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    Envelopes Are Preferred

    My hope is to make this an ongoing saga if it is well received. I had a somewhat similar experience as a young man which is the inspiration of this story. Enjoy.

    - UP


    When mom walked in on me mid-stroke I nearly had a different kind of stroke. I had been so engulfed in jerking my cock that I had rushed into my room after school and started the festivities without locking my door. Now here I was, moments away from orgasm, stroking with everything I had, and the door swung open and in walked my mom with her arms full of fresh laundry. I yanked the sheet over my throbbing member and for a moment actually believed that she had not seen what I was doing. Then she killed all hope of that by saying "Make sure you don't make a mess of my catalog. I haven't even ordered anything from it yet." and left the room.

    I looked down by my side to see mom's lingerie catalog on the bed beside of me. Even if she had somehow not seen me cranking away on my dick, the tent it was making with the sheet combined with the catalog laying beside me would have eliminated any doubt as to what she had walked in on. I was embarrassed, but aroused that she had seen. As much as I hated to admit it. I had been partially fantasizing about what she would look like in some of the revealing outfits in the catalog. She regularly ordered from this particular company, but she kept all of the items she ordered neatly stored in a linen box under her bed. The one time I had ventured in to look in the box she had noticed it had been moved and had questioned who had moved it at dinner that evening. I never touched it again, but often wondered what it held. I continued stroking, this time with my eyes closed, as I fantasized about what naughty outfits she may have tucked away.
    After finishing myself off I cleaned up and headed downstairs, nervous about that first moment that she and I would see each other. Instead of chiding me for my perversion or berating me for having her catalog, she made no mention of it.

    Later as I lay on the floor watching TV heard the sound of pages turning and glanced over to see her flipping through the catalog I had just used a few hours earlier to launch a massive load of cum all over myself. At that moment I was thankful that I had managed to not plaster any pages together. Before I turned back to the TV she glanced up at me, smiled a tiny little knowing smile, and went back to the catalog. I suddenly felt a burning in my loins and my cock instantly sprang to full throbbing erection in spite of me laying on it. I quickly got up and headed to my room, walking awkwardly to hide my erection, and once there immediately jerked down my pants and stroked my cock until I shot my seed five feet across the room. My knees nearly gave out as I had the most mind-blowing orgasm of my young life.

    The next day as I entered the house from school my mom called out to me.

    "Thomas, is that you?" she asked.

    "Yes, mom, it's me" I responded as I headed in her direction.

    I walked into the kitchen where she was busy making dinner. As I entered she wiped her hands on her apron, then reached up on top of the fridge and pulled down a brown paper bag. She then presented it to me and said "I got these for you today. Now you can leave my catalog in the magazine rack." and winked at me with a big smile on her face. I began to open the bag when she stopped me.

    "No, no, open it in your room." then smiled again.

    I quickly went up to my room and opened the bag. I sucked in a breath of air in surprise as I pulled out tow magazines, a Hustler and a Penthouse. My cock was already throbbing and aching in my pants, partly because of what wonderful viewing material I held in my hands and partly because I now realized that my mom was not only not upset that she had caught me jacking off, but she was actually encouraging it.

    I quickly yanked off my clothes and turned to lock my door, then slowly removed my fingers from the lock, leaving my door unlocked...would she have more laundry to deliver? I found myself hoping so.

    As I sat on my bed, my throbbing erection in one hand while I turned the pages, amazed at each new image I was seeing, I found myself hesitating to finish myself off, hoping beyond hope that she would come walking in. Soon, in spite of my disappointment, I found myself unable to hold back and longer and covered my stomach and chest in creamy semen, still hoping beyond hope as I did that she would come walking in to the sight of my dick spurting streams of seed. My fantasy was not be though.


    Over the next week or so things became very comfortable between my mom and I. Our mutual knowledge of my carnal activity and her assistance had caused us to form a more trusting bond. Our discussions were often much more personal than I had ever expected they would become.

    One day she surprised me by inquiring about my taste in "material". It took me a minute to figure it out.

    "So if I were to get you some new material, would you want the same or something else?" she asked.

    I looked at her dumbfounded.

    She giggled, then said "Magazines silly! If I buy you some new ones do you want the same kind or something else?"

