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Thread: Mom Taught Me

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    Mom Taught Me

    Part 1

    I was 13 when my dad left. Then it was just Mom and me. It took about a year for her to divorce him. That was also about the time I started going through puberty.

    After the divorce, Mom was pretty depressed. She started going out to bars with one of her friends, not often but maybe 5 or 6 times a month at first, a little more frequently over the next year or so. Consequently, with her working during the day and going out at night, I had a fair amount of time home alone, doing what boys do when left alone. Uh huh...Masturbating.

    One evening, after Mom had gotten dolled up and gone out on the town, I started doing my thing. I liked to walk around the house naked with a boner. It felt wicked be out in the open with my dick out. I had masturbated just about everywhere in the house.

    Anyway, this particular night I ended up in Mom's room. I had masturbated while lying on her bed a few times. Listening to the bedsprings squeak turned me on as I recalled hearing Mom and Dad doing it a few times when I was younger. Back then I hadn't really known what was going on, but now, picturing what must have been happening, really got me hot as I lay there whacking off. That kind of put my Mom in a different light in my mind, as a sexual being, an object of fantasy.

    I switched on the light and walked into the room. As I was walking toward the bed, I caught sight of myself in the mirror above Mom's dresser. I guess that's what started the whole thing off...

    I stopped and stood on my tiptoes to admire my hardon in the mirror. In those days my cock turned straight up when it got hard, almost touching my belly as I stood. Wanting a closer look, I went to the dresser and eventually climbed up on it, standing on my knees with my dick inches from the mirror. I was messing around there, admiring myself, even bending it down to press against its mirror image, when I noticed a pair of Mom's panties on top of a stack of folded laundry. I picked them up, instantly getting a tingling thrill just from handling them. These particular panties weren't anything special, just a plain white pair of cotton briefs, but my heart was hammering as I rubbed them on my throbbing dick.

    After a few minutes of playing, I hopped off the dresser and hung the panties on my bone as I went rummaging through Mom's drawers to find more. The first drawer I pulled open was full of socks and pantyhose and stuff. The second was the jackpot--panties and bras! I bypassed all the white cottons and started pulling out different colors and materials. I would rub them on my cock for a few seconds until I found another pair that I liked, then hang the first pair over my upturned dick and rub myself with the replacement. There were black ones, pink ones, red ones, yellow ones, ones with little flowers on them and even a pair with a 'slippery when wet' sign on the front! Those made my ears burn. Of bras there was less of an assortment. Several frilly whites, a black and a red.

    Then digging to the bottom of the drawer, I came across a worn white envelope. Curious, I picked it up and pulled out the contents. Polaroids. Of my Mom. Naked. I nearly fainted.

    Five pictures, taken in this very room, seemingly several years before. She hadn't really changed much. 32 at that time, she was probably mid-20's in the photos. She was about 5'5", long dark hair, fairly thin, light complexion and dark brown eyes--very pretty in my opinion, even now looking back.

    Now I had not seen my mom naked since I was probably 6 years old, maybe even about the time these were taken. My fingers were visibly trembling as I shuffled through the small stack. In the first she was posing in front of the closet door, standing with her hips cocked slightly, one leg slightly bent in front of the other, arms raised as she held her hair up, lips puckered provocatively. Her skin was pale white, breasts were small (34B I found out from examining her bras) and pointy with puffy, cherry-red nipples. This being the 1970's, her bush was full: a thick black triangle contrasting nicely with her white skin.

    Second picture, same spot, but she was standing head-on to the camera, hands on hips, caught in mid-sentence with a laughing expression. The third was basically the same pose as the first except with her back turned and looking over her shoulder at the camera. Her ass was heavenly, high and rounded, with just enough plumpness to create that sexy curve at the bottom. The fourth picture was obviously from a different time, as she was darkly tanned, everywhere save the stark white triangle on each breast and the generous white band of a 70's era bikini bottom. She had apparently been caught unawares in the midst of dressing or undressing, slightly bent over in front of the dresser with her hands in the same underwear drawer I had just been in. She was looking up at the camera with a surprised expression. I got a double-view as I could see most of her ass directly and most of her front in the mirror.

    The last picture was different altogether. Mom was lying in bed, on her back, completely naked with her legs splayed open. The sheets were rumpled and she sprawled out upon them, one arm thrown wide and the other hand resting high up on her inner thigh. She looked hot and sweaty. But my eyes were glued to the wet red slit of her parted pussy. The lips were folded open like the petals of a flower. They looked plump and moist. My future self would have a name for the pose in this photo: fresh-fucked.

    I had seen naked women before, in movies and a few of Dad's old playboys that used to be out in the garage, but this was the first vagina I had ever seen. It took my breath away. The blood was roaring in my ears, my face was burning hot. I felt as if my hair was standing on end. I had goose-pimples all over. And my dick was throbbing so hard it hurt.

    I stumbled over to the bed. I had to beat off. Now!

    I should pause here to explain something. I did not masturbate the regular way, with a hand stroking the cock. I had not discovered that technique yet. I don't even know how I developed this method, but I would slap my dick rapidly against my belly, using the fingers of each hand alternatively just as fast as I could until I came. Perhaps it was because of the way my dick stood up right along my belly, I don't really know, but believe me, it worked. The head of my cock would be a blur I was going so fast. The only drawback was it was a little rough on the shaft where my fingers were drubbing. Sometimes it would even tear the skin a little and bleed a bit, then I would have to lay off for awhile.

