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    A welcome home surprise.

    Part 1

    Ahh, it was good to be home. It was even better that the business trip had wrapped up a day early. Five days without being able to fuck my wife Loni, I just wanted to get home and fuck her until she would cum all over my cock like a cock hungry slut. I got a taxi, and 15 minutes later, it pulled up to my house. I went towards the house, and went in the front door. I had heard splashing from the back yard, and the sound of the CD player, so I went upstairs through the back door. I wanted to change into my swim suit, and surprise her.

    In the bedroom, the curtains were parted and the big picture window was slightly open, and it looked right down on the pool. I stripped naked, walked over towards the drawers, looking down towards the pool as I did so. Loni was there with Susan and Rob, her Mom and Dad. I got a bit of a shock when I saw all three of them were naked. It wasn't that big of a deal to see Loni going nude, as we often went nude at our pool, but almost all the time, we were alone when we did. And we had never been naked when her Mom and Dad were with us.

    Ummm, Loni's Mom Susan was built nice. Having never seen her naked, I wondered how she looked without clothes, whatever she wore seemed designed to hide her body, rather than emphasize it. Now, with her nude to my sight, oh yeah, nice. She had a few pounds more than most of the girls in men’s magazines but all of that seemed to be in just the right places. She was voluptuous, full curvy body, not fat, but full bodied, nice wide hips, real big, hefty melons, god, she could be 38, 39, maybe 40 inches, they stood up with just a slight hint of sag. From my vantage point, I couldn't see much more than that, but I ached to see Susan up close.

    I heard twin splashes that drew my attention away, and Loni and her Dad were both in the pool. I saw her dad swim over to her, he stood before her, grabbing her body and pulling her against him. I watched with shock as his hands grabbed her ass, and their lips came together in a drawn out, sizzling kiss.

    That bastard, he's going to rape his own daughter, in front of his wife flashed through my head. I was just about to storm out to the pool, and attack Rob, when I was frozen in place.

    Loni moaned, "Ummm, oh yes Daddy, fuck me, fuck with that nice big Daddy cock!"

    I watched, stunned as he lifted her up slightly, than Loni's unmistakable growl of pleasure as he nudged her against his cock, and she slid down onto his prick, making those squeals of pleasure I knew so well as he grabbed her shoulders, and pulled her down, driving his cock in balls deep.

    I heard Susan growl, "Oh yeah Rob, fuck your daughter, give her another load of your hot cum."

    Another load? Holy fuck, how many times had they been at it tonight? Come to think of it, I thought of all the times, back over our 10 year marriage, when she had stopped by at her parent's house, without me being present. Who knew how many times they'd fucked, how long had it been going on? With Susan watching, and looking approvingly on, I watched, open mouthed at the spectacle. My hot, 28 year old wife was getting reamed by her 52 year old dad! No rape there, it was as consensual as you could get.

    Watching Loni moaning and gasping with pleasure, humping her hips down as her Dad used her shoulders to pull her down onto his cock, then letting the water lift her up, to pull her down hard again, had my undivided attention. I lost track of where Susan was, as I stood rooted, staring at my wife as her squeals, cries and groans of pleasure filled the backyard, her dad's hard cock plundering her more than willing pussy.

    "Do you like to watch, Jay?" a voice cooed from the doorway.

    I jumped, spun around, and there she was, Susan, in all her naked glory. My cock rose quickly as I stared at her fabulous body, that full voluptuous, curvy body, the nice wide hips, real big, hefty melons. Susan was 50, but she looked like she could be less than 40, it looked like she had a secret fountain of youth hidden away, I was amazed at how Susan seemed to stay so young looking. That mane of long blonde hair, twinkling green eyes that seemed to be full of mischief, and sexy, full lips, made my cock start to rise up. Her blonde pubic hair had been very neatly trimmed, her opening was free of hair, a well trimmed bush topped just above her opening, and that merely helped my prick along.

    I stood mesmerized, staring at her fabulous body. She smiled, and in three steps, she was inches away. She looked down at my 8 inch cock, and looked back up with a "cat got the canary" smile.

    "That nice big fellow looks happy to see me, did you stay a good boy on your trip, no sinking such a nice hard cock into some willing pink hole?"

    I said, "Not even stroking out a load, I wanted to save it up for when I got home."

    She smiled, and said, "Such a considerate fellow, saving it up for your hot wife. As you can see, she is somewhat engaged at the moment. Is your mother-in-law an acceptable substitute?"

    I growled, "Oh yeah, such a hot body, I love your curves, the voluptuous body shape always turns me on!"

    Her voice now a husky whisper, she purred, "Then keep watching daddy and daughter in a hot, incestuous fuck, while I take care of your nice, hard cock!"