    I felt stupid for missing her point, but I was outright stunned that she was asking me what jerkoff material I preferred. This discussion was quickly turning much more personal than I had expected.

    I hesitated. I did want her to buy me more, primarily because I found it extremely erotic that she was supplying me with porn, but I was remiss to admit the truth to her. While the naked women in the magazines had certainly given me many intense orgasms, I constantly found myself wishing the models were more...mature. As much as I found my fellow female classmates attractive, the full womanly figure of my science teacher, Mrs. Butler was much more desirable to my eye. Her curvy hips, supple breast barely hidden by a silky button-up blouse and long legs finished off by a pair of high heeled shoes never failed to leave me semi-erect and leaking precum into my underwear.

    How did I admit to my mom that women, not girls did it for me? I was sure that on some level I was going to be admitting that I fantasized about her as well, or at least that she would figure it out. My heart was racing. Did I dare admit the truth? Did I dare say that naked 19 year olds were not nearly as sexy to me as the thought of naked 40 year olds?

    I half jumped when she broke the silence.

    "Well?" she prodded. "What do you think, more of the same or does something else fit the bill?"

    Again I hesitated. Nerves were getting the best of me. I actually felt myself quivering inside a little bit. I wanted to just blurt out that I fantasized about her and women her age, but it was too taboo. Surely she would think I was the worst form of a pervert!

    Then she placed her hand on mine and said "It's OK sweetie. You can tell me what you like." My nerves instantly calmed, but my cock sprang to life. Horniness took over my brain and any hesitation went away.

    "I like the women I look at to be older, not younger. The girls in those magazines look barely older than me."

    My heart raced.

    "How old?" she asked "Like in their 20's?"

    I shook my head no, "Older than that. Women."

    I was looking down as we talked. I risked a look up and our eyes met. She knew. I could see it in her eyes. I pushed on. "I liked the catalogs because they had women in them, not..." I didn't know how to explain it without giving myself away.

    "They looked like women, not girls." she half-asked, half-said "Say no more" she said "I understand."

    After a few minutes our conversation returned to other things and for a bit the subject of me jacking off slid from my mind.

    Later after dinner I headed to my room, fully intent on one last stroke of the evening before calling it a night. I had been stroking for maybe 5 minutes and was fairly close to shooting my load when there was a gentle tapping on my door. I hesitated. I knew it was her. I wanted to leave myself exposed as she came in, but I was still too shy to do it. I covered up and called out for her to come in.

    She entered quietly, almost as if she was sneaking in. I knew my dad was sound asleep in his recliner like he always was after 8 PM, so it seemed more like she was sneaking just because of that. As she drew close I saw her look to the bulge under the sheet, then she handed me several of her catalogs saying "I thought these might be helpful. I had them in my room, but they are expired now and I figured you need them more than I do."

    As she turned to leave her robe swung slightly open giving me just a glimpse of her thigh as she took a step. My heart skipped a beat. I felt the urge to ask her to stay and model for me while I finished. I fantasized that I would ever have the balls to do it. I didn't.

    After she left I finished jacking off, but for the first time I was not looking at magazines or catalogs when I came. Instead my head was laid back, eyes closed and my fantasies were what took me to my destination. Visions of my mom pulling open her robe to reveal some sexy outfit and posing for me, asking which pose I liked best and allowing me to decide which position brought me the most pleasure was the source of my orgasm. When I did ejaculate I let out a moan of pleasure that was probably much louder than I had intended and shot my creamy seed several feet in the air before it covered my stomach and chest. As I laid there, still holding my dripping cock I fantasized that she came walking in just as I spurted and watched me launch my seed...then sleep overtook me.


    The next morning I awoke to the sound of my mother talking.

    "Daniel, you need to make sure you put these away before you fall asleep." she said.

    I cracked open my eyes to the sight of her gathering up my magazines and the catalogs and sliding them under my bed. I was suddenly aware that I was still naked, covered in dried cum and not covered by a sheet and on top of it all, sporting a throbbing morning wood that was throbbing and demanding attention.
    Before I could even think of covering myself she added "And it looks like you might want to clean yourself up before you fall asleep too." and gave me a wink, then added "And it looks like you need some alone time before your morning shower too." while taking a long look at my erection.

