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    My Wife, My Son & Me: One Bag


    It was supposed to be a nice family fishing trip. A weekend at a lake up in the mountains to celebrate my son Richie graduating from the 10th grade. My boss owned a cabin on the lake and had offered to let us stay, so as soon as school let out we packed up the SUV and headed for the hills.

    Due to my stellar navigational skills, and the lack of road signs for the final 50 miles or so, the 3 hour drive took closer to 6. What I hadn't realized was how fast you lose the sun in the thickly wooded mountains, so it was after dark when we finally arrived. Although it had been a warm day, the temperature drops fast up that high when the sun goes down, so the first thing I did was light the fireplace. Thankfully it was a gas fireplace, as my Boy Scout skills had long since faded. Anyway, snug in the cabin, we had a quick supper of cold sandwiches due to the late hour, then turned in for the night.

    Something about being in a strange bed always makes me horny. Plus, seeing Debra come to bed in nothing but a flannel shirt and socks made me instantly hard. But when I put the moves on her, she pushed me away.

    "No, David!" she hissed. "These walls are thin--Richie will hear!"

    "Oh, come on, Deb! I'm sure it's nothing he hasn't heard before--we aren't exactly discreet all the time!" To sweeten my argument, I took her hand and placed it on my hard cock. "Come on, I'll be quiet, I promise!" I begged.

    Deb, being a horny bitch herself, can never resist my 7-plus inches for very long. She squeezed my dick for a moment before giving a little moan of surrender. "Okay," she finally relented. "But I'm gonna be on top--you get too fucking carried away with vacation sex!"

    "Fine by me!" I grinned as she rolled on top of me. I loved it when she took control.

    I looked up at her as she sat up, stroking my dick and smiling down at me. Debra is a knockout--5'3 with a petite figure at 115 pounds, she has chestnut hair that comes to below the shoulder framing a beautiful face with stunning green eyes. I reached up and unbuttoned her shirt to get at her tits. Although slender, she's got a magnificent set of 32DD boobs that I bought for her a year ago for her 35th birthday, and I can't get enough of them. I squeezed those magnificent mamms and played with her stiff pink nipples as she rose up and guided me into her wet pussy.

    At first she attempted to ride me quietly, trying to keep the bed from creaking too loudly and holding her hand over my mouth to stifle my groans of pleasure, but soon enough she lost herself and was slamming down on my cock with reckless abandon. The bed thumped against the wall and the room was filled with our panting and moaning. When Deb came, she grabbed up a pillow and held it to her face to muffle her ecstatic squeals. That was enough to send me over the edge and I groaned out my own orgasm. filling her pussy with cum.

    "Oh shit!" she gasped as she collapsed to the bed. "There's no way he didn't hear that!"

    "Don't worry so much," I murmured as I caught my breath. "He had a big day--he's probably sleeping like a baby."

    "God I hope so," she whispered as she snuggled into my arms. "No boy wants to hear his mother having sex..."

    "And if he did hear, he probably just jacked off," I teased.

    "Don't say that!" she slapped my chest, trying not to giggle, then sobered a bit. "You don't think he really did, do you?"

    "It's fine," I assured her, pulling her head down onto my shoulder.

    Now that the thought was in my mind, however, I had my doubts. I had to admit, the thought of Richie in the next room, listening to his mother's sounds of passion, gave me an excited little shiver. Putting myself in his place, I was sure I would have been whacking off. I wondered if he might be doing just that.

    Nah, surely not.

    I gave my wife a kiss and drifted off to sleep.

    * * * * *

    The next day we were out on the lake in the boss's boat. He had a big power boat in the dockhouse, but I didn't trust myself driving that monster, so we were in the smaller metal job with a flat bottom and small outboard motor. Deb had packed us a lunch basket and a cooler full of beer and soda, so we spent most of the day out on the water, fishing and just cruising the lake while taking in the beautiful scenery.

