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    When camping became more than just fun 01.

    When camping became more than just fun!
    Copyright©2017 – Niteowluk2003.


    After years of camping with his parents Roy finally finds the boring camping to be much more fun; especially when he meets Greta.

    1. Chapter one … Boring camping.

    Ever since he was old enough to remember, Roy had discovered the boring side of Camping, dragged along year upon year for two weeks. His parents John and Cathy thought he would benefit from fresh clean air after 50 weeks of London pollution called Smog’s.

    So every year for two weeks usually around the third week of the six week school holidays here in Britain. They would pack the two tents and all the camping gear into a little box trailer along with three weeks-worth of clothes allowing as they said for inclement weather. In the boot of their Ford popular car they carried all the dangerous stuff like camping gas and of course food rations for a month. You know the stuff; tins of beans, soups, corn flakes, sugar and they always picked up the fresher stuff on route to either Farmer Jacksons Camping and Caravanning site or Humberston Fitties Holiday centre which unfortunately for Roy included Camping.

    Then at exactly seven thirty am they would set off; with mum Cathy trying to make out it was some great adventure we were embarking on and she would recount all the things they planned to do as if just talking about them would instil in me a love of the great outdoors. I often felt like telling her that Homo sapiens had gathered together in groups which became villages and then towns before growing large enough to become cities. Surely they did this for a reason so why revert back to living even temporarily in the so called wilds.

    If tradition was to be continued we would be stopping at seven petrol stations where mom would dash off to the loo; claiming the forth coming adventure was causing her such excitement she kept needing to go to the loo and it was nothing to do with the seven cups of coffee she had drunk since getting up at four am to start packing the car and organising the route. The only good thing was that they never got lost on route anymore, well hardly ever!

    If past years were anything to go by; Mom and Dad would have three arguments whilst driving to the camping site; on odd years it was Farmer Jackson farm in Epping Forest, Essex and on even years it was Humberston Fitties holiday centre in Humberside. Either way it was shaping up to be a boring wasted two weeks of my life.

    Unbeknown to me this year was going to be so different as we finally arrived at Jackson’s farm. As usual there was the frantic rush to erect the tents a large four person tent for mum and dad because the cooking facilities were to be kept with them and a smaller two man tent for me. I was trusted enough from eleven years of age to look after my own clothes hence the two man tent. Some show of trust…Lol.

    By two pm the tents would be up and mother would be cooking our first inedible meal of the two week stay. Not that my mother was a bad cook but who actually likes cold beans and shrivelled up bacon anyway. Then after the dinner plates were washed and dried we would be off on our first adventure.(Yawn) sorry folks but believe me it was so predictable as mom a primary school teacher by the way; tried her best to make it interesting by having printed out a search for list. You know the type of thing for example: find three Leaves from different trees and identify the trees from which they came. Of course there were always the golden nugget items to be seen as Rabbit warrens; frogs in the ponds and if you were really lucky you may see a tree… lol only joking but you can see why these trips were so boring, but mother to her credit always tried her best to make it interesting.

    Well let me tell you she made it really interesting during my sixteenth year holiday; she forgot to close her tent flap whilst getting changed and for almost the first time to saw my own mother naked. I had over the years caught glimpses of her partly unclothed body, but never a fully naked mother, it was a lot to take in in the 30 seconds she was naked but those thirty seconds seemed to last an eternity as my eyes tried to photograph in my brain all the relevant parts like arse, tits and cunt and then all those interconnecting parts like legs, stomach, arms.

    I have to admit I had never thought of my mother as a sexual woman before and now it dawned on me that she was a goddess and she and my father did dirty things like have sex. With an instant hard on I had to hide in my tent; which was a bad idea as now my imagination worked overtime as I visualised her sucking on a cock and then taking it up her cunt as dad sucked on those pert but proud nipples. I opened the tent flap and lay on my stomach, having to move several times to get comfy.

    Another bad idea because from where I lay now I could see all of my mother, including her hairy bush; suddenly a hairy hand came from behind her and squeezed her right breast before pinching her nipple. Mother looked directly at my tent and I was sure she must have seen me but no; because she smiled and then leaned back against the person with the hairy hand. A few minutes later she turned her position around and now knelt facing that person; then a stiff cock came into view. I was mesmerized and could not have escaped if I had been discovered as my own cock now threatened to burrow underground.

