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    Family Bonding eXperience part 1

    My mother, Lauren, was sixteen years older than me and there were a lot of things we didn’t talk about. We both had secrets, and one of her’s knocked on the door 3 days after my 16th birthday. I jumped off the couch to answer, but Mom beat me to it. She stood with the door open and looked as if the world had suddenly turned upside down.

    Mom just turned 33 a month ago and stands at 5’7 and 120 pounds. She had honey brown hair that hung just below her shoulders, deep sea blue eyes, a nice pair of 34D breasts, and 37 inch pear shaped hips. She’s a manager at the Chicken Barn and turns every head in the restaurant, wearing a red checkered top and bikini cut daisy dukes. The girl at the door couldn’t be older than 19, was dressed like a stripper, and looked like a younger version of Mom. She had dark brown curls down to her shoulders and a slightly smaller figure with firm B cup breasts and a killer ass.


    Mom stepped back and held the door open, “Come inside Torin.”

    “Cody, this is-” she licked her lips, “my baby sister, Torin.”

    The girl closed her eyes and I knew my mother had just lied to me, but I let it go for now. Torin dropped a black canvas duffle bag on the floor and her eyes lifted to mine. It took only a second, it was like getting run over by a semi truck. She had beautiful milk chocolate eyes, the same eyes I saw every morning in the mirror.

    “Call me Tori,” she said, “I need a place to stay.. I went by the farm, but Carol sent me here, she said it’s time.”

    “Time for what?” Mom frowned.

    Tori shrugged and looked down the hall, “So, which bed is mine?”

    There was no way Mom was going to give up her bed. I had just gotten a nice soft, full size bed of my own for my birthday. Before that it was a rock hard twin that was ½ of a bunk set. I sighed and lifted her bag before leading her down the hall to my bedroom.

    “I hope you don’t mind sharing the closet,” I said.

    “Nope, I like sharing,” she smiled at me.

    “And we only have one bathroom, the lock is busted.”

    “No problem,” she shrugged, “I don’t like locked doors, don’t even close them.”

    “Then I guess I’ll go sleep on the couch,” I yawned.

    She gave me a smile and peeled off her clothes. I dragged myself back to the living room and plopped down on the couch.

    Nothing really happened the first couple of weeks. Tori spent most of her time in her underwear, occasionally walking through the house naked. She didn’t get dressed until ten minutes before she left the house for work at 8:00PM. I kept expecting Mom to say something, but she started doing the same. It was like they were competing with each other in some sort of weird ritual.

    All it really did though was give me a permanent hard on that not even a subscription to XXXvids and a gallon of hand lotion could take care of. Both of them had caught me in the bathroom jerking off more than once. I was doing it quite a bit and trying to hide it became rather pointless, and I sort of liked them watching me too. Tori would climb into the shower and show off for me, even fingered herself while I watched. Mom wasn’t quite so daring, but she put on a good show too.

    I don’t really know how I lasted a month like that. The house was filled with sexual tension, like a storm building. They both had toys, I’d seen Tori with a vibrator more than a few times and I knew Mom had a shoebox full of toys under her bed. It wasn’t really fair because all I had was my hand, an 8 inch dick, and an empty bottle of hand lotion.

    The storm broke one night as I rolled off the couch sometime just after 4:00 in the morning. It was the first day of my sophomore year and I was having a crappy time trying to sleep on the couch. I had to be up in two hours and after sneaking 3 of Mom’s beers from the fridge, I really had to piss.

    Tori sat on the counter beside the toilet, with her legs spread and shave cream from her ankles to her flesh colored pussy. We had been watching each other for weeks now, but somehow tonight felt different. I stopped in the open doorway with a piss filled hardon and suddenly knew how the deer felt just before getting hit by the car.

    “Well, are you just going to stand there?”

    I snapped out of it and stepped up to the toilet just in time to avoid a more embarrassing scene.

    I turned my eyes to her and caught her looking at me. I wasn’t popular in school, but that was by choice. I was in good shape from running all summer and walking to school the previous year. I was 5’9 and somewhere around 160 pounds. I wasn’t the most attractive guy in school, but certainly not the least attractive either. The way she was looking at me, with those big beautiful brown eyes, was like I was the sexiest man she had ever seen.

    “Would you be a sweetie and,” she licked her lips, “finish me off?”

    I felt my dick jerk in my hands.

