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    Katelyn's Lessons

    Katelyn's Lessons
    By UrbanChaos

    Kyle yawned rolling over and looking at his alarm clock, it was almost noon, not that it really mattered since he was still on summer vacation for another week. He sluggishly dressed himself before walking into the hall and down the stairs. On his way down a new family picture on the wall caught his eye, this one was from their last vacation in Hawaii. He looked at the old photos he passed everyday revisiting a few memories he had almost forgotten. His mom was always so pretty in every picture, her blonde hair was almost always curled. His uncle had always told him the only reason his dad had ever married her was to make her a trophy wife, which honestly he couldn't argue with. His mom however had said she had always wanted to be a veterinarian she had even been accepted to a school to do just that but his dad had convinced her otherwise. He was a high end businessman who knew what he wanted and stopped at nothing to get it, he had always found that quality very admirable but that had also meant late nights and long trips away from home. As a kid his dad had always been more of a stranger who showed up to sleep on the couch, his hard work had paid off though, he had bought a million dollar house near the beach, he had landed the girl of his dreams who's only job was to jog, go to the gym, do yoga and anything else to keep her body tight and toned. He had even had two kids, he was the very definition of the American dream. Kyle's eyes moved on to his sister Skyler who was only a year older then he was, she was the spitting image of her mother. She almost always preferred her hair up into a ponytail though, other than that if you held a picture up next to Skyler's when they were the same age it was almost impossible to tell them apart. Skyler's breasts had even started growing, while they were still considered small and perky she was well on her way to growing 34dd breasts her mom had. Kyle finally made his way down stairs and into the kitchen where his sister was using her head phones to listen to music while she sat at the table flipping through a magazine, his mom had just gotten home from her yoga, she was still wearing her skin tight yoga pants and pink tank top, Kyle couldn't help but check out her sweet ass.

    "Did you finish your cleaning?" His mom asked without turning around.
    "No." Kyle admitted taking a seat at the table.
    "What am I going to do with you? Why won't you ever help out around here?"
    "I don't know."Kyle shrugged not overly concerned with the matter. Katelyn couldn't help but stare at her son with a frazzled look, rarely had she ever had problem with Kyle, he had always been somewhat of a momma's boy. It was always Skyler that gave her hell, she had always been rebellious and free spirited and since she had had gotten her license she was rarely ever home, especially when her daddy had bought her a nice new car for her birthday, something Kate had wished her husband hadn't done.
    "Can we go to the mall today?" Skyler suggested before anything else could be said about the matter.
    "Why?" Katelyn asked not really in the mood to go anywhere.
    "I need new clothes for school." Skyler whined.
    "Didn't your dad just take you last week?"
    "Yeah, but dad knows nothing about style, please mom?" Skyler begged.
    "Fine, but only because Kyle hasn't been yet."
    "But mooooom." Kyle started to whine.
    "It's not my fault you keep growing out of your clothes, I'm going to change, you two in the car." Katelyn said pointing at her kids. Kyle was the first to get in the car, followed closely by Skyler who had changed into some daisy duke shorts and a red tank top. Finally their mom showed up having changed into a nice tight fitting pair of jeans and an orange long sleeved shirt with a very low cut v-neck.
    "Mom can I drive?" Skyler asked from the passenger seat, Kyle had taken the back seat like usual.
    "Maybe on the way back." Katelyn said not wanting an argument
    "Please?" Skyler started to beg.
    "No." Her mom said firmly before putting the vehicle in reverse and pulling out, Skyler started to pout and mumble how she was never allowed to do anything. The ride there was pretty uneventful, their mom asked about their classes what they were excited about but Kyle was hardly paying attention he had become very enthralled with his mom, the mirror was curved in the most perfect angle to give him an amazing view of her cleavage, Kyle tried to break his gaze but could not for the life of him do it.
    "Kyle?" His mom finally said snapping him from his trance.
    "We're here."
    "Sorry, I must have dazed off." Kyle said looking around, they exited the vehicle and went in the nearest entrance, Skyler immediately entered the hippest clothing store she could find. Katelyn almost had to drag her son in complaining how only hipsters wore those clothes. Skyler had disappeared zig zagging in and out of aisles checking out the new items in stock as happy as she would be on Christmas morning. Katelyn pulled Kyle into the boys section and started to help him pick out some nice stuff to wear, the prices were of course ridicules but she couldn't deny how handsome Kyle looked in each outfit she picked out for him. A small twinge of sadness hit her as she realized her little boy was growing into a man. They picked out clothes for what must have been an hour an half before the two decided they had enough for the school year, they gathered up Skyler and her bundle of clothes and headed to the checkout. However just before they made it Skyler saw something that intrigued her more than clothes.

