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    Making a King : Waking the prince.

    My mother’s last lover left around Christmas. He was only the latest in a string of men who treated her like a cheap whore and walked away, including her own brother. I didn’t understand it. I’d never leave if I had a woman like her.

    Katelyn Ross, also known as Mom, is young for a woman in her thirties; 5 foot 6 inches and 120 pounds. She works at a fancy restaurant, as fancy as they get in Texas, and makes a decent bi-weekly salary. A braided rope of long dark hair swings down like a pendulum behind her back, and she always dressed sexy, most often in silk and lace. Her make is perfect even after hours on her feet.

    We hadn't spent much time together over the past few years. Mom was promoted to a night manager, working till midnight practical every night, and I was a high school sophomore. I craved her like a drug and took what few minutes I could, even if it meant sharing a bathroom.

    I always thought it was sort of neat that Mom's birthday was on Valentines, technically the day after, but what difference does a few hours make? The day started out normal enough, at least for me. I went to school, but skipped the last two classes to go home early and watch a sexy movie with my favorite star.

    Mom rarely came home early, so it was a bit of a shock when the door swung open around 4:30. My cock was in one hand and the TV remote in the other.
    I did a double take and would have said Eva Green stepped out of the TV screen and into my bedroom in a short black dress and three inch heels.

    I hit pause as a shopping bag flew at me.

    “Put those on.”

    I knew better than to argue. The look in her eyes told me I wouldn’t like it if I did; a man could burn alive in those blue flames. I probably broke some kind of speed record. Everything was a perfect fit: black slacks, black tie, red silk shirt, leather belt and cowboy boots.

    Mom grabbed the tie around my collar and pulled me so close I could taste her lipstick; fruity with hints of chocolate. Her firm nipples pressed into my chest and my heart pounded like a war drum as she pulled and tugged. Then her hands dropped to my waist and tugged at the belt. It was over quickly, the entire incident lasting seconds, but I would feel the effects for hours to come. She took my hand and led me outside.

    Mom liked to drive fast and loose; the Toyota Camry suited her. It wasn’t brand-new but not old either.

    “You look good in a tie.”

    I grinned. “You look good in anything.”

    We were speeding down the highway when she spoke again. “It’s Valentines, one of the busiest nights of the year, three servers quit, a busboy called in sick, and I had to fire another. That's just the dining room; the kitchen is full of rookies, it's going to be a madhouse.”

    I started petting her leg from knee to the bottom of her dress, just like she did for me when I was upset.

    “How can I make it better?”

    She flashed me a smile. “You wanted a job…”

    We turned into the parking lot a few minutes later, I told you she drives fast. Mom walked me through a back door and into the large dining room. Rose petals littered the dark carpet; whether on purpose or accidental I’m not sure. There were thirty tables, each covered in red velvet with candles and roses everywhere. It wasn't even 5:00 yet and there was already a crowd.

    Mom reached around my waist and tugged. I looked into her eyes, and she breathed against my lips. “Take a deep breath, it’ll probably be the last you get for a while.”

    I took a breath, tried to calm my nerves, then opened my eyes. Mom was gone, already escorting a couple to an empty table across the room.

    I put a smile on my face and looked to the next couple in line; my third grade History teacher and his wife. Mr. Kelly retired the year before, after a heart attack at sixty, and his wife was quite a bit younger. She didn’t look any older than my mom with short blonde hair and emerald green eyes wearing a long red dress.

    “Hello, Mr. Kelly good to see you out and about, Mrs. Kelly you look fabulous as always.”

    I grabbed two menus from the pedestal, “My name is John and I’ll be your host this evening. If you’ll follow me, I’ll show you the best table in the house.”

    I never understood how hard Mom's job was. At first, she was a waitress and I thought that meant taking orders and delivering food. Then she was a wine server and I thought that meant she served wine. After that I thought she just stood behind the counter and handled reservations. When they made her “Dining Manager” I thought she listened to customers and bitched at the waitstaff. Mom did all of that and so much more, in high heels with a smile on her face.

    I was ready to strangle someone within the first hour.

    I followed Mom’s sweet little ass out the back door at 7:45, intent on leaving before I hurt someone. She pulled a Marlboro 100 from her cleavage and lit it with Mini Bic, then held it out to me.

    I gave her a confused look, and she waved it in the air.

    I gave in and reached for it. “How did you know?”