    She was on her knees in just a few moments, I watched, open mouthed, as she pulled down on the foreskin, letting my head pop up, the she wrapped her lips just around the top of my cock, her tongue circling the swollen head.

    "Oh yeah, oh fuck, feels so good!"

    Being pent up, I could feel my cock throbbing already. I felt Susan's lips leave my cock and she looked up at me.

    "I'm going to swallow you down, I am sure from feeling your cock respond, you are so ready to blow. Fill my mouth with your hot spunk, then we can get you nice and hard again, so you can fuck me! Watching Rob and Loni going at it makes me so fucking horny, I almost can't see straight!"

    I watched Loni riding her daddy's prick, a chorus of mixed grunts and growls of pleasure were rising up from the pool.

    Susan's full lips engulfed me as she took my hard, eager length in her mouth. God, that felt so fucking good, her tongue and lips knew how to suck cock, and I held her head gently between my hands as her head began to bob up and down, sending pulses of pleasure racing up and down the shaft. Trying my best to prolong it, I felt Susan's hot mouth slide wetly down my prick, bumping against the back of her throat, she twisted her head slightly, and I let out a growl as I felt my cock nestle deep in her throat, she was making swallowing motions around my cock, she pulled back, and as she took me in again, I knew I was ready to explode.

    From the pool, Loni cried out, "Yes, oh yes fuck me hard daddy, cumming, oh yes, gonna cum all over your big daddy cock!"

    "Oh yeah, gonna cum, gonna fill you baby!"

    My mind visualized the tight grip, Loni's pussy milking eagerly as her Daddy's cock erupted in her, a hot rush of spunk being eagerly sucked out to flood her womb. Watching my wife and her daddy in shared orgasmic pleasure, and my cock head deep in my mother in law's throat again, immediately brought on my orgasm, a sudden explosion of cum from my cock to fill her throat. She let the first blast pour straight down her throat, then she pulled back, and let my cock spew into her eager mouth. I emptied my pent up load, she was eagerly nursing my cock, letting the streams fill her mouth, then swallowing them down. Susan kept her lips tightly around my cock, to suck out every drop, then she pulled her lips up slowly, tightly, milking out every little bit.

    She pulled her mouth free, standing to face me, swallowing one last time, then cooed, "Umm, so delicious. I love men who had great tasting cum. Now, let's work on getting you all nice and hard again! Feel my pussy, feel how hot I am!"

    I reached down, letting my fingers stroke at her labial lips, and a gush of juices coated my fingers as I slid them just inside her entrance, the pink pocket was furnace hot, soaked with her juices.

    "Ummm, nice! Now, Loni tells me that you lick her tight pussy exquisitely, I've been eager to feel you talents applied to my hot pussy!"

    She lay back, spreading those wide, well toned thighs, and cooed, "Now, lick my tight pussy, show me how well you lick Loni's tight pussy!"

    Her bare, smooth lips were parted slightly as she spread for me, letting me see a deep coral blush, her inside pinkness wet and inviting. Just before I took to my knees, I saw Loni lift herself out of the pool. Her hips were right at the edge, and her Dad's mouth nuzzled against her, then Loni's squeal of pleasure let us know that he was licking her tight pussy.

    Susan purred, "Umm, oh yes, so nice, daddy licking daughter, and son-in-law licking mother-in-law. Lick me Jay, make me cum, make me cum all over your face!"

    Her crimson opening was inches from my face. I felt a bolt of pleasure shoot through, the lips were parted slightly, I could see the rich red interior, all slick and wet. I could feel the warmth, and the scent of her arousal, hot and musky, filled my senses. I could feel my cock take notice, as I ran a finger along Susan's pink trail, enjoying her low moan. My tongue quickly followed the trail, and I slipped my tongue between the lips, spreading them open, and stuffed my tongue is as far as I could reach, eager to taste the rich flow.

    "Oh that feels so wonderful, lick me Jay, lick me, oh mmmmm, it feels so good! Go crazy on my cunt, eat me alive!!"

    I was happy to do so, listening to Susan's panting increasing as I brought my tongue up, sliding it over and over the clitoral hood, until her clit rose up, free from its hooded canopy, deep pink, hard and erect, needing my tongue. Susan was gasping and growling, I heard Loni's grunts and cries of pleasure as her Dad worked over her tight pussy, I looked up, saw Susan cupping her breasts, squeezing, pulling and tweaking gently on her hard, stiff nipples, making more noises of joy as her reddened nipples sent sizzles of pleasure straight at her churning center. I surrounded her clit, my tongue sliding over and over that straining joy button.

