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    Incest Island - Part 1

    Haven't written in a while, but here's a pretty decent story - I think. Due to it's length, I'm presenting it in several parts:

    It was obvious that my son, William, was in a good mood when he picked me up from work. When I got into the car he had a big smile on his face. I took one look at him and said, "You look like you've had a good day."

    "I got my first paycheck today, Mom. Here look!"

    He handed me his paycheck, I looked at it and said, "Wow Honey, that's great!" His check for a week was almost what I earned in a month. I was really proud of him. When he had graduated from high school a few weeks ago he had started working in construction. The work was hard, but he was young and strong, and the job obviously paid well. "You deserve it," I told him, "you're a hard worker."

    We had never had much money. I had raised William as a single mom, having gotten pregnant when I was in high school. We had lived with my mother, until she had died in a car accident when I was only twenty-two. From that time on, my son, William, and I had lived together in a small apartment. Over the years I had often held two jobs, so that I could provide as best as I could for William. He had never complained, and had always been a good son.

    As we headed home that night we drove past a fancy restaurant that we always joked about, saying that someday we'd eat there. We knew it was too expensive for us, but it always gave us a laugh. This time as we drove by it William said to me, "Mom, I'd like to celebrate my first paycheck by taking you to that restaurant tomorrow night." I told him that he didn't have to do that, but he kept insisting that he wanted to. I was hiding the real reason I didn't want him to take me there, but he was persistent in saying he wanted us to go there. So I finally told him, "Oh William, I'd love to go there with you. But honey, I really don't have anything nice enough to wear for you."

    His response surprised me, "Well we can take care of that! I'm treating you to a new outfit."

    "Honey, you don't have to do that."

    "I know I don’t have to Mom, but I want to."

    I could tell that there wasn't going to be much use in arguing with him, so I agreed, "Well, okay."

    We continued on down the highway but when we got to the discount store where I usually shopped he went right on by. "William, you just passed the store Sweetie."

    "No Mom, I want to buy you something nice." And with that he turned into one of the town's more upscale malls. "We should be able to find something in here," he said.

    "Well you'll have to help me then, Kiddo. If you see something you'd like me to wear for you, just let me know, okay."

    "Sure Mom."

    We strolled through the mall passing the window displays of several stores. William finally stopped in front of one, turned to me, and said, "That looks nice Mom. What do you think?"

    I turned to see what he was looking at. It was a two-piece outfit in black that was displayed on a mannequin. The top was a ribbed stretch top with short sleeves and a moderately plunging scoop neckline. The bottom was a nice skirt that wasn't too short, the hem fell to just a few inches above the knee.

    "That's fine with me, if it's okay with you."

    We went into the store where I picked out the two pieces in my size and we made our purchase. As we left the store something suddenly occurred to me.

    I stopped and turned to William, "Oh no Honey wait. There's still one small problem. I just thought of something else. I’m definitely going to need new bra.”

    William looked at me quizzically so I explained, “I don't have the right bra to wear under this top. All of my bras are white, and they'll probably show through the black top of my new outfit. Maybe we should take this back."

    "No Mom, I know that this outfit is perfect for you." he replied, "We'll just have to buy you a new black bra. There's a nice lingerie store just a few doors down, I’m sure they’ll have what you need."

    Before I could respond, he took complete control and led me by the hand. I could tell he had made up his mind. I wondered if maybe he’d reconsider once he saw the prices of lady’s lingerie, especially the bras.

    And unfortunately, the cost of a bra for me was certain to be even more expensive than it would be for most women. Ever since my late teens, I had been forced to pay a premium price for my lingerie. I require a special bra – one designed for women that are… ahem.. lets just say, well endowed up top.

    Once inside the store we made our way directly to the foundations department. There were literally dozens of bras on display at the entrance. "What do you think Mom, shouldn't one of those be okay?” He looked thoughtfully at the numerous selections for a moment. I watched as his gaze settled on something that seemed to catch his eye. “Here Mom, how about this one? This looks good. Don’t you think?"

    When I saw which bra he was talking about, I was rather surprised at his choice. What he was suggesting I wear was decidedly sexy - kind of slutty actually. It was a lacy black demi-cup number that seemed more like what a guy would pick out for his girlfriend than his mother. Besides figuring that a black bra was what I needed, he had also correctly assumed that I'd need a bra with scooped cups that wouldn't be visible in the open neckline.

    Somewhat amazed by his taste and confidence, I murmured to him that one like that would be just fine. A clerk approached and asked if she could help us. Before I could respond, William told her, "We are looking for a black bra in a style similar to that one over there."

    The clerk looked at William, then at me, and then back at William again. Confused as to whom was in charge, she finally looked to William and said, “Well sir, I sure we can find something that you’ll both like.” She hesitated for a moment and then, after taking a quick glance at my ample chest, she smiled and continued, “If we have the correct size in stock that is.”

    She turned and appraised my breasts once again, staring at them much longer this time. Apparently unable to suggest how big of a bra I required, she frowned and asked William, "Um… What size brassiere does the young lady wear, Sir?"

    My son obviously didn't know the answer, so he simply turned and stared at me.

    "What size are you Ma’am?" the saleslady repeated, now speaking to me. I thought briefly before answering. The question presented something of a problem. I hesitated because, as I already mentioned, I am endowed with a rather large bosom. Actually my breasts would be considered huge by anyone’s standards.

    And so, as one can surely imagine, I was sort of reluctant to answer the saleswoman. It was no secret that my breasts are huge but I felt awkward sharing just exactly how huge they are with my son. I briefly thought of just whispering my measurements in the saleslady’s ear, but I figured that since he was paying for all these nice things he had a right to know what he was getting.

    I looked over at William and then at the sales lady - both of whom were waiting for my answer. "Uhm…Oh well…let me think. I’m not sure, but the last time I checked I think I wore a 44. Yes, that’s right, I’m a size 44” .

    That didn’t seem to cause too much of a reaction, but I wasn’t done yet. “So I’ll need a size 44 bra, with um…with an EE cup" I added quietly.

    When I spoke those words I noticed William’s eyes grow wide and he immediately glanced down at my chest. After a few moments spent gazing at my breasts he looked back up. When he did, our eyes met for a brief second and I winked at him.

    He knew he had been caught, and turned his head away. I thought to myself that he was such a sweetie. He must be so embarrassed to be here, buying a bra for his extremely large breasted mother. The clerk went to a drawer, and after an extensive search, she found the bra we needed. While holding it up to fold it, she exclaimed “Oh my Goodness! These cups certainly are quite large aren’t they’.

    She turned to my son and motioned towards my chest with her hand. With raised eyebrows, she added, “But from what I can see, the young lady should have no problem filling them out nicely.”

    Next she pulled out a pair of matching French-cut panties and asked if we'd like to get them too, telling us that they were half-price with the purchase of the bra. Again William took charge and told the clerk we'd take the panties too. As she headed to the cash register I turned to William and jokingly said, "I haven't had matching underwear since I was in high school. You're going to spoil me!"

    "You deserve nice things Mom. I want you to be happy."

    The saleswoman suggested we open a charge account and William agreed, particularly after he learned that one of the benefits of doing so was that I could get a free makeover. William thought that was a great idea, saying I deserved some extra pampering and attention. We even discovered that we would be able to schedule the makeover for the next day. William suggested I go ahead, saying it would make tomorrow night extra special. I agreed, made the appointment for the early afternoon, and we turned to leave the store. As we were walking away the saleswoman called after us. She waved good-bye and gave me a saucy wink. “Now you two have fun with those things!” I felt my face flush as it dawned on me what she was implying. William simply chuckled and took my little hand in his strong grasp.

    As we walked back to our car, we passed a shoe store. Another thought occurred to me and I blurted out, "Oh damn, Sweetie you’re going to kill me! I just remembered something else I’m going to need.”

    “I don't have any shoes to wear with all these nice things. William I'm afraid this is turning into more trouble than it's worth. It's been so long since I've dressed up I think I've forgotten how."

    "No problem Mom; outfit…underwear…makeup…shoes…Anything else?" he joked.

    We laughed and headed into the shoe store. "I want to pick these out for you myself," he told me. As the clerk came over he said, "I need something for 'shorty' here."

    He often teased me like that, calling me 'shorty', even though at 5' 5" I wasn't really that short. It's just that standing next to him, at 6' 4" I was definitely shorter. He picked up a pair of strappy black pumps with six inch heels and joked, "Here you go Mom. These ought to get you up here to the higher altitudes!"

    "Oh well, if you insist!" was my mockingly self-righteous comeback. We were starting to get giddy from all of our shopping. I wasn't used to getting so many nice things at once. Anyway, I tried on the shoes, joked that I was going to get a nosebleed, and we made the purchase. The salesclerk must have thought we were crazy the way we carrying on. Having finished our shopping we left the mall and headed for home.

    When we arrived at our apartment William asked, "Do you want to try everything on?"

    I was a bit tired so I told him, "No, I've had a long day. I think I'll wait until tomorrow. I'm going to get to bed." I walked over to William, wrapped my arms around his strong shoulders and kissed him on the cheek. I looked up into my sons eyes and whispered to him, "William, thank you so much for all the nice treats tonight. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night".

    For some reason, I pressed my full lips to his and kissed him again. Then, as I broke our embrace and headed to my bedroom, something odd happened - I felt an unexpected tingle of desire flash quickly through my womb.

    I awoke early on Saturday, wanting to get all my weekend chores out of the way quickly. I was really looking forward to my makeover, trying on my new clothes, and going out for dinner. William had gotten up early because he'd promised a friend he'd help him move. I knew he wasn't going to be home until about 5:00 in the afternoon. By noon I had finished my housecleaning and took a quick shower. Then I headed to the mall for my makeover. The lady was very nice, took her time, and I was pleased with the results. William had left some money on the kitchen table in the morning, with a note telling me to use it to buy some cosmetics if I wanted to. I didn't really want to buy any cosmetics, but as it happened the clerk suggested that I have my hair done. She knew there was an available appointment because the lady after me had canceled her makeover and hair appointment. I didn't think William would mind, and it had been so long since I'd had my hair professionally cut, that I took the appointment. Also, before I left the department store I remembered that there was one more thing I needed--some stockings. I picked out a black pair with a tiger pattern up the sides. Then, while paying for them I giggled to myself as I recalled our teasing in the shoe store about whether I had gotten everything I needed.

    When I returned home I thought I'd better start getting ready for going out to dinner. To relax I took a long hot bath, and shaved my legs silky smooth. Since I'd just gotten it done, I took care not to get my hair wet. After drying off I opened the bags from last night's shopping spree and emptied the contents onto my bed. I stepped into the black lace panties and eased them up my legs and over my hips. I had remembered that they were bikini-style so I had clipped a few stray wisps of hair from around my thick black bush while I had bathed.

    I looked at myself in the mirror, saw how the thin strips of fabric rose up over my broad, curvy hips, and thought, "hmm not too bad". I felt proud that my waist, while not as slim as it had been when I was eighteen, was still fairly tight. It was soft and smooth, with just a hint of a belly. The French-cut panties also made my legs look longer, and I half-heartedly muttered to myself, "Don't call me Shorty." I next put on the black lace demi bra.

    As I adjusted the straps I noticed how the tops of my massive creamy white breasts contrasted lewdly with the dark lace cups. The bra was rather skimpy, yet it squeezed my breasts together, creating an enormous amount of cleavage. This further emphasized the fullness of my breasts, making them look like they wanted to burst right out of it. Looking in the mirror, and again seeing how obscenely I was overflowing the cups, I began to wonder if maybe the saleslady had given me the wrong size. I took the bra off and searched for the label. I found it and was surprised to see that there was no mistake - it was definitely a 44EE. But even with cups that large, it barely contained me. I put the flimsy bra back on and checked myself in the mirror once again, hoping for a more demure look!

    Nope – no improvement. If anything, more of my plump breasts were now on display. I thought, hmm, I must have filled out some over the years. Looks like I might actually need an F cup!

    Sitting down on the edge of the bed, I picked up the stockings I had purchased and eased them up over my smooth legs. They were black thigh-highs with the tiger pattern and a lace edge around the top. Finally, I put on the black high heels we had purchased. Looking at the shoes, it flashed across my mind how adamant William had been that he would be the one to pick them out.

    Dressed in only the black bra, panties, stockings and shoes I strolled back over to the mirror and gazed at my reflection. I quickly observed how the heels plumped my calves and caused my bountiful ass to ride high and firm. It had been a long time since I had been able to fix myself up nicely and I thought I looked pretty good. At 140 pounds I weighed about 20 pounds more than I had weighed in high school. But fortunately, those 20 pounds had ended up in exactly the right places.

    My figure was now a truly classic hourglass shape, with my large breasts tapering down to my slightly plump waist, and my wide hips flaring out as they ran down to my shapely thighs.

    I was also pleased with my new haircut. My long black hair had always hung simply straight down my back. The beautician had cut it and layered it so that it brushed softly on my back, just a few inches below my shoulders. The strands in the front cascaded down, resting just slightly on top of my full breasts.

    Being satisfied with my appearance so far I was now ready to try on the outfit William had bought me. I put on the ribbed top. Because it had a wide, deeply scooped neckline I could stretch and hold the top open as I slipped it on so it wouldn't mess up my hair. Once I had the top on I glanced down at my chest and thought, "Oh-boy! Houston, we have a problem. Why didn't I try this on at the store?"

    The scooped neckline revealed a lot more of my breasts than it had on the store's display model. I thought to myself, "That mannequin was built like all those skinny models." I'd forgotten how slimly built they were. "This top's probably designed for someone with 36C boobs, not someone as big up top as me!"

    When I looked in the mirror I realized that, not only did the scoop top plunge so deeply that a lot of my bare smooth breasts and cleavage were visible, but that the stretchy material also tightly hugged my curves. As it strained to contain my breasts, it outlined them in detail, leaving little to the imagination.

