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    Loneliness Can be Hard 01

    Loneliness can be hard.
    Copyright©2017 Niteowluk2003.

    Please Note… I am an English man and so I use the Queen’s English so there may be some spelling difference between my English and the American style of English.

    The story of Valerie Marshbank, a fifty six year old mother of two; Danny aged 21 and Julie aged 30, she had been with Henry, her husband for twenty-five years. Now you may have noticed that Julie came along when her mother was only sixteen and yes that is true but Henry Marshbank was not the father, her true father denied his responsibility and fled the scene.

    This is their tale and anyone whom finds incest disgusting should not read any further.

    Chapter One. The family picnic.

    It was a warm balmy summers evening when the Marshbank family spread the travel rug in the shade of the trees but far enough away from them so as to get the last rays of the dying sun. The sandwiches were almost all gone, the cakes were disappearing fast and Valery was quickly consuming a full bottle of red wine, henry not drinking because he was driving.

    After another half hour, Valerie finished her last glass and leaned back against a plush cushion her daughter had kindly brought along and as the wine hit her she began to snooze, but no sooner had she closed her eyes she became embroiled in a dream she had been experiencing every night for the last three months. The dream troubled her deeply, for she always saw her husband naked in bed with their daughter and instead of stopping them she found herself drawn into their sordid incest based sex, except it was really not true incest as Julie was not of Henry’s bloodline.

    Valerie Assumed these dreams were a premonition but in truth they were her own cravings for an incestuous relationship with her handsome son, Danny. She had always been closer to Danny than Julie and she put that down to her maturity happening at the same time as the birth of her son, after all she was almost a child herself when she became a mother and she had needed to fight her parent’s wishes to have the bastard child adopted. It had been Valerie that had pleaded with them to keep the child and she had promised to go back to school after the baby’s birth and promised to work hard and get good grades that they would be proud of. This worked on her mother at least and so with double pressure on her strict father they won the battle.

    Valerie had gone back to school and had finished with well above average grades, so the deal held and now she had a daughter, Henry accepted Julie straight away and honestly saw the possibility of a readymade family, so he need not excel in the bedroom department as julie would suffice as their only child. Suddenly Valerie felt something tickle her face and thought that maybe one of the kids had tried a blade of grass to tickle her, she knew it would not be Henry for he lacked the social skills to be romantic. In fact it turned out to be a fly but both Julie and Danny watched intently as they harboured lusty dreams themselves. With a swift brush of the hand the irritation was gone and once more Valerie had settled back to enjoy the suns warm rays, secretly wishing she had the nerve to sunbathe naked.

    Danny had been a pleasant surprise to Valerie, for she had almost given up on the idea of having a child with Henry, what with his attitude to sex, he was very much the type you hear about but dread meeting; one whom pleasures himself without a single thought of whether his partner was satisfied. Many a night Valerie would sneak off after Henry began snoring; a clear sign he was sound asleep; down to the computer room where with the help of her trust vibrator she would have her own orgasm fantasising that the tool in her cunt belong to a lusty youth half her age. She never connected this thought with the fact that Danny had come along and was now about half her age.

    The vibrator was always hidden in the downstairs toilet amongst the usual cleaning products for the toilet, but as Valerie was the one whom always cleaned the toilets, it became a great hiding place for her trusty toy. Another thing Valerie had never thought to do was to look on the family computer for porn, to help her through to her orgasm; that is until that fateful day after the picnic.

    Back to the picnic, regrettably the trees now began to shade the sun’s rays from them and the air now seemed to have a distinct chill to it. Reluctantly they collected their picnic things and began to walk back to the car; except that Valerie suddenly needed to pee. The urge to do so was so strong she immediately stopped walking and crossed her legs, tightening her muscles as she did so. She called out to Henry that she was sure she had left something behind and was going to go back and check. Henry acknowledge without even turning back, further proof if she needed it that he had begun to take her for granted. Instead of hurrying back to the picnic area she headed for the nearest tree and then casting a glance all round her to make sure the coast was clear. She hitched up her skirt until it was around her stomach and quickly pulled her panties down and off her legs, after all she did not want to splash them and make them wet.

