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Thread: Home sweet Home

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    Home sweet Home

    ** Like many of my fantasies I try to stay within the realm of what could happen and this one is no different. All to often I get an idea in my head that I can't get rid of until it's written down- and once I start writing, my brains tries to twist and turn it into something that I think other people might like. However by the third or forth chapter the story has changed so much from the idea that I've lost interest. So this time I've decided not to do that. This time I am writing the story as it unfolds in my head without any censoring. Maybe it'll last five chapters, or maybe it'll be a never ending saga. It might all be one persons creative imagination or it might be fantastically real. I won't know until it's written on the page. **
    The sun was a giant fireball in the sky, its heat creeping into every corner, bathing a ten year old navy blue F150 in stifling heat. An endless expanse of black and gold stretched as far as the eye could see: seventy five miles an hour, fourteen hundred miles to go.

    My sixteen year old son, James, sat in the seat beside me with a river flowing down his sculptured body. I don’t know how it happened but my scrawny little boy grew into a young demigod. Along with the shaggy brown hair and almost six foot height he inherited his father’s sun-kissed complexion. He was facing straight ahead with sunglasses hiding his starry, blue eyes and a very impressive tent in his mesh shorts.

    My name is Mandy and I was wearing a hot pink halter top with denim shorts. Even with the air conditioning at full blast I was drenched in sweat. I’m five-feet three-inches tall with yellowish green eyes and blonde hair tied in a loose bun. The last time I stepped on a scale it said 103 pounds. I’m thirty-years-old with a body that hasn’t changed since thirteen. Most men who looked at me are the type you wouldn’t want around children, so my sex life was pretty one handed.

    I worked as a dancer for years- making half of what those other girls made. I was putting money in the bank though, hoping one day James might go to college. It wasn’t until he was fourteen that I realized college was just a dream I had long ago. His grades weren’t the problem and if he wanted to I’m sure he would excel at college. That’s the problem though. He doesn’t want to go.

    Like any good mother, I tried to compel him into doing what I thought was right. That led to our first adult conversation and it’s when I realized there was something wrong. No, there’s nothing wrong with my son. He’s perfect in every way- which is why I hadn’t noticed how hard he was struggling. I thought his impulsive - mindless- actions were just a result of his youth. I chalked up the hours he spent studying to wanting good grades. All those nights spent playing video games were him burning excess energy. The books, magazines, and electronic do-dads strung all over were his hunger for knowledge.

    It never occurred to me that he might have a disability. What parent wants to think their gifted child may not be so gifted- that their highly developed brains may actually be a curse. That their perfect little boy might have a problem. It never crossed my mind until he cried in my lap for nearly six hours and told me everything.

    He then talked me into using his college savings to buy our first real home. No more roach infested apartments or over priced rental units. No land lords or noisy neighbors. It’s what he wanted, just me and him in a place called Home. So there we were- driving across two state lines and through the middle of nowhere- towards a small farming community.

    “Are you awake?” I asked him.

    He shifted and stretched- which only made his erection more noticeable. He was hung like his father- that much was clear.

    “Yeah,” he said softly, “It’s too damn hot to sleep.”

    I chuckled. “Hungry?”

    He lifted his sunglasses and looked out the windshield. “Roadside picnic?”

    “We’d better do something before that sandwich meat in the back spoils. I bet the ice is already melted.”

    He bobbed his head and stretched his arms- cracking his back and shoulders in the process. “Find a spot to pull over and I’ll make us a shade.”

    I nodded because that sounded like a good idea. We didn’t own much, but all we had was piled in the back. I pulled off the road and found us a small flat clearing. James climbed out first and started digging around in the back. While he erected a shade- to keep me from burning under the sun like a vampire- I dug under the seat for his medicine.

    It was James who came up with the idea of medicating himself with pot. It calms him enough that he can focus on single tasks instead of continuously multitasking like an overclocked processor - his words not mine. In the beginning I thought he just wanted to experiment like a normal teenager but after seeing a significant change in him, I agreed.

    I ground up the herb and packed the light saber. Neither of us could roll a joint and he got frustrated having to light a pipe every hit. So I went and bought this little glass cigar looking thing with a hollow tube and a thin silicone mouthpiece. It holds about the same as half a joint and only needs to be lit once. For the price I paid -$20- it works surprisingly well. James named it the Lightsaber because it has all these neat swirling colors that change when heat passes through it.

    “Okay Mom,” he said,” it’s ready.”

    I put the medicine bag back under the seat and hopped out of the truck with his light saber in hand. My feet immediately caught on fire and I reached back in for my sandals- hopping on one foot to put them on.

    James hadn’t simply erected a little shade. No- he had an entire mini shelter built using tarps and blankets. It completely blocked out the sun and was a good fifteen degrees cooler inside. He even had thick blankets covering the scorching ground with pillows to sit on. Our ice chest sat in the middle- half full of slushy ice water with bottles and cans floating around.

    “You want to eat first and then smoke this,” I held up the light saber, “or smoke and then eat?”

    He scratched at the peach fuzz on his chin and considered the options. I took that as a sign and nodded. “We’ll smoke first.”

    James nodded and motioned for me to sit across from him. It wasn’t until I was seated that I saw a tube of sunscreen between his crossed legs. That caused me to look at my arms- which were turning a dark pink color. He was so sweet to think of it- but it was clear he had something planned..

    “You want to take the first hit?” I asked.

    He shook his head no, so I took a small puff to get it started for him. Once I passed it into his hand, I reached into the icy water and found the sandwich meat. The water felt good and I let my arms soak for a few seconds. James had a loaf of bread waiting and I made our sandwiches while he medicated.

