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    Getting Caught By Mum

    Hi All,

    This is a very quick story about my favourite topic, divorced MILF's fucking their Sons and Daughters, which is of course
    complete fiction, and none of the characters are real.

    TOPIC - Mums, Sons, Daughters, Sisters, Aunts, Nephews, Nieces, Cousins

    CATERGORIES - Sex, Oral, Anal, MILF, Teens, Phone Sex, Drugs, Bisexual, Watersports

    Hello! My name's Sarah. I'm thirty eight, five foot ten, with medium length black hair and big brown eyes, divorced, and this is my story.

    On the day it happened, the day I got home from work early and walked in on my Teenage Son and Daughter fucking, my first
    coherent thought wasn't, Oh My God, they could go to prison, or, how could they do this to me after all we've been through,
    cheating Hubby, messy divorce, or even, what will the rest of my Family think if they found out that Mike, eighteen, just about
    to go to Oxford, or Lena, nineteen, already an Olympic Athlete and two years ahead in getting her Law Degree, were fucking
    each other, no, it wasn't any of those things, because as I was standing at the door of my expansive living room watching my six
    foot two, tanned, hairless Son sliding his delicious looking big, juicy, wet cock in and out of his Sister's even wetter, pink, shaven
    cunt from behind on my five thousand pound leather sofa, so that I had the perfect view of everything, the first thing that came
    into my head was, thank fuck I didn't text them like I usually do, because, well, the thing is, I wanted it to happen, and I already
    had a good idea they were fucking, but to see them actually doing it, in the flesh, was more than I could take, the only thing to
    do now was decide my next move.

    So, why did I want it to happen? Why in God's name did I want my Son and Daughter to begin an Incestuous relationship? That
    is what you're asking yourself, isn't it? And the answer? Because I'm a pervert? Because my Son and Daughter are perverts and
    it must run in the Family? Maybe? Who knows? But the main reason I wanted it to happen was because when they were
    around fourteen, fifteen, I walked into Mike's bedroom early one morning and saw him shoving two fingers up Lena's Virgin cunt, and
    licking her tits, while she was pumping his already big cock, and although I told them they had to stop I never really told them
    off about it, and ever since I've always wondered what would happen if they did start fucking once they became sexually active,
    and quickly realised I didn't really have a problem with it, and even imagined maybe me even joining in, well, why should they
    have all the fun, and since the divorce I've been thinking about it more and more, and had even started hinting to them that
    they could start fooling around again if they wanted to, more to Lena then Mike if I'm honest, and I'll never forget what she
    said when we were talking one night over a bottle of Wine, our tongues getting looser by the glass, after I'd asked if she
    thought Mike had a really big cock, given that when I'd seen them all those years ago it was pretty big even then, at least six
    inches, and this was what she said.

    'Well I don't know, do I, Mum, but it must be pretty big, at least eight or nine inches, I reckon. It's just a shame he wears lose
    shorts or those fucking jogging bottoms all the time. I have tried spying on him, but the fucker knows me too well and always
    shuts his bedroom door. And of course I don't know any of the Girls he's fucked, cos if I did I'd find out from them. Maybe I
    should set a Webcam up in his room or something! God he makes me fucking wet, Mum. Sorry, but I just had to say that, and
    you might as well know that I can't stop thinking about fucking him! So now you know!'

    Indeed I did, and it was after that when I told Lena, without actually saying the words, that she could fuck her Brother if she
    wanted to, which she clearly had. Now why she hadn't told me about it, if she knew I was OK with her fucking him, I've no idea,
    and of course the only way I was going to find out, just like how I was going to find out how long it had been going on for, was
    obviously to confront them, and what better time to do it than when they were committing their forbidden sin?

    I guess I'd been watching them for about two minutes, by which time I'd taken off my silk blouse and low cut bra, 38D in case
    you're wondering, and not a hint of sag, with them so wrapped up in what they were doing, and because they were facing away
    from me they didn't have a clue I was there, then I unzipped my skirt, whipped of my black French knickers, kicked off my high
    heels and just strolled into the room without saying a word, until just before I reached the sofa, when I casually asked if they
    were having fun and if there was room for one more, while I'm moving my hand so I can stroke Mike's tight arse, who just turns
    towards me, his face covered in sweat and his sexy blue eyes wide with lust, says, Hi, Mum, what took you so long, before asking
    me for a kiss and telling me I've got amazing fucking tits and he really wants to fucking suck them!

    And as I quickly work out Lena must have told Mike about our talks, which she confirms while he continues fucking her like a
    Stallion, he's also helping himself to a feel of his two favourite things, and slipping his tongue into my mouth, which feels fucking
    magical to fair, and whispering to me that he's been dreaming about this moment ever since I first saw him fooling around with
    Lena, that deep down he's always known it was going to happen, and when I got divorced, and certainly after he started fucking
    his Sister and she told him I'd given the all clear, he knew then that it was only a matter of time before they fucked me as well.