    The day grew pleasantly warm without a cloud in the sky. As Richie and I fished, Deb removed her hoody and folded it into a pillow as she lounged on the middle bench seat to catch some sun. She had on cutoff jean shorts and a pink bikini top that really showed off those double-D's. I pretended not to notice as Richie kept glancing over at her for surreptitious peeks as she sensuously rubbed sunscreen into her skin. I had seen him doing the same thing that morning as Deb had cooked breakfast wearing only the flannel shirt and socks that she had worn to bed the night before. From the way he fidgeted uncomfortably in the front of the boat and hunched over to sit with his elbows on his knees, I was almost positive he had a boner. I wondered if Deb knew the effect she was having on her son, but with her eyes hidden behind her dark sunglasses, I couldn't tell.

    As the day grew late, I was about ready to head for the cabin, but Richie wanted to go into a small cove first to try fishing among the rocks. I was steering the boat that way, admittedly going too fast as I had grown too comfortable handling the boat after a full day's practice, when we were suddenly and violently slammed to a halt amid a loud grinding and screech of tortured metal. Richie was nearly thrown over the bow and into the water, while Deb was dumped to the floor with a startled scream.

    I was stunned. "What the hell was that?" I shouted as I reached to help Deb back onto her seat. "Are you okay, babe? Richie?"

    "I'm okay, Dad," Richie answered. He peered over the front of the boat. "We hit a big rock! It's just under the water!"

    After making sure Deb was all right, I switched the motor to reverse and tried to back off, but although the prop churned the water white, we were stuck fast.

    "Richie, can you push us off?" I called over the scream of the outboard.

    "I think so," he answered.

    "Be careful, honey!" Deb shrieked as he stood and stuck one foot over the front of the boat.

    He waved her away crossly as she moved toward him. "Move to the back, Mom! You're making the front too heavy."

    As she reluctantly backed off, he grabbed the bow and heaved as he stepped on the concealed rock and pushed. With a loud scraping sound, the boat slowly began to move. Suddenly we were free and lurched backwards. Richie scrambled back in just in time.

    "Good job, Son!" I said as I throttled down the engine.

    "My hero!" Deb cheered.

    He looked back at us, grinning triumphantly, but then looked down curiously. "Oh shit, Dad, we're leaking!" He pushed the ice chest back, then looked up with wide eyes. "There's a giant fucking hole!" he exclaimed.

    "Language," Deb scolded, moving to peer over the ice chest, but then looked back at me with alarm. "There's a giant fucking hole!"

    My mind raced. "See if you can plug it with something!" I urged as I throttled up the motor and turned us toward home.

    Deb snatched up her hoody and knelt down to stuff it into the hole, but we were already ankle deep in water. Richie grabbed a big bowl from the picnic basked that had been full of fruit and started bailing.

    "I can't stop the leak, it's too big!" Deb called frantically over her shoulder.

    I peered into the distance toward the cabin. I couldn't even see it. It was at least a mile, maybe mile and a half away. No way were we going to make it. Changing tactics, I turned us toward the closest shore. "Keep bailing!" I called, but it was quickly apparent it was a losing battle. The boat was half full already. The water was frigid.

    We were still a good 200 yards out when the motor went under water and sputtered to a stop. Once halted, the boat sank fast.

    "David?" Deb looked at me with panic.

    "Grab a cushion!" I shouted, pointing at the seat cushions/flotation devices. "We're swimming!"

    Everyone grabbed a cushion and went over the side as the outboard took the boat under ass-first. Although it had been a warm day, mountain water at the end of May is cold--ball-shriveling cold. We're talking raisins here. By the time we reached land, our teeth were chattering and our lips were turning blue. Richie reached shore first, climbing out then pulling Deb up after him. They stood huddled together, shivering as I dragged my ass out of the water.

    "What do we do now, Dad?"

    I looked up. The sun was already behind the mountain on this side of the lake. The temperature was going to plummet soon. "We start walking!" I announced, trying to sound more confident than I was. Going around the lake by land, it was probably 12 miles back to the cabin. As we started off through the woods, I prayed we'd find a closer cabin before we died of hypothermia. A slight exaggeration, perhaps, but perhaps not--Richie and I were dressed in shorts and T-shirts, while Deb only had a bikini and cut-offs, all of us soaked to the skin. I gave Deb my shirt, but little good did it do her.

