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    Whoa! That actually happened!

    This story is written based off of "Whoa! Did that Actually Happen?" From Luckymann. The mind control story line had always been a fantasy of mine but I was never able to figure out how to do it. I was excited after reading this story and thought he did a great job at pulling it off, but wanted to tell the story from the female's point of view. This was written with permission of Luckymann (thank you!) and follows the storyline of his story, but is told from his sister Annie's point of view.

    Hope you enjoy!


    Annie was sitting in the living room when she saw her brother's car pull in the driveway. "Hmmm", she thought to herself, "I didn't know Jason was coming home this weekend."

    "Mom! Dad! Jason's home!" She called out as she jumped up and ran to the door to greet him. She opened the door and saw him standing there and they greeted each other.

    “I also want to see your body. So if you will, go up to your room, remove all your clothes , and come back down to the living room. From now on you will fulfill any request I make of you.”

    When Jason said that Annie's first reaction was more of WTF and she felt some anger start to sweep over her, then as quickly as it came it went away and she felt a tingling between her legs as her mind told her to agree.

    "Alright, Jason" Annie said and headed upstairs.

    On her way up to her room part of her thought this was weird, but then again the response came out of her lips so easily.

    Annie watched herself in her mirror as she undressed. Her dress hugged her body and fit her like a glove. She pulled the straps off her shoulders then slowly pulled the dress down. Her barely c-cup breasts bounced lightly as they were let free, but stood proudly on her chest. She continued pulling the dress down until it fell to the floor, then slowly slid off her thong.

    Annie admired herself in her mirror. Jason (and her dad, oh my gosh!) were about to be the first men to see her naked. She was well aware of all the attention that she and her body got from guys and she enjoyed getting it, but she had more fun teasing them until they gave up instead of being in a relationship with one of them.

    Annie ran her hands up the sides of her body and grabbed her breasts, giving them a quick squeeze. The tingling between her legs was still there. She ran a hand down pussy and felt the wetness between her lips. She let her finger stay there for a moment, enjoying the feeling of it between the soft folds of her pussy, but quickly pulled it away as she came back to reality.

    Annie left her room and headed down the stairs. She saw Jason first and felt a big grin come across her face as she hoped he was going to like what he saw. Just then, Jason turned and saw her coming down the stairs. Annie made no effort to cover herself up. She felt her firm breasts bouncing as she took each stair. She felt his eyes taking in her body. The tingling was back.

    Just then their mom freaked out seeing her daughter in the nude, walking into the room with her husband and brother she let her disapproval known amongst all that listened. Annie froze as her mom scolded her.

    Next thing she knew, her dad was commanding her mom to strip. She hadn't seen her dad take a forceful stance to his wife since she had joined that church and gotten all weird on them. She looked at her mom, not knowing what the response was going to be but was shocked when she started stripping.

    Annie continued down the stairs and stood at the bottom. Her mom was standing next to her a minute later completely naked. Both women just stood there as the men admired their bodies.

    “Dad?” Jason asked. “Don’t you think both of these beautiful women would look much better without that fur around their pussies?”

    “Yes I do, son. Ladies, you heard Jason. You would both look better if you shaved your pussies.”

    Without hesitation, both women replied "Yes sir" and turned and headed upstairs.

    Annie headed into her bathroom and their mother into hers. Annie stopped and looked at herself in the mirror. She kept her pussy trimmed, it was just a little bit of blonde hair, but she was commanded to shave it clean. She grabbed her razor, put one foot up on the side of the tub and proceeded to shave herself smooth.

    Her mother was walking by as she opened the door. She looked over at her daughter, gave her a quick up/down, smiled and then Annie followed her mother back down the stairs.

    When they got back downstairs the men were sitting on the couch. Jason greeted them and asked them to come close for an inspection. Annie got a little worried as she walked up and stood in front of her brother with her legs apart. She had never shaved herself clean before and she hoped that she did a good enough job to please him.

    Jason reached out and ran his fingers along the smooth lips of Annie's pussy. She gasped and jumped back.

    “Very nice Sis, but you act as if you’ve never had your pussy petted.” Jason said.

    “I haven’t Jason. I’m still a virgin.” She admitted to him without hesitation.

    “Very well. Then get on your knees and suck me off.” Jason ordered his sister.

    “Yes Jason. I’ll do what you want, but I’ve never done that either. I’ve never done anything sexual. I’m sorry but I don’t know how to suck you off.” Annie apologized.