    Needless to say, as I lay there stroking my dick I was again in no need of magazines. The fact that she had just seen me naked, erect and covered in dried cum was more erotic than any magazine could ever hope to compete with. Again I came like a guyser, shooting multiple streams of seed all over myself.


    That evening I returned home from school and went straight to the kitchen where my mom was. I had thought of nothing all day but the hope that she would have a brown paper bag waiting for me.

    As I entered the kitchen she turned and smiled and asked how my day had been. I lied and said it had been normal. I knew there was nothing normal about fantasizing about my mom buying me porn magazines to jerk off to and my other fantasies that involved her.

    I tried to hide my anticipation, but she saw right through me. "Is someone hoping that mom bought them something today?" she said with a knowing smile on her face.

    I couldn't help but laugh "Is it that obvious?"

    She laughed with me and added "Yeah, it is pretty dang obvious!" drawing another fit of laughter from us. I suddenly felt very relaxed. I liked this.

    I glanced towards the top of the fridge, but spotted no brown bag. Was I being tricked? She caught the direction my gaze was aimed at and knew that I was searching for the tell-tale bag. She smiled and said "I took the liberty of putting it on your bed after I washed your sheets and remade your bed" an obvious nod to the stains and crusty spots that covered my sheets.

    I slid from my chair to head upstairs, no longer feeling the slightest bit of shame that she knew I was heading up to jerk off. She stopped me...

    "Before you go, you should know. I had a difficult time finding "mature" women magazines, she said while making quotation mark gestures in the air with her fingers. So there is one that is pretty dirty that is older women and one that is less dirty, but should have some pictures in it that you will find more to your liking." and gave me a wink before adding "Enjoy!"


    I entered my bedroom and spied the brown bag lying on my bed waiting for me. I yanked the bag open and was elated at what greeted me on top. This was no Hustler. This was no Penthouse. This was XXX porn. It was titled "MILF Bareback Party" and the front cover left nothing to the imagination as to what was inside. There plastered on the cover was a super-sexy woman in her early 40's, one huge cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. My heart was racing as I pulled off the plastic shrinkwrap and began to slowly flip through the pages. I was so engulfed in the images that I hadn't even gotten my throbbing cock out. Before I knew it I was on the last page.

    I quickly tossed off my clothes and jumped on my bed to relieve the pressure that was building in my loins. As I did the second magazine slid over and I remember it was there and decided to browse through it first and finish with the second one.

    As I picked up the second magazine I noticed the shrinkwrap was already opened on the top, which I paid very little attention to. I pulled the magazine out, this one named "Leg Show" with an obvious angle on legs and feet in sexy attire. I liked where this one was headed.

    As I flipped it open something fell out. At first I thought it was one of those flyers trying to get you to subscribe to the magazine, but when I picked it up I realized it was an envelope. I flipped it over and written in my mom's handwriting was "Something extra for you. If you like, there are more. If not, leave them in my dresser drawer."

    My heart raced as I read it again. I pulled open the flap which had just been tucked in and pulled out three Polaroids. As I flipped the first one over my heart stuck in my throat. While no face was visible, I was clearly looking at a picture of my mom taking a picture of herself in the reflection of her dresser mirror, dressed in a sexy red lace bra with red stockings and a red garter belt and a thong.

    The second picture nearly made my heart stop. Still in front of her mirror, the bra and thong were gone, but she had used her arm and hand to cover her nipples and had turned her hips slightly blocking a full view of her pussy, but showing enough for me to see that she was shaved smooth.

    The third picture was the one that made me ejaculate without even touching myself. She had set the timer and set the camera on the dresser. Her face was turned to the side, almost as if she was being shy, while her left hand was cupping her left breast, allowing her right one to hang free, and her right hand was between her legs with one finger clearly buried deep inside of her.

    I laid there exhausted. I had just came even harder than I thought I could and I hadn't even been stroking. I was light-headed and experiencing a feeling that years later I realized was euphoria. I was lost in it.

    As I slowly recovered I again glanced at the pictures and soon was stroking my cock, this time only lasting mere minutes before shooting a second load on my stomach that literally drained me to the point of causing an aching feeling under my balls. I was empty.