    Then he suddenly stopped talking, told Lena to flip over so she was lying on her back and offered me a quick suck of his cock,
    which when I saw the full length realised that Lena's estimation had been rather short, because I didn't know how many inches
    it was exactly, but it was definitely over ten, no question! And it tasted fucking yummy, just like I knew it would, especially
    coated with a thick layer of his Sister's creamy cunt juice, the best bit being when I felt his bell end touch the back of my throat
    and then felt Lena's juices tricking right down into my gullet! Then as soon as I stopped sucking it, with Lena saying I looked
    fantastic, she demanded a kiss while Mike got his breath back and drank some water, so what could I do but give her what she
    wanted? Fuck, it felt good, swapping tongues and saliva with my Daughter, but definitely not as good as sucking my Son's big

    So when did it start, I ask, moving away and looking down at Lena with her legs now splayed high and wide ready for the next
    onslaught, lighting the half smoked joint in the ashtray as I sat on a leather armchair opposite them, Mike already back inside
    her and well into his fuck stride in no time, my free hand busy between my open legs and just waiting for my Daughter to tell
    me how long she'd been fucking my Son for.

    Apparently it was a couple of months ago, the last time they were home from Uni, where they'd already been sexting each
    other and Lena had told Mike she definitely wanted to fuck him, and it happened the first time they had the House to
    themselves, which was while I was away on a three day business trip, and they barely got out of bed. And since then they've
    been meeting up most weekends while they were away, staying in discreet Hotels and again hardly leaving the room.
    As for why they hadn't told me, well they said there was no real reason, apart from me being busy at work, and they'd only
    been home from Uni for a few days, and besides, I knew now, which was the most important thing, I guess? Well, apart from
    feeling my Son's big cock inside me, that is. And it looked like I wasn't going to have to wait that long for it to happen either,
    because just as I was cumming all over my fingers, and Lena was screaming like a baby, Mike whipped his sticky shaft out of her
    cunt and started shooting thick wads of Spunk all over his Sister's 36C tits, which in turn had her giggling and laughing and telling
    me to come and lick her clean.

    Well what could I do but go and help her out? So with Mike collapsed on the sofa getting his breath back, apparently he'd been
    fucking her for the best part of an hour, and telling me it wouldn't be long before he was good to go, I knelt down beside Lena,
    stuck out my tongue and began scooping up my own Son's cum, and although I've only tasted my ex's over the past twenty
    years or so, it had never been like this, where it was like I was tasting some secret liquid, and it tasted like the finest Wine and
    Champagne mixed in together, and I fucking lapped it up like the Cat who'd got the proverbial cream. And of course as I'm
    licking every last drop of Spunk from my Daughter's boobs we're also sharing it between us, and French kissing, and I'm so
    wrapped in what I'm doing I don't notice Mike move behind me until I feel his tongue licking up and down the crack of my arse,
    before I turn round and ask him what he's doing, like I don't fucking know!

    Jesus he was good, slowly easing two fingers up my wet cunt then fucking me with them as he worked his tongue inside my
    anus, leaving me on the brink in no time, thinking, fuck he knows how to pleasure a Woman properly, no wonder his Sister
    wanted to fuck him so much. The only trouble was I really wanted to suck his cock again, so after about five minutes of more tit
    licking and French kissing, and Mike making me cum again, we changed positions, so I was on all fours, Mike was lying in front of
    me slapping his bell end on my face and telling me I was a very bad Mum, and Lena was behind me doing the exact same thing
    her Brother had, and of course it felt every bit as good.

    Not as good as Mike's cock though, which I was now sucking and licking like my favourite ice lolly, paying plenty of attention to
    the big, shiny head then working on the shaft, loving that he was cut and that it felt so fucking smooth, before I took a deep
    breath, lifted my head up, opened my mouth, told Mike I hoped he liked it, then just swallowed as much of his massive man
    meat as I could, hearing Lena shout I was a greedy Bitch, just as she's slipping a couple of fingers up my arse and rubbing my clit
    really hard, and I'm now bobbing my head up and down again and again, making sure I kept his cock in my mouth the whole
    time and also making sure I let some of my saliva trickle out so it dribbled down my chin onto Mike's shaft, who was not only
    telling me how very good it was, but he went on to tell me about a couple of his and Lena's Friends from Uni who lived quite
    near to us, Dean and Becky, both of whom were already fucking their Siblings, and Becky and her Brother Steve were also
    fucking their divorced MILF Mum Emma, who by all accounts was the instigator behind her Son and Daughter discovering just
    how good it was to fuck your Family.

    And the reason he was telling me about them was because obviously Mike and Lena were fucking them as well, and they
    wanted to invite them over to ours this coming weekend for some filthy, fucked up Incestuous fun, and if it meant more Teen
    cock, and fucking another MILF, who I was already sure I'd become best Friends with, then who was I to argue? So I didn't,
    instead saying it sounded like a great idea, and if the weather held we could maybe have a barbecue in the garden, especially as
    we'd just had the Pool cleaned, although as Lena pointed out, how much food we'd mange to eat in between all the sex was
    another matter.