    She smiled. “I’m your mother.”

    How could she always know what I did when no one was around? I would swear she had cameras in every room of the house, if I hadn’t already looked for them.

    We smoked and talked about random things for a few minutes. Somehow, all the stress from the past two hours faded away. I reached for the door and she took my hand.

    “I know you think I’ve been ignoring you the past few years, but I haven’t. I’ve seen how much you’ve grown up, how mature you’ve become, and I’m proud of you.”

    She kissed me and her soft, candy flavored lips lingered against mine for several long seconds. My heart fluttered and danced as my hand found her warm hip. Then my stomach ruined it.

    “My next break is at 10:00, we’ll eat something then.”

    I nodded, tasting chocolate on my lips. “I love you, Mom.”

    That was something I could say all day long, but hadn’t said since I was ten. It was more than a son’s love for his mother though. It took me awhile to figure out exactly what that feeling deep in the pit of my stomach was every time she was around.

    She smiled and a spark flashed in her eyes. “I love you too.”

    We went through the door and back to work.

    The rest of the night went fast; 10:00 PM rolled around before I even noticed and the dining room started emptying as the last customers took their seats. Several bottles were left behind, and I wondered what the waitstaff did with the “leftovers.”

    Mom led me towards the back and dinner for two; a salad with a few bits of grilled chicken for her and a juicy steak with baked potato for me.

    “I’m not really interested in high school girls, all they do is spend money and talk.”

    She laughed at that. “All girls like to talk and shop.”

    I shook my head. “The girls at school won’t even look at a boy unless he has a fancy car and plays football. Guys like me don’t even register on their radar.”

    Mom reached over and squeezed my hand. “There have been girls flirting with you all night.”

    She sounded both happy, and jealous about that. “They were flirting because I was flirting. Not one of them would give me her number if I asked.”

    Mom smiled. “I bet I know at least three who would.”

    “And what good would that do me? I’m sixteen.”

    She shrugged. “I was fifteen.”

    “Every man alive wants to fuck you. I’m just a horny teenage boy with a cute face.”

    She squeezed my hand again. “You are so much more than that and you know it.”

    I waved to towards the dining room. “They don’t know that, all they see is a waiter looking for a handout.”

    Mom batted her eyes. “And how many tips did you get?”

    I untied the apron from my waist and dropped it to the table. “You count it, I need a cigarette.”

    She reached down her dress and I caught a glimpse of bare flesh.

    “How do you keep those from falling out without a bra?”

    Mom smiled and pulled the top down. Her boobies were amazing, like twin ski slopes with dark areola and thick nipples. I’ll never get tired of seeing them. I was so distracted by her breasts that I almost missed the soft pack held between the slopes by a stretchy band. She handed it to me, then fixed her dress.

    “I’ll join you out there soon as I get us counted out.”

    I nodded and exited stage right with a six-inch tent in my pants.

    I leaned against the wall and lit a Marlboro while thinking about Mom. It wasn’t the first time she’d flashed me, but she’d never done it in public before. I wondered what it meant. Was it part of the puzzle, or just a random thing? There was something about my mom, like she had a secret that’s been slowly seeping out over the years, one clue at a time.

    I heard enough through the wall to figure out she was submissive in bed. She didn’t mind walking around the house naked either, actually seemed to like it when I looked at her. I knew she masturbated frequently, even when she was getting laid every night. She’s ticklish too, I figured that out when I was a little kid. She likes to dance but doesn’t really know how. It’s hard to tell what her favorite music is because she likes so many things. I studied her for years but had only just begun to understand the force of nature that was my mother.

    Mom came through the door and touched me on the shoulder. “You’re going to burn your lips if you don’t put that out.”

    I realized she was right and dropped the stub before stepping on it. “Guess I was daydreaming again.”

    She smiled. “About what?”

    I’m pretty sure she already knew, but saying it out loud would be weird. I shrugged. “Girls, girls, girls.”

    Mom laughed and took her cigarettes from my hand. “Any girl in particular?”

    Was she fishing? I gave her a nibble.

    “There’s this really hot brunette that I’m interested in, but she’s older…”

    Mom lit her cigarette. “How much older?”


    She looked at me and took a long drag, inhaled and exhaled.

    “You are mature for your age, but older women like men who have jobs and keep them. You’ve seen enough to know what happens to lazy slobs and losers who can’t keep a job.”

