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    A good night's sleep that changed our lives

    My name is Paul. I'm a gorgeous lad in his early 20s, with brown, bushy hair and
    rare black eyes. My mother's name is Christine. She's an amazing red head that
    looks a lot like Lea Massari in her youth-early middle age (FYI, Lea Massari has
    starred in an incest theme film; lol, life's coincidences are hilarious sometimes).
    My father died a few years ago and bequeathed a small business empire to us.
    Mommy found trustworthy hands to leave the empire's management to, so the
    two of us just enjoy our lives, day and night. Yes, i know we're blessed by life,
    i know you hate us right now, lol.
    Anyway, both mommy and i were bon viveurs and had intense sexual lives,
    including various casual partners. We were very close to each other, like besties,
    and would often sit together and chat, sharing our recent sexual experiences
    with each other, commenting and giggling about each other's stories.
    However, a few months ago, something unexpected happened. Something we had
    never even imagined. Something that would change our life for good.
    It was a hot summer evening. We were lying on my mother's bed and chatting. She
    was only wearing her lovely summer night gown, without any underwear. Myself, i
    was only wearing a white, sleeveless shirt, feeling too hot to even wear any underpants.
    -''I'm so hot'' i moaned at some point, after a few moments of a silent break between
    out chats, and let my head collapse on the pillow. ''And i'm not only referring to the
    -''Oh, really?'' my mom teased and caressed my forehead.
    -''You see, mommy'' i explained. ''For some reason, i haven't happened to have sex in
    a while''.
    Mommy looked surprised. I noticed.
    -''I know it's hard to believe'' i kept explaining. ''I mean, i'm not stupid, i know i'm quite
    attractive and i can get laid with any chick any time i wish. Yet, lately, i was too caught
    up in my other hobbies and some stuff i did with male friends of mine. And it was only
    today that i realized it's been 5 days since i last engaged in any sexual activity. New
    -''You know what?'' my mother laughed and offered me another stroke, which made me
    purr. ''By some coincidence, i haven't had sex for some time either. I think it's been 13
    -''Wow'' i commented, showing impressed.
    Then, we shared a laugh.
    -''I predict that, tomorrow, we'll both get pretty busy with some new casual sexual
    partners'' mommy commented.
    -''Ahh, you beat me to it'' i bit my lips.
    We both laughed. Then, my mother yawned.
    -''Let's sleep now, my little one'' she said sweetly and kissed my hair.
    -''I'm reeeeaaally bored to get up and go to my bed, right now'' i whined with a playful
    -''Okay, you can sleep here'' she laughed, making me kiss her on the cheek, as a token
    of gratitude.
    We said goodnight to each other and closed our eyes, sleeping with our faces facing
    each other. Soon, we were both asleep.
    However, during that sleep, when our judgement wasn't that good, and with both of us
    being really horny after all those days without sex, our subconscious played a weird
    game on us.
    I think that, at some point, during our night's sleep, we accidentally moved closer to
    each other. I think i vaguely remember, like a dream, my mother's foot caressing mine.
    Then, i remember someone starting kissing me and touching me at areas that made me
    really excited; in other words, what happened that night was probably initiated by my,
    equally sleeping, mommy. Eventually, i think i had a dream of having sex. I finally felt
    the orgasm in my sleep. An orgasm so intense!
    Our realization of what happened only came next morning. I slowly opened my eyes,
    smiling after a really good night's sleep. A few seconds later, i realized my mother and
    i were hugging each other and we were both fully naked; both my shirt and her night
    gown had been removed and thrown somewhere nearby! Then, the memories came
    back, the sexy dream i had rang 1000 bells!
    Leaving a cry of shock, i pulled myself away and raised my upper body. This woke up
    my mother, who also realized right away that something was really wrong. She raised
    her upper body from the bed too. We looked at each other, with shocked, frightened
    Then, instictively, as if we had telepathetically contacted each other, we lowered our
    heads. I checked out my genitalia by rubbing it. It felt sore. No, that definitely wasn't
    how the genitalia is supposed to feel if you haven't had sex for days. Meanwhile, my
    mother had also checked out her own reproductive area. From her expression, i could
    tell she also felt sore down there.
    What came as a final blow to our attempts not to lose it was a wet patch we noticed
    between us. We looked at each other, breathing heavily like hell. Silence. Nobody dared
    -''Mommy...'' i finally dared, feeling scared like i'd never felt before. ''Last night, during
    our sleep, did we...''
    -''DON'T... FINISH... THAT SENTENCE'' mommy interrupted me. ''I don't even want to
    hear it''.
    I started trembling of fear. Gosh! What were we going to do? How would our lives be
    from that point on? Sensing my fear, mommy decided to try to calm me down. She
    held me by the shoulders and looked at me in the eyes. She sighed.
    -''Paul'' she said to me, tenderly. ''Let's just forget about it, okay? We cannot change
    what happened. We'll just never talk about it again and NEVER EVER tell anyone about
    it. Deal?''
    Still trembling, i nodded.

    However, despite what mommy had said, our life was never the same after that. Days
    went by, with us barely exchanging a single word. We even avoided looking at each other.
    I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. And what made me feel even worse was
    the memory of the bliss i had felt in that dream.
    One night, we were both sitting on the living room's couch and watching tv, neither of us
    really paying attention to what was on the tv screen. There was so much awkwardness
    between us.
    -''I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE'' mommy yelled at some point and stood up.
    I looked at her in shock.
    -''Will we keep living like that forever, just because of that stupid accident?'' she asked.
    I gulped, having no answer for that.
    She sighed. She sat next to me again and offered me a stroke.
    -''Paul, i want us to be like before'' she said, sorrow in her voice.
    -''I... i guess it's still too early'' i tried to say something. ''Sooner or later, the memory will
    start fading and we will be once more comfortable with each other, like the old times''.
    My mother smiled, feeling happy that i finally graced her with a few words after all those
    -''You'll see. Someday, all this will be a bad, distant memory we'll be laughing at'' she said.
    I smiled back.
    Then, our faces got abruptly serious. We kept looking at each other, breathing heavily.
    I felt my mother's finger caressing my hand, as if she wanted to test the waters.
    Next thing i remember is me having grabbed mommy by the neck and united my lips with
    hers! We kissed passionately. So passionately!
    About half an hour later, we were lying on her bed, fully naked, panting after a thrilling
    sexual session. We looked at each other, unsure for a while, then, almost simultaneously...
    we smiled. We started giggling like kids. We burst into laughter. In the end, we shared a
    kiss on the lips, feeling at last so comfortable with each other.
    And so, my mother and i have been enjoying this new, unique experience ever since. We're
    besties and lovers at the same time. We don't know how long this situation will last or where
    it will take us, but, for the time being, we couldn't be happier.
    Oh, and, sometimes, when, for whatever reason, we haven't had sex for a while, we once
    more engage into sex when we're both asleep. Whenever that happens and we we realize it
    next morning, we both laugh our hearts out.

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    Thanks for the new addition
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    good start hope there is more to cum

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    interesting new story... I Hope It Continues...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by comsmith22 View Post
    interesting new story... I Hope It Continues...
    Huh? No, that's all. Why did you want it to continue?

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    Most interesting
    Looks like a good lead into a new series of stories

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    Quote Originally Posted by comsmith22 View Post
    Most interesting
    Looks like a good lead into a new series of stories
    What do you expect to happen in those supposed sequels?

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    good start. Please continue...



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