    "Bikini's!" She squealed before racing off into the bathing suit section.
    "Skyler!" Katelyn sighed chasing after her.
    "Oh please mom, let me try on a few! We have a pool in our backyard, isn't it a shame we don't use it enough!" She pleaded already looking at a Hawaiian floral pattern one, as much as she didn't want to admit it Skyler was right, they had a pool that rarely if ever got used.
    "Alright, you both can pick out one." She emphasized.
    "What about you mom?" Kyle butted in.
    "Yeah mom, I'll help you pick out a sexy one!" Skyler said brightening up.
    "Well maybe a nice one piece." She said a little swept up in the hype.
    "They don't have one pieces here." Skyler said a little snobby.
    "Well I don't wear bikini's, I'm too old."
    "No way mom, Jennifer's mom wears them all the time and you're way hotter than her!" Skyler insisted.
    "It's true mom." Kyle added, Katelyn looked at her son with an odd look and his face turned beat red realizing the implications of what he just said.
    "Oh alright." She said finally giving in, Sklyer grabbed the floral print for herself and handed her mom a zebra print one, Kyle was still perusing through the racks. His mom and sister slipped into separate change rooms just as he found a pair of shorts he liked. He went to open the third stall jiggling the handle before seeing a small sign saying closed. He stood there awkwardly for a minute, he felt super weird to be standing in the girls bikini section by himself and didn't want to get labelled as a creep, that would be social suicide and the year hadn't veen started. The last thing he needed was for people to think he was some sort of perv, he knew most of his class mates shopped here and the odds of bumping into one were pretty good. He hesitantly knocked on his moms change room door hoping to find refuge.
    "It's me, let me in."
    "Kyle, just wait out there I'm almost done." She snapped
    "I can't wait if anyone sees me I'll forever be labelled as a creep, just let me in, ok?" Kyle pleaded, Katelyn felt sort of bad for the kid, she knew he was fairly socially awkward at times and she remembered how cruel kids could be in school, what she couldn't help but feel was a lapse in judgment, she couldn't see the harm in letting him in so he could hide.
    "Come in." She grumbled unlocking the door, Kyle quickly clambered in locking the door behind him with a sigh of relief. He turned around and was met with his moms naked bottom, she had her back turned to him with her top already tied on but hadn't slipped her bottoms on yet. Kyle's jaw dropped and his cock sprung instantly to life, Katelyn noticed her son in the mirror and her cheeks burned red with embarrassment.
    "Close your eyes stupid!" She yelped, Kyle quickly shut his eyes but the damage had been done, his moms perfect bare ass was forever burned into his memory and his now painfully hard dick was too much of a reminder.
    "Now you can open your eyes." She sighed, Kyle slowly opened them and saw his moms lovely body before him, his dick seemed to get harder if that was even possible at this point.
