKING WHORE SQUIRT! She was fucking my cock lifting her ass and hips up against me as I rammed my cock in her as hard I could.

    Mom kept pushing her hips up against me in hot passion fucking my cock as I was fucking her cunt.

    I wanted to watch her squirt. I wanted to watch her cunt ejaculate the hot white creamy fluid.

    Her body now shaking ready for a climax. I got off her and she lifted her hips in the air spread her cunt wide playing with her clit she brought herself to a orgasm and hot white fluid squirted from within her cunt. She squirted a few times all over the sofa making a huge mess. While I watched her shoot her cum on the sofa I jack off and finish my self off by giving mom a face full of my hot cum.

    Mom now laying on the sofa still breathing heavy with a face full of my hot cum and her cunt leaking her own white fluid looking at me smiling and feeling sexually fulfilled.

    "Honey I really love the way you make me cum." She said.

    "Mom I told you I could make you squirt. You love fucking and sucking cock and being a fuck whore. Admit it." I said.

    "Yes, like I said earlier honey your a good mother fucker. I love the way you fuck me." she said.

    "Mom tell me what I want to hear." I said. Mom knew I was loving every minute of controlling her and she had to admit to me and herself what she really was and enjoyed.

    Smiling she responded. "I`m your whore baby and always will be."

    "Thanks mom I needed to hear that." I said. That was the end of our sex for that day.

    Mom explained to me she never wanted to stop having sex with me and my sister also, she knew that I would pimp her more and more along with my sister.

    "Remember honey auntie Linda is coming for dinner tomorrow." She said.

    "Mom have you had sex with your sister?" I asked.

    "You will find out tomorrow. Lets make that a surprise okay." She said.

    Sex with mom 3 Mom and my horny wild aunt Linda.

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    Thanks for the addition...
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    A very hot story. The flowers were a nice touch. Now he's got them under his control Hope this is a long series. Sound like lots of fun is left to cum.

    Pobodys Nerfect

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    get sister preg

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    very good story

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    mom, sister, and son

    Nice and hot, would like to see mom pimped out to a group of son's friends, 6 or more at once, mom getting really nasty with the boys

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    Great story, please continue it.

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    Where is the next chapter

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    would love some more of that

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    Great pt 2 hope there's a pt3 soon



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