    I could not believe my eyes, my mother so prim and proper; then lent forward and took the tip of the cock in her mouth. Inch by inch she seemed to swallow it without gagging and was soon bobbing her head back and forth. So my schoolteacher of a mother knew how to give a blowjob. It’s amazing what you can learn on a field trip to the country side… Lol.

    Just then the face of the man having his cock so expertly sucked came into view; I instantly recognised him as John Wilks; a friend of the family and someone who had been to our house regularly. Even so he never showed up alone or when dad was not home, you can see it was a complete shock for me to see him being so intimate with my mother. I was totally engrossed in the spectacle happening before my eyes. It was a good job my tent had one of those net curtain type anti flying bug screens or I would have been spotted for sure.

    Now John’s hands were mauling my mother’s breasts as if his life depended on it. Then the strangest of thoughts occurred to me, we were now some 200 miles from home so how did John Wilkes know where we were and why was he here also? Then the scene before me changed as Mother lay down almost wanting to be seen as she was now half in and half out of the tent. Then a youngish woman I had never seen before slid down beside my mother and she began sucking at mom’s breasts. John Wilkes then slid himself out of the tent and climbed in between mother’s legs. I may be a virgin but I had been taught sex education at school and I knew he was about to insert his cock into a willing cunt and that cunt was my very own mother’s cunt. Mom suddenly strained upwards as she arched her back, I guess this was the moment of penetration and John’s own actions now told me he was pounding her hard.

    Now suddenly my father appeared and he too was as naked as this cavorting couple, only his attention was on a blonde woman about half his age, who by the way was as naked as the rest but god did she have the biggest pair of tits I had ever seen, not that I had seen many. I could not help but wonder how her small frame managed to carry those tits without being bent double. She was actively trying to swallow dad’s cock whole and by his reactions she was doing a damn good job.

    The four naked revellers spent the next four hours (I think it was about four hours) in all manner of sexual positions and combinations including both women taking both cocks in their cunts arse or mouths at the same time as each other. I later found out this was called double penetrations! Even the two women managed to lick the other’s cunt at the same time but the thing which really blew my mind was when my father, normally the most stoic of men, actually sucked the other guys cock and vice versa.

    I had to confess shooting my load twice without even touching my cock. I slept very little that night as magical images of men licking cunts and women sucking cocks filled my mind and I ashamedly have to admit I even found the idea of sucking another man’s cock appealing. Maybe it’s a genetic thing, you know as they say like father like son.

    I had to be woken up next morning by mom, she was wearing a tracksuit but in my mind’s eye she was wearing nothing; as she said “come on Sleepy head or you will miss breakfast!” I almost replied, “yeah but I didn’t miss the action last night!” but I simply nodded my head and made slow progress in getting out of my sleeping bag. I was worried that she would see the cum stains on the backside of my sleeping bag or even worse on my pants. I eventually joined mom and dad at the cooking stove and tucked in hungrily to the bacon and beans. Mother looked me over and said did you sleep well, Roy? I made the excuse that I had difficulty in getting off to sleep, which basically was true but I could hardly tell them that their little performance had kept me awake.

    Mum suddenly shot a look in my dad’s direction and he looked ruefully at me. I lowered my eyes and said I found the ground harder than I remembered and therefore could not get comfortable for ages. His face changed to I suspect one of relief and mother said, maybe we need to move your tent further over that way to make it easier to get some sleep. I nearly bit her head off as I snapped no, no I am sure I will sleep well enough tonight. I was quick to work out that where mom wanted to put my tent would not give me a good view of the inside of their tent and I would naturally miss any repeat performances.

    We spent the morning boringly playing mum’s silly treasure hunt game and by the time we got back to the tents I noticed a new pair of tents had gone up to our left; inside I groaned fearing the new presence would mean no live sex show tonight. However when I saw who occupied the smaller of the two tents I almost cum on the spot; for it was a sexy angel with ginger hair and a modest but definable pair of tits, who at first sight seemed a pissed off as me at playing this camping game. My parents rushed over and introduced themselves and me to the Robinson family, father Roger Robinson, mother Sally Robinson and daughter Greta Robinson apparently named after the parents favourite leading lady Greta Garbo.