    Anyway, photos in hand and panties hanging from my dick, I crawled up onto Mom's bed and sat with my back lounged against the pillows and headboard. I spread the pictures out beside me, the beaver shot taking prime position in the center, then began rubbing myself with Mom's panties. I settled on a pair of slinky red satin ones, rubbing them over my cock, thighs, and belly, even bringing them up to rub my face, but mostly concentrating on my aching hardon as I stared at the lewd photos. Finally unable to take it any longer, I draped the silky panties across my lower abdomen so I could drub my cock against them. I knew I would get cum on them, but the thought of that only excited me more.

    I began doing my thing, taking it easy at first. I didn't want to cum too quickly. I loved the feel of the satin panties. And the squeaking of the bed. But I knew it wasn't going to take long, I was so turned on. I was really going, beating the hell out of it and feeling that familiar tingle, only seconds from release when my Mom's loud voice nearly stopped my heart.

    "What the hell are you doing?"

    I looked up in shock to see her standing in the doorway. I had been so intent on what I was doing I hadn't heard her come home. I was frozen. I couldn't even hide my dick. I just sat there gaping up at her. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the spell was broken when she started forward. I scrambled up from the bed, covering my rapidly shrinking dick with the only thing I had available: my mom's red panties. I cowered back against the wall as she stormed over and snatched up the photos.

    "How dare you go through my things!" She turned on me. "Go to your room!"

    I fairly ran from the room, not stopping until I hit my own bed. I jumped in and pulled the covers over my head. My heart was tripping like a jackhammer and I was shaking like a leaf.

    Over the next half hour I eventually realized I wasn't about to be killed and calmed down enough to uncover my head. As my fear faded, my thoughts inevitably turned back to the dirty pictures and my cock grew hard again. I was still too scared to do anything about it, although I did start rubbing myself with the silky panties which I was surprised to realize I still had in my hand. Just as I was getting worked up again and decided it might be safe to go ahead and beat off, Mom came into my room.

    "Honey?" I decided to pretend sleep, but she wasn't buying it. She switched on my bedside lamp. "I know you're awake." She sat down on the side of my bed.

    "I'm sorry I reacted that way, Honey," she said. She reached out to brush the hair away from my forehead and bent down to kiss my brow. I could smell the booze on her breath and could tell she was pretty tipsy by her slightly slurred speech. "But you know you should not go through my things, don't you?"

    I nodded, unable to meet her eyes.

    "And as for what you were doing, you needn't feel embarrassed about that. All boys do that."

    I finally looked up at her. "They do?" I asked, surprised.

    "Of course they do," she assured me with a smile. "It is actually pretty healthy. I wish your father was around to talk to you about these things, but since he's not, it's up to me."

    With her so near and being so kind about it, I couldn't keep my mind off the sight of her naked body. Especially her pussy. My cock was throbbing under the covers. I squeezed it with her panties.

    "But Honey," she looked puzzled. "Why were you doing it that way?"

    I just blinked up at her, not knowing what she meant. I thought she was talking about me looking at her naked pictures as I did it, and I did not have an answer for that.

    "I mean slapping yourself like that... That can't feel all that good, can it?"

    I was taken aback. I just shrugged.

    "Do you do it that way all the time?"

    "Uh... yeah," I answered.

    "Doesn't it hurt?"

    "No," I said unsurely, looking up at her doubting expression. "Well, sometimes it does make a sore," I confessed.

    "Is that why I've seen blood in your underwear?" she asked incredulously. "Oh, Honey,
    you've got to start doing it the regular way!"

    I was completely dumbfounded. "What way?"

    "You know," she made the universal jerk off motion with her hand. I just looked at her. She looked at me like I was ignorant, which I was feeling right about then. Finally, she rolled her eyes and said, "Here, I'll show you."

    Before I knew what was happening, she whipped the covers down. She stopped and stared for a moment as she caught sight of her red satin panties wrapped around my hard-on.

    "O-kayyy, I'll take those," she drawled as she gingerly disentangled the flimsy garment from my jutting cock and laid them aside. "I see you're ready for it, at least. That's good," she said as she turned her attention back to my rock-hard dick. "Here, give me your hand." She took me by the wrist and guided my hand.

    "Take hold of it. Down lower, on the shaft. That's good. Now stroke it, like this..." She wrapped her hand around mine and began moving it up and down. "Now, doesn't that feel better? Yeah... Faster. That's right... Mm hmm..."

    I stared up at her as she bit her bottom lip, paying rapt attention to what she was doing. I got the feeling she had only intended to show me the motion, but once she got started, she got into it. I was so hot, picturing her naked and having her help me jack-off, I came pretty quickly. Her lips parted in a slight smile and a long sigh of satisfaction as she watched the cum shoot out of my spasming cock. She squeezed my hand and kept pumping slowly, milking every last drop, before she finally seemed to come back to her senses and let go.

    "There," she looked down at me. "Wasn't it better that way?"

    I could only nod my agreement.

    She looked around briefly, apparently looking for a tissue or something, but not finding anything suitable, so she picked up the red panties and began wiping up my cum with them. She wiped her hand, my hand, then my belly and finally my dick. As she did so, she said, "Now, you start doing it like that, okay Hon'?"