    It got worse. As I twisted to the side to check my look from that angle something else caught my eye. In the front, below the scoop and slightly off to the sides I could plainly see my thick nipples. Due to the sheerness of the fabric and maybe the excitement of getting all dressed up, they were obscenely erect!

    I tried to smooth them down with my palms and even tried to stretch the dress to loosen it up some. But it didn’t help a bit. No matter what angle I viewed them from, they remained hopelessly erect and would be obvious to anyone looking at me.

    Thinking maybe I was looking too closely, I stepped back from the mirror. But even from 15 feet away they were still clearly visible - as were the outlines of my wide aureole. I just sighed and went ahead and tried on the skirt. It fit fine, being just tight enough around my waist, and just firm enough around my bottom. I kept wondering what I should do about the revealing top. I finally rationalized that it didn't really show any more cleavage than what you could see when you turned on half the shows on TV. I figured I'd ask William about it, and if he wasn't uncomfortable being out with his mother dressed this way I'd be okay. Not long after that I heard the front door open and I knew William was home.

    "Mom, I'm home" he yelled.

    "I'm up here in my room" I answered. I heard him coming down the hallway towards my bedroom.

    "Did you get your makeover" he called out as he was just outside my door.

    "Yes honey. I did. You can come in see me. I'm dressed" He opened the door and entered the room. As he did so I turned to face him. He stopped dead in his tracks.

    "Wow…Mom" he gasped "you look awesome. Your hair… your makeup….your outfit." He stood there, looking me up and down until I felt self-conscious and started to blush. The only thing I could think to say was, "I hope you don't mind that I spent some of the money you left me to get my hair done."

    "Are you kidding" he replied, "it looks fabulous. You are what my friends would call the ultimate MILF.” I giggled with feminine pride at his compliment.

    Then, remembering the plunging neckline, I asked him, "William, tell me truthfully, Honey. Do you think this top is too revealing?” I continued before he could answer, “I think these tops are designed for women who are… well, less endowed than me. I can find something else to wear. I don't want to embarrass you at the restaurant."

    "Embarrass me!" he exclaimed, "why I'm going to be with the hottest gal in the restaurant…why would I be embarrassed. You look fabulous Mom!"

    Feeling good from his praise, I said, "Why thank you William…you really know how to make a lady feel sexy!" I even did a little twirl to show off my new outfit, hairdo, and makeup. As I spun, I noticed my short skirt rise up my thighs and exposed my stocking tops and a hint of my bare thighs. Looking up at William I realized he was still staring at me. I playfully clapped my hands together and said, "You'd better get cleaned up honey, our reservations are at 7:30".

    "Sure Mom, he replied, I'll take a shower and get dressed."

    As he headed to his room I went to the living room, sat down and started watching TV. The local news was just coming on when I heard William start his shower. When the news was almost over I realized that William was still in the shower. He's been in there a long time I thought, that's not like him. I got up, walked to just outside the door of the bathroom, and called to him "William, are you coming?" He didn't respond, so I called out again, "William, we're going to be late. You need to hurry up."

    This time his response came back, "Uh, okay Mom, I'll be out in just a minute." I went back to the TV and waited. Shortly thereafter I heard him come out of the bathroom and go to his room. In about fifteen minutes he came out all dressed up in a sport coat and tie.

    "You look nice son, but we have to go, we don't want to be late….That was sure one long shower you took."

    "Uh, oh, I was just really sweaty and grimy from helping Bob move today. I've got the car keys. You ready to go?"

    "Sure" I said. We got to the car and William opened the door for me. "Why thank you honey" I said.

    "A lady deserves to be treated like a lady" he replied.

    We got to the restaurant and were seated. The waitress asked if we wanted drinks. William only had a soft drink, but I ordered a margarita. To my amazement the waitress asked to see my ID! When I briefly hesitated she somewhat apologetically said, "By law we have to card anyone we think might be twenty-five or under. So I'll need to see your ID." I gladly complied as I could see William stifling a laugh. When she saw my ID she was embarrassed and said she was sorry she'd asked, but that I sure looked a lot younger than 43 years old! I told her that she'd made my day! William said it was the makeover and hairdo. We had a good time at the restaurant, and even did a little dancing. A party of four attractive girls I guessed to be in their early twenties sat at a nearby table. I told William, "I'll bet you'd rather be out with those slinky young girls instead of your full-figured Mom."

    "Mom, I told you, I'm with the best looking gal in the restaurant"

    "Well, I'm with the best looking guy!" We looked at each other and laughed.

    When we left the restaurant William once again opened the car door for me. But when he tried to start the car it wouldn't start. He raised the hood and worked for awhile and finally got it to start. However, in the process he got grease on his shirt, hands and forehead. Our old car was always breaking down, and I was frustrated that it had broken down tonight when the evening had been so special, and that William had gotten dirty fixing it. I felt my Cinderella evening was being spoiled. I was upset and grumbled, "This damn car….if I had a million dollars…….."

    William tried to calm me down, and in a few moments asked me, "Mom, if you had a million dollars what would you do?"

    "I'd buy a new car, that's for sure!"

    "Well that'd still leave a lot left over! What would you do with the rest…what if you could make your wildest dreams come true?"

    I thought a moment, and then answered, "I'd move to an island and sit on the beach all day just soaking up the sun!"


    Several weeks went by and William and I continued our daily routine. One day when I got home I found William packed, and he told me he had to go away for a few days. He said it was for a construction job so I didn't think anything about it. He called every night to check on me. After five days he returned and was waiting for me when I got home from work. "Anything exciting happen while I was gone?" he asked.

    "Same as usual" I told him.

    "Mom, do you remember somebody winning that big lottery last week?"

    "Yeah, that's all people around here have been talking about. The winner was from right here in town. Everyone's trying to guess who it is, but the news said the winner wanted to remain anonymous."

    William came over and sat down beside me, took both of my hands into his and calmly said, "Mom, I won that lottery". I thought he was joking at first, but as I looked at the expression on his face I realized he was serious. "We have fifty million dollars in the bank!" I was speechless. William proceeded to tell me that he had spent the past several days claiming the money, making arrangements for different things, and that he had indeed taken a trip. He then pulled out two airline tickets and said, "Mom I want to take you on a trip…to a special place."

    I was so excited as we flew over the ocean to the Caribbean. When we landed William had a cab take us out into the countryside. It dropped us off at a villa that looked out over the ocean. The view was beautiful! The house was up on a hill, with about thirty stairs that led down to the beach. As we got closer to the house I saw a red convertible car parked outside and told William that someone must be here. He laughed, pulled some keys out of his pocket, and told me the car was mine! He must have been able to tell that I was puzzled so he proceeded to tell me, "Mom, this is your dream come true. This is your house on the beach. This is your car!" I felt like I was in a fairy tale, or was having a dream, but I realized that he was telling the truth! We went inside and he showed me around. "I hope you like it."

    Dazed, I could only respond, "It's unbelievable!"

    After touring the house William suggested we head down to see the beach and take a quick dip in the ocean. When I told him I didn't bring a swimsuit he said "no problem" and told me to check the top dresser drawer in my bedroom. He explained that the realtor had said she would leave an assortment of suits in there.

    I told William that I would be right back and went to my room to change. I closed the door and went to the bureau to find a suit. When I opened the top drawer it only took one quick glance for me to realize that there was going to be a problem.

    There wasn’t much for me to choose from. Most of the suits the realtor had left for me were bikinis. The bottom halves weren’t the issue. I do have full hips and a plump ass, but with a little effort I could have squeezed myself into them.

    But the tops were a different story; they were not going to work. There was just no way that that any of them could even begin to contain my breasts.

    The cups of these bikini tops were basically just two small triangles of fabric attached with a string. Another set of strings went over the shoulders and around the back. None of them could ever possibly support - or even conceal - my huge breasts.

    Just as a test, I removed my blouse and bra. Then, with no real hope that it would fit me, I held the top with the biggest cups up to my chest. Glancing over at the mirror, I saw my reflection and laughed out loud. It was a ridiculous sight; my breasts were almost totally exposed; the material didn’t even cover my aureoles. For all intents and purposes, I might as well have been topless.

    I didn’t want to disappoint William, but there was just no way I was going out in public wearing a bathing suit top that barely covered my breasts. Never mind embarrassed, I probably would have been arrested.

    I was just about to tell William that we would have to postpone our swim when I decided to take one last look in the dresser. I opened a different drawer this time and got lucky. There was a red one-piece that I thought might possibly fit me. The tag indicated that the cup size was DD. Not quite big enough for my breasts, but I had no other options and William was waiting. I stepped out of my skirt, removed my panties and put it on.

    It was a tight fit but I managed to squeeze into it. The top was a halter type that was struggling mightily to contain my massive chest. In addition it had a plunging neckline that showed an almost obscene amount of cleavage. The sides of the suit were cut high, exposing quite a bit of my curvy hips and most of my plump ass cheeks. I thought surely there must be a less revealing suit in the drawer and took one last look but found none.

    Before leaving the room, I turned to check myself in the mirror and was actually pleasantly surprised. The swimsuit didn’t look too bad on me after all. Matter of fact, I thought it made me look kind of sexy!

    Coming out of my room I found William on the porch waiting for me. When he saw the outfit I was wearing, his eyes immediately went wide open and he exclaimed breathlessly, “Wow, Mom you look great! You are going to be the sexiest woman on the beach.”

    I giggled and said demurely, “Why thank you, Sweetie.” I motioned in the general direction of my breasts and asked demurely, “Honey, are you sure this is okay? I wouldn’t want to embarrass you.”

    William just smiled and said “No way Mom. I bet all the other women will be green with envy,” Then he chuckled and added, “And all the guys will want to steal you away from me.”

    As we headed down to the beach William took my hand in his and we walked along together. He took me to a little gazebo that was part of our property. It was covered to provide protection from the sun while allowing you to look out over the beach and ocean. Taking up most of its space was a very large lounge chair. We made it to the beach and laid out our towels, sat down, and began enjoying the sun, sand and ocean. Both the sky and water were so blue it was hard to tell where they met.

    After a while I looked up the beach and saw a couple approaching. As they got nearer, it became apparent that the woman was topless. Her medium-sized breasts gently swayed and bounced as they passed by. I guessed the couple to be in their mid-forties.

    I turned to William and remarked that he had gotten quite an eyeful. But he nonchalantly told me that the realtor had told him that nudity was fairly common on the island. I laughed and said that I might have to loosen up and give it a try myself. That seemed to catch William’s attention and he quickly agreed that I should. At first I assumed he was joking. But the way he looked at me when he said it made me realize that he was dead serious.

    We continued to relax and sunbathe until I heard some noises. Another couple was approaching, but this time it was two younger women. They appeared to be in their early twenties, and they were both completely nude.

    One was tall and slim, with short blond hair and small perky breasts with pale tiny nipples. Her pussy was neatly shaved, but from the tiny strip of hair that remained, it was evident that she was a true blonde.

    The other girl was shorter, with long brown hair. She had much larger breasts than the blonde girl and - unlike her friends almost virginal breasts – hers were capped with big dark aureole and thick prominent nipples. They swayed heavily back and forth – as did her wide hips - with each step she took. Also, in contrast to her girlfriend, she hadn’t shaved her bikini area. Her thick black bush was emphasized by the plumpness of her mons, and her puffy vaginal lips peeked out sexily from between her plump thighs.

    The two girls stopped no more than ten feet in front of us, seemingly oblivious to their nudity, and asked if we knew the time. I watched as their eyes roamed up and down my son’s athletic young body.

    Unexpectedly, I felt a sudden flash of jealousy as I observed their body language and facial expressions. After William told them the time, they thanked us and continued on down the beach. When they were out of earshot I told William, "Those girls were absolutely drooling over you Honey. Now I know why you wanted to move here, you frisky devil".

    "Aw Mom, I didn't pay any attention to them."

    "Do you mean to tell me you didn't notice them, or the way the were staring at you?!"

    "No, not particularly."

    I was a bit curious at his indifference so I questioned him, "So tell me Honey, which of those two girls did you find the most sexually attractive?" When he didn't answer I persisted with the question.

    He figured he had to answer. "I don’t know Mom, I guess the brunette, the shorter girl."

    "Oh yeah, why? What was it that you preferred about her?" I probed.

    Without looking up he responded, "Well you know, she was built nicer….you know… her body was more like yours. She had big heavy boobs and nice wide hips. I liked watching her breasts bounce and sway as she walked. Also, I have to admit that I have a thing for thick hair in the pubic area".

    I was surprised by his comments. Not knowing what to say I simply stayed quiet. As the afternoon passed, I could have sworn he was checking my body out – kind of comparing me to those two young ladies.

    Every so often I would observe him through my sunglasses, but he would quickly look away. I finally assured myself that it was all in my mind and he seemed to be nonchalant about our afternoon together. Finally he spoke up, "We'd better not stay out here too long Mom. It’s only our first day in the sun and we'll get burned." I agreed and he took me by the hand and helped me to my feet.

    We bent over to gather up our things and started walking back up toward the villa. As we strolled side-by-side, I watched my son closely out of the corner of my eyes. And, just like when we were laying next to each other while we sunbathed, I again got the distinct feeling that he couldn’t take his eyes off me.

    Finally, as we began ascending the steps to our villa, I glanced more intently over at my son. Suddenly there it was again – and this time there could be no denying it! William’s gaze was now totally focused on my big heavy breasts – observing them openly as they swayed back and forth with each step I took up the stairs.

    I turned and looked directly at him - to let him know that I was fully aware of what he was staring at. When our eyes met, he quickly turned away. I was confused, but assured myself that he wasn't really looking at my breasts, that it must have been my imagination. After all I was his mother – right?

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    Incest Island - Part 2

    My bed in our villa had been arranged so that I was able to lie on it and look out over the ocean. It was partly cloudy that night and I could barely see the rippling of the water lit by a full silver moon. I didn't think anything of it when I heard William come into my room, but then he flipped back the bed sheet and slipped into bed beside me.

    I thought it was rather odd that he would want to get into my bed with me, but figured he was simply coming in to say goodnight.