    “That’s alright Annie. We’ll soon change that. Dad, does Mom know how to give a good blowjob?” Jason asked.

    “She used to. When she was Annie’s age, she would practically suck my balls through my cock. Mary, get down there and show Annie how well you can suck my cock, and don’t spill a drop.” Dan ordered his wife.

    Annie wrapped her hand around her brother's hard dick as she watched their mom start to suck off their father. She studied what her mom was doing, eyes closed, mouth open, as she bobbed on the dick in her mouth. She felt the veins in her brothers dick pulsing as the blood pumped through it. Annie had never touched one before and was a little amazed how hard it actually was.

    Still watching their mom, Annie stuck her tongue out and started licking the length of her brother's shaft. After a couple strokes, some pre-cum appeared and she instinctively knew what to do and immediately opened her mouth and took the head of his dick inside it where she licked it off. She looked up at Jason, he was looking down at her smiling, admiring the look of his hot sister with his dick in her mouth.

    She pulled herself up off it and wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft as she looked over at their mother to see what she was doing now. Their mom's lips were flat against their father's stomach and balls. She held the position then bobbed. The kids watched the outline of their father's shaft sliding up and down their mother's throat, his head back, eyes closed in pleasure he hadn’t experienced in years.

    Annie was washed over with a sudden urge to do the same. She quickly learned it wasn’t as easy as their mother made it look, but she stuck with it and kept bobbing, forcing herself to go deeper each time. She was so in the zone that she didn't hear Jason's encouragement. She didn't need it. Having her brother's thick, hard cock down her throat was an incredible turn on for her. It made her feel sexy and slutty at the same time. If she would have known she would enjoy it this much, maybe she wouldn’t have been teasing all these guys for so long.

    The force of Jason coming pushed her up and off his hard shaft. The second shot hit her in the face but remembering her instructions she wrapped her lips around him to receive the rest of her brother's cum. The slut inside her was starting to have its affect and control over her body. Looking up at him she swallowed the mouth full of his cum, then smiled broadly at him.

    She looked over at her parents. Their dad had already cum, being no match for his wife's recently rediscovered cock sucking skills, and was looking right at her. Annie felt herself become a little flushed as she realized her father had just watched her swallow a mouth full of her brother's cum. Their mother was slowly licking up and down the length of his shaft, enjoying his dick for as long as she could before it deflated.

    Jason looked back at his sister then at his mother.

    “Mom, why don’t you and Annie go fix us something for dinner. Dad and I will sit here and chat.

    “Okay Jason. We’ll be in the kitchen if you need us.” Their mother said. She got up and walked over to Annie and helped her to her feet, then they left the living room. Annie was a little sad to be leaving Jason and his cock so soon, but she did what she was commanded.

    Annie and Mary walked to the kitchen, both still completely naked. Neither made any effort to cover themselves up and they started prepping dinner like they had any number of other times they had cooked together, albeit fully clothed.

    Mary was summoned back to the living room, leaving Annie on her own to finish skinning the potato's. She returned a short time later and told Annie that the men were going to the bar and they were to keep cooking.

    A short time later, the men returned home. Annie and Mary dropped what they were doing in the kitchen and ran out to greet them. Annie was excited to see Jason again. Her eyes drifted down to his crotch, trying to imagine his dick and wondering when she would see it again. The tingling between her legs started again. Her body was ready.

    A short time later they were all sitting at the table, enjoying the Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans they had cooked.

    "Mom, Annie, dip your tits into the gravy." Jason suddenly commanded them.

    Mary pleasantly put down her fork and grabbed the gravy boat next to her. She leaned back in her chair and holding the gravy boat in one hand, cupped her right breast in her other hand and dipped as much of it into the gravy as she could. She then switched and repeated the process with the other. She passed the gravy to her daughter who happily did the same. Annie put the gravy boat back onto the table and sat back in her chair. She secretly enjoyed the sensation of the warm, thick gravy covering her nipples and the feeling of it slowly running down them.

    "Now lick and suck each other's tits until they are clean". Jason told them next.

    Annie and her mother, who were sitting next to each other turned so they were facing each other. Mary reached up and cupped her tits in her hands, presenting them to her daughter. Annie leaned over and placing her hands on her mother's legs, leaned down and started licking and sucking on her mother's breasts and nipples. She cleaned off all the gravy, then spent some extra time on them, as she enjoyed the feeling of her mother's nipple between her lips.