    Crouching down she opened her legs and tried to pee, at first nothing seemed to be happening and then slowly a small trickle passed through her cunt lips and that trickle turned into a fast flowing stream just as a young man walked out of the trees directly in front of her. She could not stop the flow and yet she was embarrassed, suddenly that embarrassment became exciting to her. She could not explain why but she wanted the youth to see her pissing. She relaxed as the stream of golden liquid flooded from her cunt and the youth looking directly at her walked forward towards her.
    By the time he reached her she was back to just a dribble and as she searched her handbag for a tissue or something the youth produced a handkerchief and offered it to Valerie. She reached out her hand to accept it but before she could react he dropped his hand between her still opened legs and wiped her cunt dry for her, except the sexual thrill of what had just happened only managed to swop pee dribbles for sexual lubrication. The youth then surprised her further by raising the handkerchief to his mouth and allowing his tongue to poke out and taste the damp patch on the hankie.

    Valerie aware that her husband and family were waiting for her stood up and pulled the skirt down but held the panties still in her hand. She picked up the handbag and turned to walk away. After a few steps she stopped and turned saying, “Thank you kind sir!” with that she slowly walked away trying to calm her horny itch before she got to the car as Henry would probably be aware of something amiss about her. The youth simply responded to her thanks by saying, “Please, pretty lady, please will you agree to meet me here tomorrow night at 5 pm?” Valerie found herself nodding without thinking it through.

    She reached the car and carefully slid into the passengers front seat hoping her skirt would prevent the leather seat becoming wet and she sat in silence all the way home. As the car pulled up into their driveway Henry asked, “What’s wrong?” Valerie immediately thought typical Henry not a hint of charm in his question and not an ounce of sincerity in his words, she lied, “I have a headache coming on, I am going to lie down for a few minutes!” Henry never answered her.

    Once in her bedroom she pushed the door to close it but it did not go all the way and left a small crack someone could spy through although she was not aware of this. Danny however happened to be heading for his own bedroom when he heard what sounded like a moan coming from his mother’s bedroom. He approached the door and suddenly stopped from where he was now he could see through the crack in the door and there was his mother naked from the waist down putting on panties, but the thing which hit Danny like a ton of bricks falling on him, was his mother’s cunt hairs were glistening in the light. Danny quietly stood watching and then he almost gave his position away as he saw his mother slide a finger along her cunt lips. He stood there watching as his mother brought herself off to a climax and she was mouthing something which he could not make out. Suddenly she stood up and fearing that she may be heading out of the bedroom for a shower he hastened away before being caught.

    However Valerie was merely standing to pull her panties up now before retiring to lie on top of the bed. Once she dozed off to sleep, her mind was full of the sexual dreams she had previously only this time alongside her son there was this unknown kind stranger. It seemed the stranger was instructing her son on how to fuck his mother, although this initially shocked her she found her body told her a different tale. Her pulse quickened, her nipples became hard and ached, her cunt was like a firebox on a train stoking up all the steam but not having an easy release, something was bound to blow and it did, for Valerie actually woke up as her body trembled, no not trembled more like shook from an earthquake, her cunt was like a tap releasing hot fluids on to her skirt inners.

    Ten minutes it took her to calm down and in all that time she never laid a single finger on herself, she was shocked and embarrassed, to be honest she did not know what had hit her until she moved off the bed and there on her husband’s side of the bed was a clear wet patch. Panicking she quickly stripped the bed and after using her hair dryer she tried to dry the wet spot but it seemed impossible so with on final attempt to conceal her horny wet dream she turned the mattress over and put fresh linen on the bed. She then changed her clothes but that was something else that came new to her she now looked on her cunt as something different, in the past it had simply been a refuge for her husband’s cock and the opening to her pee tube, now it was like a constant fire that despite her free flowing juices never seemed to go out any more.

    Now dressed in cut-off jeans and a blouse tied across her mid-drift she went down stairs and dropped the laundry off in the utility room, planning to put them on to wash after dinner. She prepare what was more like an early supper than a late dinner and once calling them into the kitchen she sat opposite Henry her husband. On her right was Danny and on her left was Julie, Valerie kept seeing Danny sneaking glances in her direction and then looking directly across at Julie. Henry was just his same old self reading the evening paper and unaware of anything that was going on around him.

    Valerie now began to sense that Danny and Julie were both sneaking glances in her direction and she could not think why except that she wished they would stop it or at least refrain from doing so as often for it was making her horny again. God she had never been this horny in years. The meal over Julie cleared the table as Valerie said she was not feeling so good after all and would take a shower and grab an early night. She barely heard Henry say he was popping out to a Work colleagues to catch up on a briefing for tomorrow and with that he was gone. Danny sat Smirking at the table as he watched his mother’s arse sway out of the kitchen.