    I awoke an hour later and after a mostly unsuccessful attempt to clean the dried cum from all over my body and crotch I slipped on a pair of shorts and t-shirt and headed down stairs. My dad was already home and planted in his usual spot in the recliner watching the news. He hardly even noticed me as I passed through the livingroom on my way to the kitchen. Briefly I wondered how he could seem so bored and uninterested in my mom, now that I knew what I knew and had seen what I had seen.

    As I entered the kitchen she looked up with a look that can only be described as curious mixed with a dash of fearful. It struck me that she was significantly concerned that I might not approve of what she had done. It also struck me as a bit silly that she would think that way.

    "Well?" she started "Where have you been?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

    "I needed a nap" I responded.

    "Oh? Were you tired?" she inquired.

    Feeling bold I responded "Well, when you do what I just did two times in a row, it takes a lot of energy out of you" and smiled at her.

    Before she could say anything else I leaned in closer and quietly added, "By the way, you don't need to buy me any more magazines." She never looked at me and instead continued to look down at what she was doing, but I saw a slight look of disappointment cross her face.

    I continued "All I need is more envelopes."

    Her cheeks flushed pink indicating some measure of embarrassment, but the smile that crossed her face told me all I needed to know. She looked at me "So you liked them?"

    I leaned in slightly closer to the point that my mouth was nearly touching her ear and whispered "They are the reason I needed a nap."

    Again her cheeks flushed, "I will have more for you soon. Keep them well hidden. They are only for you."

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    The story is good, definitely worth a second chapter. The voice is a bit off for me though. Are you British? I've noticed a lot of your writing has a long winded English tone to it.

    For instance - I looked down by my side to see mom's lingerie catalog on the bed beside of me.

    Cold have been - I looked down to see Mom's lingerie catalog lying beside me on the bed.

    I only mention it because the long sentences tend to slow down the flow, and repeating words several times in a sentence can be a turn off for some. Especially when it happens multiple times in a paragraph. Not that it detracts from the story's value- you have a good lead here for a rather nice story if finished right. Don't worry though- none of my stories are perfect either. As they say, practice makes perfect - eventually.

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    Thanks for the input. No I am not English lol. However, I do hold a degree related to literature and writing, so sometimes I get a bit too formal. Good point about me repeating unncessary aspects. I overlooked that in my proofreading. I will keep a watch for it. Again, thanks for the input.

    Part 2 is in creation right now.

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    give me part 2

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    Blog Entries
    Great beginning and I'm looking forward to reading more of the chapters... and to see who Cums Next...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Definitely looking forward to more. Great start!

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    More more more.........

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    Definately waiting for part 2.

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    I'm already hooked on this one....can't wait for more!!!

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    The following day I rushed home from school like never before. I had thought of nothing all day but the envelope. On numerous occasions I found myself wishing I had brought it to school with me so I could have gone to the bathroom to relieve the pressure that was building in my loins. I was also quite proud of myself because I had refrained from jerking off all day. I was saving myself for the envelope when I got home, which I found uniquely erotic.

    When I got home my mom's car was not in the driveway, so I bolted upstairs, stripped naked and yanked open the drawer where the envelope was hidden. My cock was already throbbing, but it began to ache as I stood there in front of the drawer. On top of my sock pile was the newest lingerie catalog with a note taped to the front that said "Write down the page and item number of your favorite outfit and I will get it."

    I grabbed the catalog, leaving the envelope still in the drawer, and laid back on my bed and began to browse the pages, trying to decide what lingerie she would wear and I assumed, pose for pictures in. I felt so powerful. This was the biggest decision of my young life and I found myself taking it very seriously. As I browsed page after page, envisioning my mom in each and every outfit I got more and more horny. Precum was gushing from my dick in a steady stream. Still I avoided pleasuring myself because I was so focused on picking the perfect outfit.

    Then I found it. As soon as I saw it my hand instinctively went to my cock. The woman wearing the jet black bustier and lace panties was nothing like my mom, but the fantasy in my mind replaced her with the image of my mother. The black lace push-up bra that left the nipples exposed left nothing to the imagination, even though the magazine company had strategically blurred out the model's nipples. The matching sheer lace black panties covered virtually nothing, yet managed to only provide a tease of what they hid. The mental image of my mom in that outfit was overwhelming and instantly I ejaculated, launching rivulets of creamy seed several feet in the air. My orgasm was so intense that my entire body was rigid with orgasmic effort as my cock throbbed like it would burst open with every pulsing squirt of jizz that it propelled into the air.