    "Right there, oh my god, I'm, gonna, gonna, yes, yes, yes, OH FUCK YESSSSS!"

    I heard Loni's orgasmic howl as she crested, Susan let out a long, drawn out MMMMMMM of sheer pleasure as her pussy dissolved in a wash of hot juices. Susan came with a force, pushing her gushing opening hard against my mouth, her hips bucking, riding her climactic pleasure, giving my face a juicy mop down. My cock was now back up, rock hard and ready to go.

    Susan lifted her head up, and smiled at my obvious readiness.

    "Ummm, so nice and hard again. How do you want me Jay? Face to face, cowgirl, or from behind?"

    "On your hands and knees Susan, doggy style!"

    From poolside, I saw Loni getting ready, as her Dad boosted up, and she was all hot to suck his cock.

    "Oh that will be perfect. Then we can both watch Loni suck off her daddy's cock!"

    Susan took to her hands and knees, and crawled forward to the end of the bed next to the wall, so she had an unobstructed view of the pool. I gazed at her firm round ass, her wide hips, waiting for me to grab them and pull her close. I placed myself into position, I felt her hand reach down, grasping me, and leading me to her. I felt the hot, wet lips nudged against my cock head

    She purred huskily, "Now, fuck me! So fucking hot, ram me, give it to me!"

    I grabbed her hips, and pushed hard. Ohhhh fuck, the tightness was amazing, as I felt her walls part, clutching at me tightly, as I rammed in, balls deep. She growled with pleasure as I bottomed out in the hot, liquid depths of her tight pussy.

    Susan purred, "Do you like my nice tight pussy? I had vaginal tightening surgery a couple of months ago. I was sick of the looseness, now, sex feels fantastic again, having the tightness I had at 20 has made sex so fucking good again. And Rob adores the way my pussy grabs at his cock when he fucks me. Do you like the tight grip, Jay?"

    I grunted, "Oh yeah, umm, such a nice tight pussy, I'm going to love filling you again and again!"

    Susan purred, "Yes, oh yes, now drive your prick in, over and over, give me a long hard fuck, fill my hot, tight hole, I love it!"

    Fired up, I pulled back out until just the head of my cock was in, then drove back in with one hard thrust, grunting as I felt the hot, slick tightness gripping at my cock again. Susan threw back her head and arched her back, letting out moans of pleasure as I built up a rhythm. I could feel her muscles eagerly massaging the entire length of my cock, as I powered in and out, Susan was eagerly pumping her hips back as I rammed into her over and over, hungry for every last inch of my cock to be buried in the tight, wet clutch.

    Susan cooed, "Look at your wife, she's daddy's cock-whore, she loves to suck her daddy whenever she can, and get his cock into her hot, eager cunt."

    With the need to cum banked down, I was going to ride Susan's incredible body for as long as I could. Oh man, the feel of her tight pussy walls gripping at my shaft, her moans and cries of pleasure, the obvious enjoyment of good hard fucking, was beyond superb. I'd never had my cock in such a tight hole, even Loni was not as tight as her Mom. I kept my eyes going back and forth, watching Loni expertly sucking her daddy's cock, while I watched Susan's body taking my thrusts.

    Susan was purring, "Suck it, suck it baby, make daddy fill your tight mouth", as she eagerly stared at the sight of Loni sucking and slurping all over her daddy's cock with great relish.

    I kept driving into her, finally feeling the stirring in my balls.

    Susan gasped, "Oh yeah, I'm so close, keep fucking me, make me cum!"

    I felt a hand wrap around my balls, giving gentle squeezes, just as Susan's pussy became even tighter, grasping at my dick with a virgin tight cling, and my nuts let go. Burning tingles of lust shot through my prick, as Susan's squeals of orgasm announced her peak, and my grunts and growls mixed with her cries of pleasure as my cock burst deep inside her, a fresh load of hot sperm being splattered against her cervix. The milking action was like nothing I'd ever enjoyed, as she drained my cock of every drop.

    From just below us, Rob grunted, "Yeah, oh yeah, gonna cum, suck it all baby!"

    Susan gasped, "Oh yeah, you beautiful cock-whore wife, suck daddy dry, drink it all baby, and swallow every drop."

    Loni's mouth was working over her daddy's cock, as his prick bucked and pulsed between the tight clamp of her crimson lips, she was enjoying the feel of her Daddy's load filling her mouth, and letting it slide down her throat.

    Susan and I lay down, my mind was whirling, and I had a hell of a lot of questions. Before I could ask any, Susan stood up.