    "Aren't you going to try on your swimming trunks?" His mom suggested to her dumbfounded son, Kyle gulped and nodded before slipping off his pants and boxers, his cock was still at full mast and Katelyn was astonished with the size, she swore he was even bigger than his father already. Kyle did his best to put on his swim trunks but his erect dick was proving to make that task troublesome, things were getting very awkward very fast, Katelyn knew she had to try and do some damage control.
    "Kyle baby," She said softly "Is that because of me?" She said pointing at his erection. He nodded completely embarrassed that his own mother had given him a raging boner.
    "It's only natural, it means you're a growing healthy boy." She said trying to comfort him.
    "But it hurts." Kyle whimpered.
    "Do... do you masturbate?" She said swallowing hard, he shook his head no.
    "Do you know how?"
    "Sorta, only from what I hear the other guys say." He admitted, Katelyn was getting worried that he was so backed up that it might take a lot longer for him to calm down.
    "Ok... I want you to masturbate for me, ok?" She said hoping that since he didn't masturbate he would cum within the first ten seconds.
    "Here?" Kyle asked shocked.
    "Skyler will only be kept busy for a few more minutes, your friend there isn't going to go away soon enough." She explained, Kyle nodded understanding their awkward predicament, he slowly took a tight grip of his cock and awkwardly began to stroke it.
    "This feels incredible!" Kyle panted speeding up, Katelyn didn't really know how to respond to that comment, Kyle fapped harder making precum start to dribble out, but it still wasn't fast enough.
    "What turned you on so much?" Katelyn asked hoping to get to the root of what happened, if she could found out what had made him so hard maybe she could emulate it and speed this up.
    "Ok, what about me?"
    "Your naked butt." Kyle said quietly, Katelyn gulped but she really wanted this whole ordeal to be over and done with, she spun around and let her thing drop to her ankles letting Kyle gaze upon her amazing ass again, she could hear his stroking speed up. She bent over and pressed against the mirror looking back at him trying to look sexy, she could see by the look on his face he was close, she just need one more thing to push him over the edge.
    "You like my butt sweetheart?" She said biting her bottom lip and slapping her butt cheek. Kyle couldn't even speak, his cock erupted spraying thick ropes of cum all over his moms back and ass before collapsing on the bench behind him, Katelyn couldn't believe the amount of cum he had sprayed... and how thick it was! It was a pure milk white! But on top of all that she couldn't believe what she had done, what had gotten into her? She was some sort of pervert now, all she ever wanted to do was protect and teach her kids and now she had taken it a step too far. Now that she had found that line she vowed never to cross it again. Kyle had practically collapsed on the bench in the changing room panting and trying to regain his breath.