    Once there were only Danny and Julie left in the kitchen, Valerie heard them mumbling but was not quite able to hear what they were saying. She climbed the stairs and twice she stopped to crane her ears to try to catch their conversation but to no avail. She ran the shower and stepped into the cubicle allowing the warm refreshing water to cascade on to her breasts and run down through her cleavage and down on to her pubic bone. Meanwhile Danny and Julie were in the utility room and Danny pulled out the bed sheet and soon found the wet patch, he held it up for Julie to see and she stepped forward and leaned further forward to try to smell the stain, at that exact moment Danny through the sheet over Julie and quickly pinned her against the wall. He refused to let her go until she promised to show him her tits. She pleaded with him that that would be incest and strictly frowned upon but he countered all her arguments with no one will ever know and besides what harm could there be in him just looking at her tits after all he had seen far more than that of his own mother.

    Suddenly Julie demanded to know what he meant by that, seizing the opportunity he replied “Show me your tits and I will tell you all”. Now when a woman’s curiosity is peaked common sense seems to go out the window and Julie found herself agreeing. The sheet was tossed back into the laundry basket and then Danny demanded payment first or Julie could change her mind after he had told her his tale. So Julie undid the front buttons on the bodice of her dress and held open the top. Danny declared that was not going to suffice for he wanted to see all of her tits not just her cleavage.

    Reluctantly now Julie eased her arms out of her bodice and then reaching behind her she undid the clasp of her bra, she slipped the straps off her shoulders and allowed the bra to fall to the ground. Danny suddenly sprang forward again and pinned his sister to the wall and before she could stop him he latched his lips on to her left nipple. A combination of sucking and nipping at the nipple soon had it hard and proud and now lashing it with his tongue he waited for Julie to rebuke him but instead she let out low almost mewing sounds.

    Now Danny seized the opportunity of Julie’s excited state and he forced his flat hand against her stomach and down inside her dress and into her panties. When he felt her smooth flesh he pulled his head away from her tit and smiled before saying “Like mother, Like daughter!” For Julie there was something so strange about her brother’s fingers invading her cunt, not weird strange but erotically strange and secretly she was wishing it was his cock not his fingers. Whether it was the actions of those fingers or whether it was in her mind about it being Dan but she found herself more excited than she could ever remember being. She actually bit her lip so hard that she drew blood but even that only added to her nervous sexual frenzy. She was nervous that incest could result in her being pregnant with an inbred child but the overriding excitement pushed closer to the edge of a chasm of pure lust.

    When Julie began trembling not from fear but from those thigh muscle ripples preceding an orgasm Dan deliberately pulled his fingers from her cunt and stepped back; admiring his sister’s pert breasts and the mask of pure lust on her face. He then slowly told Julie of what he had seen in his mother’s bedroom, not only what he had seen but also what he had actually heard his mother mumble. He then laid a plan out before his sister and asked if she wanted to be a part of it. It took Julie less than a second to agree and they both hurried readdressed their clothing before speeding up to Julie’s bedroom to plan the finite details of their lustful plan.

    Once in her bedroom Dan instructed her to remove all of her clothes, Julie looked puzzled until Dan said that he too would be making himself naked too and this was so they could seal their plans and bonds by fucking and then each would have secret details of the other so neither could back out. Julie quickly removed her clothes and eagerly turned round to look; probably for the first time to really look at her brother as something other than just that, a brother; and she suddenly gasped. Not in a bad way mind you but her brother was as they say built like a horse. Although his semi erect cock did not appear to be excessively long at eight inches but because it looked incredibly thick. Julie was unable to reasonably estimate its thickness but she soon found out she could not close her hand around its girth.

    Danny uttered with a shaky voice, “How do you want it, missionary or doggie style?” and with almost as much tremble in her voice, Julie replied, “Let me show you a new position? It’s called cowgirl!” With that she instructed Danny to lie on the bed with his legs together and she then swung her supple limbs over his hips; affording him a real close shot of her crinkled anal opening. Then she lowered herself down and adjusted her position until her cunt was directly above his cock and she facing his feet. With a firm grip she took hold of his semi hard cock and with only two or three strokes had it rearing up in all its glorious length and thickness like nelson’s column.