    It was slow-going through the woods, and the shore was too rocky to walk in most places. I estimated we'd gone less than a mile by the time the light was fading to dusk. We were freezing. I was becoming increasingly worried when we came upon a road of sorts--just a dual set of ruts, but it was a definite boon to our spirits.

    "Dad! I see a shack or something!" Richie cried out, pointing.

    We hurried down to a clearing. A structure stood near the shore of the lake. It was tiny, probably only 8 feet by 4 and windowless.

    "It's an ice fishing cabin!" I exclaimed, rushing up to it. "See? It's on skids so it can be pulled out onto the ice when the lake is frozen!"

    "Oh thank God!" Deb said through chattering teeth.

    "The door's locked," Richie groaned, giving it a frustrated kick.

    I found a rock and pounded the padlock until it busted. We all hurried inside. I bumped my head on a lantern hanging from the rafters. In the scant light coming through the door, Deb found a box of matches. I took one and lit the lantern. As the light came up, we looked around. The place was pretty spare--bare wood construction, with a bench on one side, a couple of shelves on the other with fishing gear and the like. A trap door in the floor was closed. Opposite the door was a camp stove.

    "Can we light it, Dad?" Richie asked eagerly, shivering.

    I saw a gas pipe leading out from the stove and through the wall. I quickly ducked outside and around back. No dice. There was a shelf for a propane tank, but empty. Fuck. I went back inside and shook my head. "No fuel," I said as I latched the door.

    "Fuck!" Richie cursed.

    "Language!" Debra admonished.

    "We're gonna freeze to death!" he argued.

    "We're going to be fine," she said. "Look around for anything that might help."

    I half-heartedly began rummaging through the stuff on the shelves. At least we were inside--we probably wouldn't die...

    "Here's a box of nudie mags!" Richie laughed. "Maybe we could burn them...Hey, wait! Here's a sleeping bag!" He excitedly pulled the rolled up bag from the back corner behind the wooden crate he had been looking through.

    "Wonderful!" Deb exclaimed. "Good job, honey!" She took it from him and untied the strings, shaking it out.

    "Maybe we can unzip it and all get underneath?" I offered hopefully.

    "No, that wooden floor is going to be freezing. We're all getting inside," she announced as she began spreading it onto the floor. "Everybody get out of those wet clothes."

    "All three of us?" I scoffed. "We'll never fit. You two get in, I'll be fine."

    "We'll fit," she insisted. "Now, strip! You get in first, you're the biggest." Taking charge--that's my wife!

    I shook my head with doubt, but kicked off my shoes and dropped my shorts and boxers then got down and slid into the bag.

    "Now you, Richie, get out of those clothes," Deb commanded.

    She was already out of my shirt and unbuttoning her cutoffs. Richie watched wide-eyed as she wiggled them over her hips and dropped them to the floor even as he pulled off his own shirt and shorts. I watched, too, as she untied the string of her bikini and tossed it aside. All she had on now was a purple thong. She unceremoniously pushed it down and kicked it away.

    I couldn't help but admire her lack of modesty in the face of an emergency. She's never been a prude, exactly, often going braless or similarly skimpily dressed in front of Richie, but never out and out naked. And even though freezing cold, she was magnificent, her boobs pushed together, bright pink nipples as erect as humanly possible as she hugged her arms around herself and bounced on her toes impatiently. Judging by the stunned look on Richie's face as he ogled his mom's naked body, he was equally impressed.

    "Hurry, honey!" she urged, ignoring his obvious stare. "Get those wet underpants off and get in with Dad."

    Richie turned his back and shucked his tighty-whitey's, then scrambled to climb in. I turned my back to him, lying on my left side as he stuck his feet in then scooted himself down until he was in up to his neck. The sleeping bag was overfull already. I didn't see how Debra was ever going to fit, but here she came, pushing her feet in between our bare backs. She wriggled and squirmed, but could only get herself in up to her waist. Finally, she pulled herself out.