    Annie leaned back, ready for her turn to be cleaned. She followed her mother's lead and cupped her tits in her hands and waited. Annie's tits were just big enough that she was sometimes able to lick her own nipples, if she was really horney and really tried, but no one else had ever touched her or licked her. She thought she was prepared but when she felt her mother's tongue on her nipples, it sent a bolt of electricity though her body and made all her hairs stand on end. It wasn't long before she was moaning under her mother's tongue. Annie had almost forgotten there were other people in the room.

    Jason and his dad just sat there and watched the two women suck and lick each other. Neither said a word, but both enjoyed the show.

    “Mom, Annie, don’t you think your pussies need cleaned too? Why don’t you two lie on the floor and clean each other’s pussies?’ Jason asked them when they appeared to be done.

    Mary immediately pulled back, leaving Annie and her super sensitive skin sitting there, momentarily feeling abandoned. She got up and offered her hand to her daughter with a sweet smile. Annie took her mother's hand as she stood her up, let her lead her to a clear spot on the floor and then let her mother lay her down on her back then open her legs wide.

    Annie laid on her back on the chilly floor, legs open and watched as her mother straddled her head and lowered her pussy to her mouth. Annie wasn't quite sure what to do, so she just stuck out her tongue and held it still as it parted her mother's pussy lips. She immediately tasted her mother on her tongue. The taste wasn't too different than her own pussy.

    Annie wasn't prepared for what happened next. Mary had leaned forward and without hesitation dove right into her daughter's pussy. Annie moaned out in both surprise and pleasure as her mom's tongue ran through her wet pussy. She paid attention to what her mom's tongue was doing and tried her best to replicate the motions. She must have been doing a good job as she felt the vibrations of her mother moaning into her own pussy, which just in turn caused Annie to moan more herself. Annie could feel her orgasm building in her body.

    Suddenly Annie felt that it was time to let the men have some fun too. Mary must have felt the same way as her mom suddenly climbed off of her and after helping her daughter to her feet, they both walked over and bent themselves over the table, showing their freshly shaved pussies to the men. Mother and daughter looked at each other, smiling in anticipation of what was about to come next. Annie was excited, but also nervous as she knew what was about to happen.

    She watched her mother as their dad stood behind her. She heard her dad's 'Humph!' And saw the expression on her mom's face as he slid himself inside her. She watched her mom's body shake and the expressions of lust, pleasure and desire work themselves across her mother's face as her dad pounded her from behind.

    Jason was standing behind his sister, massaging her ass and playing with her increasingly wet pussy as they watched their father fuck their mother. Annie felt herself getting wetter and wetter as the show transpired feet from her. Jason's fingers sliding through her wet lips were a welcome feeling and just made her crave more.

    Jason gave Annie a quick spank then said, “Annie, it’s your turn. I’m going to take you now. I’ll go slowly and try not to hurt you too badly when I take your virginity. However, it will hurt when I pop your cherry. First fucks usually hurt to some extent. Any pain will go away soon. Are you ready to fuck, Annie?”

    Annie didn't even have to think about it, "Yes, Jason. I’m ready.” she replied, feeling a little nervous but also very confident.

    Annie wished she could see, could watch her brother's dick disappear into her, instead she looked forward, well aware that everyone in the room was now watching them.

    Annie felt Jason smack her ass a few times with his hard dick, then felt it trace across her ass until it got to her pussy, then felt him push. She gasped and moaned out as she felt the head of his cock spread her lips. It was bigger than she anticipated, bigger than her fingers when she played with herself and bigger than the handle of her brush that she had tried once.

    She felt her brother's cock press against her hymen. She wasn't ready for that and yelped out in surprise. Jason pulled out and she felt him slide in and out of her a few time, not quite going as deep again. Annie's muscles relaxed as she got used to the foreign member in her body. She had been propped up on her elbows, but lowered herself down, laying on the tablecloth.

    Without warning, Jason drove himself hard and fast into his sister. Annie cried out from equal parts surprise and pain as her virginity disappeared and her brother's cock slid deep into her. The pain didn't last long. Mary stroked Annie's hair and spoke reassuring words to her, trying to calm her down.