    "Close your eyes, please." Katelyn told her son still fairly shaken up over the whole ordeal, he did as instructed and shut his eyes tight while Katelyn changed back into her regular clothes and wiped the cum off as best as she could with some other clothes left in the change room.
    "You can open them again." She said after a few moments, he slowly opened his eyes making sure the coast was clear.
    "Now Kyle, listen very carefully, what happened in here you can't tell anyone, ok?" Katelyn waited until Kyle nodded before reaching for the door, but just before she was able to open it Kyle grabbed her hand.
    "Uh mom..."
    "Can we... I mean if it's alright... could we sort of do this type of thing again?" Kyle blurted out obviously overwhelmed with embarrassment.
    "You know it's wrong for mothers and sons to do stuff like this right?" Katelyn asked fairly concerned.
    "I know... but I'm not very good with girls, and... well..." Kyle said avoiding any sort of eye contact.
    "Well what?" Katelyn snapped harshly at her son she couldn't stand indecisiveness.
    "Well maybe if I had a little practice I wouldn't be such a loser!" Kyle admitted on the verge of tears, a twinge of pain and guilt shot through Katelyn.
    "How about we talk about it later?" She suggested, Kyle nodded and opened the door taking a peak outside to make sure no one was watching, he quickly exited followed closely by his mom. Skyler stepped out of her change room a moment later.
    "Did you two already try on your stuff?" She asked a little confused.
    "You bet, find anything you like?" Katelyn asked trying to shift the conversation.
    "Yeah, but I can't decided between two." Skyler said showing her mom a lime green and black one and the purple with white floral print one she had grabbed before.
    "I'll buy you both this time."
    "Thanks mommy!" Skyler screeched in delight giving her mom a hug. Skyler lead the way to the checkout with possible the largest grin Katelyn had ever seen on her, Kyle was a few steps behind her, she could almost feel his eyes staring at her ass, she had a bad feeling she had just taken her first step down a slippery slope. She was greeted by a young attractive clerk who she would have thought Kyle would be interested in but he remained fixated on his mom, Katelyn paid for all the clothes and lead the kids out to the parking lot.
    "Can I drive this time?" Skyler said reminding Katelyn of their deal.
    "I guess so." She sighed not wanting a fight, she dug into her pockets and tossed the keys to her daughter who skipped happily to the car and plopped herself into the driver's seat.
    "Mom... I have another problem." Kyle said quietly trying to hide his raging erection underneath his pants. Katelyn's eyes widened, she couldn't believe the boy was already hard again and if his sister saw that there would be no end of her taunting him.
    "Sit in the back and try to make it go down." Katelyn said hoping that it would just go away if he ignored it long enough. Kyle nodded and jumped in the back behind the drivers seat trying to avoid letting his sister see his awkward position. Skyler drove them out of the parking lot trying to do her best to impress her mom with her driving, but Katelyn was to preoccupied to even notice she had been keeping a close eye on Kyle and his problem which wasn't getting any better, he kept shifting around in his seat, fidgeting with everything if he wasn't careful he was going to attract his sisters unwanted attention. Obviously fed up with being uncomfortable the boy unzipped his pants and pulled his boxers down far enough so his thick dick could stick straight up in the air. Katelyn gasped out loud shocked Kyle would be stupid enough to do something like that.
    "What?" Skyler asked very concerned while trying to keep her eyes on the road.
    "Nothing... Kyle just spilled something back there, pay attention to the road sweetie." Katelyn said grabbing a few napkins from the glove box before leaning into the back to try and have a private word with her son. She managed to put one elbow on the centre console and prop herself up while holding the napkins in the other hand, however she had forgotten to take off her seat belt and had sort of wedged herself in between the seats with limited movement with her hand holding the napkins.
    What are you doing? Katelyn mouthed silently to her son outraged by this point.
    "You said to try and make it go down." He replied in a hushed tone.
    "I didn't say to pull it out!"
    "it won't go down!" Kyle whispered with a worried look in his eyes.
    "Is everything ok back there?" Skyler asked trying to get a better look through her rear view mirror.
    "Everything's fine just keep your eyes on the road." Katelyn said trying to reposition herself so she completely blocked any chance of her daughter seeing what was happening in the back seat, the only problem was she had jammed her arms between the seats so badly now she had lost complete mobility.
    "Ok, I know how to drive... geez." She grumbled going back to focusing on what was happening in front of her. Kyle was still looking at her helplessly, his raging boner refused to go down, as much as Katelyn didn't want to admit it there was only one solution by this point.
    Stroke it she mouthed to her son.
    What? He mouthed back confused
    Stroke it! She mouthed trying to be firm. Hesitantly he did what she said and wrapped his hand around his cock slowly stroking it.
    Faster! She added wanting to get him to cum as soon as possible, again he did what he was instructed and started to rub his cock faster, his back instinctively arched up a little. His breath had already become a little short, his pumps had become furious. Katelyn was sure he had to be close he was pumping his dick like a jackhammer, as amazing of a dick as he had even it had to have its limits, having already came once and at the rate he was going it wouldn't be more than a minute now.