    Julie the rubbed its head along her cunt lips until her oozing lubrication oiled his cock and then she suddenly pushed downwards onto his cock, Danny jerked from the initial pain but soon the hot sweet cunt juice surrounded his cock as it lay fully inside her tightly stretched cunt. Now with slow movements up and towards her feet she eased almost all of his cock out of her cunt leaving only its head in the entrance to her cunt. Plunging back towards Danny’s head and the thick cock stretched her cunt like never before and soon she set the rhythm of their fuck. On and on they went gradually picking up speed and intensity unaware that a pair of eyes watched their every move.

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    Loneliness can be hard 02.
    Chapter 2

    Danny now began thrusting up in time to Julie’s backward motion and each thrust brought s grunt from his sister. Now the eyes that watched from the crack in the door began to rub his leg just about in the crutch area. Henry remained silent as he rubbed his cock through his trousers as he thought what a lucky sod his son was as he fucked his step sister, something by the way Henry had been hoping to do himself as soon as his chance occurred. Now armed with incriminating evidence he planned his move. He quietly took his phone from his pocket and pressed it up to the crack in the door and press to take a picture.

    Suddenly mid stroke both Danny and Julie froze for just a split second before rolling on to their side and off the far side of her bed. The thing which had startled them was the flash of light coming from the bedroom door. Henry had forgotten to check the auto flash and now he scurried away like a scolded cat entering the master bathroom just split seconds before Danny appeared in the hallway holding a towel in front of his rampant prick. Henry simply flushed the loo and exited as if everything was fine. Danny fearing being caught hastened into his own bedroom and closed the door leaning against it in case his father tried to follow him into the room but Henry did not instead he went downstairs smiling to himself.

    In the Kitchen Henry found Valerie and even now after the threat of being caught not only watching his kids but also taking pictures, his half hard cock refused to subside, no on the contrary it seemed to be getting harder. He walked up behind his wife Valerie and pressed her to the sink, whispering in his ear that maybe they should send the kids to the cinema whilst they fooled around in the master bedroom. Valerie was totally astonished at this because Henry was normally a creature of habit and for them lately sex had been on a Friday or Saturday night but never both and always with the lights out. Henry’s idea of foreplay was taking your clothes off and once he had satisfied himself that was it he simply wanted to sleep afterwards. Which was why Valerie was shocked it was still daylight and it was Tuesday, she was tempted to ask if he knew the day but thought better of it.

    Valerie reasoned with Henry that the cinema would be closed right now but if he wanted to wait until six pm then they could send the kids off to the cinema and have the whole evening to themselves. Henry had images he had seen still floating through his mind and snatched himself away from his wife saying “Don’t say I didn’t ask!” before he stalked off and into the dining room. Valerie wiped her hands dry and then followed him. Being some two or three minutes behind him she saw the first image on the computer screen, it was a naked picture of a girl about Julie’s age and when the screen image changed it showed a man naked approaching the naked young girl. It then registered in Valerie’s confused mind that the man could quite easily be mistaken for someone around Henry’s 54 years of age.

    Shocked but also mesmerized, she just stood there watching the picture slide show, that is until something made Henry turn round and seeing his wife there he clicked the mouse to stop the picture cascade he had been watching. The computer stopped at a picture of the same young girl as in the first picture but this time in this picture she was clearly riding the older man’s cock and enjoying every second of it. Now Henry was caught in a dilemma, he could apologise and make some excuse as to the content he had been watching, like he just found a link saying pictures and not knowing what was inside he clicked it out of curiosity or he could face her and say look at the enjoyment the old man is giving the girl.

    Henry did neither of these things instead he looked Valerie straight in the face and told her to remove her clothing. Seeming to lose her control of her own hands, Valerie began to undress, even though her two children were still upstairs and could possibly walk in on them at any time. Off came her blouse, she reached behind her to unclasp the bra strap and Henry commanded her to stop. He then told her that her panties and bra were to be the last thing she was to remove. Again like in a trance, Valerie complied and slide her skirt over her hips and let it fall to the floor. Next she removed her bra and although her breasts sagged slightly, they still remained firm as any 21 year olds would be.

    Finally without appearing to falter her panties joined her skirt around her ankles, Henry smiled and then ordered Valerie to do something she would not normally do, he told her “Valerie, I know you would never dream of fucking your cunt with anything, however you will obey me and use the first kitchen utensil that you come across when you go to the kitchen to fetch it back here! Furthermore you will use the utensil on your cunt until I command you to stop! Is that clear?”