    The pain was dying out quickly and was being replaced with immense pleasure as Jason didn't hold back and rammed his sister hard as she laid there, bent over the table, her large breasts smashed against the soft fabric of the table cloth. Annie's body started responding to the fucking it was getting. She closed her eyes and was able to feel every inch of his cock as it slid its full length in and out of her.

    Her pussy responded by getting wetter and wetter, lubricating the hard shaft that was sliding in and out of it. Her breathing became hard and labored. Their mother recognized the signs, but Annie was too in the zone to hear or understand what she said to their father as they watched.

    Annie felt her first cock induced orgasm start working its way through her body, not stopping until it came flooding out of her pussy.

    Annie tilted her hips up off the table and begged her brother to fuck her. “Oh God, Jason. Fuck me! Fuck me harder. I love your cock in my cunt. Now, Jason! FUCK ME HARD!”

    Annie screamed and writhed in pleasure as Jason dumped a huge load of cum deep in her pussy and gave her cervix its first taste of cum.

    Neither Jason or Annie moved after they finished. "Damn, Sis. You are one fine hot piece of ass. That was fantastic." He told her.

    Annie smiled inside, happy with herself that he was able to enjoy it. As Annie laid there catching her breath, she savored the feeling of Jason's dick still inside her and felt it as it started to shrink. Suddenly, she felt it grow gain, but she swore it felt even bigger than before.

    “Annie, I think it’s time to take your last cherry now. You cute little ass looks like it could use some cock too.” He told her.

    “But Jason, I….” Annie started to protest.

    “What? Did you want to refuse me, Annie?” Jason angrily asked.

    “No, Jason. I would never refuse you. If you want my ass, you can have it. I’m just a little frightened. That’s all.” Annie replied.

    “Very well then. Prepare yourself to have your ass fucked.”

    Jason used his cock like a paintbrush. He rubbed it in the abundant fluids oozing from Annie’s pussy and used those fluids to lubricate her asshole. He then lined up his cock’s head with her virgin ass. “Relax.” Jason told his sister. He then grabbed her hips and pushed.

    “Ummph!” Annie grunted but made no further sound as Jason shoved his cock’s head past her sphincter and into her asshole. Annie felt her body try to stretch to accommodate his big cock, but it was not stretching out as easy as her pussy had.

    Are you alright, Sis?” He asked.

    “It hurts a little, but I’ll be fine.” Annie replied.

    Jason then shoved a few more inches of cock into his sister’s ass.

    “Ummph!” Annie grunted again.

    Jason patted her butt, tightened his grip on her hips, and shoved the rest of his seven-inch cock deep into his sister’s asshole.

    “YEOOOW! That hurts!” Annie cried out. This time she truly felt as if she was impaled.

    Jason didn't hold back this time and started pistoning his cock in and out of his sister's ass. Just like fucking her pussy, Annie felt the entire length of his shaft sliding in and out each time. Her bowels stretched out a little bit, but his girth and length was still big inside her and she was still tight. Suddenly Jason pushed hard and she felt his cock pulse as it pumped her ass full of his cum.

    Jason then slapped her butt and said. “Do you remember all the times you treated my friends and I badly as we were growing up, Annie? You were a real pain in the ass back then. Let this be a reminder to you of the pain your arrogance caused us. You are a nice piece of ass, Annie. I think I’ll call a few of my old friends and let them have some of this ass as well.” He mocked his sister.

    Annie groaned and tears began sliding down her cheeks. “Whatever you want, Jason. I am yours. I am sorry for the way I acted when we were younger. Do whatever you want with me.”

    Patting Annie’s ass, Jason asked. “Hey Dad. Would you like some of this tight ass?”

    Dan reached over and patted his Annie's ass as well. He then patted his wife’s ass and replied. “No thanks, son. I think I’ll fuck the ass in front of me. You ready to be butt-fucked Mary?”

    Annie looked over and watched her mother as her husband slid his cock into her ass. She was obviously a little more experienced and accustomed to this and took his cock like a pro. Annie watched the pleasure on their mother's face as her father took her for the second time this meal.

    The siblings watched their parents until their father filled their mother's ass with his cum. Dan pulled himself out and Annie watched her mother get up, spin around and get on her knees in front of her husband. Annie, not wanting to kiss out on another opportunity to have her brothers cock, did the same. Both women sucked their men's cocks like the true sluts they were. Annie enjoyed tasting her juices on his dick. She much preferred sucking cock when it was covered in her juices than on its own.