    "I'd better get back to the pool, I know you have lots of questions, and I will do my best to answer them. Since you are not expected back home until tomorrow, how would you like to spend the night with me? Rob has to go to work, he's doing an 11PM to 7AM shift at the power plant, so that will leave me all by my lonesome. Would you like to come over, and watch me ride your hard cock? Like to see my big melons shaking right in front of your face? Then you can fuck me face to face, we can 69 each other, ummm, we will fuck and suck all night!"

    I was more than happy to agree, and she cooed, "Take your suitcase, and put it in the trunk of my car, it's the bronze color Acura TL, here's the spare keys. We drove separate cars, so Rob could have his Chevy Malibu to drive home from the plant. Hop into the back seat of my Acura, and wait for me, I'll be there soon. It's 10 PM, so Rob will be ready to drive to the plant soon. Then, you'll be mine for the night!"
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    Wow... Thats Was Hot... Wish I had a Wife and mother-in-Law Like That... I hope There is More To Follow... Thanks for Posting
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Part 2

    Once I was dressed, I watched as Susan gave a wiggle of her awesome hips, and made her way downstairs. I grabbed my case and stole quietly down the stairs, and out to the driveway. Susan's Acura TL was parked there, and with her spare key, I put my luggage in the trunk, and slipped into the back seat. I watched, then ducked down into the darkness of the seat well, when I saw Susan and Rob come through the gate that led to our backyard.

    I could hear them exchanging goodbyes, then I heard Rob's Chevy Malibu start up, and driving away. Susan opened the door of her car, then settled herself into the front seat.

    I heard her coo, "I hope my special passenger is there!"

    I growled, "Oh yeah baby, I'm here, and I am ready for more!"

    "Oh yeah, watching my daughter and my husband going at it just makes me go crazy. I'm still blazing hot, and getting to fuck my son-in-law just made me even hotter! Now, let's go home, so I can vent my built up lust on your willing cock!"

    The car started up, and when we were a block away, Susan said, "Ok, we are out of sight of your house."

    I lifted myself out of the well, and seated myself. Her eyes were looking at me in the rear view mirror, and I could see the built up heat in those pools of deep green. We talked little on the way to her house, our bodies were going to do all the talking we needed, very soon.

    She wheeled into the driveway, pressing the OPEN button on the remote so the garage door slid open, she snugged the car in, and pressing the CLOSE button, the outside world, and any prying eyes, were quickly sealed away.

    We got out of the car, and she led me inside. Upstairs, she led me into the bedroom, where she turned to face me.

    Her eyes were smoky with passion as she growled softly, "Oh my god, I am so wet. This will be the first time that anyone other than my husband will be fucking me in our marriage bed. Knowing that my married cunt has already taken another man's cock for a nice, hard fuck, and is about to get another hard fuck in our marriage bed is making me so horny I almost can't see straight!"

    She shimmied out of the light summer dress she was wearing, and she was totally naked underneath.

    She grinned, took my hand and placed it between her thighs, "Feel my cunt, feel how hot and wet I am for your cock!"

    A gush of hot juices coated my fingers, oh she was soaked. I wanted to taste that cunt, and I yanked off my clothes, and took to my knees, eager to lick the juices.

    "Oh yes baby, lick my tight little cunt."

    On my knees, I looked up at the tight seam as Susan stood over me. Her blonde topped pussy inches from my face, I could see her lips slightly parted, her pussy was soaked, glistening with her juices. The hot, steamy scent of her lust reached my nose, I pulled her pussy closer and ran my tongue up into the hot, wet swampy depths. I could feel her pussy, quivering and clasping around my tongue as I stuffed my tongue as far up her as I could go, then pulling it out and grazing at her clit. I reached around behind her, pulled her ass cheeks apart, and adjusting my head, I heard a loud growl of pleasure as the my tongue made contact on her tight ass-hole.

    "Oooooh, so naughty, so dirty, I love it, lick my ass hole, fuck it feels so good!"

    Encouraged by her enjoyment, I ran my tongue all over the length of her ass hole, licking and slobbering all over it. Laving at the tight pucker, I then nudged the tip of my tongue against her ass-hole. Gently probing with my tongue, I felt a slight give as her sounds of pleasure feeling a slight give as Susan's sounds of pleasure grew more regular and louder. Finally, with a long sweeping lick back up again, I zeroed in on Susan's throbbing clit, the pink hard bud standing up, eager for attention. Her body was vibrating, reaching for her orgasm.

    Before she went over the edge, she cooed, "I want to cum while your cock is deep inside me baby, lay down, so I can ride you."