    Valerie tried so hard to say no but for some reason her response came out as yes and she promptly left the study room and went to the kitchen, she passed the mixer, and the microwave as well as the toaster, deeming them not to be utensils but rather kitchen equipment and then she saw it and almost backed out of the kitchen because the item she knew she could not argue about being a utensil was directly in front of her now, it was a hand blender. You know the type the long cylindrical unit with a fast speed chopping blade on one end. She quickly detached the chopping blade and replaced it with a plastic whisk. Picking up the unit she trembled as she thought of where this was going to go but she lacked the self-belief to object to Henry’s command.

    She hurried back to the study room and suddenly realised that the door was missing or rather the door had been removed when Danny had been eight or nine years of age and had shown an unusually keen interest in the computer; by removing the door they hoped it would deter him from digging into sites not appropriate for someone his age. Now Valerie held out her shaking hand and showed Henry the utensil she had brought back. He took the electric lead and plugged it in to a socket in the wall and then smiled as he told Valerie to turn it on. The utensil kicked into life and trembled like an expectant virgin.

    Henry smirked as he told his wife to use the handle end of the blender against her cunt, Valerie breathed a sigh of relief for she had expected him to make her slide the whisk head into her cunt and turn on the machine. The trembling machine acted just like a vibrator against her cunt lips and she felt grateful it was not against her clitoris. Suddenly Henry spoke, “Hold the shaft lower down and now press it into the opening of your cunt lips, then bring it into contact with your clit until I tell you to stop!” Again Valerie seemed powerless to resist and followed his instructions closely almost fearing the time when it would vibrate against her clit.

    Valerie shuddered when the edge of the blender made contact with her clit and she remembered thinking that this could be fun when I am all alone and in need of relief. Henry’s voice broke her concentration again as it demand, “Now take the blender away from your cunt!” and after he ran two finger hard against Valerie’s cunt he smirked again and said, “Turn the blender round and use the rotating whisk inside your cunt!” Valerie feared it would physically damage her cunt but Henry waved away all her pleas and demanded she got on with it.

    Reluctantly Valerie began to obey but just before the stationary whisk reached her cunt lips, Henry told her to stop and not to move a muscle. Then he called out for Danny and Julie to stop what they were doing and to get themselves down here in whatever state they were in. The strong tones of Authority soon had Danny leaping down the stairs three at a time and he came to an instant stop when he saw his naked mother before him. Valerie blushed a thousand shades of red and she closed her eyes when she heard her daughter’s voice coming nearer.
    Now Valerie was completely naked, Danny had on only a pair of shorts and Julie had on a light summer dress. Henry cast a glance at Danny’s face and then slowly lowered his gaze to his shorts. The tenting in front of those shorts told Henry that Danny was either still horny from his sister’s performance earlier or more like from seeing his mother naked and about to play with herself.

    Henry snapped at Danny, “Take those shorts off this instant, boy!” Danny knew never to argue with Henry when he called him boy as that was his serious word and tone for anything Danny had done wrong to the point where he may get punished. Without then waiting for Danny to make a move, henry turned to Julie and told her to strip just like her mother was. Julie tried to defy her step-dad but she gave in when he said, “Unless you want me to phone the police about yours and Danny’s little interlude upstairs, you had better do it and dam quick!”

    Julie thought, how could he have known what had happened upstairs, but she could not risk the possibility of it becoming common knowledge around town so she reluctantly unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it from her shoulders and watching her feet she saw it fall to the ground just like her mother’s clothes had done although now they just made a circle on the floor. Henry now walked masterly along the line up of his family and in front of Danny he suddenly reached out and grabbed Danny’s semi erect cock. Squeezing it tightly until Danny winced, he spoke aloud, “Yes your cock did a good job in fucking your whore of a step-sister but just how would your mother react to having this stuffed up her arse while she played with her new sex toy!” Danny’s captured cock seemed to throb as he contemplated what his father had said, something that had not escaped Henry’s attention.

    Henry then said, “Valerie Darling, how would you like to suck this fine healthy young cock?” and before she could reply he continued, “On your knees bitch!” Both Julie and Valerie began to kneel down before Henry interrupted them as he said, “Oh no not you, my fine young fucking whore, your mother is the one who should kneel before this monster cock that she and I created!” Julie returned to her standing position, Valerie knelt down and mouthed the word Bastard hoping that Henry would have been distracted but he wasn’t and he grabbed Valerie’s hair with his free hand and yanked it back, saying, “You will apologise for calling your master a bastard or if you don’t I will go and select five utensils from around the house and you will fuck yourself in both holes with the fattest ends of those utensils!”