    "It's so beautiful here, Honey. Thank you so much!" I told him. I was laying on my side, with my back to him. He didn’t respond, and after a moment, I felt him put his hand on my shoulder. He remained silent and let his hand just rest on my shoulder. After awhile, he let out a soft sigh and suddenly I felt his hand start to gently caress up and down my side. Stroking me from my shoulder and then down to the rise of my hip.

    "I hope you’ll like it here, Mom." he whispered. I turned to face him, and as I did so he slipped his left arm underneath and around my back. Before I realized it, I was snuggled into his strong embrace.

    It felt wonderful being in his arms and I whispered, "Thank you so much for bringing me here William." I leaned in and kissed him tenderly on the cheek.

    Then, before I could tilt my face back away from his, I felt him slide his hand up to the back of my head. Before I knew it, he pulled my face to his and began to kiss me passionately on the lips. Surprised at his ardor, I started to pull away, but he held me gently yet firmly in his grasp. Leaning in, he opened his lips and kissed me once again, this time more forcefully. His tongue parted my lips and then he was probing my mouth to find my tongue. I was briefly able to pull away and blurted out, "Oh my Goodness, William! What are you doing, Honey?"

    "Oh God, Mom! I’m sorry but I can’t help myself! You looked so beautiful on the beach today, and now – laying here on this bed. Excuse my language but…Mom, you are just so fuckin’ sexy." He pulled me back close to him and began kissing me again.

    At the same instant when our lips met, I felt his free hand reach up to my bare shoulder. Due to the warm night I had only covered my lush curves with a short satin chemise top.

    I regretted that decision now, because it took no effort for William to slip the thin strap down over my shoulder. As he lowered the silky material down, my left breast spilled heavily out of the flimsy top and spread out over my chest. He next put the palm of his hand over my nipple, and closed his fingers over as much of my plump breast as his hand could grasp. Then he started to gently squeeze and caress it with his fingers. I was in shock! “What in the hell was going on! My own son was in bed with me and fondling my breasts!”

    "William, Baby, stop. You can't do this, Sugar. What's gotten into you? Oh I know, you must have been thinking about those girls we saw on the beach today? Did they sexually arouse you, Baby?” I offered softly, “Maybe you need to relieve some tension. I think you should go in the other room and you know …. masturbate.."

    He looked down into my eyes and said quietly, "No Mom, I don’t want to go into the other room. I've only been thinking of you, not those girls on the beach. And I definitely don’t want to go masturbate - I have something completely different in mind to relieve my tension."

    As his hand continued to fondle my big soft breasts, I couldn't help but feel surprised at myself when I felt a responsive tingle in my quickly stiffening nipple. Still looking confidently, straight into my eyes, he began to rub and pinch the fat nub between his thumb and forefinger.

    He must have sensed that, at this point, I could not (or maybe would not) stop him. So he continued - while I just layed still on the bed. Minutes passed and we both watched intently as he continued to coax my nipple – until finally, it was fully erect.

    Then while staring intently at my erect nipple he moved to take it into his mouth. That snapped me back to reality.

    "Oh My God, William, no!" I shrieked. He removed his hand and I thought he would obey my command. However, before I could speak again he lowered his head, and put his mouth to my huge, heaving breast. He slowly parted his lips, and in the twilight darkness, I watched helplessly as my grown son took my erect nipple into his warm mouth.

    What happened next caught me totally by surprise. It was insane and I knew it was wrong, but I could not help myself. My body was beginning to respond and I suddenly realized that I was becoming more and more sexually aroused as the moments passed.

    Not knowing what I should do, I just layed there on the bed and let it happen. I watched, and desperately tried to hide my increasing arousal, while William continued to gently kiss and fondle my breast.

    After a while, he began to flick his tongue over my nipple and soon I felt myself begin to melt.

    Looking back, I now realize that was the defining moment. When he did that little thing, it was as if a decision had been made for me and the situation was out of my control.

    I had reached the point of no return. My woman’s intuition was telling me, that right or wrong, I was on the verge of doing the unthinkable! Yet I knew in my heart, that before the night was over, we were going have sex. I was about to let my own son fuck me.

    I tried to force myself to keep quiet. But soon, despite my best efforts to stifle it, I let out a soft moan of pleasure. William picked up on this and, sensing that I was giving in to him, proceeded to suck more of my soft plump breast into his mouth.

    This couldn't be happening. I couldn't let it happen. "Please Baby, please stop doing this to Mommy," I moaned, "we just can't do this". William ignored my pleas and continued to suckle my breast. I started twisting my body, trying to pull away from him. As I struggled, I looked down and realized that my motions were doing more harm than good. All my pushing away and leg-kicking had caused my short little chemise to rise up over my hips.

    Now I had reason to become even more panicked!

    The reason for my increased state of alarm was that I wasn’t wearing any panties. I never did when I was at the peak of my fertile cycle, and I was at that point now. As I matured, my body had undergone changes. One of those changes was that my pussy became extremely wet for those few days each month when I was ovulating. I had learned that going “commando style” allowed my juices to flow unhindered. And as luck would have it, I was ovulating and extremely fertile that night.

    Unfortunately, that habit of going pantyless was resulting in my thick dark bush covered only by the bed sheet. If that were removed, I would then be completely exposed to my son’s lustful gaze.

    I made another half-hearted attempt to stop him. I tried using my stern tone again, saying "That's quite enough now William…I want… you… to stop what you’re doing. Stop it right now!" He pulled his mouth away and I thought that maybe he would let me go.

    But instead, he grasped me firmly by the shoulders and rolled me over onto my back. He slid his hand out from underneath me and in doing so he pulled down the other side of my satin top, exposing my other breast. Using one hand, he now began to caress and squeeze the breast he had been sucking earlier. His strong arm was draped over my body, holding me gently but firmly down. Then he moved his mouth to my other breast and began sucking on my nipple again.

    Truthfully, at this point, I was beginning to feel totally conflicted. I knew I shouldn't be allowing him to do this to me. But the feelings building up inside me were so good, so overpowering, that I realized I no longer wanted him to stop. As I looked down and gazed at him feasting on my huge, soft breasts, I remembered that he had been the last person to suck on them. It was a beautiful time, but that had been many, many years ago. My mind drifted back to the days when I used to nurse him and suddenly, in a flash, something in my mind switched, and it all seemed so right. It now felt perfectly natural to have my son sucking on my big lush breasts again. And so, having made that decision, I felt a wonderful wave of resignation and serenity suddenly wash over me.

    Perhaps, I thought, there would be no harm in letting him suck my boobs for a little while longer. I let my body totally relax and began to gently comb my long fingernails through his thick blonde locks. Soon I couldn’t control myself. I leaned in close to him, pressed my full lips to his ear and whispered, "That’s okay Honey. Go ahead, don’t stop. You just keep sucking on Mommy’s big thick nipples. I like it Baby, it feels so nice."

    William finally released my engorged nipple from his mouth. At that point, I again became fully aware of what it seemed we were about to do, and knew that I had to at least try to put a stop to it. After all, I was his mother!

    However, before I could say anything, William knelt up and in one motion, pulled the sheet down over my hips and off of my legs. Moving quickly, he straddled my bare thighs, placing a knee on either side. At that instant I realized for the first time that William was completely naked. I could barely see his cock looming over me in the dim moonlight. Then, as my eyes slowly adjusted in the darkness, my feminine curiosity got the best of me and I attempted to see exactly what William had hanging between his legs.

    At that very moment, the clouds outside our window suddenly parted and my room was quickly filled with the bright light of the full moon. What I saw caused me to actually gasp out loud. My son’s cock had caused my reaction and I was in a state of total shock!

    It was absolutely enormous, he had to be at least 10 or twelve inches in length and the shaft was as thick around as my wrist. Even though he was up on his knees over my hips, his cock was so long that I could feel the massive head and the weight of his huge thick shaft lying heavily on the mound of my soft, fertile belly. My gown had gathered around my waist in such a way that my lushly furred pussy was now completely exposed and totally vulnerable to him. Once again, the realization of what William ultimately wanted from me hit home, and I whispered, "Oh No William, please Honey don’t…I can't let you do this. As much as I want it, I just can’t let you. You can’t fuck me Baby."

    William paid no attention to my words and I clamped my legs tightly together. Then I started twisting my body frantically, trying to get him off of me. As I tried to throw him aside, my thighs spread apart just a bit. That gave him the opening he had been waiting for. The slight gap between my thighs allowed his knee to slip between my legs. He was so strong that he was able to pry them apart so that he could force both of his knees between my trembling thighs. He then slid his body down so that the plum sized head of his cock was now nestled within the thick bush of soft black curls covering my gaping pussy lips. My maternal sex was so open and wet, it was obvious to both of us that I was ready. Between his breast play and my fertile condition I was currently in such a state of extreme sexual arousal, that nothing in the world could have stopped what was about to happen between us!

    And yet, I continued to try to talk him out of his intent. "Please William, we can't do this Baby" I whimpered again. This time my protest was uttered with much less conviction. Sensing my resignation, he paid no heed to my pathetic whimpering. Without a word he reached down between our struggling loins and grasped his thick hard shaft in his right hand.

    The next thing I knew, he began slowly rubbing the head of his enormous cock up and down the folds of my sex, coating his unsheathed glans with my gushing juices. Despite myself, I could feel my pussy lips quickly becoming wetter and looser. I was instinctively opening up, my body was preparing to accept my son’s enormous cock.

    As he gently probed for my opening, I was all the while thinking, “Oh Dear God, this can't be happening. I cannot let this happen”.

    But in reality, at this stage it was obvious that I was the absolute epitome of a woman ready to be fucked. William continued to rub his glans up and down the lips of my pussy. It wasn’t long before I was so far gone with pure animal lust that my hips were pumping wildly -instinctively thrusting back on their own towards my son’s huge cock. It was as if my body had taken control and it was determined to do exactly what nature had intended.

    Any reservations that I had earlier - about the fact that my own son was about to fuck me - were long gone. The reality that we were only moments away from committing incest had no bearing on what was about to occur. I was at the mercy of William’s male desires and my own instinctive need to be bred. Between my own fertile state and my son’s pent up sexual needs, nature had ultimately won out. This was it, it was time - we were just about to fuck and there would be no turning back!

    William raised up slightly and now I could feel the huge warm tip of his hard cock between my soft thighs, probing the moist outer folds of my pussy, determined to find the place it was instinctively destined to be. "Noooo, William, please don’t Honey!" I moaned half-heartedly once more.

    In my heart I still knew this was wrong, but the wonderful sensations in my loins were absolutely overpowering. William pushed forward and managed to work the huge head and a couple of inches of his thick shaft between the soft, creamy lips of my welcoming sex. "Oooooohhhhhh My God, NO!" I groaned.

    William whispered into my ear, "Mom, I don't want to hurt you… but I’m not going to stop – I can’t stop! I've never wanted anything so bad in my life. Will I fit in you? Am I too big!?"

    Apparently in a state of shock by what was happening, I could only look up into his eyes and utter, "I don’t know William, I've only done this a few times before and certainly not ever with a man as big as you!" Now he knew, my sexual past was limited to a couple of teenage fucks and the night he was conceived. He was a virgin, but I wasn't really any more experienced than he was!

    I could tell by his expression that our intimate little sex chat was getting him even more aroused. He was extremely anxious to get his cock deep inside my pussy and start really fucking me.

    Taking control of the situation, he shifted his weight and began to work more of his thick hard shaft into my greedy cunt. "No, William, you caaaan't fuuuck me Baby, I’m your mother" I moaned. But yet again, my body betrayed me and I felt my thighs splay open a bit more for him.

    He replied, "I don't want you to be my mother, I want you to be my lover. I want you to be my wife".

    Now I was totally confused. I couldn't believe what he had just said. I couldn't believe what was happening. My son's first time with a woman would be with his own mother, and he wanted me to be his wife???. Still, confused or not, I could not deny that an overpowering sense of sexual excitement washed over me. I felt my pussy instinctively respond with a gush. To allow him better access, I spread my thighs open even more, cocked my hips and then I thrust my pussy up towards him.

    Was I in love, overcome with lust? At this point, I didn’t care, my mind didn’t know what was happening anymore. But my body did and was practically crying out to be bred. So I decided to just give in totally and rationalized, “Once Cyn, just this once, let him fuck you. That will get it out of his system and we can get back to our normal lives in the morning.”

    So, I don't know which of us was more surprised then as I slowly raised my knees - and using my own hands, I spread my soft, white thighs wide open for him. I looked deeply into his eyes and whispered rather harshly, "Okay William, if you really feel that you need this…. that you need to fuck me, then go ahead and do it. Fuck your Mommy right now. We’ll just do it this one time and get it over with."

    Encouraged by my sudden willingness, William began to work himself into my quickly yielding pussy with a newfound passion. I felt another 3 or 4 inches of thick hard cock work its way up into my cunt.

    My son’s cock was absolutely huge. I felt like the ultimate slut and I was really beginning to enjoy this. I never knew that I could possibly feel so full, so feminine and satisfied. So, was this what real sex was all about?

    I gazed up at his handsome face through my now lust lidded eyes. Overcome with passion, I clutched his strong shoulders and pulled him closer to my chest. As he continued to feed more and more of his enormous shaft into me I began stroking his muscular biceps with my nails. He was so thick I could feel his enormous girth stretching my vaginal walls.

    I knew that I needed him to slow down a bit while my pussy relaxed enough to allow me to accept his massive cock. I placed my palms against his muscular chest and gave him a gentle push away. Looking deep into his eyes, I sensed his sadness at what he perceived as a sign of rejection.

    Not wanting to hurt him, I smiled warmly and stroked his cheek. Using a gentle tone, I softly whispered, “Slow down Honey, go slow. I’m so tight down there and you…your cock…it is... just…soo…fucking….big. !" He stopped thrusting for a moment and paused. I was frozen with fear, afraid to look down between our coupled loins.

    Then, thinking maybe he was fully inside me, I asked him in a hushed voice, "Is that it, are you all the way in me? Are you deep inside Mommy now, Honey?"