    I was quickly laying back on the bed, she had a smile of sheer lust as she climbed aboard. My cock was stiff as a board, and she took me, her eager fingers stroking at my surging cock me as she positioned herself. Susan's hips rolled back a little and the tip of my cock pushed against her pussy. With a low moan and one downward thrust, she impaled her tight, burning core on me, sliding down on my swollen fuck pole, her gasps of pleasure mixed with my grunts as my cock was wrapped in the tight, wet, clutching heat. Burying my cock to the balls, I was once again enclosed by the tightness of her hot, inner depths. pumping her hips up and down hard, her hot velvet depths sliding up and down on my steely shaft, over and over.

    That vaginal tightening surgery was sure paying off, she may be 50 years old, but her pussy had the tight grip of a 20 year old, and it felt fantastic. She started to ride me, pumping her hips up and down, her hot velvet depths sliding up and down on my steely shaft, over and over, the clutch of her warm wet muscles gripping at my my cock as I pushed up to meet her downward thrusts. I had the added visual thrill of watching her awesome milk jugs bouncing up and down in time to her hard thrusts down on my stiff cock.

    Susan cooed, "Talk dirty to me baby."

    Loni loves to hear me talk dirty to her when we are fucking, like mother like daughter, so I growled, "Oh yeah baby, fuck, your hot cunt is so wet and so tight, you're gonna suck every drop out of my hard prick!"

    "Ohhh yes, just what I want, keep fucking me Jay," Susan purred, "Shove your hard cock up my burning pussy and fuck me until you squirt your hot load up me, splatter my cervix and fill up my womb with all the cum you can pump into me! Fill up your mother in law's married, horny cunt with your thick rich cream."

    I felt a large zing of lust, fucking another man's wife, my wife's Mom, and knowing that I was going to splatter her with another heated load of sperm, I growled, "You like the way my hard cock is fucking your married pussy, baby?", as she pumped her hips, driving me to the balls on every downward thrust.

    Susan gasped, "Oh my God, Yes! Fuck me Jay, my married cunt is so eager, let me have what you got, every drop! Oh fuck, fuck, yes, yes, Yes, cumming, CUMMING!"

    Her voice rose to a shout, her body was shaking, those awesome tits jiggling wildly around, and I felt the grip as she tumbled into orgasm, surrounded by her squeals and cries of pleasure. My cock was still building up another load, and she smiled down at me as she rode her wave.

    "Ummm, still so nice and hard, Loni said that once you get out a load, you can fuck her all night. Good to see that my daughter is getting the solid fucking she needs. Now, I need it, I am so ready for more."

    She lifted up slightly, and she turned her body around, keeping me inside her, as she took a reverse cowgirl position.

    My eyes traveled down her back, enjoying the view, those awesome hips parted, squatting over my cock. She looked over her shoulder as I drank in the view, with a smile.

    Susan cooed "Do you like the naked backside view too, Jay?"

    I growled, "Oh yeah, I like very much!"

    "Ummm, oh yes, feels like your cock had just gotten harder, you must enjoy it very much!" She giggled, then purred, "Tell me baby. Give me more hot, dirty talk, I love it!"

    I grunted, "Oh yeah, your married cunt is so hot and wet, you're such a hot, wet slut Mom in law and I am going to enjoy stuffing your cunt again!"

    "Oh yes, I am such a whore, such a nasty, perverted slut, fucking my daughter's husband, I fucking love it! I want all your steamy cum!"

    We started to move slowly, each downward thrust deeper and more intense than the one before it. Watching the sexy spectacle of her ass going up and down as she rode me, her gasps urged me on, we started to move faster. I felt the muscles of her pussy gripping my shaft as I drove my cock between her tight lips. The gripping cling of her around my shaft made my prick sizzle, the cum starting to simmer. Again and again we smacked our hips together, until I feel the tip of my cock pushing against her cervix, making her moan deeply.

    She whispers, "Oh fuck, yeah, fuck, gonna cum again, I'm such a slut, oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming, oh my god!"

    She let out a howl of pleasure as she tensed suddenly, letting out gasps and grunts of pleasure, her body going rigid. Her orgasm rushed into her body, I can feel her pussy slam down, spasming, gripping and releasing, over and over. The juices of her release gushed over my hardness. My orgasm was damn close.

    She pulled off, laying back, and said, "Now face to face, look into my face as you fuck me, just use my cunt for your fucking pleasure, I want to feel you exploding and squirting, I want my womb filled to overflowing! Fuck me!"

    Happy to do so, I notched against her, and drive in. The mixture of joy, delight and bliss on her face drive me onward, oh fuck, my cock is throbbing, I last maybe another 30 seconds, then I feel the jerk of my cock, getting set to explode.

    I grunt, "Oh fuck yeah, gonna fill you baby, gonna flood your hot cunt with my hot spunk, oh yeah, cumming baby, cumming, YEAH!"