    I looked at her and knelt down on one knee between her spread legs; she handed me the razor. I started shaving her just like Mom taught me and followed the razor with my left hand to feel for any stray hair that the twin blades missed. Her skin was silky smooth, even without the shave cream. The fine hairs were almost hard to detect. I worked the razor up one leg, then the other. I know I took longer than if she had done it herself. She didn’t rush me though. She simply leaned back on her hands and gave me a full view of her body. My dick throbbed and pointed straight up.

    I let my hand glide up and down her legs, even knowing, I hadn’t missed a single hair. I rinsed the razor in the sink, the back of my hand rubbing against her moist lips. Each time I looked up into her eyes, they were staring down at me with a sexy little smile on her lips. I worked my way towards her mound and slid the razor gently over her soft flesh in slow strokes. The fingers of my left hand followed the twin blades over her mound, down the inside of her thighs, between her legs...

    I wiped her off with a baby wipe and her breath caught as I cupped her moist pussy with the soft cloth. I heard her whimper and her body jerked under my hand. She was responding so well, and when I looked into her eyes there was nothing there but pure lust and a deep penetrating need. I might be an awkward virgin, but I’ve watched enough porn to know a few tricks. I had been hoping that I might one day get my mom into this same position… but having Tori literally in the palm of my hand was simply too good to pass up. She gave me another sexy smile as I tossed the wipe into the bin and let my fingers glide over her baby smooth mound, between her moist lips, and over the hard nub of her clit. Another sexy moan escaped her lips.

    I rose and cupped her moist flesh in my palm before leaning down and kissing her soft lips. She returned the kiss, gently running her tongue over mine as my fingers explored her pussy. I pressed one, then two fingers into her and squeezed my hand. My fingers made squishy sounds as I pumped them in and out. My lips moved down her neck and towards her perky breasts. Her warm juices coated my fingers as I pumped and squeezed.

    “Oh, yes,” she moaned and rocked herself on my hand.

    She pressed into my palm and my fingers slid deeper. She squealed and I started massaging that magical spot with my palm pumping against her clit.

    “Ohhh, don’t stop,” she whimpered.

    She pulled my head up from her breasts and kissed me. Her tongue slid into my mouth and danced with mine again. My fingers curled and rubbed over her G spot. I had her on the edge and knew I had to have her. I reached down and rubbed the tip of my dick over her before pressing it to her sopping wet entrance. I looked into her eyes and pushed the head into her. She moaned and I slowly stuffed myself into her tight core, one inch at a time.

    “I’ve never had one so big,” she moaned.

    A few minutes before, I had been a virgin, and would have been perfectly willing to go jerk off alone. Now, I was I buried to the balls inside her as she twitched and spasmed around me. She was so wet and warm that I knew I’d never last. Her eyes stared into mine and neither of us moved for a long minute as she came around me. I leaned in and kissed her again. My hands slid down to the curve of her back and my dick pumped into her. She started stroking, licking, biting, kissing, and sucking on whatever piece of me her lips could reach as I pounded into her. I didn’t know which felt better, her hands, lips, teeth, and tongue on my skin or me sliding in and out of her. It was hard to tell which of us was turned on more.

    “Harder,” she licked my cheek.

    I sped up and started rutting into her. Sweat poured down my brow. My vision blurred and I had to close my eyes. I felt her arms wrap around me and her breasts smash against my chest. Her moans turned to screams in the darkness as she grew wetter. My hands slid to her butt and lifted her off the counter with each thrust and her legs swung around my hips. She squeezed and pulled me deeper. The room spun around me. I throbbed inside of her and knew it was already too late.

    “I’m cumming”

    “Don’t pull out,” she sucked on my neck.

    I drove into her as deep as I could. Her legs locked and held me inside as she bit down and her entire body trembled against me. I went off like fireworks inside of her and thought I’d never stop cumming. She fell against the wall like a limp doll and I laid my head on her chest with my dick still pumping in and out of her. Neither of us were ready for it to end.

    “You can carry me to bed, if you want,” she said breathlessly.

    “What about mom?” I asked.

    “Trust me, she won’t get mad,” she kissed my lips and slid her arms back around my neck.


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    Family Bonding eXperience pt2

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when 6:00 AM rolled around and Mom caught Tori bobbing her head with my dick going in and out of her mouth. I saw her watching from the open door. I would say she was still dressed for bed, but she sleeps naked. Her hair was still a mess from just having woken up and her eyes were a little droopy. I realized she was rubbing her pussy as she watched. After a couple of minutes she pulled her hand up and cleaned off her fingers.