    "Okay, new plan," she announced. "You two face each other."

    "What?" Richie exclaimed. "How's that going to help?"

    "Because you're flatter in front than in back--I can't get past your butts. Now, hurry up and do as I say--Momma's cold!"

    Reluctantly, at least on Richie's part, we shifted and squirmed until we had both rolled over. Leaning our heads back, we weren't exactly nose to nose, but there seemed to be barely 2 inches between our chests. Still, Deb once again began squeezing herself in as we held our arms straight over our heads to give her all the room we possibly could.

    "Jeez, Mom, your butt is right in my face," Richie muttered as she struggled.

    "Oh, sorry, dear," she huffed and flipped herself over to face him instead.

    Now her cold buttocks were pressed into my face, but I wasn't complaining. Her bushy brown pubes had been tickling my nose--I wondered how Richie liked that instead! I must admit, I might have forced her hips forward a bit, just to rub his face in it... After much more wiggling and squeezing and inching her way down, with me grabbing her shoulders and helping pull her in, her jutting tits were right there. I was absolutely sure that Richie had no complaints about those babies! And this being the thickest part of her slender form, they were the hardest part to squeeze in.

    "Too bad we don't have some lube," I joked.

    "David!" Deb chided, but couldn't stifle a giggle. "Excuse my boobs, honey," she said to Richie, huffing and grunting with her exertions. "I'm almost there..."

    And finally, she was in. We all breathed a sigh of relief, as deeply as we could breathe, anyway, we were packed so tightly. That sleeping bag must have had an industrial strength zipper! We had to wrap our arms around each other and under our heads, but at last we could all relax. And what with the nearness and all the physical struggle it had taken, we were finally warm.

    It didn't take long, though, til I started noticing Richie squirming around, or trying to.

    "Everything okay, Son?" I asked.

    "Uh," he began, but then went quiet. He continued to fidget, however.

    "What is it?"

    "It's nothing," Deb answered for him. "Richie's just having...a little reaction..."

    "What do you mean?" I played dumb, although I had a pretty good idea. "What kind of reaction?"

    "Dad!" Richie protested.

    "It's okay, honey," Deb comforted, then to me, "Richie's got a bit of an erection."

    "Y-you can tell?" he stammered.

    "Well, yes, dear--it's poking me in the leg."

    He blushed. "Sorry, Mom. I've just never been this close to a naked girl before..."

    "It's fine, honey," she assured him. "Just try to think of something else."

    Easy for you to say, I thought with an inward chuckle. Just the thought of my son's boner touching his mother was starting to make my cock stir, also. Meanwhile, Richie continued to squirm.

    "If you lie still, it might go away," Deb murmured softly.

    "I can't help it, Mom," he complained. "There's no room and it's, like, bending in the middle--feels like it's gonna snap in half!"

    "Well, here--maybe I can give you some room..." Now it was Deb's turn to squirm, twisting her legs and wiggling her hips. "If I can just let it...Oh! There, I guess...not exactly what I was planning, but at least it's not bent now, right?"

    "What happened?" I asked breathlessly. My own cock was growing harder by the second.

    "It, uh, slipped between my legs... Is that better, Richie?"

    "Uh huh," he muttered. I could actually feel a shiver run through him.

    Now Deb could feel my erection poking her in the buttocks.

    "David!" she started to admonish me, but suddenly froze. "Oh shit!"

    "What?" I hissed.

    "Oh shit!" she repeated. "Oh shit--it got bigger! It's right against my...Oh shit! This was not a good idea! Richie, honey, don't move!"

    But Richie appeared to be beyond listening. His eyes were closed, his teeth gritted tightly. His body was stiff and I could feel him unconsciously pushing his hips forward.

    I was breathless myself. I could picture my son's cock, released from its trapped state, free to grow to full length until it was touching Deb's pussy. His mother's pussy...

    Deb was fairly panicking, trying to wriggle away, but there was nowhere for her to go. "Richie! Baby! Stop pushing!" She grabbed him by the hair, pushing his head back, but he remained oblivious. Then she let out a gasp. "Oh fuck, it's in me..."