    I was speechless, reveling in the feeling, but nodded my assent. Goddamn right I will, I thought as the silky panties rubbed over my sensitive cockhead, making me shudder.

    "Good. And maybe next time," she smiled as she finished and pulled the covers up over my naked body, "I'll show you an even better way! 'Night Honey. Love you!" She bent down for a quick kiss on the lips.

    "Love you, too," I mumbled.

    Next time? Holy fuck, I thought as she switched out the light and left the room.

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    Part 2

    Over the next several days I put my newly learned technique to good use, whacking off every opportunity I got. I could almost feel my mom's hand guiding mine. I went back to her underwear drawer many times to ogle her naked pictures as I masturbated. I tried to leave everything just as I had found it so she wouldn't know, but looking back, she had to have known I wouldn't be able to resist. Besides, if she really didn't want me looking at them, she would have found another hiding place, right? But at the time, all I knew was it was forbidden, and all the more exciting for it.

    Mom never mentioned anything about that night. We went about our normal routine as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Then the next Friday, Mom told me she was going out. My stomach did a flip-flop, remembering what she had said that night: "Next time..."

    I was sitting on the couch watching TV while she got ready. When she came out, my eyes almost popped out of my head. She was wearing the shortest black mini skirt I had ever seen, knee-high white go-go boots, and a tiny black jacket left open to reveal nothing underneath except a white halter top. Her face was heavily made-up with very dark eyes and pale pink lipstick, and her long black hair was poofed up high the way women did back then.

    "Come give Mama kiss," she said distractedly as she dug in her white purse for her car keys. I was thankful she wasn't really paying attention to me, lest she notice the instant bulge I got in my jeans as I got up and came to her for a quick kiss on the lips. Finding her keys, she smiled at me and reached up to wipe her lipstick off my lips with her thumb. "Be good, dear. I love you."

    "Love you, too," I answered, and then she was gone.

    I spent the evening antsy as hell, trying to watch TV or anything to keep from thinking about Mom or her naked pictures. I was determined to wait for her to get home before I masturbated. I had thought of little else over the last several days and had devised a bit of a plan: I would let her catch me again in hopes of recreating what had happened.

    Much, much later, I was watching out the front window when her car pulled into the driveway. I was up in a shot and sprinting for my bedroom, already naked with my steel-hard dick in my hand. Minutes passed as I faintly heard her enter and then mix herself a drink. Finally, I heard her coming down the hall.

    "Are you still...Oh!" She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me. I was lying on the sheet, stroking my cock. I had the lamp on and had intentionally pushed the covers all the way down, so there was nothing I could do to cover up. I acted surprised, and made a nominal effort to cover myself with my hands without really hiding anything.

    "I'm sorry, dear," Mom slurred, obviously drunk again, but as I had hoped, she did not immediately leave the room.

    "That's okay, Mom," I replied. There was an awkward pause as she stood there, still dressed in her sexy outfit with her drink in her hand, swaying slightly. I noticed that her gaze kept going back to my barely concealed hardon. To break the silence, I said, "You said is was okay for me to do this. I've been doing it like you showed me."

    She smiled. "That's good, honey. No more sores on your..." she paused as her eyes went back to my cock, "...penis."

    "Yeah," I agreed. "But..."

    "But what, honey?"

    "Um... You said you would show me an even better way..."

    "The way your father liked it..." she drifted away for a moment, smiling at some inner thought. After a moment, she said, "Be right back."

    I could barely contain my excitement. I had goose bumps all over and felt like my hair was standing on end. And my dick was like blue twisted steel. When Mom came back in, she was carrying her drink in one hand, a bottle of lotion in the other, and a box of kleenex in the crook of her arm. She put everything down on the bedside table,.

    "Shit!" she cursed as she drunkenly fumbled the lotion and it hit the floor. She almost never cursed, unless she was drunk or really mad. I shivered with anticipation as she sat heavily beside me on the bed and bent down to retrieve the bottle. When she came back up, she said, "Hold out your right hand."

    I did as instructed. She opened the lotion and squeezed a generous glob of it into my upturned palm.

    "Rub that on your thing," she told me as she closed the lotion and set it back on the table. She picked up her drink and knocked back a healthy slug, watching out of the corner of her eye as I smeared the cool, slippery cream on my aching prick.

    "Stroke it," she commanded. "Feels pretty good?"

    "Yeah," I grunted.

    "Now, here's your dad's trick..."

    She actually reached out and grasped the base of my cock, holding it between her thumb on one side and two fingers on the other. She squeezed it firmly and pushed straight down, pulling the skin really tight over my throbbing bone. The head bulged even bigger, the ridge standing out starkly.

    "Now try it..."

    I groaned as I did what she said. It felt incredible. It was as if every nerve ending was suddenly twice as sensitive. Mom grinned at me triumphantly.

    "Better, huh?" I could only moan in reply. "I used to do this for your father," she said. "'Course I was the one with the lotion and he was the one holding it..."

    She sipped at her drink, smiling slightly as she held my cock, her hand actually resting on my balls while I jacked off. Her eyes were glued to my dick. It was all too much. I came in less than a minute. She continued to hold onto my spasming dick until I had groaningly milked it dry and I collapsed back with a huge sigh of satisfaction. Finally she let go and reached for some kleenex.