    “I’ll have breakfast ready when you're finished, Tori, don’t forget your pill, and Cody, make sure you get a shower before school.”

    “Ok, we’ll be done in just a minute,” I grunted.

    Tori giggled, “A minute, huh?” she slid down and started milking me with her mouth.

    I didn’t last a full minute, but did my best to hold out as long as I could. After she milked the cum from my balls and swallowed every drop, she reached into the nightstand and pulled out a circular disk to take her birth control.

    I was a little nervous and fresh from sharing a shower with Tori when we sat down at the table for breakfast. Mom gave us a sexy little smile and slid three plates stacked with pancakes smothered in syrup on the glass table top. I could see the box of Bisquick on the counter, but it had been a long time since Mom cooked breakfast. In fact, she hasn’t cooked much at all in the past three years. We’ve survived on a diet of fast food and take out. There was a time when she would have spent an hour, making pancakes from scratch, but I wasn’t about to complain… I love pancakes and even out of a box they were pretty good.

    The three of us actually talked over breakfast. Nothing too heavy, just the usual small talk. Tori had enrolled at the local community college and would be starting her classes after Labor Day. Mom told her she could stay as long as she wanted too, and gave her a key for the front door. My part of the conversation was pretty much about Tori’s car. I’m not really a car buff, but Tori drove a blue 1970 Dodge Charger with black leather seats and a pair of pink fuzzy handcuffs hanging from the rear view. Any man would have to be neutered, not to get a hard on over that car. She said it had been her sweet sixteen present and I wondered why I didn't get a sexy car for my birthday.

    It was around 7:45 and I had just finished eating when I went to collect my backpack for school. I noticed Tori going down the hall, but I failed to see Mom sneaking up behind me. She slid her hand over my shoulder and down my chest as I turned to her.

    “I know this might sound strange,” she smiled at me, “but I’m a little jealous.”

    “Why are you jealous?” I frowned.

    Her hand moved further down and I felt her inspecting my toned stomach through my T-shirt.

    “There was a time when I was just like Tori, wild and free,” her hand slid to the crotch of my jeans.

    “I had nothing to hold me back, I could do anything I wanted… but then I had to bury that part of myself and become a proper mother.”

    She squeezed her hand, “I haven’t had sex, gotten drunk, or even been out on a date in sixteen years.”

    Her hand relaxed and she held it against me, “You are so much like your father, seeing you and Torin together… it made me realize that you’re a man now, and I haven’t had a man in a really long time.”

    She kissed me and it didn’t feel like a mother’s kiss. Her tongue flicked over my lips and I opened for it. We held the kiss with her tongue dancing in my mouth for a good minute before she pulled back and walked down the hall.

    “Torin will drive you to school today,” she said.

    I watched as her beautifully shaped hips swayed down the hall, certain that I was still dreaming. Had she really just fondled my dick and told me that she wanted to fuck me? I was a little confused as Tori led me out to her car and drove me to school.

    “What did Mom say to you?” I buckled my seat belt.

    “If I hurt you in any way, she’ll strangle me with her bare hands and dump my corpse in the river.”

    She turned the key and Foreigner's “Jukebox Hero” blasted out of the speakers.

    “I told her, I’m more than willing to share,” She slid her hand over my crotch and gave me a squeeze, “I like sharing.”

    Mom started working double shifts at work, leaving the house at 5:30 and not returning until almost 8:00 PM. Tori kept me company after school until she had to leave for work herself. She claims to be a waitress at the Baby Doll Club about 10 miles outside of town, but I’m pretty sure she’s a dancer too.

    As soon as Mom came home, she shoved a bucket of fried chicken in the fridge and hid herself in her room the rest of the night. And every morning she watched as Tori woke me up for school. It felt like she was avoiding me and I’m pretty sure Tori knew what was going on with Mom too.

    It was Labor Day weekend and Tori spent the night with a friend from work. Mom left at 6:00 to work the breakfast shift and wouldn’t be getting home until dinner time. The house was a mess and it gave me the perfect excuse to snoop around her bedroom. I rolled out of bed at 7:00 AM and started cleaning.