    A low moan escaped Richie's throat. He leaned into her even harder.

    "I've gotta get out!" Deb blurted. She started scrambling, as if to crawl back out of the sleeping bag.

    I grabbed her by the shoulder, holding her in place. "Be still, baby. It took too much trouble to get in here."

    "David! Our son's cock is inside me! And he won't stop pushing!" She shoved impotently at his shoulder. "Every time I move it just makes it go deeper!"

    "So hold still," I reasoned. "The damage is done. It's already in--let it rest. It's not hurting anything, is it?"

    "Hurting? No, it's not hurting," she moaned, implying that it was just the opposite, but she did seem to relax a bit. "But he's not letting it rest. What happens if he cums inside me?"

    "Nothing," I murmured softly, stroking her hair comfortingly. "Let him finish, then it will go down and it will all be over..."

    With a deep breath, she let her taut muscles relax, apparently accepting the impossible situation.

    I was being all calm and reassuring, but inside, I was raging! My wife was fucking our son! She actually was--her hips making minute rocking motions. She was quiet now, breathing deep and heavy. Then Richie suddenly stiffened, a long moan issuing from deep in his chest. Deb held him tightly, her forehead against his. It was happening! He was cumming inside her! I felt her shudder as her pussy was flooded. I kissed her on the shoulder, the neck, the ear.

    "Okay, baby?" I asked quietly. She leaned her head back against me, sighing deeply as she nodded her head. I continued stroking her hair, planting kisses on her neck, nibbling softly at her ear. "Your pussy must have been really wet, to let it slide right in like that," I whispered hotly into her ear, followed by my tongue.

    "Of course it was wet," she whimpered, reaching back to pull my head tighter against her--she's a goner for a tongue in her ear. "I had hard cocks poking me in front and back!"

    I was getting hotter and hotter. I had been grinding my hard dick against the crack of her ass, and now she was once again rocking her hips, grinding back against me. "Maybe next you'll let me do what Richie just did," I growled.

    "That might be difficult," she moaned. "Because he doesn't seem inclined to leave. Do you, Son?"

    I lifted my head and saw that Richie seemed to be back with us, frozen like the kid caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar. He stared, unblinking, afraid to move.

    "Let him finish, you said, then it will go down and be all over," she dead-panned. "Well, he finished--right up inside me! But it has not gone down one little bit!"

    Richie's eyes darted to me. I gave him a wink and a reassuring grin. I knew by her tone--and the fact that her pelvis was still gyrating slowly--that Deb was far from upset.

    "Um, s-sorry, Mom," Richie finally found his voice. "I-it just feels so good!"

    "I know, Baby," she said gently, laying her hand on his flushed cheek. "That was your first time? Or this is, I should say, since it still seems to be going on?" She thrust her hips a little more forcefully to make her point.

    Richie's breath caught as his dick was driven just a little bit deeper. "Yeah," he groaned.

    "Well, you're ruined now," I quipped. "You started out with the very best--no other girl is ever going to be able to measure up!" I bit Deb playfully on the neck, eliciting a little squeal and a giggle.

    "Oh God," she groaned, covering her face with her arm. "What am I going to do with you two?"

    "Fuck us?" I offered, drawing a snicker from Richie and a snort of mock annoyance from Deb.

    There followed a few quiet minutes of the three of us rocking back and forth together. Deb's breathing grew heavy again, and she began making little mewling noises. I knew the sound well--the sounds she made when I licked her pussy, or fingered her clit, or just rocked her gently with my cock buried deep inside her--the same way Richie was right now. It was the sound of Deb getting revved up. My own excitement was growing again, also. We all began grinding more urgently.

    Suddenly her head shot up and she sucked in a great lungful of air. "That's it--I'm burning up now!" she blurted. "I'm getting out!" She began struggling, wriggling frantically.

    "But Babe," I cried, my spirits falling.

    "Don't 'Babe' me!" she shot back. "You two got me hotter than a firecracker! I'm-getting-OUT!"

    Dejected, I relented. "Well, here--getting out should be a lot easier than getting in..."