    "How was that?" she asked as she began mopping the cum up off my belly.

    "God, that was great," I moaned. I got an added thrill watching her wipe my dick clean.

    "That's what he always said," she giggled as she finished her cleaning. She laid the soiled tissues on the bedside table and downed the rest of her drink.

    "Oh, honey," she said through a big yawn. "Help me off with my boots, would you?"

    "Sure, Mom." I scrambled up naked and grabbed hold of the boot she lifted up for me. She fell onto her back with a laugh when I yanked a little too violently, then lifted the other foot. I had a perfect view up her tiny skirt as I tugged that one off more slowly. She had on pantyhose but no panties. I could see her dark muff through the material, but her crotch was hidden by the cotton panel. She struggled out of her jacket and handed it up to me.

    "Do you mind if I rest here for a while? I'm too tired to make it to my bed."

    "No, I don't mind," I answered excitedly as she scooted her way up onto the pillows. She held her arms out invitingly and I slid in next to her. "Turn out the light," she mumbled, then snuggled up close with her arms around me. I was excited, but so comfortable and content, I fell asleep in no time.

    When I woke the next morning, she was gone. So were her boots and jacket, and the semen stained tissues. But she had left the lotion and box of kleenex, giving me tacit permission for future use. After I dressed I found her asleep in her own bed. She slept late and had a hangover when she did get up. Once again, nothing was said about the events of the night before. That night she went out again; the first time she had gone out two nights in a row.

    I waited up again, hoping for more of the same, naked on my bed when I heard her come in. But this time, she wasn't alone. I heard soft voices. One of them definitely belonged to a man. I heard Mom giggling. I pulled the covers up over my naked body as I heard them coming closer. I heard Mom shushing whoever it was and a whispered exchange, before she popped her head into my room.

    "Everything okay, honey?" I could immediately tell she was plastered again. I nodded, wondering what was going on, but all she said was, "Okay, 'night, dear. Love you." Then she was gone and I heard her bedroom door shut.

    I lay there, dejected, but not fully admitting what I already knew, until a while later when I started hearing a rhythmic thumping coming through the wall, and the faint squeak of the bedsprings. My heart fell into my stomach.

    Mom was getting fucked.

    I was at once completely crushed and more turned on than I had ever been, hotter even than the spread-legged picture had made me, if that was possible. My heart was hammering and my face felt so hot it might burst into flames. I turned off my lamp and got out of bed, tiptoed naked out into the hallway and up to Mom's door. The sounds of frenzied sex grew louder the closer I got.

    Putting my ear close to the door, I could clearly hear the animals grunts coming out of my mother over the raucous screeching of the tortured bedsprings. I grabbed my rock-hard dick and began beating off furiously, just in time to hear Mom whine, "Don't stop! I'm cumming! Ooooooh God I'm cumming!"

    A minute later I heard the anonymous guy growl something unintelligible, and Mom cried out, "Don't cum in me!"

    Then the man said clearly, "Where you want it, baby, in your mouth or on your tits?"

    "On my tits! Cum on my tits!"

    I felt faint as I came at the same time I heard a scramble on the bed and the bastard groan loudly, apparently delivering his load onto my mom's little titties. I had never even heard of cumming on tits, but picturing this guy squirting his shit across Mom's puffy red nipples made me swoon. I had to lean against the door frame to keep from falling down.

    As it grew quiet in the room, I crept back to my own bed, exhausted, both physically and emotionally. It wasn't long before I heard the guy leaving. I lay there a long time, unable to sleep, reliving what I had heard with the picture of fresh-fucked Mom in my head. Finally, I jerked off again, using the lotion she had left for me. After that I finally fell asleep.

    Mom was in a great mood the next day, despite her hangover. But I sure as hell wasn't. I refused to even look at her, only shooting her sullen glances and answering her in monosyllabic grunts when she tried to engage me. I was pissed off and I wanted her to know it. What do you expect? I was 14 years old and jealous of some random dude fucking my mom. Looking back, I can see now that helping me jerk-off got her horny and that's why she picked up a one-night stand. But at the time all I knew was I was mad at her.

    Well, thanks to my pissy attitude, Mom was drinking again by late afternoon. By the time I went to bed, she was hammered for the third night in a row. I had been in bed awhile, laying awake in the dark, when the hall light came on. Mom stepped into the doorway.

    She was wearing her nightgown, and with the light behind her I could see right through it to the silhouette of her naked form. I perked up but said nothing. After a long, silent minute, she came on in and crawled into bed with me. She didn't say anything, just snuggled up against my side. I wanted to stay mad, give her the cold shoulder, but her nearness was intoxicating. My cock grew hard under the covers. After a few moments, I reached for the lotion bottle. I had the vague notion of completely ignoring her presence and jerking off, like somehow that would punish her. But that went right out the window when she held out her hand, palm up.

    Taken aback, I tried to hand her the bottle, but she wouldn't take it. She again held her hand out insistently, and finally it dawned on me. Curious, I flipped open the top and, after a brief hesitation to make sure that's what she was wanting, squeezed some out into her cupped palm. All my anger was quickly replaced by excitement as I started to realize where this was going. I dropped the bottle and quickly kicked off the covers. I had been sleeping naked ever since that first night. I grabbed my suddenly raging boner and stood it straight up, pulling the skin back tight just like Mom had taught me. I was breathless with anticipation.