    Fearing Henry meant every word she apologised and added that she was sorry she was a foul mouth bitch. Henry laughed and then brought both his hands together introducing Valerie’s face to close quarter contact with Danny’s cock. He taunted her by saying open wide and remember it’s not polite to talk with your mouth full. Then with Julie clearly watching her mother sucking her step brother’s lovely cock, the same lovely cock which ten minutes ago was ploughing such an erotic furrow into her own cunt, she suddenly froze as the idea hit her, What if her mother could taste traces of her cunt juice on his cock?

    Henry seemed to read her mind at that exact moment as he said with a strong but sarcastic voice, “Valerie, Tell me does his cock taste different to you? You know like a little extra special flavouring maybe a young bitch’s cunt juice for example?” just as Valerie was reluctantly about to slip Danny’s cock from between her lips to answer, Henry cut in, “Do not let that cock slip from your mouth, whore it was not a direct question because I know you will be tasting Julie’s cunt juice on her step brother’s cock but it does not matter because soon my own cock will be coated likewise and Danny will learn what a cock tastes like with or without coatings.”

    Danny looked shocked and shook his head, but Henry had expected this, so he said, “You have two choices my lad, you can either learn to suck my cock or you can explain to the police why you raped your own step-sister!” Danny blushed and looked down at the floor but Julie spoke up, “You can’t prove a thing!” she stammered. Your wife has now removed all traces of my cunt juice on Danny’s cock so how can you prove it actually took place?”

    “Quite simply, you Bimbo!” he declared, Then he produced the phone and took another picture only this time of his stepdaughter’s naked body. The room was impaled with a flash of bright light and he chuckled, “Classic and just about slutty enough to flatter anyone who sees it, maybe I should post it on the web and see who recognises it!” Instantly Julie had tears welling up in her eyes as she said, “You wouldn’t dare!” then as her cheeks blushed she said, “You would have to admit that you had been spying on your stepdaughter to have obtained the pictures!”

    Suddenly her hopes of gaining control of the situation sank faster than the titanic, as Henry retorted, “Quite simple my dear, I confiscated Danny’s phone last night without him knowing and the two pictures I have of you and him!” then he quickly took a picture of Danny’s cock going into his wife’s mouth before adding, “make that three pictures I have of the three of you, were found by me on that phone when I intercepted a text message asking if the sender could see the pictures of the proof of the incest between the three of you!” He finished. Julie’s ideas were sunk and come to think of it all their ideas of defence were well and truly sunk, there was nothing left but to agree to the terms of their sentencing.

    Once more Danny was instructed to get over and kneel before his father, and now he did so however reluctantly, he was just about to undo the zip on his father’s trousers when his father told him to stop. Then glaring at Julie he slowly pointed his finger and said, “You, young whore, will have the duty of unzipping my cock and then feed it to Danny until it is erect enough to fuck you with! Now get over here, whore and do your duty!” Julie gulped and realising that her goose was cooked she stepped forward and with trembling hands she reached out for her stepfather’s trouser zip.

    Henry grabbed her hand and held it tight, “Are you an anal virgin my horny step-daughter? I hope so for I will look forward to deflowering you of that, later tonight, you will join your slutty mother and me, in our marital bed and your mother will prepare you for my cock!” Julie could not manage to answer verbally but she nodded her head, hoping her step dad would understand its meaning. He simply ignored any further conversation and simply pointed to his crotch. Julie now pulled down the zip and slid her hand inside his trousers, she almost jumped and very nearly pulled her hand out of the trousers. She had not been expecting his cock to be so different from Danny’s but it felt twice as thick and if anything longer than his son’s cock.

    Valerie now looked at her daughter and knew instinctively what had made her jump, for it had been the same with her that first night of their wedding, when he had made her do the same as her daughter tonight. She spoke with trembling voice as she said, “I know what you just felt but now you see why I was a slave to this man because I have never met a finer cock than his!” Henry smiled and said “why thank you Mother whore!” Henry thought that Valerie's new name during these sexual bouts fitted far better than whore wife.
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    that's a Hot story... Thanks for the share... is there More in the works??? Looking forward to it...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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