    I reached behind Richie and grasped the zipper. After a few tugs, it slid halfway down his back. Our tightly packed torsos fell apart and Deb scrambled out. Richie actually whimpered as his dick was unceremoniously dumped from its snug little nesting place.

    Deb jumped to her feet. She agitatedly paced back and forth in the tiny space of floor left empty, swinging her arms to restore circulation, taking deep breaths and blowing them out. Finally she stopped, raking her hair back. Her small form towered over us imperiously with hands on hips. Her disheveled hair looked almost golden in the lantern light. Her lustrous green eyes blazed. Her incredible breasts with their erect nipples cast pointed shadows down her torso, framing her muff, which glowed the same golden hue. She looked magnificent, radiant, beautiful.

    "Here's what's going to happen," she announced. "You two are going to fuck me--first you, then you." She pointed at Richie, then me. "You're going to get your rocks off. You're going to get me off. Then we're all going to get some sleep, and pretend none of this ever happened. Understand?" She waited, looking down at us. "Understand?" she demanded.

    Taking charge! A fresh thrill ran through me. "Yes, ma'am!" I spouted, then nudged Richie, who was gaping up at his mother.

    "Er, yes, ma'am!" he croaked.

    "Good. David, you wait there." She moved to sit on the bench, leaned back and spread her legs. Her swollen pink pussylips glistened wetly. She rubbed herself, saying, "Richie, bring that cock over here."

    She didn't have to ask twice. He scrambled to his feet and went to stand before her, cock pointing skyward.

    Debra's eyes goggled. She reached out and took it in her hand. It was still slick with his cum and her cream. She stroked it up and down a few times, as if to confirm what her eyes were telling her. "Jesus Christ, Son, when did you get so big," she breathed. He merely shrugged, grinning abashedly. She turned his hips. "David, did you see the size of your son's dick?"

    Indeed I did. My cock is well above average, but although he was only 16, his unit was every bit as big as my own. In a few years, he'd put his old man to shame. I couldn't help but feel a swell of pride. "Nice, Son," I gave him a thumbs up, chuckling at Deb still holding it in her hand, staring in wonder.

    Finally, she let go. "Kneel down," she commanded. As he did, she opened her legs even wider, reaching down to spread her pussy. "Put it in," she ordered huskily.

    Richie bent his dick down, placing the swollen head against her pink hole. I watched his slender white asscheeks flex as he slowly pushed it in. Deb's brow knitted and she gasped. Richie groaned, now returned to his new favorite resting place, finally fully embedded after only getting part of it in while encased in the sleeping bag. He looked back at me, seemingly at a loss now that he was where he desperately wanted to be.

    I nodded encouragement. "Fuck her," I urged. "Hard. Fast. Don't worry, you won't hurt her."

    "Can I touch her tits?" he whispered.

    I raised my eyebrows at his sudden shy turn. "Ask her," I shrugged.

    He turned back to her. She looked up at him, eyes languid with desire, pink lips parted in a sexy smile that revealed her perfect white teeth.

    "C-can I touch your tits?"

    "Mother may I touch your tits?" she teased.

    "Mother may I touch your tits?" he repeated.

    "Touch the fuck out of 'em," she laughed. "I'm going to." She squeezed them roughly, pushed them together, juggled them up and down, twisted her pink nipples. Then she moved her hands away, thrusting her chest out, offering them to him. She grunted as he put his hands on them. "Play with them all you want," she said. "Just as long as you do as your father says and fuck me! Hard! Fast!"

    He wasted no time and began pumping his hips, maybe a little too enthusiastically. He slipped out several times, but Deb quickly grabbed it and guided it back in each time. He soon got the knack, however, and laid it into her at a teeth-rattling pace, all the while literally mauling her tits. And Deb was loving it! I'd seldom heard her make such passionate sounds--grunts and cries, breath hissing through teeth clenched in a snarl of lust. It took about 90 seconds for her to have her first orgasm.