    As my orgasm subsided I was instantly exhausted. I literally felt as if someone had drained every ounce of energy out of me and all that I had left was the ability to lay there and breath. Without feeling it come over me, I slipped into a deep sleep.

    I awoke to the sound of a knock on my door and was instantly startled awake by the realization that I was laying on the bed entirely naked. I heard the knock again and this time the soft voice of my mom asking if I was awake. For just a moment I considered telling her to come in as I laid there, naked and covered in dried cum. Then nerves got the best of me. As I grabbed a pair of shorts and tossed them on it crossed my mind that my door was never locked and it was entirely possible that while I was asleep she had already looked in and seen me. I found that idea very arousing.

    I pulled open my door to see my mom standing there with a bright smile on her face.

    "Have a good nap?" she asked.

    Before I could answer she nodded towards my chest and said "Never mind, I see you needed a recovery nap" and grinned. I looked down to see dried cum all over my chest and stomach. I made to grab a shirt and put it on and she stopped me and added "No point in that. You have seen some of my secrets, now I get to see yours." causing my cock to spring to life once again, growing to half hard in an instant.

    "Did you finish with the catalog yet?" she continued.

    "Um, yeah" I said. I felt my half-hard cock bounce against my shorts as I turned and stepped to my bed to grab it. As soon as I picked it up my heart skipped a beat. Not only had I covered myself when I shot my load, I had drenched the catalog page that had my choice on it. I had gotten so much cum on it that I could see it was still damp in several big spots. I had no choice but to give it to her like that.

    As I turned towards her I realized my cock was now at full attention and forming a very visible tent with the loose-fitting shorts that I was wearing. As I handed the catalog to her I saw her look down at my erection. I was dying to just pull down my shorts and let her see what she was doing to me.

    As she took the catalog she asked which particular outfit I liked most. I had never anticipated getting to discuss this with her in person. For the first time, I felt shy. I pointed to the outfit of choice, which just happened to be dead center in the middle of a big damp spot. She touched the damp spot which sent an electric surge through my throbbing cock, looked at me and said "Yes, it appears you like this one a lot!" and smiled.

    As she closed the catalog up she looked down at my erection, making no real effort to hide that she was looking at it, she said "Dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes. Don't fall back asleep after round two." and winked at me, then turned and headed back towards the kitchen.

    I shut my door, this time intentionally not locking it, and grabbed the envelope from my drawer and proceeded to stroke myself to orgasmic heaven again as I enjoyed the images of my mother posing for me. The entire time I rubbed my cock I was hoping that she would return to my room and knock on the door again. I had every intention of inviting her in as I stroked if she did.

    Some fifteen minutes later I headed down to dinner and ate like a starved man. Apparently draining your genitals of massive loads of semen results in a need for food. I stole several glances at my mom only to see her returning my gaze, none of which my father seemed to notice. At one point I found myself looking at her cleavage, fantasizing about her nude breast and nipples when I looked up to see her seeing me looking with a slight, knowing smile on her face. I felt a stirring in my loins again and figured this was going to be a three jack kind of night.


    The next few days were uneventful if you can call constantly jerking off to erotic pics of your mother uneventful. My mom displayed no less, but no more interest in my self-pleasuring. A few times I wondered about the outfit I picked out and if she would really get it or if she had just been teasing me and enjoying causing me to jack off repeatedly. Vaguely I wondered what she must be thinking while she was downstairs knowing I was just upstairs jerking my dick while looking at pictures of her.

    On the third day after I had returned the catalog to her I got my answer. I arrived home and headed to my room like always. As I passed by my mom's room I heard her call out to me. I dropped my book bag by my door and went to her room. She was sitting on the bed in a bathrobe with a towel around her head, clearly she had just gotten out of the shower.