    Mom reached down and slathered the cool lotion across the bulging head of my cock, then over and down the shaft in a circular motion. I groaned when her slender fingers wrapped around it, spreading the slippery stuff evenly over the entire thing. Then her fist closed snugly around my dick and she began moving it up and down in long, slow strokes.

    I was in absolute heaven as Mom slowly and lovingly jacked me off. I was acutely aware of her naked form pressed to mine, separated only by the wispy-thin material of her nightgown. One of her small, soft titties was laying atop my upper arm, one of her bare legs thrown over mine as she snuggled even closer. I could feel her hot, boozy breath against my neck. My entire body was as rigid as my cock as she kept to the same deliberate, steady stroke, never speeding up as I did when I did myself. Consequently, it lasted for what seemed an agonizingly blissful eternity. Mom knew exactly what she was doing.

    She only stopped once, holding her palm out for more lotion, which I scrambled desperately to find, and squirted across her hand and up her wrist due to my haste and shaking hand. She took it all in stride, calmly wiping it all onto my straining, throbbing bone, then right back to the same slow, smooth stroking grip. My God it was great! Even when my orgasm finally came, she never varied the pace. I came and came, moaning like a wounded bear, my entire body spasming.

    When I finally stopped cumming, Mom kept her hold but quit stroking. It took a long while, but eventually it softened in her hand. It wasn't until I heard a soft snore from her that I realized she had gone to sleep holding on to my dick. She hadn't spoken a word to me, but I definitely accepted her apology as I too drifted off to a contented sleep.
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    Part 3

    Mom laid off the booze and did not go out again for the next couple of weeks. I don't know if she felt guilty about bringing that guy home, or jacking me off, or whatever, but she paid a lot of attention to me: cooking my favorites, buying me stuff, etc. Unfortunately for me, however, she refrained from laying down with me, too. And that's the attention I was craving. I purposely let her catch me masturbating three different times, but each time she apologized and left the room immediately. I needed to get her drunk...

    When Mom's girlfriend called one day to invite her out, she initially declined, but after some encouragement from me, finally relented. That night, when she came home drunk, I was waiting, cock in hand. Sure enough, when she saw what I was doing, she unzipped her dress, let it fall to the floor, and crawled in bed with me in her underwear. She was wearing the same silky red panties with which I was intimately familiar, and matching bra. I immediately grabbed the bottle of lotion, popped the top, and held it out expectantly.

    Mom buried her face in my shoulder and made a sound that said 'I shouldn't be doing this', but dutifully held out her cupped palm. I filled her hand and grabbed my dick, standing it up in anticipation. My free arm went around her as she snuggled up against me, and my hand fell naturally under her arm and onto her breast as she reached out for my cock. To my delight, she made no protest, so I closed my hand around it, giving it an involuntary squeeze as she made first contact with my rock-hard boner. I moaned as she began to do her patented slow-jerk technique.

    I was loving it! As Mom sensually stroked my cock, I felt up her small, soft titty through her bra. It was just large enough to fill my hand. The more turned on I got, the more I squeezed and kneaded her tender tit. I could feel her fat, puffy nipple, grown as stiff as my cock under the silky material. I soon became aware that Mom was moaning as much as I was. Lifting my head, I saw that she had her free hand down the front of her panties, and it was moving in the same rhythm with which she was jacking me off. I couldn't take it, I came.

    One hand holding my cock, the other tightly squeezing her titty, I arched my back and shot cum high in the air. Just about the time Mom finished milking the last drops of semen out of me, I felt a shudder go through her body and she suddenly stiffened, making that incredibly sexy sound, half groan, half whimper. I realized she was cumming, too. We fell asleep in each others arms. When I woke, she was gone.

    That's the way it went over the next several months. She would go out, get drunk, come home, and she might or might not lay down with me. If she did lay by me, she might or might not jack me off. There seemed to be a sliding scale: a little tipsy, go to her own bed; drunk, come to my bed and surreptitiously touch herself while I jacked off; totally shit-faced, come to my bed and jack me off while I played with her tit and she openly masturbated herself to orgasm. Needless to say, I prayed for her to get hammered. I know: what kind of son wants his mother to become an alcoholic? What do you expect? I was a horny little bastard.

    The only deviance from that pattern was the only other time she brought a guy home. It had been months since the last guy. I was waiting in bed with a hard dick as I did every time she went out. When I heard her come home, and heard a man's voice, I immediately went from the usual butterflies of anticipation to a full-on adrenaline overdose. I quickly shut off my light and hid under my covers, but as soon as I heard Mom's bedroom door shut, I was up like a shot. In a split second my ear was pressed to her door.

    I could hear rustling, and the sounds of what I assumed was them making out. This went on for a while, then I distinctly heard the sound of a belt being unbuckled and what I thought might be a zipper. A moment later when I heard the guy groan with pleasure, I could not stop myself: I reached for the doorknob. It was not locked. I silently eased the door open a crack and peeked in. The sight that greeted my eyes almost floored me. Mom was on her knees in front of this guy with his pants around his ankles. She was sucking his hard cock.