    Both sets of parents seemed to hit it off and Greta and I wandered off from the camp site together; when we were sufficiently far enough away from the camp site Greta reached into her backpack and withdrew a packet of cigarettes and a lighter. After making me promise not to say anything about them she lit one and took a long drag on the item; I could not help but notice that as she breathed in her bust seemed to swell and as she exhaled it seemed to return to normal. She handed me the cigarette and not wishing to be seen as a wimp I too took a long pull on the cigarette and of course the usual happened I started coughing and spluttering whilst at the same time feeling sick. Greta laughed at me and then realising how hurt I felt she tried to tell me she was not actually laughing at me but at the comical effect the ciggy had on me.

    Suddenly she was up close and she whispered as she asked me if I knew anything about swingers and sex. I told her that I knew loads about sex and was not sure what she meant by swingers. She laughed again and said you must know what a swinger is! I played dumb in fact I was dumb and she laughingly told me that swingers are couples who swap partners for the night. I then asked her why the laughter as I knew what swingers were but I just did not know the limitations as to the term. She looked puzzled and asked what I meant.

    I said I know swingers swap partners but are they still swingers if they swap together and even the two females and two males have sex together. She put her arm around me and she leaned close to my face, her breath smelt foul from the cigarette smoke as she said why you would say that. After much probing by Greta I finally said, if I tell you something you must not let on I told you or in fact let on you know about it at all. Eagerly Greta agreed and I told her the events of last night.

    She beamed a broad smile and said that she wished she had seen it for herself but then shocked me by saying well my mum and dad are swingers and like your dad my own father is bi sexual. I must have looked as if I did not know to what she was referring so she said, a bi sexual man is one who loves equally to make love to women and also men. I seemed that in the short space of two hours Greta and I had known each other for years and not only that but seemed to trust each other not to drop each other in the shit.

    From somewhere sounding far away I heard my mother calling my name and as we walked back together Greta asked if she could come over to my tent after everyone had gone to bed as she thought we may see both of our parents swop. I suddenly felt very much older than my sixteen years as I said of course you can come over I would look forward to it.

    The rest of the day was a mixture of dragging time and dreamy states; Dragging until the next time I would be alone with Greta and dreamy state for I think I was in love with her and the time around her felt to warm and comfortable. I know what you will be saying to yourself! In love with a girl you just met 2 hours ago but remember I was only sixteen and had little experience of girls in a sexual way. It turned out that my mother had been calling me to see if I wanted to go to an open air swimming pool and once I introduced her to Greta she almost smirked as she said or do you have more exciting things to occupy your time with now. I also think mum picked up on the definite odour of stale cigarette smoke and took me aside and asked me outright, “Are you smoking?” I told her that I honestly had never touched a cigarette, nor did I want too. She smiled a more sincere smile, (if you know what I mean.) and added “That’s a good attitude to keep, Son!” I asked Greta if she fancied going swimming and she said I was planning on going hiking to the top of the near wooded hill to see if there was any Barn Owls, which apparently Epping Forest was famous for!

    I ducked out of swimming and tagged along with Greta; the best choice I could have made as it turned out! We began the long hike up towards high beech, the supposed area where the owls had been previously seen; as we neared the midway point, Greta had that mischievous look in her eyes again and she stopped dead in her tracks, before turning to face me. “Let’s play a little game of truth or consequences!” she declared. “I will go first and the rules are quite simple, I ask a question, you answer truthfully or face the consequences of losing an item of clothing, you have ten seconds to answer as counted by me and before we begin socks and shoes count as a single item!” she continued. Even before I had chance to answer she asked her first question!

    “When you saw your parents naked, was it your dad with his hard cock or was it your mum with her tits on display that turned you on the most?” she asked. She began to count, one thousand and one; one thousand and two.

    “I was most turned on by my mother as I realised it was not dad’s cock she was about to take up her cunt!” I truthfully answered.

    “Answer accepted, now it’s your turn!” Greta said.

    Feeling in the mood for standing my ground and giving as good as I got, I said, “Have you ever sucked a cock and when that was?”

    Greta teased, “That is two questions!” she grinned, “But I will answer anyway!” she added. “Yes I have sucked a cock before and it was on my sixteenth birthday, before going to school!”

    Reluctantly I answered Answer accepted. Greta then asked, “Have you ever held another person’s cock and then sucked it?”

    “No I have not, I am not gay!” I said indignantly.