    I rested on one elbow, slowly stroking my cock under the sleeping bag as I watched my son fuck my wife, his mom. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen! I'd had fleeting fantasies of seeing her get fucked by another man, but never really thought I'd ever see it, even with a stranger. Never even dreamed of it being by our virile young stud of a son. And I never would have believed it would turn me on this much...

    Deb lifted her legs, hooking her heels on Richie's rapidly pumping hips, urging him to an even greater pace. She put her hands over his, pinching her stiff nipples as he squeezed and kneaded her tits. She looked over, her eyes meeting mine. I grinned stupidly, whacking my dick. Her eyes rolled back and she came again. Another couple of minutes of desperate thrusting and Richie arched his back as he came inside her for the second time.

    She locked her ankles together behind his back, holding him inside her as they both panted heavily. He continued to slowly knead her breasts, looking down on her with wonder. She gazed up at him, smiling lovingly. I almost hated to break them up, but my nuts were about to explode! I waved to get her attention. Her eyes slowly rolled my way and I pointed to myself, raising my eyebrows questioningly.

    "Okay, Baby," she said, turning her attention back to Richie. She patted his hands and removed them from her chest as she lowered her feet to the floor. "Daddy's turn." She slowly pushed him away, shuddering as his half-limp penis slipped from her clenching vagina. Globs of cum leaked out of her to drip down onto the floor.

    I scrambled out of the sleeping bag, high-fiving Richie as I took his place. I pulled Deb up, kissing her eagerly. My hand went between her legs, feeling the jizz coating her pussy. Her hand went to my cock and stroked it.

    "This isn't going to take long," she observed drily as she broke the kiss and looked down at the pre-cum dribbling liberally from the head of my dick.

    "You're probably right about that," I growled. "But it's gonna be memorable!"

    I spun her around and pushed her down onto all fours atop the sleeping bag. She was partially straddling Richie's legs as he'd slid back under the cover, sitting so they were facing each other from a few feet away. I dropped to my knees behind her, grabbing her rounded butt and pulling her cheeks apart. I was hotter than I'd ever been in my life. I wasted no time in lining my cock up with her pussy. It was hot and slippery with my son's cum. I slammed it home in a single thrust.

    I took my own advice. I fucked her hard. I fucked her fast.

    Facing the son who had just fucked her, Deb made just as much noise with me as she had with him. She was still as excited as me, or nearly so. I saw him staring at her, awestruck. I wondered what he was feeling--his mother had just taken his virginity. Now he was watching her get railed. It drove me wild. I jackhammered her mercilessly. She didn't seem to mind one bit. She came within a couple of minutes.

    I lasted longer than I'd expected, given how worked up I'd gotten and the frenzied pace with which I fucked her. I managed to get one more orgasm out of her before I blew my load, adding my sperm to my son's deep in her pussy. She raised up onto her knees and leaned back against my chest, reaching one hand up to the back of my neck and the other around to my ass, pulling me hard against her. I kissed her neck, reaching around to cup her titties as I recovered my breath.

    "Everybody ready to get some sleep now?" she asked.

    "Um, Mom?" Richie spoke up.

    "Yes, Son?" she answered in an amused tone, like she already knew what he was going to ask,

    "Uh, can I, like, go one more time?"

    "One more time?" she repeated playfully.

    "Well, uh, watching you, y'know, like, made me hard again..." He pulled back the cover to reveal his dick, fully erect again.

    "Oh, the joys of teenaged cock!" she chuckled. She pulled away and turned to look up at me. "Do you think you can wait while your son goes 'one more time'?"

    I kissed her. "Wish my dick still worked like that," I muttered, then gave her a playful slap on the ass and moved to sit on the bench.

    She grinned at me then turned back to Richie. "One more time," she agreed, crawling toward him. "But this time we're doing it under the covers--I'm getting cold out here." She unzipped the sleeping bag a little further and pulled it back. "Lie down," she instructed.

    Richie, grinning happily, scooted down and lay on his back. He watched as his mother climbed over him on her hands and knees. She reached between her legs and grasped his dick, standing it up and rubbing the swollen head on her pussy. Slowly, she lowered her hips, impaling herself upon the stiff cock.