    Mom had one hand on the guy's bare ass, the other was in the familiar position at the base of his cock, holding the skin back tightly as she slurped his boner with her head bobbing forward and back. God, how that must feel, I thought. When I recovered a bit from the shock of seeing my mother servicing his dick and actually looked at the guy, I was shocked all over again. The guy was a kid! No way was he older than 18! Mom was 32! This guy could almost be her son, my older brother! And actually, he did resemble me a bit: same color and style of hair, same build, etc. Anyway, the lucky bastard was obviously digging what Mom was doing, looking down with a smug fucking grin as he watched her lips sliding over his rod.

    "Damn, lady, you're good at that!"

    Mom looked up at him, smiling around his cock. She pulled it out of her mouth and answered, "Thanks, honey. I've had some practice."

    I was seething with jealousy. Honey was what she called me! But I was also squeezing my rock-hard dick as she giggled drunkenly and resumed blowing this fucker. After a couple more minutes, she released her lip-lock on his whang and stood up. She pulled his shirt up over his head and threw it aside, then pushed him backward onto the bed. He lay there grinning, stroking his spit-slick dick as she stood over him and undressed.

    "How are you at giving head?" she asked as her dress dropped to the floor.

    "I'm the best! Why do you ask?" he teased.

    Mom laughed as she unhooked her bra and threw it at him. "'Cause I want you to eat my pussy before I fuck you," she slurred. The guy just laughed, watching her sway dangerously as she pushed her pantyhose down. She righted herself by stumbling backwards until she was leaning back against the dresser. She giggled and kicked her feet several times before finally freeing herself from the entangling garment.

    I was dumbstruck, not only by the lewd display, my Mom's naked body live and in person, but also by the dirty talk coming out of her mouth. As I've said, I rarely even heard her use a curse word. I stroked my painfully hard dick almost subconsciously as she dropped down on all fours and crawled towards the bed.

    She stopped at his feet and pulled his pants and socks off, then slithered up his body, giving his hard-on a playful lick all the way from balls to tip as she went. She paused long enough to stick her tongue down his throat, then crawled up until she was straddling his head. Grabbing two handfuls of his hair, she pulled his face into her big black bush.

    "Eat that cunt!" she exclaimed.

    Jesus Christ! Was this the same woman who was washing my mouth out with soap just a few years before for saying Goddammit? Here she was grinding her hips, rubbing her pussy back and forth on this dude's face. I'm surprised he could breathe, but apparently he was living up to his boast, judging by the way she threw her head back and kept repeating, "Oh Honey! Oh Honey!" She reached back with one hand and grabbed his cock while he had both hands full of her ass cheeks. Finally, she let him up for air, sliding off to the side and falling onto her back. She spread her legs invitingly.

    "Fuck me! Put your cock in me now!"

    I came. Looking at the wanton display of my mom's wet cunt, I shot my load all over the wall. Thankfully, whatever noise I might have made was covered by the squeaking of the bed as the dirty son of a bitch scrambled up between her thighs. I lost sight of her then. All I could see was her feet waving in the air and his skinny white ass as he began humping like a jackrabbit. Mom came quickly, locking her feet behind his back, she made the sound I had grown familiar with, half groan, half whimper that announced her climax.

    I was so jealous I felt like throwing up, yet so turned on I kept right on jerking my cock like crazy. And the guy kept right on humping away, riding her through one orgasm and well on the way to another. By the time she came again, I was close too, and so was the punk.

    "Ohhhh Godddddd!" Mom was barely finished moaning out her own orgasm when she apparently noticed her young lover about to bust his nut. "Don't cum in me! Honey, don't cum inside!"

    The dude complied, pulling out at the last second. He didn't give her a choice as her last lover had: he jumped up and shoved his squirting dick right in her mouth. I couldn't see it, but apparently he made it just in time, judging by the muffled gurgling I could hear coming from Mom. All I could see was his clenching ass cheeks and Mom's recently vacated vagina, spread out before my eyes.

    While she choked his load down her gullet, I came again also. It was the first time I had ever cum twice, and it seemed to sap all my strength out with it. My legs went all rubbery. I was scared to watch any longer lest I be noticed now that they were no longer occupied. As the dude rolled off my Mom with a smug chuckle, I pulled the door closed. The last thing I saw was Mom, sweaty and spreadeagled, wet red cunt openly on display, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

    It would be years before I would think to wonder at her choice of lovers that night. He did resemble me quite a lot, and she called him by my pet name...

    Anyway, I pretty much avoided Mom the next day, torn between my feelings of jealousy and lust over what I had witnessed. That night, however, she did drink a lot and come to my bed. I suppose she was feeling guilty again, but that was fine by me because when she pulled her shirt off, she was not wearing a bra! She dropped her pants and laid down beside me wearing nothing but her panties. I eagerly squirted the lotion into her palm and grabbed her bare titty as she gave me the slow hand. It was my first bare breast, infinitely better than over the bra. I loved playing with her stiff nipple, and was so excited by it that I came rather quickly. Mom, however, refrained from touching herself, apparently still satiated by the tremendous fucking she had received the night before. Nevertheless, I went to sleep happy, with a perfect handful of soft titflesh and Mom's hand holding my spent cock.

    Fourteen times over the course of about a year my mom jerked me off. She laid down with me many more times than that, but fourteen of those times she actually stroked me to orgasm. Every one of those times is burned into my memory. I can still recall each and every one of them with perfect clarity. But they all pale in comparison to the events of what would have been the fifteenth.