    I slid a hand down the suit I wore. “I was hoping we could make this official…”

    Mom nodded. “You’ll need a haircut.”

    Did she expect that to stop me? I had the same hair for sixteen years, it was time for a new do.

    “Can I borrow your car tomorrow?”

    She took another drag on her cigarette before answering. “Long as you’re here by 5:00, and I don’t want your grades slipping.”

    I grinned. “I can do it.”

    My last three classes were nothing but filler, easily skipped and never missed. I could probably drop them and get on the early release program now that I had a job. All I had to do was flirt with a dragon and hope I didn’t get burned.

    I gave Mom a peck on the lips and went inside to for a few more tips.

    Midnight came and went as staff slowly exited the back door one by one. Mom found me sitting at a table, drinking from a Styrofoam cup. There were three bottles behind me and one at my side.

    She pulled a roll of lace from her cleavage and handed it to me. I knew what was as soon as I felt the damp cloth, but wasn’t sure what it meant.

    “There must be $200 here.”

    She smiled. “Closer to three-hundred, all that flirting paid off.”

    I grinned and slid off the table, stumbled a little and fell against her. This time it was me surprising her with a kiss, and not a soft peck on the lips either. I wanted to put my tongue in her mouth all night, and she let me!

    She clung to me and kissed me back like a starving woman, her tongue swirling and dancing with mine. Our mouths weren’t the only things dancing either. I didn’t realize we were swaying until the lights went out and the music died.

    “It’s been a long time since you kissed me like that. I can’t think of a better birthday gift.”

    “I was gonna give you chocolates,” I grinned, “but you ate them all.”

    She laughed. “I’ll take a kiss over chocolate any day. Ready to go home?”

    “Can I drive?”

    “I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

    “Probably not.” I chuckled.

    She stroked my cheek. “I’m your mother-”

    “Yeah, yeah,” I waved my hand in the air, “you know everything. Someday you’ll tell me how that works.”

    We collected the wine, no sense in letting it go to waste, and carried it to the Camry. Mom kept one arm around my waist until I was seated.

    “Try not to vomit until we get home.”

    “I’m not that drunk.”

    She patted my cheek. “I’m only teasing you.”

    “I know, you’ve been teasing me since I was twelve.”

    She flashed me a sexy smile and moved her hand to my crotch. I groaned.

    “Should I stop?” she asked.

    “No.” I said, too quickly.

    She leaned into the car and kissed me, her tongue twirling and swirling in my mouth. Her left hand pressed down on my crotch while her right clicked the seat belt in place.

    “You’ve been teasing me a lot longer than that.” She whispered against my lips.

    I smiled and caught her wrist before she could move and rubbed her hand over my length. “All you have to do is ask.”

    She licked her lips and gave me a squeeze through the slacks. “Asking for it spoils the fun.”

    I let go, and she gave my tent pole a tender pat before closing the door.

    The driver’s side door opened a few seconds later and Mom slid into the seat. The car purred to life and backed into a half circle before exiting the parking lot at 40MPH. We hit the highway a minute later and I pulled her right hand from the steering wheel to put back on my lap.

    Mom tapped her fingers over my tented trousers. I loosened my belt. Her hand didn’t move. I unsnapped the fly. Her fingers tapped faster. I unzipped. Her fingers twitched. The fly spread open and my cock sprung out like a Jack in the Box.

    “Is there something you want me to do?” Mom asked with her eyes on the road.

    I licked my lips and went for broke. “Stroke my cock.”

    A smile twitched on her lips and her hand wrapped around my pole. She stroked it in a teasingly slow rhythm with a soft grip, up and down, rubbing her fingertip over the head with each stroke.

    I put my hand over her knee and let it glide up. I felt the silk of her dress and inch beneath. When she didn’t stop me, I pushed it further, inching my way up the inside of her thigh.

    “You’re not wearing panties.” That wasn’t a surprise considering I had her thong in my pocket.

    I watched her shave that morning, while talking about some none important bit of homework, and knew it was smooth as a baby's bottom before I even touched her. Her pussy was like a budding rose, the clit swelling outward like a flower ready to bloom.

    She flashed me a smile. “I’m such a naughty slut.”

    “More like a cock tease.”

    “I’m stroking your cock, just like you told me to.”