    As I approached I couldn't help but notice the robe had slid open some, exposing her silky skin up to the upper thigh. She seemed to pay no mind to my wandering eyes. Instead she smiled brightly and gestured towards a small, white plastic bag on the bed and said "Guess what arrived!" For a moment I was genuinely clueless, partly due to the distraction of her perfectly arched foot leading my eyes up her leg. Then it hit me. Arrived? A package? The outfit I had chosen! Could it be true? Did she really order it?

    Apparently every question in my mind was clearly displayed on my face, because she said "You didn't think I was really going to order it did you?" with a sly smile on her face. She turned towards her night stand giving me a brief moment to adjust my rock hard erection inside of my jeans, grabbed a small box and turned back towards me and showed it to me while saying “And I got a new pack of Polaroid film" then added "I got the value pack...60 pictures in all." My heart was racing and my cock was throbbing. I saw her look to my crotch, smile a little, and then she said "Go to your room and wait. I have to do my hair and make-up, then I will bring you some pictures."

    I wanted to stay so bad. To see her prepare. To see her allow the robe slowly slide from her nude body and then watch as she slid into the outfit and adjusted it for maximum effect. I caught myself...I nearly came in my jeans at the thought. Without a word I turned and went to my room and waited patiently.

    In preparation of the experience, I removed my school clothes. I stood there for several moments, my erection throbbing with extreme anticipation as I considered answering the door like that. After all, she knew what I was going to do with the pictures, why hide it? In the end the shy teen in me won out and I put on a pair of gym shorts, making sure to at least wear a pair that would allow my erection to stand at full attention for her to see.

    After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably more like 45 minutes, there was a gentle tapping on my door. I nearly fell rushing to the door. I yanked it open to find my mother standing there, in her robe, shyly holding an envelope. I looked at it longingly, waiting for her to offer it to me. Slowly, as if prolonging the moment, her arm extended towards me. I took the envelope from her hand and instantly realized that her robe was slightly open and I could see the black lace of the outfit peeking out from underneath. My heart skipped a beat. She was still wearing it!

    There was a long pause by both of us. We stood there, apparently both of us unsure of how to proceed. She looked down at the erection in my shorts and stared at it for much longer than I had expected. I was so aroused it was throbbing and I am sure she could see that. Without a word she turned to walk away.

    Then I surprised myself…

    "Mom" I called to her.

    She turned quickly, causing the robe to swing open giving me a brief glimpse of underneath it including a slight nipple viewing. My words caught in my mouth. I was raging hard inside of my shorts. I wanted her to see what she did to me. To know how much pleasure she was giving me. I wanted her to watch.

    "I don't want this to end" I said, not really saying what I meant, but unsure of how to say it.

    She smiled at me and gently said "Enjoy them. There will be more."

    Then it hit me. I knew what to say that would make her understand. "You know", I began "I don't lock my door." I felt my face flush red hot. Without inviting her to my room, I had just invited her to my room, and I was both ashamed and tremendously aroused.

    Without realizing it I had looked down. As my eyes rose back to meet hers I saw that she was smiling, more with her eyes than her mouth. There was a twinkle in her eye that I had never seen before. Her entire face was lit up with obvious joy.

    "How long should I wait?" she asked.

    "Not long." was all I could manage. She giggled, getting the unintended joke before I did and then smiled myself.

    No more than three minutes later, as I lay on my bed fully naked and hard as a rock with my legs spread somewhat, my balls drawn up tight as a drum to the base of my cock. I heard the handle to my door make a slight noise as if someone had taken hold of it. My heart raced. Was this really happening?!! The door cracked open ever so slightly. A pause. Then it opened far enough for me to see her standing there looking in. Looking at me. At it. I could see her eyes on it and it made me so amazingly horny that I feared I may shoot right then and there.

    She stood there, looking, for far longer than I expected. For just a moment I feared that she would either come no farther in or that she would lose her will and close the door and leave. No sooner had this fear crossed my mind than she pushed the door farther open and stepped into my room. My breath caught in my throat as she came fully into view. The robe was gone. The outfit remained along with a red garter belt, black lace stockings and red high heels. She stood there, her nipples hard enough to cut glass, and let my eyes take in every inch of her. I suddenly realized I was not breathing at all, in spite of my mouth hanging open.

