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    How my son and i saved each other's lives

    I'm 39, with short, blonde hair, brown eyes and a normal body. My son is 17, with blonde hair and blue eyes.
    His father is absent and i'm raising him alone.
    Last winter, we went for skiing and hiking to a snowy mountain. Huge mistake. Because of an accident, we got
    lost. We wandered in a snowy desert for hours. We even encountered a polar bear (it's a miracle it didn't maul us).
    To make matters worse, at some point, the ice under my son's boots broke and he ended up in the fatally freezing
    water. I had to dive to save him.
    After that, we were both 1000 times colder than before, 'thanks' to our soaking clothes. For a change, Lady Luck
    smiled at us soon afterward and we found a shelter (one of those small wooden houses for those who get lost in
    the mountains).
    There was only one bed and our drenched clothes increased our chances of getting a pneumonia. We had no choice
    but totally undress, get under the blanket and sheets and cuddle to get as warm as possible. And so, we started
    cuddling, touching each other as much as we could in a desperate yearning for heat: i was hugging him, we was
    burrowing his head between my breasts, our respective legs were tangled, our respective feet were nervously rubbing
    against each other's. At that point, we were barely conscious, on the verge of hypothermia.
    -'Mom, i'm scared, i think i'm gonna die' my son cried.
    -'No, sweetie' i tried to give him courage and kissed his hair.
    After that, i don't remember what exactly happened. It seems we both partly lost our consciousness at that point.
    It seems that, before the danger of hypothermia, our bodies instictively took a desperate measure for survival.
    I have vague erotic memories, a dream blended with reality, pleasant sensations and, finally, an orgasm, which i
    think is what made me completely lose consciousness.
    When we woke up next morning, neither of us remembered clearly what had happened, but the evidence (cum stains
    on the sheets and sore genitalia) left no doubt. When we discussed it somewhat calmly after our initial shock, i found
    out that my son had also been partly unconscious the previous night. He said to me that he had a dream of being naked
    in a spring field with a naked woman (which might or might not have had my face) and he felt something pleasant and
    warm engulfing his penis (my vagina obviously), then the scene changed into a blurry vision of the two of us in bed,
    then it changed again into something else he does not remember.
    Now i was doubly anxious. Not only about whether they'd find us before we died there, but also whether they'd find us
    soon enough for me to get the morning after pill!
    Anyway, luckily, they found us a few hours later. Even though that sex session saved our lives from hypothermia, we
    both agreed that what had happened was an accident that would never happen again. I even asked him to keep considering
    himself a virgin!

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    interesting story ...thanks for the share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    wish there was more but good nun the less

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironeagle2 View Post
    wish there was more but good nun the less
    How would you like it to continue?



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