    When I heard Mom come in that night, I was in my customary position, naked on my bed with a stiff one. But Mom never came, and I didn't hear her enter her room either. Just as I was beginning to give up hope, I heard her call me.

    "Honey? Hoooooneeeey?"

    Curious, I got out of bed and went to investigate. I found her sitting on the floor just inside the front door, still yelling, "Hoooonnnn...."

    "What?" I interrupted.

    "There you are!" She squinted up at me and giggled. "You're naked! And you've got a naughty pee-pee," she added, pointing at my still mostly hard dick and wagging her finger.

    I blushed, but did nothing to hide myself. "What are you doing sitting there?"

    "I fell down, and I can't get up," she slurred. This was the drunkest I had ever seen her. Her eyes kept rolling back and she swayed like she might tip over at any second. She held her arms up to me. "Help Mama up, Honey."

    I grabbed her hands and tried to pull her up, but only succeeded in sliding her across the floor, which she found terribly funny. Exasperated by her lack of help, I moved around behind her and bent down to grab her under the arms. As I lifted her, my hands just naturally went to her boobs. For some reason, she found that terribly funny, too. When I finally got her hoisted onto her feet, she rubbed against my cock with her ass.

    "Ooh, is that a flashlight in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?" This made her laugh so hard she nearly made us both fall down. She spun around and wrapped her arms around my neck. Her breath smelled like a brewery as she breathed into my face, "Take me to my bed."

    My heart sank. I was hoping for...well, you know. Anyway I half walked, half dragged her as her head sagged against my chest. When we reached her room, she mumbled, "Help me get undressed, Honey."

    I leaned her up against the dresser. My fingers trembled as I unbuttoned her blouse. Her eyes looked huge as she watched me. I slipped the blouse off her shoulders, tossed it aside and started to try to pull down her skirt.

    "It zips in the back," she informed me, but she did not turn around. Instead I had to stand very close and reach around behind to fumble for the zipper. When I finally got it, I pulled the tight miniskirt down over her hips and knelt down to help her step out of it. Now she was wearing only her bra and pantyhose. Still kneeling, I hesitantly reached for the waistband. She made no protest, so I pulled the skintight garment down slowly.

    I could see the dark patch of her muff through the material, but nothing could prepare me for the excited electric thrill that went through me as her pubes were revealed. I pulled the pantyhose down and there it was, inches from my face, a veritable forest of black, tangled thatch. I stared at it while I slid the hose down her legs with my palms touching her smooth, soft thighs. My eyes never left her bush, even as I pulled the pantyhose off her feet which she managed to lift one at a time without tumbling. It wasn't until she spoke again that I was finally able to tear my eyes away.

    "Get my bra for me."

    I stood and once again reached around her. We were face to face, inches apart, as I fumbled with the clasp on her bra. I was acutely aware of the heat of her body, the smell of her perfume combined with her hot, boozy breath. My cock was hard as steel, standing straight up between us. It actually brushed against her hairy bush a few times as I struggled with the bra. After a few minutes of my inept fumbling, Mom pulled the straps off her shoulders, yanked the bra down to her belly and spun it around, bringing the clasp to the front where I was able to undo it finally. Now she was completely naked, just like me.

    She smiled drunkenly and put a hand to my cheek. "My big boy," she said lovingly. We stood like that for a long moment, until her eyes rolled back and she nearly swooned. I caught hold of her and she said, "Get me to bed, Honey."

    I wrapped my arms around her, practically carrying her over to the bed. Now my cock was definitely nestled in her pubes as our naked bodies pressed together, and her tits mashed against my bare chest. I got her to the bed, steadied her with one arm as I reached down to pull back the covers, and then lowered her onto the sheet. She fell back onto the pillows and I lifted her legs onto the bed.

    When she was settled, she looked up at me and giggled tiredly. "Naughty pee-pee," she said as she reached up to brush her fingers across it. My cock lurched at her touch and nearly climaxed on the spot.

    "Can I go get the lotion?" I asked timidly.

    "Sure, Honey," she smiled up at me. "But turn out that light. It's hurting my eyes."

    "Ok Mom, I'll be right back!"

    I fairly sprinted from the room, flipping the lightswitch on my way. I hurried into my room, bobbing boner leading the way, grabbed the lotion and a few tissues, and was back at her bedside in less than a minute.

    "I got it." No response. "Mom? Mom?"

    I shook her shoulder, but it was no use. She was out. I almost burst into tears. I got the idea of pouring lotion into her hand anyway and using it to jack off, but when I reached for it in the dark, my hand found the soft skin of her belly. I froze.

    "Mom?" I tried again, softer, suddenly hoping for no response. When none came, I slid my hand up her torso and found her bare breast. It was warm and soft, and pliant in my hand as I squeezed it gently. Dropping the forgotten lotion bottle, I soon had both hands on her tits, kneading the supple flesh more and more boldly. Her nipples grew erect as I played with them. I bent down and gave one a lick. It was fat and hard. Mom never stirred, so I knelt and began to lick and suck her stiff nips in earnest.