    He chuckled with a certain confidence that I didn’t recognize at the time. Then he said softly, almost apologetically, "No Mom, I’m not quite all the way in you yet."

    I did not know it then, but even as filled as my pussy was, I now had only about half of my son’s thick hard cock inside me. As I was soon to find out, there was still more, much more, of him to come.

    By now my pussy had relaxed enough that I felt confident that I could accommodate all of him. I heard myself demand, “OH God William, stop teasing me!. Just hurry up and do it! I want to feel all of you - get the rest of it in me.” He complied and began to thrust deeper. I stroked his cheek and in a soft voice I whispered, “And Baby……”

    “Yes, Mom, what is it?” he groaned as he looked deeply into my eyes.

    I tenderly traced my nails down his neck and across his shoulders. “Let’s enjoy this.” I purred in his ear, “Take me slow and deep Stud! I know that my pussy is very tight and…and your cock is so fucking huge…it will be hard to hold yourself back. But don’t you dare cum right away!”

    “If we are going to do this, let’s do it right. I want this fuck to last all night!", I cooed up at him in my best sex kitten voice.

    That was all my big stud needed to hear. With renewed confidence, he proceeded to slowly pump his cock all the way into my depths. As he began to fill me completely, I arched my back and jammed my head back into the pillow, causing my huge heavy breasts to roll back towards my face. As his inhumanly big cock slid further and further into the deepest recesses of my womanhood, I cried out, "Uhhh, uhhh…. Oh God, William, you feel so big inside me. So deep in your Mommy’s pussy". I was absolutely overcome with lust. My years of pent up sexual desires and needs were suddenly unleashed. I didn't really remember anything from my few, quick encounters years ago, they had been over with so fast. I decided right then and there to savor this taboo coupling, and to make William's first time be as pleasurable as possible.

    While I was lost deep in my incestuous thoughts, I suddenly felt William start to slowly withdraw his enormous cock back out of me. At first the sensation was incredible! But then for some reason, he withdrew completely from my pussy and an awful feeling of emptiness hit me. "NO, Honey Don’t!" I cried out. In a panic, I groped frantically for his huge shaft, trying to stuff him back into me.

    My exclamation must have confused him, making him think that perhaps I had changed my mind. He froze in panic for a moment, while I reached down and grasped his mighty, pulsing cock tightly in my tiny hand. Throwing my legs wide open for him, I pulled my thighs back onto my chest. Then looking down, I stroked his thick shaft and pressed the huge turgid glans to my opening.

    Bringing my gaze back up to his handsome young face, I urged, "You put this back in me William, right now Honey. I need you to put your big hard cock back in Mommy’s soft pussy and fuck me. Fuck Mommy deep and hard. Fuck me like you were going to drive my hot little ass right through this mattress! And…don't you dare take it out again until this is over. Do you hear me, Lover?”

    To be sure he fully understood my meaning, I pulled him close and cooed into his ear, “What I am saying is; don’t you dare pull that big cock out of me - until you cum!”

    “I want you to fuck me until you’ve emptied those big heavy balls deep into my pussy. I need it Stud. I need to feel you cum inside me and fill my womb with your hot sperm." Obeying my command, he once again began to work his rock hard cock into me. Slowly it sank into my depths until it was once again completely buried. This angle of penetration caused the underside of his glans to press hard against my cervix and his huge, sperm-filled balls to rest heavily on the backs of my thighs. I shuddered from the exquisite feeling of finally having such an enormous cock filling my cunt so completely. Instinctively, I started rocking my hips. William responded by pumping his cock slowly in and out of me with long deep strokes. "Ooooohhhhhh My God Baby, this feels soooo fucking gooood. Fucking you feels so right!" I moaned.

    He groaned, "Oh God Mom, your pussy is so soft and tight." He began to ram his cock harder, faster and deeper into my depths. I responded by thrusting my own hips upward, meeting him thrust for thrust. I placed my hands palm down on the mattress and pushed firmly back against his cock. Each downward thrust of his was met by a corresponding upward thrust of my own.

    At this point there could be no denying it, we were fucking. We were fucking each other - we were breaking the worst possible sexual taboo – mom on son incest. I could not believe we were really doing it – we were fucking!

    It was as if I needed to actually see it to prove that I wasn’t dreaming. Something made me look over into the dresser mirror and when my eyes were able to focus - I had my proof. The moonlight provided a perfect reflection of the scene as it played out.

    There I was on my back, with my thighs spread wide open. My son was between my legs violently pumping his hips into mine. My calves were wrapped tightly around William’s back, pulling him into me as deeply as I could. It was a wildly erotic scene. I just watched for a while and continued to willingly let my own son fuck my brains out.

    William sensed my distraction and followed my gaze. When he saw what I was looking at, he smiled with satisfaction and pride. He was finally doing it, he was fucking his own mother – and she was loving it!

    We turned from the mirror and looked deeply into each others eyes. And it was at that point that the reality of the situation hit me. This was going to be a real fuck. Like husband and wife – I was going to let him cum inside me. My son was about to unload his balls deep into my fertile pussy - and possibly impregnate me! But rather than any guilt or apprehension, all I felt was overwhelming passion and lust!

    The contrast of his muscular body pressed firmly against my own soft lush curves was so erotic I thought I was going to cum right then. My huge boobs were crushed against his broad, chiseled chest. Wanting to hold them, he raised himself up on his knees and took both hands and encircled the outer edges of my breasts and squeezed them together. Then he slipped his thumbs up to each of my nipples and gently rubbed them. "Oh God, that feels soooo good William. I love the way you play with Mommy’s big, soft breasts…while we fuck." I was getting more excited by the minute and began thrusting my hips upward even faster and harder. I gripped him with my pussy, trying to engulf and caress every inch of his magnificent huge cock. I instinctively longed to suck the sperm right out of his balls and deep into my fertile womb.

    Suddenly remembering that I wanted to make mine and William's first fuck as special and enjoyable as possible, I started to sexily question him. "Does it feel good fucking me, Honey? Does my stud son like the way his big hard cock feels when he’s buried deep inside his Mommy’s soft wet pussy? Huh, do you William? Tell me. Let me hear you say how much you love it!"

    "Oh yes Mom. Fucking you feels incredible!"

    "I bet you like fucking your Mommy, don’t you? You’re my big Tiger!" I cooed “So tell me Stud! Are you going to fill me up, Baby? Do you want to pump your thick hot sperm deep up into my womb? Come on Stud, tell me. Tell your Mommy what you’re going to do to her!”

    "Oh yes, Oh God yes! I’m gonna cum so hard in you. I am going to fuck your brains out. And when I finally cum, I’m going to pump your hot little pussy so full of my sperm that you won’t be able to keep it all inside you!" he groaned. My sexy little slut talk started him on the way to his climax and he began pumping furiously, slamming his cock harder and harder into my depths. His breathing began to get ragged.

    As he hurtled towards his climax, his huge, pulsing cock was plunging in and out of my gushing pussy. Then, out of nowhere, I suddenly felt myself begin to cum. I realized that I was only moments away from the most intense climax of my life. Every orgasm I had ever experienced before had been self-induced and clitoral, but this orgasm was going to be the result of having my stud son’s enormous cock deep inside me…fucking me – filling me!

    I was completely caught up in the sensation of that massive piece of man meat sliding in and out of my soft pussy, and was just on the verge of cumming when William suddenly growled, "Oh Fuck Mom, I think I'm going to cum! I can’t stop now. Did you really mean it? Should I pull out, or...or...can I really cum inside you?"

    I could only shriek like a wanton slut and almost screamed at him, "No, don’t you fuckin dare! I mean Yesss, do it! I meant every word I said. Cum inside me, shoot that load deep inside Mommy! Don’t you dare pull out! You just keep that big beautiful cock inside me and fuck me until you fill me with your sperm, Baby!”

    I sensed by the look on his face that he was startled by my passion but at that moment, there was no way in hell I was going to let him to pull that huge pussy-pleaser out of me …it felt too good.. So, in an effort to calm him down I moaned softly and stroked his hair, “Just keep on fucking me, William. It's okay, Baby. You can cum in me. Fuck Mommy. Fill Mommy's womb with your hot sperm. I want you to feel cum and shoot your load deep inside my soft pussy".

    Ahhhh yes, there it was! I felt him begin to twitch inside me. My soft, gentle Mommy talk did the trick. My words had put him over the edge. His eyes went unfocused and his back arched. Looking down at me, he moaned, "OH GOD MOM. I am cumming. I'm cumming. Oh yes, I'm cumming in you - deep in your pussy. Oh MY GOD Mom, it feels so good".

    His body began jerking and he lunged forward, driving his cock deep into my depths. Like a cumslut, I reached down between our coupled loins and began to fondle his big balls. I only had them in my hand for a moment or two when suddenly I felt them contract. I gently squeezed them as his climax hit and he began filling me with his semen.

    My son was pumping a woman's pussy full, indeed his very own mother's pussy, with his huge load of cum for the very first time.

    Seeing how excited he was from getting his first fuck, and realizing that I was the one sharing it with him, was more than I could handle. As I felt the first copious jets of his warm cum splashing directly against my cervix, I couldn't hold myself back any longer.

    "Oh Fuck! OH MY GOD honey, I'm cumming too. Mommy's cumming with you Baby. It's so good, so fucking good. I didn't know it could feel this good. Oh William, you’re fucking me so good Baby….Oh. Oh. Oooooohhhhhh." I wrapped my arms around his strong, smooth back and held him tightly, keeping him still up against my body as he unloaded his balls inside me. At the same time, my pussy was in overdrive. It quivered in excitement, contracting and squeezing around my son's spurting cock, trying to milk every last drop of thick cum from his pulsing cock.

    After our climaxes subsided, we collapsed into each other's arms, both of us completely spent. Our hearts were still beating fast, our breathing was deep. Slowly and silently we calmed down, and began to return to normal. Then it slowly began to dawn on me. "What had I just done! I had just fucked my own son! What kind of mother was I! But wait, it was William who had started everything. He was about to rape me, when I consented to his fucking me! And what had he said…he wanted me to be his wife!" My mind was racing with questions. I was so confused. How would we be able to go on? I had so many thoughts to sort out.

    William finally broke the silence, timidly saying "Mom…."

    But before he could continue I abruptly stopped him. "Don't say a word William." I'm sure he didn't know what to think, but this time he obeyed my command. I needed to think about what had happened, and how to respond. What should a mother do in these circumstances I wondered. I didn't have any answers, but I knew I didn't want to make a spur of the moment decision that would undoubtedly affect the rest of our lives. I lay awake a long time, reliving the events of the night, with all the questions that needed to be answered running through my head. Tomorrow I would have to have a long talk with William.

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    Incest Island - Part 3

    I woke up in the morning hoping that I had been dreaming. But as I looked beside me in the bed there was my sleeping son, and all the events of the previous night came rushing back--I had indeed let my son fuck me. Knowing I needed to collect my thoughts I slipped out of bed, got dressed, and headed for the beach to take a long walk. As I strolled along the beach I confronted all the questions that had raced through my mind after William had fucked me. I walked, alone with my thoughts for a long time, and finally came to a conclusion. I knew what I wanted to say to William, so I headed back to the house. As I approached the house I noticed that the car was gone. When I got inside I saw that William had left a note saying he was going into town. I took a bath, and then waited for him to return. After awhile I began to worry about him, wondering what state of mind he might be in. Finally, I heard the car pulling up in the driveway. William came into the house, his head down, trying to avoid eye contact with me.

    "William, we need to talk."

    He blurted back, "Mom, I'm so sorry about last night. I know you must hate me. I..."


    "I went into town and bought a ticket for me to fly back to the states."


    "I'll leave you here and you can have the house and car, and be happy on the island."

    "William, will you be quiet and just listen for a minute."

    He sat down on the sofa while I was standing across the room from him. "I've thought a lot about last night. What we did, what we said." He was looking down, trying to avoid me. "I kept coming back to the same conclusion. There's only been one man in my life, one man I've loved, one man that's loved me and taken care of me, and that's you William. So my answer is yes, if you still want me to be, I'd like to be your lover. I would be proud to be your wife."

    He looked up at me, his eyes growing bigger. "Are you sure Mom?"

    "Yes, if you still want that."

    "Of course I do Mom"

    "But William, Honey. You still haven't even seen me completely naked yet. You may not even like my body!" I teased.

    "No chance of that Mom!"

    "Well, let's see."

    I had put on a simple pullover after I had bathed. While William sat watching I slipped one strap off one shoulder, and then the other. The pullover fell to the floor, and I was standing in front of William wearing only a bikini. I had purposely put on the smallest string bikini that had been in my dresser. It didn't do much to cover my body.

    The top only had two small patches that were barely big enough to cover my huge aureoles. For the most part, my large breasts were exposed. One string was stretched tightly between my breasts, connecting the two patches of cloth. Strings running around my back, and up around my neck held the bikini in place. The bottom half of the bikini was a patch of cloth just large enough to conceal my pussy. Two strings flared up over my hips to hold it in place.

    Reaching up behind my neck I pulled the knot out of the string that was holding the bikini top up, and then I reached behind me and untied the remaining knot. The bikini top fell to the floor, and then my enormous tits were completely exposed for William to see. My nipples were already beginning to stiffen, and his stare excited me that much more.

    Now in the sunny light of day, he could see everything, my enormous 44EE breasts were completely on display for him. He could see my large areolas, and my erect nipples. I next pulled the knots from both sides of the bottom of the bikini and let it drop to the floor. Now my son was staring at my totally nude body. I could tell my pussy was very wet and wondered if William could see how moist my pussy lips were getting. As I stepped toward him he stood up from the couch and said, "Mom, you are beautiful."