    “Answer accepted but you don’t have to be gay to suck cocks, after all my dad is not gay and he loves sucking them at the drop of a hat!” she added.

    Not to be out done I then asked, “Have you ever licked another woman’s cunt?”

    “Why yes you silly little thing, on the same day as I sucked the cock, my sixteenth birthday!” she answered.

    “Answer accepted!” I said and I was waiting for another intimate question when suddenly Greta said, “This is pointless, we can just go on all day asking inane questions or we can get to the really interesting part quicker by simple actions rather than words!” “I tell you what, how many items of clothing have you got on, remember socks and shoes count as one item!” she asked.

    I quickly counted up in my head and replied, “I am wearing five items of clothing, why?”

    “Well I am wearing six items so if I lose my shoes then we are wearing the same amount!” she declared. I nodded my head, still no wiser as to where this was leading but eager to discover it path. “Let’s get off this main track and I will tell you what we will do!” Greta said.

    Ten minutes later we were in a part of the forest isolated from prying eyes because the area was cordoned off with fences, I suppose to allow the forest to recover after last year’s heavy rains. We actually found a rangers hut with its door unlocked. I asked if Greta wanted to go inside she stared at me and simply said, “What a waste, here we are in the open air of God’s forest and you want to go into some manky hut!” “I want to be naked in the open air with the thrill of possibly being spied upon whilst I am naked!” she teased.

    Now she said “I will trade you item for item. You give me your shoes and I will give you my shoes and socks! And after that as we then have the same number of items we can swop one for one!”

    Realising she was literally offering to strip off for me if I was prepared to do the same for her; excited me so much, my cock sprang to attention and threatened to blast off even before I was naked. So we began, her tee shirt for mine, her bra for my socks and then my shorts for her shorts. I nearly backed out as it came down to the last item each, my underpants and her knickers; but the idea of seeing her naked over took any shyness and we both dropped our underwear and then she seemed all over me in a flash.

    As I tried to pinch her nipples her hand wrapped around my cock and almost as if she was trying to rip it off my body she began stroking it. I have to admit here and now that I was a virgin not only that but also I had absolutely no experience with girls, having stated my defence I now tell you that all too quickly my balls tingled and I shoot my first load of spunk generated by a woman in less than two minutes, into the green grass of the forest. Greta looked horrified at me as she suddenly asked are you a virgin or a PEC; (Premature Ejaculation case) I had to ask what a PEC was and then confessed I had never been this far with a girl, I honestly told her I had fingered a girl to climax and had sucked a girls breasts but had never had a female touch my cock.

    I don’t know if it was the freshness of youth or the fact we were still talking about sex but my cock never shrank one millimetre and remained hard; I expected Greta to become annoyed about me shooting into the grass of Epping Forest instead of into her but she just smiled and slid down my body before licking up all traces of my spunk from my cock. She then whispered at least when I fucked her cunt I should now last much longer and she would enjoy all that extra time.

    Not caring about lying in the messy spunk on the grass, she pulled me down on top of her and guided my cock into her cunt; I wanted to just let it lie there and soak up the feeling of being surrounded by a woman’s cunt but Greta urged me on to begin sliding it in and out of her cunt; this new sensation was out of this world as it seemed her cunt walls were gripping the very root of my cock and milking it towards another shooting session. Several times Greta had to stop me and remind me I was supposed to be sharing the experience and not just doing what I wanted for my own satisfaction.

    After what seemed like an eternity suddenly Greta began bucking back towards me and she began almost growling when suddenly you would have thought she had been shot as she let out an ear piercing scream. My balls and upper thighs suddenly felt like they had been dipped in hot water as her climax led her to squirt her juices all over my area in contact with her. As she calmed down she told me I was wrong to have stopped just because she had cum and I should have continued until I mixed my spunk with her juices.

    We lay there together for quite a while before she agreed to suck me off if I licked her cunt like I had seen the man last night do to my mother. Instantly I agreed as I was eager to experience all I could about this new pastime for me of sex. So under her expert guidance we moved into a sixty nine position and began licking and sucking each other. It was about another two minutes that she seemed to erupt again and flooded my mouth with her hot tangy tasting fluid and surprisingly for me I loved the taste; it must have triggered something deep inside me too for I felt that tingling in my balls again. This time it felt like my cock was burning from the inside out and I tried to pull away from Greta but the first spurts hit the back of her mouth and the remained splattered all over her face, which Greta just scooped up with her fingers and licked them clean. She confessed that she just loved the taste of fresh spunk; then she let slip a secret I had almost figured out. She let slip that my spunk taste just as good as her father’s.