    After about five hits he traded the light saber for a sandwich. I felt only slightly guilty for finishing off his medicine. Unlike the girls I worked with at the club, I didn’t normally smoke that often. At least I hadn’t before I started smoking with James; now it’s become a daily thing. Not that either of us get completely stoned- just enough for a nice buzz.

    James ate four sandwiches to my one. By the time I finished nibbling on my lunch the weed- combined with hours on the road- caused me to yawn. That’s when he pulled the sunscreen from his shorts.

    “You’re looking a little pink,” he said and waved the tube, “can I-”

    I smiled, “A massage sounds like a fantastic idea James.”

    Now understanding his plan, I reached around my back and untied the halter top. His beautiful star filled eyes wandered around - pretending he wasn’t watching me take off my shirt. Then they zeroed in and focused as if he’d only just then noticed my nipples sticking out. It was so cute.I stood and pushed the shorts down my legs until I laid face down on the blanketed ground in front of him, completely naked.

    “Try not to get too excited,” I giggled, “you have to do the front too.”

    He let out an audible groan before squirting the first of many squirts onto my skin. He started with the back of my legs. The sunscreen was hot and gooey- causing his hands to slip and slide all over. Some places made me giggle and others drew soft moans from deep inside. I couldn’t believe I was letting my teenage son touch me like that- or any man for that matter. It felt too good though and I found myself relaxing more and more.

    I was asleep when I felt his fingers slip between my thighs. If it were anyone but him I’d say he was fondling me- but this was different. He probably had no idea the effect his gentle touches and soft caresses were having. I bit my lip to muffle the sounds coming from my mouth. Nothing could keep my legs from parting for him though.

    Those magical fingers dipped down and I felt that gooey cream coat my butt hole. A whimper escaped. He was so gentle- too gentle. I squirmed and tried to direct his fingers- but they evaded and started kneading the firm cheeks of my butt instead. I let out a frustrated moan.

    His hands worked their way up my back and over my shoulders until I fell into this sleepy state where my body was putty to his touch but my brain was wide awake. I felt every touch of his fingers as they kissed and caressed my aroused flesh. Then- as if sensing it was time- he gently rolled me over to start the whole process from the front.

    Once again he started with my legs- actually my feet- and slowly worked his way up my body. Every inch of me was sensitive to his touch. I knew I was wet- dripping wet at that. I could feel my juices pooling beneath me. My eyes-without conscious thought- zeroed in on that bouncing pole sticking from his shorts. He hadn’t let me see him naked since he was eight years old and I found myself imagining what it might look like. Was he thin and smooth like his father, or thick and rigid like the rest of him…

    “Ohhh god,” I moaned out as my legs twitched.

    “Sorry,” he said-backing up quickly, “I-”

    “No,” I tried to control my breathing and closed my eyes, “don’t stop, it feels good…”

    His eyes looked down at me and I saw him swallow.

    “It’s okay James,” I said softly, “you can touch me.”

    He blinked and his eyes found mine. A smile stretched his thin cheeks and he squirted a big glob of warm goo right over my navel. I giggled and squirmed as he smeared it all around.

    “You’re shorts are getting all gooey, why don’t you take them off?”

    He paused his tickling massage and looked into my eyes. I gave him what I thought was a motherly smile but was probably something a little naughtier. He moved fast and kicked his shorts off. I got my first glimpse of his eight inch missile- and it was a missile alright. Thick and round with a tapered head designed to penetrate and stretch. The shaft was covered in bulging veins and little bumps. It was surrounded by tiny blonde hairs that were so thin I could hardly see them at all. And what cock would be complete with the ping pong balls dangling between his legs. He squatted as he was- between my spread legs- and continued massaging SPF 150 from my navel to my breasts.

    The higher his hands moved, the closer his cock came until I felt it sliding over me and another moan escaped.

    “Don’t stop,” I whispered.

    His fingers kneaded my shoulders as he looked down at me. I felt his long shaft rub over my hairless mound again. It became clear that there was a question in his starry eyes- one even I was unsure about. My brain may have been slow but my hands weren't. They gripped the rock hard muscles of his butt and guided him as his long hard dick rubbed over my throbbing clit.

    “It’s okay,” I breathed slowly, “you’re giving me a nice massage.”

    He grunted and pressed his weight on me. That felt even better. I shifted my feet under me and changed the angle so that all of that wonderfully hard cock rubbed against my burning hot pussy slit. His oily hands wrapped around my throat and my eyes rolled back. Then I felt his soft lips touch mine for the first time in years. I nearly cried as he kissed me. My hand-with a mind of its own- reached between us and wrapped around that nuclear missile. He throbbed in my hand and I knew he wouldn’t last but a few seconds. But that was okay- because neither would I. That pointed tip breached the entrance and I used both hands to pulled him inside.

    “Ohhh,” I cried out, “fuck me.”

    He slammed into me- driving every inch of that missile into my silo until he hit the core of my being.

    “Mom, I’m going to-”

    “Don’t stop,” I pleaded and wrapped my legs around him, “keep loving me baby, don’t stop, please don’t ever stop loving me.”

    He put his hand down on either side of my face and held himself over me as he drove his cock in and out like a power tool. The orgasm built and built in a matter of seconds and then I felt it. That first blast of hot gooey cream filling my insides. My legs clamped- holding him deep inside me- as a second orgasm ripped through me.

    My eyes snapped open to the sound of my own voice. James was sitting in the driver's seat with both hands on the wheel- still in his shorts, which now had a very large wet spot. He was shaking all over and looking at me as if I’d grown two heads. My sleepy brain slowly woke up.

    “How long have I been asleep?” I groaned.
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    Oh forgot to mention ^^ The above chapter is meant as a teaser.

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    Most interesting ... would Like to see where it is going... Thanks for the share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    great start cant wait to see whats cumming next

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    OH, What a teaser it was.



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