    We embraced, and then I said, "My turn." I lifted his shirt up over his head, and then ran my hands over his masculine upper body. Then, with my eyes still fixed on his handsome face, I hooked my thumbs into the elastic band of his shorts. With a quick yank I slid them down over his hips, letting them drop to the floor. As we embraced again I brought my full red lips to William’s mouth. As our tongues lashed against each other, my massive juggs were crushed against his rippling chest and I could feel his rigid cock pressing against my soft belly and pubic mound. I still had not allowed myself to look down at my son’s manhood. I thought once more about the consequences and decided to take that final, forbidden step. Taking a deep breath, I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him down so that he was sitting on the sofa. My gaze was still locked with his as I knelt down in front of him. I allowed my self to look down and his big beautiful cock was right in front of me. It was the first time I had really seen a man's erect cock. And what a cock! I was totally amazed at its size and weight, I guessed that it must have been eleven inches long. Later on, when our relationship had become more comfortable, he let me measure him with a ruler. Now wonder I had been so filled, he was closer to 13 inches long.

    He was only semi-erect and yet it was absolutely enormous. As I inspected my new lover’s cock, it swayed and pulsed just a couple of inches from my face. His foreskin was partly pulled back due to his excited state, and the huge purple head glistened with his pre-cum. I could not believe that William had been able to get all of that into me last night. I cautiously put my hand up to grasp it, but couldn't get my fingers all the way around it. Reacting to my touch William let out a sharp breath. Slowly I started to stroke William's cock with my hand. As I gently stroked his foreskin over his glans, I looked up at my son, who was intently watching my every motion. Our eyes met and we smiled. Then I looked back at the magnificent cock that was right in front of me. I leaned forward, stuck out my tongue, opened my lips and started to gently lick the underside of my son's enormous cock.

    "Oh God, Mom..." William muttered. I continued to lick up and down on his cock coating it with the wetness from my tongue. Then I pursed my lips and slowly slid them over the tip of his cock and started gently sucking on William's cock. He gasped, and his hips jerked. I used my other hand to fondle his big balls and continued to suck on his cock, bobbing my head up and down, while at the same time stroking his cock with my hand. I was giving my first blow-job ever, and I was excited to be giving it to my own hung son. William's breathing was becoming heavier and he placed his hands on the back of my head. I instinctively figured he was going to cum soon. I wanted to taste his cum and was determined to swallow his entire load. As I continued to suck his cock I started stroking it faster with my hand and he cried out, "Oh Mom I'm so sorry – I’m cumming already." He began shooting gobs of cum into my mouth as I sucked and swallowed as fast as I could, downing his entire load of cum. William's cum tasted so good to me.

    William was still breathing heavy. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed, his head rolled back. He raised his head and opened his eyes and looked down at me. "That was incredible Mom." I smiled at him, pleased with myself that I had satisfied him. I crawled up into his lap and was sitting crossways, with my ass between his legs. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him forward to give him a deep passionate kiss. We kissed long and hard, our tongues battling each other, exploring the tingling between us. When we pulled away William looked down at my chest. My huge tits were right in front of him. He took his finger and began to lightly trace around my areola. "Mom, your areoles are so big and sexy." He then began gently twist my nipple between his thumb and forefinger causing it to stiffen and get more erect than it already was. My nipples were protruding almost 1/2" from my tits.

    "It felt so good last night when you sucked on my tits," I told him, thinking he would take the hint. Instead, William put both of his arms underneath me, scooped me up, and stood up and carried me towards the bedroom.

    "Mom, I'm going to lick and suck on your tits till it drives you crazy! Then I'm going to kiss and lick your pussy until you cum!" His words alone almost gave me an orgasm.

    I shuddered in excitement, and coyly asked, "Why William, you naughty boy. Are you going to eat my pussy, your own mother’s sweet pussy?!!"

    "If it's okay with you" he replied.

    As seductively as I could I whispered, "Yes honey, I'd love for you to eat my pussy. No man's ever done that for me before. Please eat your mommy's pussy, please."

    William's knees almost buckled from hearing my words. I could tell he was turned on by my lewd talking. He set me on the bed, and then laid down beside me. I was lying flat on my back, with my big heavy tits mounded on my chest. My erect nipples were pointing straight up, stiff and begging to be sucked. William wasted no more time. Leaning over he put his warm mouth over one nipple. When his wet tongue rolled over my engorged bud I let loose. "Ohmigosh, that feels so good...OOOHHHH."

    He continued to suck on the one nipple and then he reached up and gently pinched the other. Then he took his other hand and placed it over the mound of my pussy. I’m sure that he could feel how wet I was. Next, he took a finger and stroked between my pussy lips so that his finger was coated with my cunt juices. Then he took that finger and rubbed it over my nipple, coating it with my sweet cunt juice. He put his mouth on that nipple and began to suck, while at the same time he placed his hand back over my pussy. With one stroke his finger slid between my cuntlips and pressed against my swollen clit. It was more than I could take. The sensation of him sucking on my tits and fingering my clit put me in a frenzy of sexual desire. I couldn't hold back. "OH, William, I'm cumming."

    My pussy started quivering and I could feel it release a flood of juices. I had been so excited it had only taken my son's sucking and playing with my tits to bring me to an orgasm! William removed his finger from my clit and sat there watching me. My body was quivering and jerking from the orgasm he had induced. I was slowly catching my breath, and looked up to see William setting at the edge of the bed. I closed my eyes and was relishing my orgasm. At that moment I felt pressure against my pussy and opened my eyes to see William's head between my legs. He was gently kissing my pussy.

    "Mom, remember, I promised to eat your pussy." I couldn't believe that I could live through so much pleasure again so soon. I could feel William's tongue stroking my pussy, lapping up my cunt juices. He would start at the bottom of my pussy and slide his tongue all the way up my pussy lips, going up and down, lapping up my pussy juices. Then he would stick his tongue as deep into my cunt as he could, probing the walls of my pussy. His actions were getting a response from me. It felt so good I instinctively began rocking my hips to meet his tongue. He finally took his tongue and started at the bottom of my pussy, and then firmly licked all the way up until his tongue reached my clit. He pressed his tongue firmly against my clit and I jerked, and moaned, "Oh my god, William. It feels so good."

    I started pressing my pussy harder against his mouth as I ground my cunt into his face. His tongue was swirling around my clit. It wasn't long before I could tell I was approaching another climax. I began moaning, "Feels so good, yes right there, oh honey you make my pussy feel soooo fuckin’ gooood." At that moment William reached up and inserted two fingers into my cunt and started stroking the upper walls of my pussy. "Oooooohhhhhh FUCK!" I cried out, and slammed my cunt hard against his face. His firm tongue pressed against my clit, and I exploded into another orgasm. "Oh William...I'm cumming again...You're making mommy cum again...Oh keep eating Mommy's pussy...you make me feel soooo good." I heaved up and down in ecstasy, breathing very hard.

    When my orgasm had finally subsided William scooted up over my body. With his large hands he grasped the outsides of each of my tits and pushed them together, creating a deep cleavage between my tits. Then he pushed his face into the area between my tits and started gently kissing my breasts. He kissed and licked on my soft breasts, finally finding his way to a nipple. He slowly licked and flicked his tongue over my nipples, alternating from one breast to the other. He looked up at me and smiled.

    "Do you like my big soft tits?" I asked, already knowing the answer!

    "Oh yes Mom. I love sucking on your big beautiful tits."

    "Come up here and give me a kiss." He slid his body up and our lips met and locked, our tongues began probing each other's mouths, darting against each other. William slid further up over my body and I realized that his cock was hard again. I could feel it rubbing against my moist pussy. I had never wanted to be fucked so badly in all my life. This time there would be no resistance, no hesitancy. I wanted every inch of his magnificent cock inside me.

    I spread my legs wide apart and began rubbing my pussy against his rigid cock. Opening my eyes and staring right into his gaze I whispered, "William, please fuck me. Please put your big beautiful cock deep into my pussy. Last night, as your Mom I didn't know what I wanted. Now as your wife I want you to fuck me with every inch of your big magnificent cock." I continued to grind my pussy wantonly against his hard cock. William looked back at me, and then slowly raised his hips. I knew instinctively that he was positioning the glans of his cock to find the opening of my pussy. Slowly I could feel his massive cock entering my quivering pussy. As he eased his length into me I could feel it stretching the walls of my cunt. "Oh My God William, it feels so good. Put it all the way in. Be a good son...er, husband...and fuck me deep and hard, Baby." I scooted my hips up to give him a better angle to shove his cock into my eager pussy.

    "Mom, it feels soooo good fucking you. Your pussy is so soft and creamy."

    "That's it honey, put it all the way in." He gave one final thrust, and I could tell that my son's huge cock was now completely buried in my pussy. We held each other motionless for a moment as I adjusted to his enormous size, we kissed. Then William slowly started pulling his cock back out of me. "Oh gosh" I moaned "It feels so good." He had withdrawn his cock almost completely out, and then he reversed and plunged it deep back into my cunt. "Oh William...yes...that feel's soooo gooood. Oh yes, fuck me honey...faster...harder. Oh your big thick cock feels so good in me." I was thrusting upward meeting his downward moves, as we moved together in perfect unison. In and out his cock kept plunging into my pussy. He raised up slightly and watched my big tits bounce around as he fucked me. They were wobbling up and down, and rolling around, responding to the movements of his cock pumping in and out of my pussy.

    "I'm going to cum Mom!" he yelled. Once again, like last night, he asked, "Should I pull out?"

    "OH GOD NO! No William, don’t pull out! Cum inside me. Fill my pussy with your cum. I want you to shoot your load deep into my pussy. Fuck me honey, oh fuck me deep." I was thrashing about under him, eager to have him fill my womb again with his cum.

    William lunged forward one final time and locked his hips between my thighs, slamming his cock deep into my pussy. As he moaned, I felt his cock begin to pulse and then he started cumming. My son was spewing another load of his thick, hot sperm deep inside me - filling my pussy. He kept jerking, driving his cock deeper and harder with each movement, as he filled my womb with rope after rope of hot sperm.

    "Oh my gosh honey! You're making me feel so good. That's it...keep fucking me...OH MY GOD, Sweetie! Your cock's so fuckin’ big...honey I can feel you filling my pussy with your cum! Fuck me William, fuck your mom, fuck your wife! I want to be your lover and have you fuck me forever with that big beautiful cock!!!!"

    I exploded into an earth-shattering orgasm and threw my legs around him holding onto him, pulling him deeper into me. The feeling was exquisite—my own son's huge throbbing cock was buried balls deep into my clutching pussy. I never wanted the feeling to end!

    It wasn't long before I could feel his copious load of cum, mixed with my own pussy juices, oozing out of my pussy and running down the backs of my thighs.

    William rolled sideways, pulling me with him. My leg was draped over him and we snuggled facing each other, with his huge cock still buried in my pussy. We kissed each other and held each other tightly, happy with the knowledge that we were no longer just mother and son, but now we were also lovers. I realized that I really wanted more than anything to be my son's wife, and that no mother could ask for more from her son than for him to be her loving husband.

    "I hope our honeymoon lasts forever!" I giggled softly as I kissed him deeply.

    William just smiled back and said, "I don't know why it shouldn't. You're going to be the most beautiful, well fucked bride in the world."

    I drifted off to sleep wrapped in my son’s strong arms, his huge semi-erect cock still inside me and soaking in my sperm filled pussy.

    It was later in the morning when we awoke and we were just relaxing in bed. As we caressed each other’s bodies my mind began to recall the details of our earlier coupling. Whereas the first time my son had fucked me I had been shocked and surprised, I was a very willing participant the second time we fucked. I had indeed enjoyed it very much and it made me realize how much I had missed out on by not having sex for 18 years!

    We were exchanging little loving kisses when the phone rang.

    "I'll get it" William said as he hopped up from the bed. He took the call and then returned to the room telling me that our shipment from home had arrived and that the delivery service would be bringing it later today. Before we had left the states William had hired a service to pack up the things we would want in our paradise home and have them shipped to us. There really wouldn't be that much as we had lived a very simple lifestyle before winning the lottery. Anyway, William told me that our things would be delivered this afternoon.

    "Since we have some time, how would you like a picnic lunch down at the gazebo?" I suggested.

    "Sure Mom, that sounds great."

    "Okay dear, I'll fix us something and call you when it's ready."

    I got up and went to the kitchen where I fixed us some sandwiches and put some beer in a cooler. I then headed back to the bedroom to pick out a bikini, and to tell William that everything was ready. I was still completely naked for him as I entered the room and I could feel William's eyes roaming over my body.

    "William, everything is ready. Are you about ready dear?"

    "Mom, I think I'll take a quick shower, then I'll be right there."

    "Okay dear, I'll be waiting in the living room."

    About ten minutes later William entered the living room where I was waiting. However he was a bit surprised to see me sitting there with only my bikini bottoms on. I stood up, walked to the table where I picked up the picnic basket and said, "Are you ready now honey?" Although I wasn't looking at him I could almost feel his eyes watching my heavy naked breasts sway and flow as I moved about.

    "But Mom….you're not going out like that are you?"

    His concern over my nudity actually puzzled me for a moment as I responded, "Like what dear?"

    "You know…..topless, Mom!"

    "What, don't you like my tits, Honey?" I replied, now so confident in his lust for me that I had to fight back the urge to giggle.

    "Well yes Mom, but…."

    "And you've seen them before haven't you," I asked with a wry smile.

    "Well sure Mom, but…"

    "And didn't you say nudity was common on the island?"

    "I did Mom, but…."

    "But, but, but," I laughed, "I guess you want to see my butt!"

    In one swift motion I removed my bikini bottom, turned around and wiggled my ass suggestively at my son. "Is that better dear?"

    "Oh my gosh Mom, you're incredible!"

    "Listen honey, I just want to make you happy. If you want me to be covered from head to toe I will be, but if you want to see me nude I don't mind being that way for you either. So just let me know what you want dear."

    William's eyes slowly drank in my body. I could tell from the reaction in his swimsuit that he was getting excited from what I was showing him.

    Finally he said, "You look just fine Mom….just like that."

    "Are you sure dear?" I could see that his cock was hardening even more in his trunks.

    "Oh yes Mom…I'm sure."