    I watched the shaft disappear into my wife's pussy. Richie moaned as she bottomed out and rocked her pelvis a few times to get every millimeter that she could. Fully embedded, she laid down atop him with her titties pressed against his chest. Turning her head, she gave me a significant look then reached back to pull the cover over herself. I sat on the cold wood of the bench and relaxed, watching as her form began to move.

    She and Richie were face to face now, staring into each others eyes as she rocked back and forth atop him. They breathed in unison. They made blissful little sounds. They smiled, they moaned, they whispered too low for me to hear. They made love.

    I was struck by the beauty of the thing as they undulated rhythmically under the covers. This was not fucking like before. This was intimacy. This was love-making.

    For long, long minutes Debra writhed atop our son, sometimes slow and gentle, sometimes more urgently. I know she came at least once, maybe more. Probably half an hour went by before she began to get more and more passionate, moving faster, whimpering louder. Finally she threw the cover off and sat up with a growl of need. She placed her hands on Richie's chest and began snapping her hips, driving herself down on his cock harder and harder.

    Richie was writhing uncontrollably, gasping and moaning as his mother rode him forcefully. His hands clawed at the sleeping bag beneath him, his hips lifted urgently to meet her thrusts. Suddenly he cried out, pounding the floor with clenched fists, arching his back and lifting his ass right off the floor as he came.

    Debra was lifted into the air. She threw her head back and wailed with her own orgasm as her son's balls emptied for the third time inside her. They held there for an eternal instant of perfect bliss, joined physically and emotionally in intense climax. It was the single most erotic thing I had ever seen in my life.

    Finally, they collapsed. Deb rolled off with a tired groan, letting Richie's spent cock plop wetly back onto his own belly. She rolled onto her back beside him, and they both lay there naked, breathing hard. Richie stared at the ceiling in a stunned trance. Deb rolled her eyes over to look at me. Still panting, breasts rising and falling, she stared into my eyes lethargically, as if waiting for me to condemn her for what she had just done but too spent to do anything about it.

    I smiled and mimed a 'whew' gesture. She gave me a tired but relieved smile back. I pointed at Richie and grinned. She looked over at him and then back at me, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. She waved me over, then nudged Richie.

    "Roll over, big guy, Daddy's coming to bed."

    He rolled, she snuggled up against his back, and I stood to turn the lantern down low, then climbed in behind her. I pulled the cover over us and zipped it behind my back as far as it would comfortably go, then wrapped an arm over both of them and settled in.

    "This never happened," Debra whispered into the night.

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    Hot stuff, outstanding!

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    A masterpiece. Probably the greatest sex story i've read. Congrats for creating
    something that is not 90% about anal/oral stuff (which never turned me on),
    like almost every other story in the web is, but it was about pure, beautiful sex,
    the way it is supposed by nature to be performed.
    I started reading it out of boredom and, in the beginning, i was like ''Oh, god,
    i can see where this is going. Father/son gay parts will kill my mood''. Yet, you
    avoided this trap as well.
    And the hottest thing about it is that every single moment of it was believable!
    I can totally see a family acting like that under those specific circumstances,
    then erasing it from their memories of course!
    A final, very dangerous trap you avoided was ending it with something like
    ''This happened plenty more times in the future''. No! Such a thing would kill it.
    Some experiences are meant to happen once and never again, that's part of their
    beauty as well.
    Reading this story, i got so turned on that my heart started pounding hard, so
    hard that i got exhausted before i could cum. I guess too much ''excitement'' is
    not good either after all!

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    Great story Hot and intense.. .. Thanks for the share
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    That was great. Realistic..real hot.

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    You know, i just thought it would be very funny if she got pregnant and didn't know whose child it is.

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    Interesting story. No mention of protection so may be mom got knocked up buy son or hubby?

    I hope there a part 2 in the near future

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    Quote Originally Posted by x_pac6969 View Post
    Interesting story. No mention of protection so may be mom got knocked up buy son or hubby?

    I hope there a part 2 in the near future
    Nah, i was just kidding. This story is good as it is.



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