    I chuckled and decided to give her a taste of her own medicine, teasing her the same way she was torturing me. She was wet and twitched each time my fingertip danced over that petal. I heard her moan softly and felt the car slow.

    “Should I stop?” I asked her.

    “If you stop,” she moaned, “I stop.”

    Well, I certainly didn’t want that; her hand felt amazing. It was a sweet torture that I never wanted to end. The fifteen-mile drive to the suburbs took thirty minutes. I think that’s the slowest Mom has ever driven.

    She parked in the driveway outside our two-bedroom house and unbuckled her seat belt before moving my hand from beneath her dress. I unbuckled and opened my door.

    “We both need a shower-”

    I understood and grinned. “Race you.”

    Mom climbed out of the car and made a run for it. I followed a step behind, catching her at the front door and grinding my cock into her as she put the key in the lock. She giggled when I kissed each of the tiny freckles on her neck. The door opened and broke loose.

    I kicked off my shoes and ran after her again, wrestling her against the bathroom counter. She doubled over with a yelp and I swatted her bare butt; again, and again, and a third time.

    “Are you counting, Slut?”

    “Three,” she moaned out.

    I spanked her again and a grunted, “Four.”

    I kept smacking her ass until she reached thirty-two, then rubbed the ripe red hand prints as her hips rolled against my palm. My fingers dipped down and found her dripping with juices. She jerked when my fingernail struck her clit. I applied a little pressure and rubbed my thumb over her puckered butt hole. Mom whimpered.

    “You’ve been a naughty slut,” I slipped a finger into her.

    “Yes,” she cried out.

    “What did you do?” I stroked and her knees shook.

    “I came in my panties twice at work and flashed my breasts in public.”

    I pulled my hand away and smacked her ass again. “What else did you do today?”

    She whimpered. “I took off my wet panties and gave them to my son.”

    I smacked her again. “Why?”

    I really wanted to know, needed to know. I knew that wasn’t random. It was one of those little clues that I needed to understand.

    Her voice rose with a frustrated snarl. “Because I was horny and...”

    I slapped her ass.

    She shook her head violently and cried out. “I want you to fuck me.”

    I slid my hand over her ass and up her back to hold her pinned to the counter.

    “Are you sure this is what you want?”

    “Yes,” she cried out.

    I wanted my first time, our first time, to be in a nice comfortable bed, someplace where I could worship her like the queen she was. Even standing behind her, I wanted to kiss, lick, and fondle her from head to toe. But there was a darker, stronger part of me that wanted something entirely different.

    Her pussy was slick but so tight; I felt her spasm and stretch around me. Going slow wasn’t an option. We were both too worked up for that. Instinct took over. I shoved all six inches in, hard enough to shake the counter and put her on her toes.

    “Yes, yes, yes…” she cried over and over as I slammed her into the counter with each hard thrust.

    I’d watched Mom being smacked around, humiliated and used like a whore all of my life. They way those men treated her disgusted me. Mom was a goddess, she deserved to be worshiped; not used and tossed away like garbage.

    The whimpering cries, screaming moans and primal grunts were a symphony that fueled my lust. Every sound, every breath spurred me on. My heart pounded to the rhythm of wood knocking on wood. Sweat flooded from every pore.

    The dam broke and Mom screamed as I shot six rounds of liquid fire into her before I fell into the tub behind me.

    Mom laughed hysterically; I was afraid I’d given her brain damage.

    “I’m sorry,” I cried, “I hadn’t… I meant to…”

    I meant to pull out, but my cock went off without warning. And once it started, I couldn’t stop. My first time with a woman, my mother, my goddess, lasted sixty seconds and her pussy milked every last drop. I was still hard too!

    Mom turned herself around and dropped to the floor, crawling on hands and knees towards me. She looked down at me in the tub with a drunken grin on her face. Her eyes were glazed over and she looked… happy.

    “I just ejaculated inside you, after fucking you like a cheap whore against a bathroom sink. Why are you happy?”

    Mom smiled. “You were wonderful, now take off your work clothes.”

    “No,” I grunted, “you take them off.”

    “As you command, my prince.”
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    I sort of put in the wrong section, can someone move it to the bdsm wing? Thanks.

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    i think it works in mothere snd son and i cant wait to see what and who cumms next

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    Great Start to a hot story ,,, Thanks for the Share ... I hope there are many More chapters to CUM...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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