    "Good, then let's go have ourselves a picnic!"

    I headed for the door. However before I went out I turned to William and in a more serious voice told him, "William, I think there is one thing we need to discuss. We have one little problem."

    I could tell by the look on his face that he was afraid of what might be coming. Perhaps he thought the last twenty four hours had been too good to be true. However his fears were alleviated when I walked up to him, nuzzled against him, and playfully said, "I don't think you can call me Mom when we leave the house. For all that matters it might be best if you simply called me Cynthia from now on, no matter where we are."

    He looked at me and automatically replied, "Okay Mom."

    His response caused us both to break into laughter. As soon as the words had left his lips he knew he had already made his first slip. He thus cleared his throat, looked at me and distinctly said, "Cynthia, are you ready to have lunch?"

    "Yes, William," I smiled back. It was going to take some practice but I knew we could pull it off.

    We headed out of the house and down the steps to the gazebo. As we walked I deliberately put a little extra spring into my step. This of course made my tits bounce up and down, and I knew William was watching. I simply smiled at him as we were both aware of what we were doing. I truly liked being admired by my son and found it exciting that he liked to watch my huge tits bounce and my wide hips sway.

    When we got to the gazebo I set the picnic basket down and turned to face William. I looked down and smiled at him as I could see that the glans of his cock was poking out above the waistband of his trunks.

    "Well my, my, what do we have here?" I giggled.

    "Well jeez, Mom…." He tried to catch himself but couldn't.

    I looked at him sternly, before smiling. “Well jeez, WHO?” I reprimanded.

    "Cynthia, I mean …it's just that you're so hot to look at!"

    "Hmmm…I guess we'll have to do something to help you then won't we?"

    I stepped toward William who was sitting on the edge of the chaise. Dropping to my knees I leaned forward and pulled his trunks down. His hard cock sprang out and fell heavily against my big thrusting tits.

    "It seems like this big fella knows exactly where he wants to go" I giggled.

    I leaned forward and let William's cock nestle between my tits. Then I held my tits together as they smothered his cock.

    "Would you like to fuck your wife’s big soft tits honey?"

    "Oh god yes, Cynthia."

    We both smiled that he had gotten it right that time!

    He started working his cock up and down between my tits. His cock head slipped through my cleavage and I bent my head down and licked the tip.

    "That's it baby…fuck Mommy's tits." I taunted him by using "mommy" to excite and encourage him, as if he needed more encouragement!

    He groaned, "That's no fair…Mom…uh, Cynthia."

    He started to piston his cock faster between my tits. I loved the feel of his hard cock engulfed in my soft warm tits. My tits jiggled a little from his thrusting and I could tell that he loved watching. There was no doubt that my son was definitely a tit man.

    As his cock slid between my tits I continued to tease it with my tongue. I would flick my tongue over his cockhead and slit each time it reappeared. He started thrusting faster and faster, his cock gliding smoothly between my large tits. I pressed my tits firmer around his cock and felt his body start to jerk.

    "Oh fuck…Mo…I mean Cynthia….I'm going to cum."

    "Yes honey, cum for me. Shoot that big load all over Mommy’s boobs,. Come on Baby, I want to see your load!"

    I held my tits together as he pumped faster and faster. I looked up and our eyes met--the eyes of two lovers, mother and son, who only hours ago had committed to live as husband and wife. Without warning his cock burst forth with a powerful blast of cum, which hit under my chin and dribbled onto my neck and tits. I tilted my head so that I was looking right at his cock when another shot of cum hit right above my nose. I smiled as his cum splattered against my face and opened my mouth, ready to catch any more spurts. Sure enough William shot another spurt of cum that landed right in my mouth. As I closed my lips to savor and swallow it he hit me with even another spurt, this time right on my closed lips. I quickly opened my mouth and snaked my tongue out to accept this delicious glob of cum. Finally, I think we both thought his ejaculation was finished, and I let go of my grip on my tits. Panting we separated slightly from each other. William's still rigid cock was gently waving.

    "Oh my God William, you’re such a stallion. You totally covered me in sp…..." I exclaimed.

    But incredibly, William wasn't through! As he backed away from my heaving chest, his cock spurted two more shots of cum onto my huge, glistening tits. We both started laughing at the size of the cum shower he had just given me.

    I moved to sit in the chaise beside William and started to rake the lingering cum off my face with my fingernails and then lick them clean. Looking at the cum covering my tits I started massaging it in, as I looked over at William who was still watching my every move.

    "Do you think this stuff is as good as suntan lotion?" I teased as I continued to massage his sperm into my tits, neck and even my cheeks.

    "Oh I'm sure it is" he laughed.

    "Well at least I know where I can get a steady supply of it!" I giggled.

    Realizing our little sexcapade was over, I moved away from William and started to unpack our lunch, placing it on a nearby table. We sat there without a care in the world and enjoyed a nice meal together. A warm gentle breeze was blowing and the waves were washing calmly onto the beach.

    After our meal we both reclined in the large lounge chaises in the gazebo. I started reading a novel while William put on headphones and listened to music. We were both enjoying the afternoon when I heard the delivery truck pulling up at our house. Reaching over I tapped William on the shoulder and told him, "Honey, the shipment is here."

    "I'll take care of it Cynthia." He beamed as he was proud that he had remembered not to call me Mom.

    "Do you want any help honey?"

    "Nah, I can handle it. And besides, I doubt the workers could get much done with you around." As he spoke his eyes slowly drifted up and down over my body, letting me know the intent of his comment.

    "You're terrible" I replied in mock scorn, "but I'll stay here while you take care of it."

    I continued reading my novel while William went to accept our delivery. It was now mid-afternoon and the full sun was taking its toll. Even in the covered gazebo it was getting warm. I decided that a quick dip in the ocean might be refreshing, plus it would help to clean off the residue of sticky cum from my face, neck, tits and even my pussy.

    I hoped that William wouldn't mind if I went into the water nude. I doubted that would bother him, but there was always the chance the delivery crew might see me and I wasn't sure what he'd think about that. I figured that if I got to the ocean quickly that they wouldn't know which direction I came from and thus would have no idea that I was with William. I glanced up at the house and seeing no one I made a mad dash to the ocean, running right into the water.

    The saltwater was warm but quite refreshing as it flowed over my body. I dipped down and submersed my head in the water. Running my fingers through my hair I loosened a tangle. "Oops, a spurt must have hit there and I didn't even realize it!" I thought to myself, realizing that the tangle was undoubtedly caused by one of William's copious ropes of cum.

    I stood shoulder deep in the water running my hands over my body, almost as if I were taking a shower. As I softly rubbed my huge breasts I thought about how good William made them feel when he sucked on them. Basking in the sun and water I reflected on all the good feelings my son had given me. My son, my husband…a smile came to my lips as I thought of how nice it was to have a husband. It had been difficult raising William as a single mom and I truly felt blessed to have a man who wanted me as his wife.

    As these thoughts crossed my mind, my hands drifted lower and brushed across the rise of my hips. One thought I had been suppressing re-entered my mind. As I daydreamed, my hand slowly inched lower and I soon found myself rubbing the lower part of my belly. I realized that my hand was directly over my womb and suddenly a thought occurred to me, "I’m sure that if we keep this up… if we keep fucking like we have been, there’s a very good chance that I’m going to end up pregnant. Not even a “very good chance” would be a strong enough statement, it was inevitable given the circumstances. What if I get pregnant. I don't even know if William wants children or has even thought about it."

    I shuddered in the water, thinking about the possibility of my son impregnating me. The shudder was not from fear, but from lust and excitement. As a young girl I had always fantasized about having the perfect family: mother, father and children. My young teen-age pregnancy had smashed those dreams. But now as I stood here, massaging my mature, fertile underbelly, I thought to myself whether that dream might now be possible. The problem was is that I didn't know how to approach William on the subject.

    I couldn't decide whether to bring it up or wait to see if he mentioned it first. Surely he had at least given it some thought. After all, he had already fucked me twice with that massive pussy-pleaser. And both times, he had unloaded those enormous balls deep up into my fertile belly. However, I remembered that he had asked me each time if he should pull out or was it okay to cum inside me. Was that his way of asking if we were protected? Perhaps he thought I was on the pill. But wouldn't he realize that that would make no sense considering I hadn't dated a man in 18 years?

    Almost mesmerized I continued to softly stroke my soft fertile tummy and I let my hand drift even lower. I began to slip my index finger into my pussy as I recalled the way my belly had swelled when I was carrying William over eighteen years ago. Could that possibly happen again? I pictured William as a baby, his lips sucking on my swollen milky breasts, and felt a tingling at the possibility of once again nursing a baby. I surprised myself by giggling like a schoolgirl as I thought that if I did nurse a new baby that undoubtedly William would want to nurse on my swollen tits too. Thank goodness for having such large breasts I thought to myself, there'd be enough to go around! My nipples began to stiffen and ache as I considered the sexy possibility of nursing both of my "babies."

    Suddenly, another thought entered my mind and my eyes flashed open. I looked up at the house to see if I could see William. It was like a revelation, but it really shouldn't have been. The thought was so obvious that the only oddity about it was that it had taken me so long to confront it.

    "What if I'm already pregnant with William's baby?" I thought, "It may already be too late to ask him what he feels about having a family."

    Even in the water I could feel my cunt getting wet and warm as I recalled how far William's enormous cock had pushed up into me. I mean he was so deep inside me, he might as well have pumped his potent sperm right into my womb! And if he shot as much cum into my womb as he had when he came all over my breasts earlier today… well, it was only a matter of time!

    My knees weakened as I considered the possibility of already being pregnant, possibly carrying my son's child. Yes, we were going to live as husband and wife, but in reality he still was my son. A little brother or sister, or oh my gosh, a son or daughter, of William's could actually already be at the earliest stages of conception within me. After all, it apparently was pretty easy to get me pregnant. I had gotten pregnant the first time I had fucked; William was living proof of that! So considering that William and I had fucked twice already without any protection… perhaps I was already pregnant!

    I was still lost deep in my incestuous thoughts when I heard the delivery truck leaving. The possibilities that I had been pondering were replaced by the present moment. I looked up and saw William walking back down the hill to the gazebo. He saw me out in the water and waved. I waved back and began to walk back out of the water onto the beach. I walked up the hill, everything swaying just perfectly, and met him at the gazebo.

    "Did everything arrive all right?

    "Yes, there were more boxes than I thought there would be but we just stacked them in the spare bedroom."

    "Well we can go through them later."

    "There's no rush Cynthia," his eyes flashing mischievously, "we can go through them whenever we want."

    "Okay honey," I replied smiling back at him, quietly acknowledging his correctly calling me Cynthia.

    "The water is wonderful. You should try it," I told him.

    "Well I did work up a bit of a sweat moving those boxes, so maybe I will," he replied.

    I settled back into my lounge chair and picked up my novel to escape to the world of fiction. I glanced at William and saw him enter the water, and then he began diving into the waves. I enjoyed seeing him relaxing and enjoying himself. I wasn't ready to address the thoughts that were lurking in my mind. I knew that someday I was going to have to bring up the subject of us possibly having a baby together but I was just not ready to discuss it with William. I told myself that perhaps it would be easier to discuss after we'd been living as "husband and wife" for a bit longer.

    I finished a chapter in my book and set it aside. Rather curious as to what William had purchased for me I decided to just peek at the contents of one box. Easing myself out of my lounge chair I quickly opened the closest package. To my delight I found a gorgeous pair of super-sexy high-heeled pumps. Strapping them on, I strutted over to the rail at the edge of the gazebo, my enormous rack swaying lewdly in front of me. Positioning myself with my arms resting on the railing, I nestled my chin into my hands and let my heavy breasts hang over, my rock hard nipples pointing out to where William was swimming. I looked out over the rail at the beautiful sight before me. William had started back up to the beach and I raised up and waved to him. He waved back and I couldn't help but wonder if his eyes were looking at my huge naked tits swaying back and forth as I waved.

    As I watched my strong young lover stride confidently up the beach towards me, my pussy instinctively began to moisten. When he finally reached the gazebo William went past me and grabbed a towel and began to dry off. I returned to looking out at the ocean. The water was crystal clear, letting all the magnificent colors of the ocean shine through. The sky was deep blue and the sandy beach was glistening white. Overhead beautiful birds sailed effortlessly. There was even a pair of dolphins frolicking in the water.

    "William, come here, this is such a beautiful sight," I said as I invited him to join me.

    "I’ll say it is!" was his response, “And, I see you’ve discovered one of my gifts to make the view even prettier”.

    Puzzled, I looked back and discovered that he was gazing lustfully at the rear view of my naked body.

    "Oh Baby, you're incorrigible, but you’re right" I laughed as I brazenly wiggled my plump butt at him. God, what a woman will do to attract her man when she’s fertile. I was acting like a total cum slut! “Don’t these heels just pump up my calves and butt perfectly?”

    I turned and looked back out at the ocean, but then just as I had hoped, I felt William move into position behind me. Spreading my new heels about a foot apart, I shook my thick, dark hair out over my shoulders and braced myself for what I was quite sure was about to happen next. He didn’t disappoint!

    William slowly eased up to me and pressed his loins firmly up against my lush ass. He gently ran his hands through my tresses and I could feel his bare skin against mine. As I turned to look back at him he placed his hands on my hips and I suddenly felt the shaft of his rapidly hardening cock brush against my inner thighs.

    "Oh My Goodness, Honey! Already?” I cooed. “Do you want to fuck another load of sperm into your Mommy so soon, Stud? If I didn’t know better I’d say that you're going to wear my poor little pussy out!" I teased him by jiggling my ass cheeks up against his turgid cock.

    “Maybe we should wait awhile, Lover”. But, contrary to my words, I began to rotate and thrust my plump butt back against his manhood, causing it to stiffen even more. The truth be known, I would never get tired of him fucking me with that big fat baby-maker.