    Kyle reached out with his free hand grabbing onto her right breast groping it through her shirt. Katelyn was so stunned and shocked she didn't know what to say, anger boiled in her blood, if she wasn't pinned between the seats she would've slapped him back to the dark ages. Before he could get a better feel he grabbed the tissue from her hand and wrapped his cock in it shooting his load inside, he seemed a little dazed for a second but quickly focused himself and pulled his pants back up and handed the tissue to his mom.
    You're in big trouble! She said before turning around to the front squeezing the tissue tightly, she could feel some of the semen escaping into the palm of her hand but she was far too angry to care.

    The rest of the drive was silent, Kyle obviously knew he had dug himself a large hole and didn't want to upset his mother anymore, Skyler could tell her mom was pissed off and didn't want to get in front of her moms rage. They pulled up into the driveway and exited.
    "I'll get the bags!" Kyle offered jumping out and gathering up the packages, it was clear he was trying to get back into his mothers good books.
    "That's very kind of you." Katelyn said still upset, Kyle followed the girls inside, as soon as they stepped in Skyler snatched her bags.
    "Thanks mom." She said kissing Katelyn on the cheek before bounding up to her room leaving Katelyn to glare at her son.
    "Mom I didn..."
    "Shush!" Katelyn said cutting her son off placing her hand over his mouth, she drug him down the hall and past the kitchen into her husband's den, she quickly closed the door before turning to look at him and crossing her arms.
    "Skyler can be very nosey, especially when it comes to you being in trouble." She frowned.
    "Mom I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to I don't know what came over me!" he broke down with tears in his eyes.
    "You can't just go touching women like that, Kyle!"
    "I know, I'm very very very very sorry, I'll never do it again!"
    "Damn straight, because we are never going to do anything like this again. This was a onetime shot!" She said putting her foot down.
    "Please mom don't be angry, and dont tell dad!" He begged.
    "Oh I'm staying angry... but I won't tell your father, as long as you don't ever try anything like that again."
    "Of course not, not in a million years." He said still visibly shaken. "Put do we really have to end it?" He added quietly.
    "Yes." Katelyn said firmly.
    "But, I mean, maybe we can work something out?" Kyle said trying to bargain.
    "No." Katelyn stated trying to keep a handle on the situation.
    "I'll do anything." He pleaded, Katelyn stopped and thought for a second.
    "I want you grades up to at least an A minus, your room has to be kept clean, garbage at the curb every Sunday night, no arguments ever, and last but not least I want you to join a team sport." She said hoping if she could get her child to be more social it would do a world of good for him.
    "Ok." he nodded.
    "In return I will continue to help you with your, er, problem in ways I deem best." She said.
    "Like?" Kyle asked hoping for more.
    "Whatever I think is best, deal?"
    "On the condition... that you show me an example tonight." He said boldly, Katelyn thought for a moment.
    "Fine, go get ready for dinner." She said stepping away from the door, Kyle stepped past her and out the door trying to contain his smile.

    Katelyn stood there for several moments trying to figure out exactly what she had just gotten herself into... and what she was going to do next

    Part two coming soon.

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    Thanks for the hot new tale UrbanChaos, thanks for sharing it with us and I look forward to checking out part 2 when your ready :)

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    this is soooo hoot

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    Holy shit I want part two when will it be ready!

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    good start

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    Great start. When will Part 2 be ready? can't wait.

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    Thanks. Great start, very hot!

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    A VERY nice start... I cannot wait to read more :P
    Just a horny mom. :)

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    Another quality piece of writing well done

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    Part two took me longer then I would have liked, much longer, but here it is, its also shorter the I would have liked but I figure its been waaaaaaay to long. Enjoy part 2!

    Katelyn sat down at the dining table with her kids, Kyle had so far kept up with his promises. He had taken out the trash, cleaned his room and even set the table for them. He had kept fairly quiet obviously not wanting to upset his mom after making such a shaky deal, even now he was eating his diner in relative silence. His sister had already clued in that he had somehow gotten in trouble and was doing her best to wiggle her way into her moms good graces.
    "This is really delicious, mom." Skyler said sweetly finishing off the last off her mashed potatoes.
    "I'm glad you enjoyed them." Katelyn smiled watching Kyle push his vegetables around.
    "So I was thinking." Skyler started to say beginning to clean up the table.
    "Oh you were, were you?" Katelyn teased watching her oldest clean.
    "Since we bought the bikinis we should just go to the beach." Skyler suggested.
    "I don't know Sky, I'm too old to be wearing a Bikini out in public."
    "Mom, I thought we had been over this? Your what in you early thirties? And hotter than any other mom in the city, most guys would probably mistake you for your twenties." Skyler argued.
    "She's not wrong mom." Kyle briefly piped up catching a weird glance from his sister that he would agree his mom is hot.
    "Come on you work so hard for your body, we can even tell people we're sisters if it helps we look enough like." Skyler continued to press, Katelyn thought about it for minuet, if there was one think Skyler was good at it was sucking up.
    "Alright I guess." Katelyn finally caved.
    "Great!" Skyler grinned "See you guys in the morning!" She added darting out of the kitchen and up to her room, she clearly knew not to push her luck any farther.