    She whispers back, "Yes, oh yes, fill my horny, married cunt, flood me now, cream all over my womb, I'm gonna cum again, fuck MEEEE!"

    I reached down, grasped her hips, pulling her tightly against me as I thrust hard, burying my cock as deep as I can. My cock swelled up inside her tight pussy, the head of my cock pressed tightly against her cervix, splitting her open. She lets out a grunt as my cock head forced its way into the entrance to her very womb, her voice rising up to a shriek of orgasmic ecstasy as I burst inside of her, my throbbing cock squirted wildly, and my hot seed pumped directly into her womb. Our cries and howls of orgasm filled the bedroom, as her body convulsed again, her tight grip milking my cock for every drop, her body shivering in another climax.

    When I pulled out, her mouth was at my cock, and she giggled, "Like every Mom, I want to make sure that you are as clean as a whistle!"

    Gripping my cock at the base, she licked all along the length, the look on her face showed how much she relished the mixed juices of our passion, then sucked me in, I could feel her tongue swirling around my shaft, eager to lick every bit of my cock clean. When she was satisfied, she lifted off, gave me a cat that ate the canary smile, then she snuggled down next to me, cooing contentedly.

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    another Hot One ... thanks Groom... keep 'em Cuming
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Part 3

    Susan said softly, "Now, let me tell you about me, and then Loni."

    "When I was 16, my daddy took my virginity. It was the night of my birthday, and my Mom and Dad came to my bedroom. My Mom told me that as my parents, they wanted to see me get the right kind of introduction to a healthy and satisfying sex life. My Mom said she didn't want me to lose it between the sweaty sheets of some grungy no tell motel, or in the back seat of some jock's car. She said it was best if an older man, with more experience, and someone who loved her, took my virginity. She told me that when she was 16, her daddy had taken her cherry, while her Mom watched her first fuck.

    "The more I heard, the more right it sounded. I saw my daddy, his shorts bulged with an eager hard-on, and I was transfixed. My first time with such a hard cock so close by, made me breathless."

    "Back in those times, there was no such thing as a morning after pill, so my Mom handed Daddy a condom so I wouldn't get pregnant, and he wouldn't have to worry about pulling out in time. I watched as my Mom and my Daddy both got naked, Daddy stripped off his shorts and the hard curve of his 8 inches rose up, and I couldn't stop staring. Daddy's cock, the hard curving cock that was going to take my virginity, ohhh, I couldn't wait, I didn't care if it hurt a lot, I needed that hard stiffness buried between my thighs. Daddy came over to the bed, so I could get a close up look."

    "I reached out, eager to feel it, and I ran my hand lightly up and down, enjoying his growl of pleasure, the soft skin over that hard shaft felt amazing. My Mom was smiling as she rolled the condom down over his prick, and she purred to me, 'Get ready sweetheart, Daddy's going to make you feel so good.' "

    "He started stroking me everywhere, his hands were alive, stroking and fondling me all over. The feel of his hands, all over my body, felt so amazing, and he stroked and fondled me until I was whimpering with desire. He rolled me onto my back, and kissed his way down my body. I could feel my Daddy's hot mouth at my pussy. His fingers spread my lips apart, and his tongue went to work on me. I was in orbit, I'd never felt anything so pleasurable. It took only a minute, and I exploded in a gut wrencher of an orgasm. It made me howl with pleasure, I'd never felt anything like it, masturbation didn't even come close."

    "I could see his rock hard cock, virtually throbbing with the need to fuck me, and I groaned with desire at the thought of that rock hard cock pushing into me. Lying back, I spread my legs wide for him, as I did so, he got between them, and placed his cock at my entrance. He started to push, and my hips arced up to meet him as he entered me, my hands firm on his ass cheeks as he thrust into me, pushing down on him as I pushed my hips up to him, so that he wouldn't pull back when he met the resistance of my virginity. I could feel myself being opened, pressing hard against my virginity, then the sudden loosening as my cherry surrendered. I flinched, letting out a shaky gasp, but as he paused, I groaned, and said, 'Don't stop!' His cock surged into me, I squealed with pleasure as the cherry of my virgin cunt was plucked, my cunt walls opening as my Daddy's hard cock stretched the tight walls apart, giving me my very first fuck. I stifled the next grunt of pain I felt of being opened for the first time as he drove balls deep in me, his balls smacking against my ass as he completed my deflowering."