    I hesitantly asked her if my suspicions were correct and that her father was the first cock she sucked, without the slightest hint of embarrassment she replied it was true and both her mother and father had shared her body on her sixteenth birthday if only to educate her into the true aspects of sex and not let her suffer a fumbling young lout who only cared about getting his rocks off and could possibly make her pregnant at her first sortie into sex.

    As we were both still naked she could not help but notice how my cock had begun to stiffen again at the slightest hint of the details of her first sexual experiences with her mother and father and so we hatched a plan. More of that later but right now Greta began to explain to me how on the morning of her sixteenth birthday her mother had entered her room without even knocking. Then she went to Greta’s wardrobe and selected a short flared skirt and a tank top type tee shirt. With half opened sleepy eyes Greta watched almost horrified as her mother went to her underwear drawer and pulled out a pair of lacy panties; which had been a present last Christmas. Greta remembered thinking it strange that firstly she did not select a bra and secondly she had not found her stash of porno mags and two vibrators.

    Sally then woke her daughter and without waiting she threw back the bedcovers and as Greta rose to complain she was still sleepy and as it was a Saturday she wanted to sleep in. Her mother’s reaction to that was to tug at her nightie and eventually draw it over Greta’s head; Greta swore blind that her mother paused during doing this and she could feel her eyes devouring her firm free standing breasts. Next to go was her flannelette panties and then Greta’s body was naked to her mother’s gaze; insisting that Greta stood up her mother knelt beside her and opened the lacy panties top and waited for Greta to place her feet through the leg holes. Again Greta could have sworn that her mother delayed pulling them up as her head was very close to Greta’s pubic hair, in fact close enough for Greta to feel the warm breath of her mother wafting over those pubes and creating a strange sensation in her groin area.

    As we talked Greta was now stroking my cock slowly and as if to demonstrate she blew warm breaths over my cock head, I had to admit two things at that moment, one was how good those breaths felt on my cock and the second was how I had to struggle not to try to ram my cock down her throat forcefully.
    After what seemed an eternity Greta finally took my cock in her mouth and not a moment too soon; for it seemed as soon as my bulbous cock head touched the back of her mouth, I experienced the thrill of a lifetime as my cock spewed forth its load of freshly churned spunk. You may have guessed this was my very first blowjob and I loved it, it’s hard to describe that sensation as your warm spunk floods her mouth and then coats as much of your cock as is present and then her lapping tongue as it cleans up your cock before allowing it to escape her mouth.

    Of course I returned the favour of oral sex with Greta and under her guidance and tutorage I discover the power one’s tongue can create as it flicks at an aroused woman’s clitoris; not only that but I found ample pleasure for myself causing her cunt to flood with her honey tasting juices and the sheer thrill I felt dipping my roughly pointed tongue into that honey pot. I would love to tell you that I made her world explode with my tongue but in reality all I manage to do was to have her clamp my ears between her legs as her thigh shuddered and she almost swooned backwards.

    In that instance Greta decided to teach me all she knew about sex and had another thirteen days to do so. Reluctantly we now dressed and for the first part of our walk back to the campsite we cuddled with our arms interlocked and Greta had her head on my shoulder. As we neared the campsite but still remained out of sight we kissed, not as friends might kiss but full open lips and tongues before finally holding hands until the last minute before entering the campsite clearing. Cathy, my mother was first to see us and she smiled as we walked towards her; then when close enough she said, “Why don’t you make a handsome couple and by the way you’re beaming you look like the cat that got the cream, both of you”

    I looked at Greta and then sheepishly replied, “Aagh Mom you’re embarrassing me now!”

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    Quote Originally Posted by breastgirl34c View Post
    Great story! Can't wait for more!
    Thank you for the encouragement; Breastgirl34c, I am trying to write chapter 2 but it is not really flowing and I am not happy the outcome so far, but I will get there please be patient.

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    Chapter 2… The secret is out of the bag.

    Wednesday night our fourth night under the canvas was the night that blew away any pretext of camping being boring or rather that the people who camp are less adventurous than hotel guests, per say. But I am getting ahead of myself for Monday night was an improvement over Sunday night as after eating the adults seemed to be sat around drinking and suddenly Greta asked if I wanted to go for a walk.