    My cock was so hard that it ached. I didn't know what else to do, so I reached down and grabbed it and began stroking. I knew that I was going to cum fast. She seemed to sense this and said "Don't go too fast. I want you to enjoy seeing and I want to enjoy seeing too." This pushed me even closer to orgasm, but sensing that making this moment last was more important than anything I had ever done in my life, I let go of it and allowed it to throb and ache.

    She stepped closer. Now I could see every detail of her erect nipples. Every wrinkle of brown flesh. The goosebumps of excitement that covered her breast. Simultaneously she was taking in every inch of my throbbing cock and aching balls.

    She eased down onto the bed beside of me, her thigh pressing against mine. I began to scoot over to give her room, but she placed her hand on my thigh and told me to stay close. The touch of her hand on my skin was electric. When she made no effort to remove her hand I became engulfed in arousal like never before. I was acutely aware that her hand rested mere inches from my throbbing cock and immediately began wanting her hand to slide up my thigh to it.

    With barely a whisper she said "Now touch it, but go slow. Make it last."

    I did as instructed, and ever so slowly stroked my shaft. Her eyes were locked onto it, following my hand up and down. My eyes drifted from her face to her nipples, to her thigh pressed against mine. Without asking or thinking, I reached out and cupped a breast. I half expected her to pull away, but instead she put her hand over mine and encouraged me to firmly squeeze it, which I did. This drew a soft moan from her. She looked up from my cock, locking eyes with me, her eyelids heavy with passion. At the same time I felt her fingernails glide along my thigh, down a little, then up until the backside of her hand grazed my scrotum. I was close to cumming. So close.

    Against my will my eyes rolled back in my head. My orgasm was so close that every fiber of my being was invested in it. I could feel every muscle in my body draw tight as I drew mere seconds away from ejaculation. She instructed me to stop stroking it with a tone of authority that made me instantly let go of it. My loins burned like fire. When I did finally shoot it was going to be epic.

    No sooner had I released my grip on my cock and I felt her warm hand wrap around it and begin gently stroking me. I sucked in a gasp of air. There was no stopping my orgasm this time. My back arched and a low growl rose from deep in my chest, bursting from my mouth at the instant my semen burst from my cock. My eyes were clamped shut, but I could feel her warm hand still steadily stroking me as my cock pulsed and throbbed with every spurt. My loins burned like a hot coal as I had an orgasm like nothing I had never experienced before. My eyes were clamped shut tight, every muscle in my body flexed tight and with every orgasmic spasm I thrust my hips forward, shoving my cock back and forth through her hand. I felt cum raining down on my stomach and chest and I knew that it was just as massive of an orgasm as I had known it would be. I was covered in it hot, wet seed.

    As my orgasm fell away I relaxed back onto the bed, fully exhausted in every way. My cock was slick in her hand, covered in my semen. She still stroked it gently while I matched her strokes with thrusts of my hips, literally fucking her cum-slicked hand.. I half opened my eyes to see her grinning like she had just won the lottery, my cum all over her hand, arm, shoulder and even on her left breast, the most erotic part being a drop of semen literally hanging from her still hard nipple. I wanted so bad to suck that nipple, but with my orgasm finished my inhibitions returned, and despite what had just happened, I again felt shy.

    We sat there for a long minute, her still very gently stroking my cock, me staring longingly at her erect nipples when, to my astonishment she leaned down and began lapping puddles of my cum from my chest and stomach. I laid there in amazement, watching as droplets of seed disappeared one by one onto her tongue and into her mouth. It quickly became obvious that she planned on getting it all and she did a damn good job of it. After she could find no more cum on my chest or stomach she raised up, released my cock and began licking her fingers clean. I was drunk with arousal. Watching her consume my seed drop-by-drop like that had my loins churning again.

    As she finished with her hand she paused, looked at my still hard cock, glistening with cum and licked her lips. I suddenly realized what she was thinking.

    To be continued…

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    Hot damn. Nice work!

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    Are you an android? How can you cum so much everyday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by withheld View Post
    Are you an android? How can you cum so much everyday?
    the Kid is a "High Schooler."... Young Dumb And Full of Cum... LOL....

    thanks for the Update ... Great addition... and I'm looking forward to seeing what is Cuming next...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    A shame this isn't being updated anymore.



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