    The other thing they told me they'd been doing, when I just thought they were out at Parties with their Friends, was they'd
    started going to private Sex Clubs with Becky, her Mum and Brother, and obviously wanted to take me, because it wasn't like a
    normal Sex Club, oh no, this one catered strictly for other people who liked fucking their Families, and was run by a Mum and
    Dad, who were not only fucking their four Kids, but they were also fucking the Mum's Sister, her Hubby, who was the Brother of
    the other Dad, their six Kids, and their partners and their fucking Families.

    Anyway, back to the fucking in hand, and once I'd choked and slobbered on Mike's cock for all I was worth and Lena had made
    me cum at least five more times, she'd then told him to, fuck the Slut's fucking brains out, and don't stop until she's passed out!
    Luckily though I stayed awake the whole time, a good half an hour I reckon, maybe longer, which was when I found out some
    more home truths about my Son and Daughter, who a few days previously invited their younger Teenage Cousins over for the
    day, my younger Sister Michelle's Kids, Gemma and her Twin Brother Jay, both just turned fifteen, and because Lena had already
    talked to Gemma about Incest and she'd told her she wanted to fuck her Brother, after Lea told Gem she was fucking Mike,
    that's exactly what she did when they turned up at my House, while also confessing that she'd fucked her Mum once or twice,
    which I obviously had no idea about, just like I didn't know my Sister had already fucked her Son as well, which took place the evening
    after her Son and Daughter fucked mine.

    So of course, while Mike's still fucking me he suggests I call my Sister, divorced like me, who, he assures me, is also at home
    fucking her Kids, to tell her what's going on, and that I should invite them round for the night, and not to watch TV and talk


    MICHELLE - 'SARAH! Hiya, Love! You OK? And why the fuck are you moaning? Are you fucking someone?'

    SARAH - 'I am! You'll never guess who? I can give you a clue if you like?'

    M - 'Ha, Ha! Can you? Go on, then.'

    S - 'What? You mean you can't work it out on your own? It's Mike, Shell! Yea, that's right, just like you I'm fucking my Son. And
    Daughter, obviously!'

    M - 'Oh Wow! Cool! It's fucking fantastic, isn't it? When did you start? And I take it they told you about them getting my two
    involved, and them then fucking me?'

    S - 'They did! And yes, Sis, it's fucking wonderful, especially with him being so fucking big! So anyway. Oh Fuck! He's only stuck it
    up my fucking arse, and Lena's underneath me sucking my clit as well! Yea, what I was going to say is, do you fancy coming over
    here for the night? So we can fuck our Kids together?'

    M - 'Sounds good to me, Sis, but we need to eat first.'

    S - 'What? You mean like Lena is eating my pussy while my Son bum fucks me? So are you fucking them now? Only it seems a bit
    quiet if you are!'

    M - 'Ha, Ha! And no, I'm not as it goes, because as we were fucking for most of the afternoon the Twins are catching up on some
    sleep, although I'm sure they'll be wide awake when I tell them their sexy, MILF Aunt wants to fuck them as well!'

    S - 'I'm sure they will, Sis, just don't be too long! So did they tell you about some of Mike and Lena's Friends fucking their Family's
    as well? And what about these Clubs they go to? Did they tell you about them? They sound very fucking interesting, I must

    M - 'Well interesting is one way of putting it, I suppose! And yes, Sis, they told me all about it, and their Friends, and I can't wait
    to meet and fuck them!'

    S - 'No, me neither. Oh Fucking God! Fuck! Mike's just flooded my arse with his Spunk! And now I can feel it oozing back out,
    which Lena is fucking lapping up! Right, I better go, Shell, especially as Mike's waving his cock about in front of me, although I've
    no idea why? And just remember to text me when you're on the way.'

    Which of course she did, and it goes without saying we had a fantastic night, the highlight being Michelle and I fucking each
    other's Daughters while we watched our Sons suck each other's big cocks before they fucked each other and shot their loads up
    each other's arses and got us lot to lick it out! God it was dirty! Not as dirty as having both of them arse fuck me at once while
    Michelle pissed all over us!

    But that's nothing compared to what happened on the weekend, where we spent most of Friday night and all day Saturday
    fucking Mike and Lena's Friends, and then in the evening we went to that Sex Club owned by the Mum and Dad who were
    married to each other's Siblings and fucking their Kids, and we very quickly became best Friends for life, and we also go there
    most weekends, when we're not hosting our own private Fuck Parties for all the Families we've met since I started fucking
    Mike and Lena, that is.

    Of course I could tell you a lot more, but there's little point when you already know what I'm going to say. Hope you enjoyed
    my little insight, cos I certainly enjoyed telling it.

    Bye for now.


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    Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the new addition
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    Quote Originally Posted by davesmistress View Post
    Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the new addition
    Cheers! Nice to be here :)

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    great story ... I hope it continues ... Its a Hot One ... thanks for the share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    from what i could read of it was not bad but i think it would be easyer to read if it were typed in a page lingth insted of how it is now.

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    Very fuckin hot. Loved every bb
    It of it....



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