    I saved Mom’s room for last and by the time I got to it every other room in the house sparkled. It was just after 5:00 when I pushed open the door and started collecting her dirty laundry scattered around the room. Mom had gotten us both computers last year. They weren’t anything fancy. She had a desktop that she bought from a garage sale. It was probably 5 years old and the fan made a funny noise when you first turn it on. Mine was a laptop, almost brand new and used mostly to watch porn and do homework. I had no idea what Mom did with hers, but I was about to find out.

    I moved a thong and wiggled the mouse. The computer woke up and I found myself looking at a video screen. I scratched the back of my head with one hand and clicked play with the other.

    Mom’s bed came into view and here was a bit of rustling, then Mom walked across the camera. I knew it was Mom because of the little devil tattooed on her right hip. She looked into the camera and climbed onto the bed before putting her cheek on the mattress. She faced the camera as she lifted her ass in the air, spread her legs, and started stroking her clit. Her hand pressed against her bushy mound as her palm squeezed and her fingers stroked over her pussy lips. After a good five minutes of teasing herself, she reached under the pillow and pulled out a small pink vibrator.

    I pulled out my dick and started jerking off as I watched the vibrator twirl and pump into her pussy, then her ass, and back to her pussy over and over again.

    “You must think I’m a slut,” Mom’s voice said from behind me.

    “Actually, I think it’s pretty hot Mom,” I grinned and hit pause.

    “It isn’t like anyone see’s them, I just…” she sighed and sat on the bed.

    “Mom, you’re every guy’s fantasy,” I said.

    “Your dad, he liked watching me… and I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately.”

    “Tell me about him,” I turned the chair to face her.

    “Well, he was a lot like you. He was older, his little sister, JJ, was my best friend, I was around 10 when I first met them and even then I had a crush on him.. He was a little awkward though, they lived next door to our farm…” she smiled and licked her lips.

    “Their parents actually owned our land, now it’s called B&R farms, I would go over to play with his sister and he would hide in the bushes to watch… We teased him as much as we could and eventually got him to play with us.” She shook her head.

    “I was 13 and didn’t really know what I was doing the day I lured him into the barn… I kept telling myself that he was my boyfriend, that one day he would marry me… Well, I’d seen my parents fucking enough times that it made me curious… I just wanted to see what he looked like naked and one thing led to another…” she sighed then, “I promised that I’d never tell, but a few months later everyone knew.”

    “My mother convinced me to let her adopt the baby. I was just young enough that I let her talk me into giving up my little girl. I regretted it almost as soon as I signed the papers. Mom took her away from me, no one could know she was my baby, she wanted Torin all to herself... I hate my mother for it, even 19 years later I can’t bring myself to speak to her, and I’m scared to death that Torin will hate me if she knew the truth...”

    “I think that’s what turned me into a rebellious teenager, I started drinking, became a slut... Fucking anyone who wanted me, and even smoked a little pot, as your dad got older and started hanging out other boys, he started sharing me and his sister with them, we both enjoyed the sex and how the boys acted around us, JJ was even more of a slut than I was, we had threesomes, foursomes… trains almost every weekend…”

    “Then one day, Chad, your father, tells us that he was going into the Navy… I was crushed and heartbroken… Me and JJ came up with a scheme to try and make him stay… We stopped taking our birth control.”

    She pulled her hair back and wrapped a band around it.

    “I was three months pregnant the day we drove his Camaro to the bus station and he kissed us goodbye. I knew that I’d never see him again. I sat in that car and cried for hours as JJ held me. We grew apart without him to hold us together and she got married to one of his friends a year later.”

    “I grew up and became a mother, got a job and moved out of my parent’s house… It wasn’t easy, but I think we did alright by ourselves.” she smiled at me.

    “What happened to my dad?” I asked.

    “Last I heard, he got married and was living on the beach in Florida,” she sighed.

    “So, you record yourself because…”

    “It makes me feel like he’s still watching me, I like being watched as much as I like watching others,” she grinned.

    “Then why don’t you ever let me watch?” I crossed my arms.

    “Because I don’t think I could control myself with you in the room,” she grinned, “you really are a lot like your father.”

    “I’ve been fantasizing about fucking you for years now,” I grinned, “and I’m already sleeping with my sister…”

    She seemed to think it over for a minute and I saw her twirling the knot that held her blouse tied beneath her breasts. Then it was almost like she couldn’t control herself as the knot unraveled.

    “Your dad liked to play with me too,” she said softly, “he bought me a new toy every month and had to try it out first… Now, I buy my own toys and have no one to play with.”