    After a good while of working on her boobs, without really consciously deciding to, I moved down her torso, slowly trailing my lips down her stomach. Her skin was so soft. Her belly gently rose and fell with her breathing. My lips crossed her bellybutton and encountered the first soft little hairs of her treasure trail. I was trembling all over with excitement. Slowly, I followed the downy line of hairs and finally reached her bush itself. I nuzzled into the thick fluff, breathing in the heady aroma of perfume mixed with her musky, womanly scent. If I had touched my cock at that point I would've cum immediately, I was so turned on!

    I tried to move down between her legs, but her thighs were together. Reluctantly pulling my face out of Mom's muff. I used my left hand to gently push apart the flesh of her inner thighs and slid my right down into her crotch. My fingers found the wet seam of her cunt. I stroked up and down the lips, getting my finger wet, but I couldn't get my hand far enough down to get a finger inside her, which I desperately wanted to do.

    Frustrated, I stood and went to the foot of the bed. Very carefully, I grabbed Mom's ankles and gently, slowly, pulled her legs apart. When I got them as wide as I could reach, I carefully laid them back on the mattress. Then, holding my breath, I slowly climbed up onto the bed between her spread thighs. Once again, I buried my face in the muff, but this time I had full access to her vulnerable vagina.

    Tentatively, I stuck out my tongue and touched it to her warm, wet vulva. My first taste of pussy, and I loved it! I began to lick, parting her plump labia with my tongue and spearing it into her hot hole. I didn't know what a clit was, but I was fascinated by the growing little nub at the apex of her slit. I ran my tongue across it, back and forth, feeling it grow stiff like a smaller version of her erect nipples. I slid a finger into her hot, wet hole as I continued to explore her most forbidden fruits. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew how wrong this was, to be molesting my passed out mother, but I was way beyond caring at that point.

    "Oh, Danny."

    Her voice froze me. I had been so into what I was doing that it wasn't until she spoke that I realized that she was at least partially awake and had been moaning softly. But Danny was Dad's name. In her drunken state, I guess she thought she was back with him. She mewled in protest that I had stopped and rocked her pelvis, fucking my invading finger. I was frozen with fear but incredibly turned on.

    "Put your dick in, baby," Mom drunkenly begged in her slurred, husky voice. "Come on, Danny, I need it bad..."

    It was like an out-of-body experience as I found myself crawling up her body.Her arms came around me and her legs opened up even wider, inviting me in. When I got on top of her, she pulled me down and kissed me, her tongue entering my mouth. I was completely overwhelmed. As my tongue explored hers in my first French kiss, her hand reached down and grabbed my throbbing hardon, guiding it to her hungry cunt.

    When the head of my painfully hard cock touched the hot wetness, I instinctively lunged forward, driving it forcefully into her. As the incredibly hot, slippery folds of her welcoming vagina engulfed me, Mom moaned into my mouth and I came. She held me tight, kissing me hotly as my cum emptied inside her. Honestly, I don't think she even noticed that I had cum, as she finally broke the kiss and moaned, "Fuck me."

    My cock was still hard as a rock and I began moving it in and out, quickly getting the knack. Mom continued to moan and beg for me to fuck her harder, and I was soon slamming it into her in a frenzy. The bedsprings were screeching and Mom was grunting and panting like an animal, holding on to me for dear life as I fucked her faster and faster.

    "Oh God, here it comes!" she whined into my ear as her legs locked around my waist and her arms clung to my neck so tightly it was hard to breathe.

    I was humping as fast as I possibly could, riding her spasming body right through her tremendous climax. And I kept right on fucking, even as her body went limp when her orgasm subsided. I think she must have passed out again, as her legs fell outwards and her arms no longer held on to me. Somehow, this turned me on even more and I raised up on my arms and jackhammered into her limp body. In a minute I came again and spewed a second load into my mother's hot cunt. I collapsed on top of her, sweating and breathing hard.

    I lay atop her for a long time, relishing the feeling as my dick went soft inside her. I shuddered when it finally slipped wetly from her warm love pocket. Suddenly, I started to get a little worried. Was I going to be in trouble for what I had done? She had called me by Dad's name, but had she realized somewhere along the way that it was me? It was too dark to see me, but still... Or would she even remember it in the morning? Getting more and more afraid, I eased myself off of her, trying not to disturb her.

    As I climbed from the bed, Mom moaned in her sleep and rolled over, curling up in a fetal ball. After making sure she wasn't going to stir again, I carefully pulled the covers over her body. Finding my lotion on the floor, I crept out of her room and eased the door shut. I went to my own bed and crashed. I slept like a baby, despite my worrying, satiated like I had never been before in my life.

    Mom never mentioned what happened that night. I never knew whether she even knew it did happen, but she never came to my bed again, never jerked me off, or even acknowledged anything untoward. It was around that same time that she began dating the man who would become my stepfather. She quit drinking and settled down. It wasn't until about three months later when she announced that she was getting married that I learned why. She was pregnant. They had a quickie marriage, and my baby sister was born six months later. Prematurely, apparently...

    Anyway, that's the last time my Mom and I did anything. Luckily for me, I discovered the joys of teenage pussy not long afterward. Mom and I never spoke about what happened over that year. But one day, shortly before she got married, I did find a little gift tucked away in my underwear drawer: a worn white envelope, containing 5 polaroid pictures... I still have them to this day. I bring them out every now and then and reminisce fondly.

    And still, when I masturbate, I do it just like Mom taught me to.
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