    Now taking a firm hold onto the railing, I spread my legs as far apart as I could and arched my back. William recognized my obvious invitation to mate with him and he took his shaft in his hand. After a couple of quick strokes up and down my gaping labia he started to press that big head into my yielding cunt. I moaned softly and now let my head hang over the rail as once again I felt the huge glans of his cock ease deeply into me, spreading my pussy lips apart.

    "Oh my God, Baby! That feels soooo fuckin’ good," I moaned as I felt him pushing deeper into me. My cunt was extremely wet and I was accepting his enormous cock easier each time we made love. Inch by thick veiny inch, I began to take him into me, my pussy clenching and holding him tight with each of his advances.

    "Oh fuck Yeah Mom, it sure does" he murmured.

    I tilted my head down and raised my ass higher, pumping it back at him, letting his cock plunge even further into my greedy cunt. His cock went in deep, real deep - the tip pressing hard up against my cervix. I briefly thought about what had been on my mind earlier and thought perhaps now would be the time to say something about the possible consequences of what we were doing.

    But then, as William started to pump his hips and work his meat in and out of my gushing pussy I was overcome by pure animal lust. Nothing else in the world mattered except that I get his load of hot semen deep up inside me. I was like a bitch in heat, totally consumed by the feeling of being so deeply fucked and so completely filled with my son’s cock that I selfishly decided to discuss the possibility of my pregnancy another time.

    William started thrusting his cock harder into my cunt. I wondered if he appreciated how tight I was down there. Even though I was 43 years old this was only the fourth time in my life I had been fucked. I was sure that my cunt was as tight as any eighteen year old cheerleader.

    My thoughts were soon addressed as William moaned, "Oh My God lover, your pussy is so fuckin’ tight."

    I could feel his thick cock stretching my clenching cunt and knew that we were both about to be the recipients of exquisite pleasure.

    William tried something new and reached under my chest. With both of his big strong hands he cupped my full low-swinging tits. I moaned and cooed involuntarily as he began to pinch my long, fat nipples. His hands moved all over my plump hanging breasts. He squeezed them, rubbed them and pressed them together. It felt wonderful. And all the while he continued to sensually pump that amazing cock slowly in and out of my snug pussy. Where, I caught myself thinking, did he ever learn to fuck like this at such a young age?

    I groaned as I pushed back onto his cock. Being fucked from behind was of course a new experience for me…one I had already decided I wanted to experience over and over!

    William raised back up and grasped me tightly around the waist as he continued to plunge his big cock faster and deeper into me. It was as if he was determined to drive it in as deep as possible.

    "Oh God, honey….oh fuck that feels soooo good." I could feel my cunt squeezing his cock, not wanting to let it go, trying to suck the sperm right out of his big, heavy balls.

    That thought stayed in my mind: "Not wanting to let it go." It was as if my cunt couldn't survive without his cock deep inside me.

    But then another thought flashed into my head: "This could be it, Cyn! This one might be the fuck that gets you pregnant!" I let out a little whimper and moan of pure sexual desire. Sure I might already be pregnant from the first few times William had fucked me, but if I wasn't, it meant that the possibility of my getting pregnant existed each time he emptied those huge balls of his into my fertile womb.

    I was so overwhelmed by the thought that my stud son might actually be breeding a child into me at this very instant, that I started cumming - uncontrollably. I uttered a tiny whimper of pure content and my cunt spasmed and clamped down on William's cock. He felt my passion and that was all he needed. He pushed forward, his cock plunging even deeper into my cunt.

    "OH MY GOD, MOM! I'm cumming, I’m gonna cum inside you again Mom." In his excitement he couldn't help but revert back to calling me Mom. However we were both so wrapped up in the throes of our orgasms that neither of us really gave it any thought.

    I ground my cunt back into him as his cock pushed further into me than I ever thought possible. This time he didn't ask if he should pull out. As he ejaculated, he just held me tightly around the waist and pumped into me with abandon. He was groaning as he rammed his cock into my welcoming pussy, filling my cunt with what I was sure was at least a cup of his hot, potent sperm.

    As he held me close and emptied his balls inside me, I couldn't help but wonder if he had any idea of the consequences of what we were doing. Was he aware that each time we made love like this, he could be fucking his baby into me. If it was on his mind he certainly was doing everything he could to make it happen! His enormous, rock hard cock bucked and jerked over and over, relentlessly driving his load deep into my cunt.

    The thought of this incestuous union and what could result from it caused me to cum like I never knew was possible! As orgasm after gut-wrenching orgasm tore through me, my cunt continued to milk his cock, wanting every drop of his hot seed. I wanted his baby-making sperm to find its way to my waiting eggs.

    "Oh baby, baby, baby," I moaned. I was sure he had no idea of the double meaning of my cries.

    I wanted so badly to drop all pretense and just scream at him, "Knock me up, lover. FUCK ME! Pump Mommy’s hot little pussy and fill me with your seed. Give me all your cum. Cum deep inside me! Unload those big balls up into my womb now and make me pregnant."

    Instead I let my pussy do all the talking as it caressed and loved his cock. I was now, as I had fantasized earlier, literally sucking the sperm right out of his contracting balls and deep into my womb. He did his part too, gently pushing his massive organ into my deepest recesses, mixing his sperm with my own copious fluids. I felt his cock begin to lose some of it’s steely hardness. Gradually he softened, but it kept spasming as he pumped those last few precious drops into me. Finally he unleashed a huge sigh as his climax slowly subsided.

    I moaned in half-exaggerated disappointment when William began to slowly withdraw his tremendous length from my well satisfied pussy. Finally, when he had pulled out all the way, his plum-sized glans slid from my stretched lips and an incredible thing happened.

    I heard a splashing sound and glanced down between my thighs to watch in awe as an ungodly amount of my son’s semen spilled from me and fell to the floor between my new high heels. There must have been at least a quart of the creamy white stuff in a big puddle. I then looked further back between my legs and was treated to the most erotic sight of his softening horsecock swaying heavily between our loins. Big gobs of fresh sperm were hanging from him and still more ran down my inner thighs.

    He took my hand and led me from the balcony railing and over to the bed. He laid heavily across the sheet and gently pulled me down beside me. "Oh my gosh, that was incredible!" he gasped.

    "It certainly was" I replied as I nestled beside him. "I love you so much"

    "I love you too" he responded.

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    Incest Island - Part 4

    As we lay there facing each other I knew our love as husband and wife was still just beginning. It would certainly continue to grow. There would definitely be areas where our love as husband and wife would be different from our love as mother and son. I reached over and caressed William's cheek and then leaned forward and kissed him. As I moved away I slowly ran my hand down over his shoulder, then to his firm, tanned stomach, and finally to his cock where I gave it a loving squeeze. I then slid my hand up over my plump mound. I couldn't help but wonder if a beautiful baby would result from our love. I put my arms around William and held him tight. Perhaps I was already pregnant. If we kept fucking like newlyweds there was no doubt that I soon would be if I wasn't already. In any case I knew that I couldn't put off the subject forever. Soon I was going to have to see how William felt about being a daddy.

    I went to bed early that evening, but had trouble falling asleep. I kept wondering how William might feel about getting me pregnant. I tossed and turned a bit as I worried that he might be upset that I had not discussed this beforehand if I was already pregnant. Of course there was also the possibility that I wasn't yet pregnant. Then I worried whether he would be agreeable to getting his mother pregnant.

    When I awoke I looked over and saw that William was still asleep. I slipped out of bed and had a small breakfast as I looked out over the ocean and enjoyed the beautiful morning. Remembering the shipment that had arrived yesterday I headed to the spare bedroom where William had stored the boxes. I was surprised to see so many boxes there since we hadn't had that many possessions back in our apartment.

    The first box I opened was marked "Mom's bedroom." I started to remove the contents, first seeing the pictures that had been on my dresser, then coming to a small box of inexpensive jewelry. When I got to the clothes in the bottom of the box I realized that there weren't very many. I hadn't had many nice clothes, mostly just work clothes, and apparently William hadn't told them to send too much. I wondered what I was going to do. Other than the clothes I had packed when we came I only had the bikinis the realtor had left for me. I was certainly going to need more than that. True we didn't wear much around the house, but I did have to go shopping sometime!

    I continued opening boxes and setting things out around the room. I had gone through boxes marked for mom's room, living room, kitchen, and storage while leaving boxes marked for William alone. I figured he'd want to go through his own things. When I moved the last labeled box I noticed that the other boxes were different. They had arrived yesterday but they weren't from our apartment. Looking closer I saw that the return addresses on them showed they had come from Victoria's Secrets and Fredericks of Hollywood. Needless to say, my curiosity was aroused.

    About that time William walked into the doorway. I looked up at him and smiled, "Good morning sleepyhead."

    He stretched and asked how long had I been up.

    "About an hour is all. I started opening boxes from home."

    "Yeah, it looks like you've been busy."

    "Would you like some breakfast honey?"

    "Sure Cynthia that would be fine."

    We headed to the kitchen where I fixed him a simple breakfast. I sat down at the table with him, sipping on a cup of coffee.

    He looked over at me and said, "I suppose you saw the boxes from Victoria's Secrets and Frederick's."

    "Yes honey, I did."

    "Mom," he slipped, "I knew you didn't have a lot of clothes before so I ordered a bunch of stuff for you. I hope you like it. But if you don't you can send it back or you can order more stuff. There aren't too many places around here for you to buy clothes so I figured ordering by catalog would be best."

    "That's so thoughtful of you dear." Then I thought for a moment and asked, "And why wouldn't I like them? I'm sure you picked out nice things for me."

    William's face turned a bit red as he replied, "Well, it's just that...most of the outfits are you know...kinda sexy."

    "Honey, you know I don't mind wearing sexy things for you. But I hope you did buy me some things to go shopping in. I can't go to the village in a bikini and I don't want to create a scene at the market!"

    We both laughed. "I think I picked a few things out that should be okay for that," William replied. He was finished with breakfast so he asked, "Would you like to see what I ordered?"

    "Sure honey...let's go check it out."

    I was eager to go back to the bedroom where the boxes were. I wasn't used to getting a lot of nice things at once and thought that this would be fun. William cut open the first box and then told me to go through it. The first thing I pulled out was a nice summer dress with thin shoulder straps. Holding it up I could tell that it would go to just about mid-thigh when I wore it. "It's lovely dear. I can even shop in it," I laughed.

    I continued to remove more items from the box. There were a few more dresses, some nice tops and even some shorts. "You did well," I giggled. I stepped over and gave William a kiss on the cheek.

    "That's one box down, five more to go," William said as he opened another box. Reaching into it the first thing I pulled out was a pink bra.

    "Hmmm...that's pretty," I said. I soon discovered that there were a dozen bras in the box, with matching panties for each bra. William had picked out bras and panties in black, blue, red, pink, purple, yellow, and white. "What'cha do...buy one of everything?" I joked.

    "Well I couldn't make up my mind. I figured you'd look good in all of them so I said what the heck!"

    I continued opening boxes, holding up each item of clothing. There were some jeans, skirts, sweaters, more shorts, sexy tops, and even more bras and panties. William had even ordered some stockings for me. One box I opened contained nothing but shoes. There was everything from sandals to shoes with 5" spike heels. "You certainly know how to take care of a lady," I told him.

    William opened the last box and then stepped back for me to go through it. The first thing I found was a black corset. That was followed by several garter belts and more stockings. I kept pulling out more and more lingerie. There were teddies, nightgowns, babydolls and more. I could tell William was a bit anxious as he awaited my response to his selection. I turned to him and smiled, then I walked over to him and gave him a deep passionate kiss, saying, "I can't wait to model some of these things for you honey. They're all so pretty. You make me feel so special."

    "You are special. I love you soooo much."

    "When would you like me to wear the lingerie honey?"

    "I thought maybe in the evenings, around dinner time." He tried to hide his grin, "I mean I'd still like to see you in bikinis and nude during the day."

    "Whatever you wish dear. But right now I'm going to put these things away, and try to figure out what I'll model for you this evening." I winked at him.

    I spent a good part of the day putting things away. I was amazed that it took so much time to unpack considering I didn't think we had all that much. But being in a new environment I had to find a place for each item. At our apartment I could have easily relocated each item, but here I took my time to figure out exactly where in our villa I wanted each thing to go.

    Late afternoon came before I realized it. At 5:00 I called out to William who was down at the gazebo that I was going to clean up and that dinner would be ready in about an hour.

    I headed to the bathroom and decided to take a warm bath. As I slipped into the tub I started to recall the lingerie that William had selected and began to decide what I would model for him tonight. Reaching for my razor I decided that for most of the lingerie he'd purchased I would look sexier if I shaved my pussy completely. Thus I shaved my pussy again, this time removing even the small patch of hair above my pussy lips that I had left before. As I ran my fingers over my now smooth pussy my mind turned to earlier thoughts and I formulated a plan. Tonight I would ask William if he wanted to be a Daddy.

    I could feel myself getting wet from the excitement of what we would be discussing. As I slowly stroked my pussy I closed my eyes and thought what it would be like to be pregnant again. Unlike the first time when I was unexpectedly impregnated by a stranger this time I would relish the pregnancy. There was no one else alive that I would rather have get me pregnant than my son. I had no doubt that he loved me deeply and I couldn't imagine him not wanting me to have his baby. I continued to gently stroke my smooth pussy lips but as much as I wanted to bring myself to an orgasm I decided I'd wait for a climax with my husband later in the evening.

    Getting out of the tub I toweled myself dry, slowly rubbing the soft towel over my soft skin. After I had dried off I took a bottle of perfume and put a dab on my neck and some between my breasts. I sat in front of the mirror and put on red lipstick to match my red fingernails, and applied makeup as if I were going out for the evening.

    Walking into the bedroom I pulled open a dresser drawer and gazed upon the assortment of new lingerie. "Hmmm, I wonder which of these William would like to see me in," I mused. I giggled aloud as I concluded that he would be glad to see me in "any" of them. I thus reached for an ensemble like I had never worn before. It included a garter belt, stockings, stretch g-string, lace demi-bra, and a sheer robe—all in black. I had never worn a garter belt in my life but had heard other women talk about how their husbands loved them.