    At a respectful distance from each other we began to walk away from the camp site and I was just about relieved that there had been no cute remarks, like hello young lovers for example; mum still managed to embarrass me when she called out that it was alright to hold hands and the still be just friends, the accompanying cackle of laughter told us that the adults were well on their way to being drunk.

    Once out of sight of the camp I held out my hand to Greta only for her to jest that we were not just friends and then she sort of curled up into the crook of my arm and placed her head on my shoulder; almost in a whisper she mewed, “I fancy some sex tonight, what about you?” my beaming smile must have given the game away long before I spoke. “Yeah alright but where shall we go to enjoy ourselves?” I asked.

    “This trail leads down to the old boating house by the lake and I know there are places there to enjoy ourselves?” Greta revealed. So we followed the trail and sure enough there was the lake but the old boat house had gone and by the look of things it had burnt down years ago. Greta lowered her eyes as if to say sorry for leading me here for nothing until she spied a wooden hut which was clearly a toilet block. Let’s go in there she pointed to the building, but that’s a toilet block and doesn’t even look safe let alone clean and private I responded. Greta would not be discouraged and almost dragged me by the hand to the gentlemen’s side. The inside wreaked of stale urine and looked awful but Greta led me inside and into the last but one cubicle. The door did not even have a bolt on it and looking around I saw holes in the side walls and the back wall too had larger holes.

    Greta never batted an eyelid as she quickly shed her clothes and sat on the cold china toilet bowl; pulling me near she unzipped my shorts and watched then slide to the ground before almost grunting get them off. It seemed she was in as much of a hurry as I was because instead of just me undoing the buttons from the top of my shirt she too was doing the same from the bottom of my shirt. Once I was as naked as she was she took my quickly hardening cock in her hand and gently began to stroke it; I did not notice at first but as she stroked my cock she was glancing around the cubicle as if looking for something.

    When I asked her what she was looking for she told me an active glory hole; I must have looked stupid because she quickly said that the holes in the wall were for men to stick the cocks through and to get an anonymous blow job or more. Just as I was about to gather the courage to tell her that I wanted to leave we heard the sound of someone’s feet outside the cubicle; instantly Greta put her finger to her lips indicating I should be very quiet.

    Now she lowered her head and began nibbling the tip of my cock, nipping it with her teeth but not hard enough to cause me to cry out. Suddenly to our right an uncircumcised cock pushed its way through the hole and stood proud. Greta immediately released my cock and began repeating her actions on this new invader to our cubicle. Then she did something I would never have dreamed of doing, she pulled her head to one side and mouthed the words now you suck it. I froze for what seemed like a lifetime before a jerk on my arm moved me nearer to the cock.

    With Greta’s smiling face and reassurance I opened my mouth and accepted my very first cock, I expected it to taste of piss and spunk but it didn’t, I was fascinated by the texture of the plum head now exposed. Trying to recall all the things Greta had done to me the previous night I tried to repeat them on this new cock. I must have appeared silly to the stranger on the other side of the wall because I did not recognise the tell-tale signs that it was about to erupt and suddenly felt this scalding thick and creamy liquid hitting the back of my mouth and I immediately pulled away as the last few spurts hit my face.

    Greta wasted no time at all in leaning forward and licking the spunk from my face. Before I could react I realised I had swallowed another man’s spunk and liked it. Then another thicker stiff prick slid through the same hole; I was surprised as we only heard one set of footsteps; this time Greta quietly told me to stick my cock through the hole in the other wall and see what happens and she then slid to her knees and bobbed her head against this second cock. I did as Greta said and pushed my aching stiff cock through the opposite hole and wow suddenly a pair of soft lips wrapped themselves around my cock. It seemed as if the mouth was sucking as if to suck me through the hole but as I pressed myself tight to the wall I twisted my head to watch Greta.

    She had stopped sucking the other cock and now was backing on to it as it clearly entered her cunt and she leaned forward pressing her hands against my arse trapping me against the wall. Then the door swung open and low and behold there stood my mother, Cathy. Instead of being angry she was smiling and then I realised she was as naked as we were. She slipped into the cubicle and pressed her hot body against me, her nipples felt like nails pressing into my back and the mouth on my cock suddenly released me. Then a hot wet sensation flooded my cock; it was easy to work out that the cock sucker next door has just pissed all over my cock as the pool of yellowish piss spread from under the partition.