    She sighed and opened her shirt to show me her plump breasts.

    “I’ve always liked playing with you, Mom,” I grinned.

    “I miss our play time,” she pinched her plump nipples, “my baby boy grew up and stopped playing with toys.”

    “I stopped playing with toys, but you stopped playing with me,” I shrugged.

    “I still let you shave my legs every Friday night,” she giggled and squeezed her breasts.

    “Would you let me do a little more?” I asked as her hands went to the zipper of her denim shorts.

    “I think it’s time,” she smiled and stood, her shorts falling to the floor.

    She led me towards the bathroom and I noticed a wire taped to the inside of her thigh. I tried following it with my eyes, but kept getting distracted by her bare butt. It wasn’t until she hopped onto the bathroom counter, ripped off the tape and slowly pulled a small 3 inch bullet shaped object out of her pussy that I realized it was a vibrator.

    “My secret weapon, not only is it better than coffee to keep me awake, but it keeps me horny all day…” she giggled, “and it keeps the tips rolling in.”

    I laughed and then looked her up and down for a moment before I lathered up and started spreading the shave gel over her dark curls and down her legs. I made sure to get all those hard to reach places and teased her a bit with my fingers. She leaned back and I started working my way up her legs.

    The blade moved in tender strokes and my left hand followed behind. Her skin was a little drier than Tori’s and I realized why, I had used up all the lotion. It still felt good under my hand though. She always felt good, no matter how she let me touch her. I moved the razor toward her mound and she scooted to the edge for me.

    “I want what you did for Tori,” she told me.

    “You saw that?” I frowned.

    “I had to pee,” she giggled.

    I licked my lips and nodded as the razor gently touched her skin. She responded to my touch by breathing softly and biting her lip, but even that didn’t stifle her moans. I took my time and teased her a bit more with my fingers. I triple checked to make sure I hadn’t missed even one tiny hair, then took a baby wipe and cleaned her off. She had her eyes closed when I leaned in to place a kiss over her smooth mound and my lips made their way south until I reached her sweet honey flavored pussy lips..

    “What are you doing?” she whimpered.

    I nibbled her clit.

    “Oohhh,” she moaned, “that feels good, don’t stop,”

    My tongue moved between her pussy lips and back over her clit, over and over again. I spread her with my fingers and started pressing the tip of my tongue into her. She squealed and her legs jerked. I put them over my shoulders and slid my tongue back up to her clit before pressing two fingers into her. I stroked her softly as I licked, nibbled, kissed, and sucked on her clit.

    “Oh fuck,” she squealed.

    I flicked my fingers inside her and closed my teeth around her clit. She squealed again and clamped her legs around my neck.. I pulled my hand back and sealed my mouth over her pussy to drink in the flood of juices.

    “Fuck me, fuck me now, shove that big dick inside me,” she shouted and pulled my head up.

    I rose up between her legs with my dick in my hand and shoved into her. Her legs locked behind my back and she pulled me even deeper as her hips came off the counter. Her pussy constricted around me, milking my shaft as she bucked against me. Her legs loosened and I started thrusting into her. She leaned back against the mirror and let her legs fall down around me. My eyes caught the bullet lying not an inch away from her hand and grinned.

    I drove deep and reached for it. I turned the dial on the controller and felt it buzz in my hand. She gave me a silly grin and I pressed it over her clit.

    “Hold that for me,” I let it go and started thrusting again as she rolled the bullet up and down her pussy.

    I pumped into her as fast as I dared. She was so slick that it didn’t take much to drive all eight inches into her. I felt the tip of my dick strike her cervix with every hard thrust. We were both sweating and breathing heavy. Seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours. I watched a bead of sweat travel down between her breasts and leaned in to lick it off. Then I kissed her lips and slid my tongue into her mouth. My dick pounded into her.

    “Oh shit, baby, I’m gonna cum again,” she squealed.

    “Me too…”

    Her legs locked around my hips, holding me deep inside of her as she thrashed around me. My dick exploded like a double barrel shotgun, firing blast after blast into her. I felt shockwaves rip through her as she held me against her and her legs fell limp. Her pussy just kept milking my dick, and that vibrator never stopped moving.

    I was still hard and pumping into her moments later when she said, “I think, we both needed that.”

    “I think, we need a lot more than that,” I kept pumping in long slow strokes.

    “I have more toys,” she giggled, “and I like sharing too.”

    I kissed her and pulled her off the counter.