    Katelyn and Kyle worked in silence cleaning up the rest of the mess. Things had gotten kind of awkward since their encounters.
    "So... about tonight." Kyle finally said clearing his throat.
    "What about it."
    "You know, when are we going to do something?" Kyle asked nervously. For whatever reason Katelyn got a hot flash of anger over the fact that he would even press the issue at this point, she had told him how things were going to work and he should be grateful she was willing to help. Katelyn turned to her son still steaming angry.
    "Didn't I say I would handle it?" She said in a stern tone.
    "Yes." Kyle gulped realizing he had just poked the bear.
    "Aren't you the least bit grateful I'm going to help you?"
    "Yes, I'm very grateful." Kyle said with a frightened face.
    "Really? Because I haven't heard you say anything of the sort."
    "Mom, I'm really very thankful your willing to help me." He said with red hot cheeks of embarrassment.
    "Good." Katelyn said before unbuttoning her shirt and pulling it open so he could see her dark purple lacy bra. "Because if you stop respecting me then these are off the table." She said fondling her breasts through her bra. "Go it?"
    "Got it." Kyle nodded.
    "Now go upstairs and wait for me in your room." She instructed, Kyle nodded and rushed upstairs.

    Katelyn watched as he ran up stairs to his room before buttoning her shirt back up. She had no idea what had gotten into her or why she had done that but it seemed to have work, he was firmly under her thumb again but she knew it would be a struggle to keep him there with all of his hormones pumping. Katelyn finished cleaning up before heading up to her own room, she unzipped her jeans and set them in the hamper before doing the same with her shirt. She took a quick look in her full sized mirror looking at her body that was only covered by her dark purple lacy underwear, her breathing was a little heavier and she was shaking slightly, she was oddly excited and turned on by this. She grabbed her light pink bath robe and tied it closed before heading back into the hall. She quietly wandered down to the hall stopping at Skyler's door and softly knocking on it she needed to know Skyler was busy for the next few minutes. She waited but got no answer, she could hear her inside but for whatever reason she must not have been able to hear the knocking. Katelyn carefully opened the door enough to peek inside and what she saw nearly made her giggle. Skyler was stark naked lying on her bed, her laptop on her stomach with her headphones on, her back was arched up as her fingers feverishly worked in and out of her pussy. Katelyn closed the door with a smirk, she hadn't even realized Skyler had been masturbating until now. She opened the top of her robe a bit so her cleavage was showing and knocked on the door firmly, she could her an audible yelp come from inside before the sounds of blankets being ruffled around could be heard.
    "Come in." Skyler finally said in a tired voice. Katelyn came in and saw her daughter lying under the covers, her face was flushed red and sticky with sweat.
    "I just came to say goodnight." Katelyn said smiling innocently.
    "Oh, goodnight." Skyler said trying to shoo her mom out.
    "Your all red and sweaty, are you sick?" Katelyn said deciding to make her daughter a little nervous.
    "No I'm fine just tired." Skyler said faking a yawn, Katelyn briskly walked over and sat on the edge of her bed resting her hand on her forehead.
    "But your burning up." Katelyn said feigning worry.
    "I'm fine mom." She insisted, Katelyn could hear the hum of the laptop under her covers somewhere. Katelyn pulled the covers down to her stomach revealing her daughters perky breasts.
    "Mom!" Skyler yelped at her sudden exposure.
    "Oh calm down I have my own pair remember." Katelyn said opening her robe so her daughter could see her breasts in her lacy bra.
    "I know... but..." Skyler started to say but couldn't find a way to refute that logic.
    "Besides it's the best way to find out if you're sick." Katelyn lied gently placing her hand on one of her daughters breasts.
    "Really? How?"
    "Oh it's just something you learn as a mother." Katelyn said pinching Skylers nipple making her moan a bit. Katelyn fondled her daughters breast pushing them around having a bit of fun listening to her daughter moan in bits of pleasure before stopping herself.
    "Nope, I guess your fine." Katelyn admitted, patting her daughters stomach. "Goodnight dear."
    "Night mom." Skyler said a little dazed as her mom shut the door.