    Mother smiled as she said, do you know whose cock you sucked, baby? I shook my head my words failed me and she said would you like to see who it was? Again my mouth moved but no words were heard, then my father appeared at the door of the cubicle and smiled as he said that was one of the best blowjobs I had ever had and to think it was my only son who had done it. Now there was no more need for secrecy as Greta suddenly said, “Sorry Roy but we had to get you into our little group one way or another!” Mum then spoke saying, “Greta was asked to get you here and she did a great job and before this night is out, my lad, not only am I going to suck that cock of yours but also feel it buried deep into my over excited cunt!”

    My mind was in a real pea souper of a fog, I think I would have agreed to anything in that moment in time, but I do remember Cathy taking me by the cock and leading me outside the cubicle. I was now able to see who the other participants were; right now as I watched Greta was still thrusting her hips back on to that rock hard cock and yes you guessed it, it was her own father that was fucking her hard. Now Sally exited the other cubicle and game me a wonderful smile and quietly said, “Before this week is out, I want the full works from you, Roy. I want you to fuck all my holes with that cock of yours and also I want you eating out my cunt and rimming my arse before you leave to go home!”

    Mum just smiled and then added, “You will have to get in line for that, Sally dearest but as his mother I claim first dibs!” Just then Greta pulled away from the cock she had been riding through the wall and managed to crouch down just in time for her father to spray her face with his spunk and Sally immediately grabbed an took slow long licks as she cleaned up Greta’s face.

    Now naked as jaybirds, the six of us walked slowly back to the camp site and Greta asked quietly as we walked, “Do you forgive my little deception, Roy; I did it just for your own good, besides now we can have such wonderful combinations of sexual fun!” I smiled towards her as I hugged even tighter on to my mother’s waist and had a great view from the side as her tits bobbed up and down as she walked.

    To be honest little else happened that night except I was actually allowed to sleep in Greta’s tent with her. I was grateful for this because halfway through the night, it hit me like a ton of bricks; I had just participated in group incest; not only that but I had swallowed my father’s spunk! I suppose it was childish fears that gripped me now and as I lay there with Greta’s head on my shoulder I muttered, “God I must be damned for all time!” Greta suddenly looked up towards my face and then gently stroked it she whispered, “I too had those feelings but mum and dad told me it was ok so long as precautions were taken to avoid pregnancies! Oh yes and of course it had to be our little secret because society would be quick to judge and damn you for this high level of family love.”

    I don’t know why but those few words seemed to calm me down and the rest of the night came easy to me but the intense dream I had was a mixture of lust, love and punishment! For I dreamt that I was fucking my mother with my father’s cock in my mouth and Greta was stood beside me using a cat-o-nine tails whip on my buttocks. Despite this prelude to pain my cock remained stiff all through the night and in fact it was Greta’s warm wet mouth that finally woke me on the Tuesday morning. She doubled her efforts before pulling away from my cock and smiling she said, “Good morning sleepyhead, have you got anything for a hot wet cunt!” I retorted that you had just been sucking the remedy for that very problem.

    With that Greta swung her legs over my hips and slowly slid down on my cock before beginning to ride it slowly at first but picking up a steady rhythm. I opened my eyes just in time to see Cathy, Sally and Roger and my father John standing in the entrance to the tent watching us fuck. Roger spoke first, saying “That’s my girl ride him hard, like you do to me!” I could not help myself in front of this special audience and I soon filled Greta’s cunt with my youthful spunk. She rolled off me and almost immediately both my mother and hers dived between her legs and between them began sucking my spunk from inside hr cunt. Greta giggled a bit before her giggles became groans and suddenly her body shook as if being electrocuted, but the two mothers continued there tongue lashing assault on her clit and cunt.

    All too soon though we broke up and got dressed. During that day we collected dried out branches and kindling whilst John and Roger found some large roughly square stones and made a circle just in front of the tents. That afternoon the smaller tents were moved to almost surround the stone circle and the branches and kindling were stacked in the centre of the circle. Both Cathy and Sally had gone off shopping with the promise of a great feast for tonight.

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    great start cant wait to see who cumms next

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    Great start and hot little story... thanks for the share... Hope there is More to Cum...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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