    "Mom was next to us, a big smile on her face as she watched Daddy and daughter in a hot, incestuous coupling. She was cupping her boobs, stroking and tweaking her nipples, letting out coos of pleasure. Daddy started to fuck me slowly and gently, making sure I enjoyed my first fuck. The pain faded away very quickly, being replaced by incredible pleasure, the feel of that hard shaft, surging into me, then pulling out to plunge deep again, made me pant with desire. I wrapped my legs around his waist, so he could ram every last inch into me. The feeling of his hard cock, stretching me, opening me, filling my virgin pussy to capacity, made me virtually see stars. I could feel it building up, and I howled as I reached climax. As I came, I could feel my pussy clamp tightly around his cock, spasming wildly around his stiff shaft. He grunted and growled, 'Oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming!' His cock pulsed and throbbed as he shot his hot load, I squealed with joy at the thought of my Daddy's incestuous thick cream filling up the condom."

    "My Mom was laying down next to me, and she purred, 'Give m that cock that fucked our sweet daughter!' "

    "Daddy quickly stripped off the condom, and buried his still hard cock into Mom's wet pussy. I watched them fucking inches away from me, the mixed grunts and cries of pleasure, the sounds of wet juicy squelches, and Mom's body shaking as she came in a string of orgasms, until Daddy grunted, and buried his cock deep, blowing his load inside Mom's pussy."

    "I hoped it wouldn't be a one time thing, and it wasn't. Mom got me started on the pill, and when it became effective, Daddy could fuck me bareback. The first bareback fuck, his prick throbbing between my walls, exploding and squirting in me, I could feel the hot rush of sperm spraying deep inside me, filling me up with a hot load of spunk, god that felt amazing. That was the start of many long and enjoyable fucks. I became a true Daddy's girl, giving my pussy to him every time he wanted me. Sometimes he'd fuck both of us, I'd watch, getting all warmed up, while he fucked my Mom. Then, I'd suck him back up, and he'd drive into me, and ride me until he shot off another load. I couldn't get enough of his hot load pouring into me."

    "I learned how to give great blowjobs, my Daddy's cock was so enjoyable to suck on, painting my tonsils as he poured thick ribbons of sperm into my eagerly sucking mouth."

    "My Mom told me that when I got engaged, she wanted to meet my future husband, and explain it to him with me. When that occurred, my Mom and I told my husband to be about my ongoing affair with my Daddy, how I didn't want to give it up, and could he handle the idea that my Daddy was going to be my lover on the side."

    "To get him to say yes, my Mom stripped, and purred, 'I'll let you fuck me, how would you like that?' He was all for it, and I got to watch my fiancé fuck my Mom, and judging by the cries of orgasm that filled the bedroom, I'd say that they both totally enjoyed it."

    "So he was cool with it, especially when my Mom told him that he'd get as much fucking as I would get from my daddy, and I continued to visit Daddy 2 or 3 times a week, and enjoy his skill at making me cum. While daddy was fucking me, his cock plunging in and out, I pictured my Mom, getting boned by my fiancé's rock hard dick, and I'd cum like crazy. We got married, and the hot fucks continued, it was glorious. When my husband and I wanted a baby, Daddy thoughtfully used a condom, and My Mom gave my husband the break to concentrate on me, so when I got pregnant, we knew whose baby it was."

    "My daddy may be 70, but he still gets a good hard on and fucks me to a glorious orgasm, and my Mom, who is 68, still gives my husband good solid fucking, they may be seniors, but they know how to fuck us so good."

    My cock had soared back up, and Susan said, "Before I continue, I think your hard beautiful cock needs some relief. Fuck me face to face, kiss me, I love kissing while I'm fucking."

    Between her thighs, I nudged in and drove in with one hard thrust, Susan squealed with pleasure as I sank in until my balls smacked her ass.

    "Yes, yes, just like that, just like my daddy would take me. Ohhh yes, fuck me daddy, kiss me lots and fuck me!"

    Hearing Susan call me daddy really ramped me up, and I kept my lips plastered against hers as we moved in a hot collusion of sizzling lust. I really laid to the wood to her, relishing the tight, eager grip, god she felt fantastic.

    Susan broke the kiss and gasped, "Oh yes, fuck me daddy, your prick feels so good, let me have it, drive your big, hard cock, slam my pussy! I want to feel your white spunk all over my cunt, flood my womb, make me cum daddy!"

    I could feel my prick start to sizzle, Susan was gasping and tossing her head from side to side as we approached our climax. I felt the fluttering, and her pussy clamped even tighter around me

    "Oh holy fuck, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, cum with me daddy, cum deep inside me, AHHHHHHH, FUCK!"

    With her shout of orgasm, my cock immediately let go, pumping a thick volley into her tight heat, her pussy milked wildly at my prick, eager for every drop. I flopped down next to her, resting for a bit in the after glow.

    "Now, I'll tell you about your sexy wife."