    Katelyn smiled to herself walking further down the hall to Kyle's room redoing her robe. She opened her sons door quickly shutting it behind her to find him reading a book on his bed.
    "Get undressed." Katelyn said to tired to mess around. He did as he was told throwing his clothes in the hamper before sitting on the edge of his bed his cock already rigid hard.
    "Go ahead, start stroking." She insisted, Kyle did as he was instructed starting to slowly stroke his cock. Katelyn undid her robe and let it drop placing her hands on her hips, Kyle instinctively speed up his strokes seeing more flesh before his eyes. Kyle continued stroking his cock eyeing up his mom, Katelyn felt somewhat awkward, even though they had already done far worse it still seemed weird to be standing in front of her son in her underwear, although it probably covered more than the bikini.

    Katelyn continued to stand awkwardly in front of her son adjusting herself so most of her weight was on one leg and her hand on her hip so she was at least a little sexy for him.
    "I need more, mom." Kyle finally said breathing a little heavy.
    "More what?" Katelyn frowned not wanting this to get out of hand.
    "I don't know just thought I would get... you know... more." Kyle whined.
    "You men are all the same nothings ever enough." Katelyn sighed reaching behind her back and unclipping her bra before letting it slowly slide off her shoulders and into her hands, then tossed it aside letting her son gaze at her naked breasts.
    "Wow." Kyle said stunned to see his moms glorious globes swing free before his eyes, eh had dreamt about them for so long and they were just as perfect as he had imagined, they were 34dd but with hardly any sag they were almost as perky as a teenagers.
    "I'll take that as a compliment." Katelyn said blushing a bit.
    "They're perfect." Kyle panted mindlessly increasing the speed of his strokes.
    "Your arm must be getting tired." Katelyn absent mindedly said, she knew she was heading into dangerous waters but for some reason she just didn't care."
    "A little." Kyle admitted.
    "Let me help." Katelyn said approaching her son, Kyle's hand slid of his cock as his mom knelt between his legs placing his rigid cock between her magnificent tits. Kyle watched with a keen interest as his mom slowly bounced her tits up and down gently fucking his cock.
    "Oh wow." Kyle managed to breath leaning his head back in pleasure, Katelyn ignored him speeding up a bit, her breasts had always been the perfect size for titty fucking and as such over the years she had perfected it like an art form. He was like putty in her hands, she could feel each little quiver she knew what every facial expression meant, every little flinch in the body was a sign to her. She knew he was already on the edge, any faster and he'd blow like Mount St Helens, as it was he was already struggling to fight back the urge to cum which she had to admit he was doing well for himself. Right now she couldn't help but smile, it had been a long time since she had been able to tease someone like this, her husband didn't care anymore he was just interested in getting himself off and going to sleep. Kyle however seemed to want to milk this for all he was worth and get every last drop of pleasure he could, Katelyn kept her pace steady but was ready to go to bed herself, she had one trick that would make him explode for sure.

    Katelyn waited for most of her sons shaft to appear, then started as far down as possible and used as much of her tongue as she could to slowly lick up letting saliva and spit drip off and down his cock and pool in her cleavage before making her way to the top where she twirled her tongue on his head briefly. Kyle groaned and the cum began to shoot out like a fire hose drenching her tits in hot milky white cum, some even managed to splash onto her face. His cock slowly deflated obviously spent as Katelyn licked up the cum on her fingers.
    "That was awesome." Kyle moaned.
    "Mhmm, more to come if you're a good boy." Katelyn said turning around and she bent over to pick up her bra and heard an odd sound, she had no idea what it was and after looking behind her to see Kyle still lying down she decided it must have been nothing.
    "Get some sleep." Katelyn said sweetly not bothering to put her bra back on as she entered the hall and headed for her room.

    Things went well she thought, as she cleaned herself up getting ready for bed. Tomorrow she had promised to take the kids to the beach, she had no idea what that was going to bring.

    There beach adventures coming soon...ish

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    please continue

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    I like this, looking forward to part 3



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