    “You wouldn’t have another one of those little bullets would you?” I asked while carrying her to bed.

    “Sure do, why do you ask?”

    “Oh, you’ll see,” I squeezed her butt.

    As you can imagine, I got well acquainted with Mom’s box of toys. None were very big, most were under 5 inches with one 6 inch dildo. She had a lot of vibrators in different shapes and sizes, a few butt plugs too, one that even jiggled like jello.

    She answered the door just before 10:00 PM wearing her black satin bathrobe with a bullet in both holes. I recognized the guy at the door. His name was Mark, and he was wearing a black and red polo shirt with the Pizza Hut logo on it with black jeans. His reddish brown hair had grown a bit shaggy and was starting to curl with sweat. An older model rusted silver Camaro sat idling in the street.

    He didn’t know what to think when Mom started flirting with him. I laughed and interrupted before things went too far, the poor guy. I slapped $25 is in his hand and sent him on his way with a $10 tip. Mom watched with a strange look on her face as the Camaro drove off.

    “What’s wrong Mom?” I asked.

    “I never thought I’d see that car again,” she said as the tail lights faded in the distance.

    “I see it everyday, his name is Mark… he’s a senior, his sister is in my English class.”

    She acted a little strange after that. Not strange in a bad way, more like seeing that car had awoken something inside of her. She didn’t want to play with her toys anymore, she wanted to play with my dick… all night. We ended up falling asleep with it buried inside her, but I’m not complaining.
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    Family Bonding eXperience pt3

    The next Friday night Mom made a call at 9:30 before sitting in my lap and playing with my dick until the doorbell rang. I gave her a few minutes to flirt with Mark before saving him from embarrassing himself. All he had to do was give in, but the poor guy just stood there like a deer caught in the headlights again. Mom was really frustrated that he wasn’t responding to her like she wanted. I was enjoying watching her flirt with him and knew I’d enjoy watching her fuck him too. I decided to help her out and get the geek laid.

    Friday came and I sat on the hood of Mark’s Camaro while I waited for him to get out of Autoshop. It looked like he had sanded some of the rust off, but it still needed a new paint job. His two sisters found me laying back on the hood with my backpack sitting beside me.

    “What are you doing on my brother’s car?” Kelly asked.

    Kelly was 17, about 5’5 and 110 pounds with long red hair that hung low on her back. Her jeans looked so tight stretched across her ass that I wondered if they would rip if she bent over. Her T-shirt had to be several sizes larger to accommodate the plump breasts stretching out her top. Her sky blue eyes looked a little cloudy and her pink lips turned up in a sneer.

    “I need a ride,” I shrugged.

    “Walk,” she told me.

    I lied, “I would, except I don’t really know where I’m going, I figure your brother would know.”

    “Where?” she crossed her arms under her breasts.

    “Old bookstore,” I told her.

    “About 7 blocks north, take a right at the sign and a left at the big brown brick house, the bookstore will be on the next corner.”

    I saw Mark walking towards the car, “I’d rather get a ride, if you don’t mind.”

    She growled and stomped her foot, “I do mind.”

    “Mind what, sis?” Mark asked.

    “This dweeb wants a ride to the bookstore.”

    Mark shrugged, “What’s wrong with giving him a ride?”

    Kelly gave a frustrated squeal and stomped her feet all the way to the passenger side door.

    “Fine, but he sits in the back with Stacy,” she growled and slammed the door behind her.

    Stacy was a freshman and I wondered if she even weighed 100 pounds. She was about five feet two inches tall and so tiny that she probably had to buy clothes from the kiddy section. I could see a nice pair of palm size breasts poking through her Hello Kitty T-shirt and it looked like she had a nice soft bubble butt too. She caught me looking and gave me a smile as she flipped up the seat and climbed into the back. I followed her butt inside and pulled the seat back down. The back seat was cramped enough without their bags piled up in it. Stacy sat in the middle and didn't seem too bothered that she was practically in my lap. She moved my hand onto her thigh and her own rested across my crotch. I smiled back and hoped her brother didn't look in his rear view mirror.

    Kelly fumed the entire ride. I swear her face turned ten different colors. Mark pulled up the driveway outside that big brown brick house she mentioned. The house sat right on the corner and looked to have a nice back yard too. I could see one of those big metal barn shaped car garages in the back. Kelly opened the door and jerked off her seat belt before stomping her way towards a tiny little porch and disappeared inside.