    I sat on the side of the bed and put on the stockings, pulling them up over my smooth legs. I stepped into the garter belt and slid it up till it rested over my hips and then I attached the stockings. I briefly looked up and saw my reflection in the mirror. Seeing myself in only the garter and stockings made me feel sexy. My thick black mane was hanging down my back between my shoulder blades. My lips were red from the lipstick I had applied. My full heavy breasts hung low on my chest, the nipples erect with desire. Since most of my sunbathing had been done in the nude I didn't have any tan lines. In fact, I couldn't believe how tan my body had already gotten in the short time we had been on the island.

    Glancing at the bra I saw that William had remembered my size and had ordered a 40DD. My mind drifted again as I briefly wondered how full my tits would swell if (when) I got pregnant. Perhaps then even a 40DD wouldn't be big enough!

    When I slipped on the sheer robe I realized it was purely for effect. It did nothing to cover me since you could see right through it. And I certainly didn't need it for warmth or privacy. I knew that it was just one of those things that men liked, and there was nothing more that I wanted than to please my man.

    I left the bedroom and entered the kitchen and realized that William was still down at the gazebo. As I was preparing dinner I heard the door open and knew it was him entering.

    "William, is that you dear?"

    "Yes Cynthia. Is dinner ready?"

    "Just about honey."

    As I was answering him I was heading out to meet him. When I entered the room where he was his eyes got big.

    "Oh my fucking God" he gasped.

    I twirled around for him. "It's so lovely dear. So what do you think, do you like it?"

    "Do I like it? You look fabulous!"

    Pressing him further, I cooed “So tell me Stud, do you see anything you’d like to, you know… fuck?”.

    I stepped closer to him and gave him a hug and a peck on the check. As he pressed against me I could feel his semi-stiff cock. I playfully squeezed it and said, "Yeah, I guess you like it."

    If William could have had his way he would have ripped the gown off me on the spot and fucked me right then and there. I suppose he might have been a bit disappointed when I whispered into his ear and said, "Lets have dinner and then I show you how much I like it!"

    All during dinner William couldn't take his eyes off of me. He particularly focused on my breasts. The black bra had pushed them together creating a deep cleavage. Furthermore the robe and bra were so sheer that I might as well have been nude. I knew William could see my nipples and half expected him to comment about how stiff they were. However if William was excited, he had no idea how excited and horny I was. There were so many variables to my excitement. I was dressing sexy...in the sexy lingerie he had picked for me. Plus I felt a bit wicked as even though I tried I couldn't erase the thought that here I was in front of my own son, dressed like a wanton woman. And finally I knew that tonight was the night. That after our meal I would be asking him how he felt about being a father. I was pretty sure what his response would be but was just a slight bit nervous as I thought that it's not every son that thinks about having a baby with his mother. I worried just a bit that there was the slightest chance that he would say no—that he didn't want to get his mother pregnant—and if that happened I would be devastated.

    I snapped out of my daydream when William said, "That was a fantastic dinner. There's a nice breeze outside. How would you like to sit on the porch and maybe have a glass of wine and watch the sunset?"

    I smiled and responded, "I'd love that dear."

    "Okay, I'll get a bottle and some glasses and join you there."

    On my way to the porch I picked up an old family photo album I had left out. I took a seat on the large outdoor sofa and waited for William. When he arrived he handed me a glass of wine and I thanked him. As he sat beside me he asked, "What do you have there?"

    "Oh, it's just some pictures from back home. Would you like to look at them with me?"

    "Sure, that would be great."

    He sat beside me as I opened the album to the first page where there was a picture of my mother. "Mom sure would have loved this place."

    "I'm sure she would have," he replied. Neither of us stopped to consider how we would have explained to her how we were living there together!

    I turned the page and there was the picture I wanted to show William—a picture of me holding a new-born baby. Of course it was William I was holding in the picture. It was hard to believe that the tiny baby in the picture was the same person who was now 18 years old and fucking me. I was also amazed at how young I looked. I smiled at William and said, "You were such a good baby honey, and so cute!"

    He looked at the picture of him as an infant in my arms. "The perfect son," he replied. We both couldn't help but giggle.

    I kept turning the pages. There was page after page of me with William as a new-born baby. My baby, who was now sitting next to me as a grown up young man. My baby who had told me only a few days earlier that he wanted me as his wife. My baby who was now my lover.

    I took a deep breath and softly asked, "William can I ask you something?"

    He replied, with no idea of what I'd be asking, "Sure, anything."

    "Do you like babies?"

    "Well I guess so. I haven't given it much thought."

    He saw my eyes flash at him and that's when I think he got it. "Oh wow Mom," he slipped, "are you talking about what I think you are?"

    Looking him directly into his eyes, making sure I could capture his response, I replied, "Yes honey. There's no other way to ask I guess. But would you like me to have your baby?"

    I was so relieved when his answer was instantaneous. "Yes Mom yes, I would love for us to have babies together!" In all his excitement he had reverted back to calling me Mom. I didn't even think about trying to correct his misstep as I was sure it was the result of his being excited about the prospect of getting his mother pregnant.

    "Babies" I giggled, taking immediate note that he was talking about more than one. I was so excited as I could see my dream of having a family was going to come true. Thoughts flashed through my mind at lightning speed as I pictured myself pregnant, my tummy swelling by the month, my tits filling with milk, nursing a new baby. I don't know that I had ever been happier.

    I reached over and stroked William's cheek softly and said, "Well, I guess if we're going to have babies we'd better get started." I teased him, "So do you feel like fucking me?"

    "Oh yeah" he moaned.

    William stood up and then reached down and scooped me up. I realized he was going to take me to our bedroom. I put my hands around his neck as he carried me.

    "I want to have your babies dear. I want to have lots of babies for you."

    "Oh god" he groaned, and his pace picked up a bit. Quickly we were in our bedroom and he gently laid me down on the bed. I slipped off my robe and lay there in just the bra, g-string, garter and stockings. William quickly removed his shirt and shorts. I don't think I had ever seen his cock so swollen. Indeed the idea of me getting pregnant was as exciting to him as it was to me.

    I started to unclasp my bra when he said, "Leave it on....please."

    "Sure sweetie"

    He then reached over and cupped my breasts through the bra. My nipples had been stiff all evening and I gasped as his fingers played with them. "Oh honey that feels sooo good!" He pulled my bra cups down under my breasts which caused them to sit firmly together. Then he leaned forward and kissed the tops of my breasts. Next he licked them, his tongue sliding all around my nipples. Finally, his tongue slid over my nipple and flicked back and forth. I knew that my pussy was never wetter than it was at that moment and I could hardly wait for him to fuck me.

    William took his time though and continued to lick and kiss my breasts. When his mouth eased over my nipple and sucked on it I started to shutter. "Oh my god" I gasped. I was already on the verge of cumming. All my earlier thoughts and then our later talk about getting pregnant had me so worked up that I couldn't hold back.

    I was gasping, "Oh my god, oh my god" as William continued to arouse me. Just as I thought I couldn't take any more he slipped his hand inside my g-string and cupped my pussy. "Ooooohhhhhh fuck." I moaned. No sooner than his finger slipped between my pussy lips then I started to climax.

    "Oh my god....oh my god," I continued, being at a loss for words. My body started jerking and bucking. William began to work his finger a bit faster and just slightly deeper as my orgasm continued. While his finger sank into my pussy his thumb rubbed over my clit. My hips were bucking up wildly, my legs shaking uncontrollably. All the while William kept fondling my pussy. I was gasping in ecstasy; my tits bobbing wildly even though they were still held by the underwires of my bra. My pussy was creaming on William's hand like never before. I would certainly be ready for his cock tonight! "I'm cuummmiinnnggggg," I groaned. I shuttered and gasped, my head was twisting from side to side, my hips were lifting up and my legs were kicking wildly. Gasping for breath I could simply mutter, "Oh...ooh...oh," as my body was overcome with the sensation of an incredible climax.

    My climax slowly started to subside. I didn't even realize how deep I was breathing until I looked up at William who had a bemused expression on his face.

    "Are you okay?" he asked.

    "Yesss....that....felt....sooo....good," I hissed in between breaths. My body was still having little tremors as I caught my breath. "Oh my gosh honey...that was unbelievable," I gasped.

    I reached for William and pulled him up to me and we kissed passionately. I was so ready to be fucked that I spread my legs apart and ground my pussy against him. His cock was sliding all over my very wet pussy. I could tell he was as eager to fuck me as I was to be fucked.

    We were both so excited we really didn't take any time for foreplay. I whimpered, "Please," actually begging him to fuck me. He leaned forward and pressed the tip of his cock into my pussy. Then with one firm thrust he pushed his cock deep into me.

    "OH yes," I moaned, as I felt his rigid cocking sliding deep into me. I responded by pushing back up to him, anxious to get his cock completely buried in my cunt.

    We started fucking wildly, bucking to each other. Undoubtedly we were overwhelmed by the purpose of our union—to get me pregnant! William was fucking me hard and deep. I could feel the tip of his cock bumping my cervix. My pussy was creaming all over his cock as it plowed into me over and over.

    "Baby, you feel so good" I moaned. "Do it honey, fuck me and get me pregnant!”

    "Oh God! OH MY GOD MOM!" William started thrusting into me even faster. It was as if a primal urge had overtaken the both of us. We weren't just fucking, and we definitely weren't what I'd call making love. The passion and intensity of our coupling might best be described by saying that we were mating. For this time anyway William was a virile male determined to impregnate his willing mate. I didn't know if I was fertile at the moment but I sure hoped I was. The only thing in the world I wanted at that point was for William's seed to shoot deep into me and send his baby-making sperm to a waiting egg.

    I pulled my knees back up to my massive rolling breasts and splayed my thighs wide open for him as he continued to savagely thrust his enormous manhood into me. He raised up on his arms and looked down at me with lust glazed eyes as his cock pumped in and out of my cunt. My huge tits were wobbling wildly from side to side in time with the motion of our fucking. I raised my head slightly and looked down to watch his cock ravage my pussy. I could see my labia spread wide, hugging his massive cock as it worked its way in and out. William took notice of my focus and he also looked down.

    He took one long, slow backstroke and together our eyes briefly beheld the sight of his huge shaft, covered with our secretions. He paused for only a moment before he slowly buried it back into my depths. Then we watched silently as that gigantic horsecock once again began to slide in and out of my clutching sex, both of us fully understanding the intent of our union. Both knowing that soon he would be shooting a copious load of potent sperm into me. Deep into his own mother’s womb, with the intent of making her pregnant.

    With a sigh, William suddenly dropped down onto my chest and we held each other tightly. He continued to drive his cock into me. "Mom, I'm going to do it." he groaned. Those were the words I’d been waiting to hear and I made sure that he knew it.

    "OH GOD, YES BABY! Do it now! Fill Mommy’s hot fertile womb with your sperm. Please Tiger! Knock me up, get me pregnant!" Those were the words I had been wanting to say all day.

    Those words were too much for him! I felt him stiffen and then groan. His cock slammed deep into me and he started cumming. I clung to him tightly, my arms around his back, my legs wrapped around him, and my pussy clutching his cock. William continued to groan and spasm, his throbbing cock unloading spurt after spurt of his potent seed deep inside me.

    Looking back, I recall that at the same moment William started cumming, I started to cum again too. My hips bucked back uncontrollably against him as his cock plunged into me. My cunt milked his cock, desperately wanting to get every drop of his precious cum.

    "OH FUCK" I moaned. "OH honey, you're doing it! You're filling my pussy with your sperm!" My hips were gyrating madly as I climaxed, my womb accepting his load of cum. It was as if I was subconsciously trying to coax it right out of his swollen balls and into the depths of my cunt where I knew it would do its deed.

    Our loins slapped together wildly as he gave and I received. We held each other very tightly as we completed the act of our mating. Only time would tell if a new life would start to blossom within me. But at the moment all I could think about were the millions of his virile sperm cells swimming within his thick semen deep inside me, racing to start the process of conception.

    William remained over me as we caught our breath. He started giving me little kisses on my nose, forehead, eyelids and cheeks. Our mouths met and we shared a long, deep kiss.

    He broke away and said softly to me, "I love you, and I want you to be the mother of my children."

    "Nothing would make me happier," I replied. Then I continued, "But William there is one thing I guess I should probably mention. As you know, you've already fucked me several times. So there is the possibility that you've already gotten me pregnant."

    "I'd already thought of that Cynthia. And if that's the case it's certainly fine with me."

    Then, incredibly, as we cuddled and spoke, I felt his huge semi-erect cock start to stiffen inside me again. The massive glans was brushing against my cervix and his thick shaft was filling my vaginal cavity. Apparently the thought of having possibly already impregnated me was enough to excite him back to hardness. I smiled at him as I squeezed my cunt around his fat slick shaft, encouraging him on. When he was fully hard again, he started to fuck into me in earnest, but this time with slow loving strokes. We looked steadily into each other's eyes as he started pumping his length in and out of my sloppy cunt.

    This time there was no rush. We both enjoyed the sensation of our second round. I continued to watch William's face as his second orgasm hit and he started ejaculating into me again. I had a warm feeling in my heart as my stud filled my cunt with even more cum. There was so much semen inside my cunt, and likely in my womb, that my pussy lips couldn’t contain it all. My son’s sperm gushed out around our coupled genitals and ran down the backs of my thighs. Huge pools of the warm thick liquid spread out all over the sheets. I didn't know whether or not I was now pregnant, but I knew that at the rate we were fucking it would only be a matter of time.

    William slid off of me but continued to hold me in his arms. I felt so loved by him. We chatted as we lay there. He had all kinds of questions about pregnancy and babies. I could tell this was going to be a fun and loving experience to go through with him. I had no doubt in my mind that he would be a wonderful father who would make my dream of having the perfect family come true. After awhile we both fell asleep, still embraced in each other's arms.

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    WOW!! That was an incredibly hot story. Hope there's more.

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    Great Piece of work ... hope you have more to add.... thanks for the share.... G
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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