    "Loni came to me a few days before she turned 16. She was hesitant about saying it, but I encouraged her to tell me, I would not get angry at her. She confessed that she'd been having sexual fantasies about her daddy taking her, and claiming her virginity, and making her into a woman. I told her that I was sure that daddy would like that very much, and when I told him about Loni's desire for him, just before we went to bed, he fucked me three times in a very short space, he was more that ready."

    "On her birthday, Loni got the same introduction that I had gotten, with a minor difference. With the morning after pill easily available, Loni was going to get a hot bareback ride, and daddy was going to pump his hot, incestuous cum deep inside her. I watched as Loni was deflowered, she gasped and flinched a bit when my husband pierced her virginity, but she grunted 'don't stop daddy, complete my cherry plucking', and my husband gently, lovingly kept going, until with a loud moan of pleasure, he was buried in Loni's no longer virgin pussy."

    "When they started to move into a rhythm, I was crazy with lust, watching my husband giving our daughter a cherry plucking incestuous fuck was making me pant with need. Just like I had been introduced to my sex life by my daddy, my pussy was a mass of hot, wet need. I knew from his movements he was getting ready to explode. I cupped his balls, squeezing them gently to coax a massive load out of him, He stiffened up, let out those sounds I knew so well, and drove himself deep as he exploded, painting the walls of Loni's sweet little cunt with a rush of hot sperm. After he pulled out, his cock slick with the mixture of his cum and Loni's sweet pussy juice, I eagerly cleaned his cock out with a hot mouth wash, then he drove his renewed hard on into me, fucking me to a string or until he blew his load into me."

    "When you got engaged, 11 years ago, I wanted to take you and ride your stiff cock, like my Mom had done with my fiancé, but Loni was scared that you wouldn't understand and would break off the engagement. So, she has kept it a secret that she'd been fucking her daddy a few times per week. I was annoyed, I really wanted you to get a piece of me, while Loni got to fuck her daddy. Now that you know, I want to make up for lost time."

    Susan pushed me back, her full lips engulfed me as she took my cock into her mouth. Her tongue make swirls around me, watching her head bobbing as her hot wet mouth rode my pole, brought me back up to full extension.

    Susan cooed, "I want to cum while your cock is deep inside me baby, I want to ride you like a cowgirl."

    I watched as Susan, with a smile of sheer lust climbed aboard. Positioning her hips, I could feel the tip of my cock against her heat. Susan let outa grunt as she thrust down hard, oh fuck, the tightness of her burning core enveloped me again, fucking fantastic. Taking me in balls deep, she started to slowly ride my prick, oh yeah, the tightness was being flexed against my prick, she grinned as she saw my reaction to her superb muscle control.

    That vaginal tightening surgery was amazing, her pussy had the tight grip of a 20 year old, and it felt fantastic. Pumping her hips up and down, her hot velvet depths were sliding up and down on my steely shaft, over and over, the clutch of her warm wet muscles gripping at my cock as I pushed up to meet her downward thrusts. I had the added visual thrill of watching her awesome milk jugs bouncing up and down in time to her hard thrusts down on my stiff cock.

    As she rode me, Susan cooed, "Did you like seeing your sweet little wifey as daddy's cock-whore?"

    I grunted, "Oh yeah, looked so fucking hot!"

    Susan purred, "She loves to suck her daddy, and get his cock into her hot, eager cunt."

    Knowing that Susan likes dirty talk as much as Loni, I growled, "Just like the way my cock is fucking your married cunt, you like taking your son-in-law's cock into your tight, eager cunt?"

    Susan cooed, "Oh yeah, I love it, I want another cunt filling load. Feel my tight cunt milk your stiff prick, splatter my cervix and fill up my womb with all the cum you can pump into me! My married cunt is going to get filled with another man's hot cum, so fucking hot, fill up your mother in law's married, horny cunt with your thick rich cream, just like Loni got her tight little cunt flooded with daddy's juicy load!"

    The feel of her cunt, rippling at me, and the lust filled talk was bringing me towards the brink, I felt a large zing of lust, and Susan started to ride me harder and faster, her body started to shake.

    Susan gasped, "Oh fuck, yes, so fucking good, gonna cum, yes, oh yes, cum for me Jay, cum deep inside my horny cunt, yes, yes, OH FUCK YES!"

    Her voice rose to a shout, I felt her hand grip my balls and squeeze gently, that quickly took me the rest of the way. Grunting, I arced my hips up to meet hers, and I felt the cum streaking up my shaft, and the wild explosion as I pulsed and squirted deep inside her, the milking ripples really sucked out every drop, ummm, when I pulled out, I felt so drained, in the best way.

    Susan smiled, and she said softly, "Now that you know, you are going to be getting me as regular as Loni gets her daddy.''
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