    “I think she likes you,” Stacy said as she lifted the empty seat and climbed out.

    It certainly didn’t look that way to me. I sighed and followed her out of the car.

    “The bookstore is at the end of the block,” Mark pointed down the street.

    “Thank you for the ride, and-” I chuckled, ”my mom is going to order pizza again tonight… we’ll have plenty of beer if you want to stick around for a few minutes. “

    He seemed to think for a moment, “I wouldn’t be able to drink much, or stay longer than half an hour…”

    “One beer and two slices, a bit of chit chat…” I grabbed my bag, “and if you can handle it, you might even get a blowjob, or...”

    I headed down the street, and disappeared around the corner.

    I figured out how to stream movies to the Tv around 7:30. Mom sat beside me and played with my dick while I teased her pussy. We ran through a series of 5 minute porn clips over the next hour. It was educational for both of us. Mom was scribbling in a notebook with her free hand as if taking notes.

    “Is there going to be a test?” I asked.

    “Maybe,” she said, “I want to try out some of this stuff, it looks like fun,”

    “When you're finished taking notes, we need to take a shower and get things ready for dinner.”

    She giggled, “I really liked that shower scene.”

    I grinned and pulled her off the couch. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for much play in the shower. After I finished shaving her, she gave me a wide grin before dropping to her knees and the next thing I knew we were both completely hairless below the neck. After a rinse in the shower, we dried off and I grabbed Tori’s coconut butter skin cream, then followed Mom back to the couch. She pulled a 12 pack of Budweiser from the fridge, picked up the cordless phone, laid down with her head in my lap and her hand on my dick, and ordered a pizza just in time to make it the last delivery of the night.

    Mark rang the doorbell at 10:20.

    “Did you order a large meat lovers?” he finally managed to speak.

    “You bet I did,” Mom smiled and leaned against the door.

    “That’ll be $20,” he handed her the pizza box.

    “Is there some other way I could pay you for it?” she slid her hand down her oily breasts.

    “I suppose, if you gave me a blowjob, I could pay for the pie," he said a little too quickly.

    I chuckled and got off the couch.

    “Do you mind if my... Boyfriend fucks me, while I suck on your dick?” she purred and unzipped his jeans.

    “No, not at all,” he said.

    She dropped down to her hands and knees, right there in front of the open door, pulled an average sized dick from his jeans, and took the entire thing into her mouth. I stepped up behind her and shoved my dick into her drenched pussy.

    “I did warn you,” I chuckled and swatted Mom on the butt.

    I started pumping into her and after a few seconds he caught on and started fucking her mouth. About eight minutes later, he came first and shot his load all over Mom's face. She giggled and pumped every drop out of him as I pumped my load into her slick pussy. Then she dragged him to the couch and handed him a beer while I retrieved the pizza. She sat between us with a dick in each hand as we shared our pizza and beer with her.

    “I have to get home soon… my mom-”

    "You're Cindy's boy right?" Mom said, "I heard what happened..."

    "She's still pretty banged up... Without Dad..."

    I had heard the story too. Someone had driven a 4x4 truck right over his father's car, with both parents in it.

    “I know sweetie, but it won’t hurt to take a few minutes… or even an hour for yourself,” Mom stroked his dick again.

    He seemed to think about it as she fondled his dick and finished off his beer.

    “I’m off on Sundays,” he said.

    “That sounds good, how about you come over and play with me around 3:00… then you can bring your mom and sisters over for dinner, I haven’t seen your mother since you were about two feet tall.”

    Mark was about 6 feet now, so that had been a while.

    He sighed, “Mom hasn’t left her bed since the accident...”

    Mom frowned, “Keeping her tied to the bed for 5 months isn’t good, she needs to be up and about if she’s going to recover.”

    Mark nodded, “I know, but she won’t let the girls help her.”

    “Then you do it, you’re the eldest, it’s your job to take care of her now, that’s what your daddy would want.”

    I saw the look in his eyes, reached into Mom’s purse, and handed him the rest of the pizza with a large tip. “Go home, feed your sisters, and take care of your mother.”

    “We’ll see you Sunday afternoon,” Mom gave him a kiss and sent him out the door with a hardon.
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    Ok cool...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Its been awhile since i read this but its still a great read cant wait to read the rest of it

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    Really nice read. I know it has been awhile since you updated, but I would love to read what happens when Mark and his sisters come over for dinner...and more.



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