    Annie felt her mother's hand on her again and let her mother lay her down on her back. Her mother took the same position as earlier, except this time Annie was ready for it and immediately started devouring her mother's pussy as soon as it was placed in her face. A moment later she felt her mother's tongue hungrily lapping at her own pussy.

    Her mother's freshly fucked pussy tasted different this time and she detected a slightly different flavor as her father's cum slowly drained out of her pussy and ass. Annie eagerly lapped it up, recognizing a familiar but different taste from Jason’s cum. She moaned out as she felt her mother's tongue darting around her asshole, cleaning it up. Not wanting to leave her out, she mimicked the movement. Annie couldn't help herself as she moaned out from the pleasure their mother was giving her.

    As her tongue worked in her pussy and ass, she felt another orgasm start coming on, which just made her work on her mother harder. Her mother started moaning harder too and almost in unison the woman grabbed the others ass, pulled it to their faces and came.

    Mary rolled off of Annie and they both laid there panting and catching their breath. The looked up at the men who were fondly looking down at them, having enjoyed the show.

    The four made their way back to the living room and talked about what just happened. Mary was sitting next to her husband, her hand on his cock which to her pleasure was coming back to life with the discussion. Annie had found a seat on her brother's naked lap. She could feel his dick starting to grow as well and shimmied her hips on him, teasing him and enjoying the feeling of it pressed against her.

    Annie watched in amazement as her father's dick, at her brother's command, grew in her mother's hand. Annie felt her mouth water a little while looking at it and could completely understand her mother's happy reaction. 'Lucky' she thought to herself.

    Jason's magic wasn't done. He told her that she would be friendlier and that she was allowed to give her mouth and ass to anyone else, but her pussy was reserved for him.

    Annie nodded, excited to save her special place for her brother.

    Jason continued, "By the way, your tits will expand to firm c-cups with larger nipples. The guys will love that."

    Annie felt her tits growing on her chest and watched, with the rest of her family as they went from a small C to a large C cup with much larger nipples. She suddenly became more aware of them too as if all the nerve endings in her new, larger breasts were suddenly alive.

    The family finished another glass of wine then went to bed.

    Annie and Jason laid in bed together listening to their parents make love. Jason's fingers played with her incredibly wet pussy and Annie's hand was wrapped firmly around his hard cock, stroking him slowly as the love making transpired next door. Listening to their mom moan as their father fucked her was a turn on for both of them. Jason smiled to himself knowing his new powers were behind it, or at least started it off by removing the excuses that plagued their marriage for so many years. He smiled to himself knowing of the gift he gave his father and how they wasted no time in putting it to use.

    Annie was enjoying her new sexual freedom. Being her brother's sex toy for the day had opened her body and mind to a whole new world of experiences, pleasures and fun that she had never dreamed of. Holding a hard dick in her hand, her brother's hard dick and stroking it was a turn on, then there was the moans of pleasure coming from their parents room and Jason's fingers between her legs. Annie laid on the bed, legs wide open and let her brother touch her however he wanted.

    Jason mostly just played with his sister's pussy, rubbing it, feeling how wet it was, but once and a while he slid a finger, or two inside. Each time he did Annie let out a pleasurable moan as he fucked her a few times then pulled out. Annie was imagining it was his hard cock again, entering her to fuck her. She held is dick firmly in her hand when he entered her. She could feel the blood coursing through it and the veins protruding from its soft but firm surface.

    She was still in amazement too of her new, bigger breasts. 'How had he done that?' She wondered, but realized she didn't care that much as her free hand slowly massaged them. Not only had they grown larger and her nipples bigger, they were also more sensitive than she remembered. She felt her finger tips as she lightly ran them across her new curves.

    They heard their parents finish, but Annie was too turned on to be able to go to bed. She turned her head to face her brother.

    “Jason, I know it’s late, but will you fill my pussy again. I just love the way your cock makes me feel so full.”

    Jason just smiled at her and then rolled on top of her and almost instantly slid his hard cock all the way into his sister's pussy. She was wet and loose from them playing with each other and Jason pushed until his balls rested against her ass. Annie groaned in pleasure as he slid uninhibited into her, then again as the tip of his cock hit her cervix.

    “Oh God yes!” Annie exclaimed. “I don’t think my pussy could take another inch of cock.”

    “We may have to find out some day, sis.” Jason said as he started his assult on her once again. He repeatedly drove his cock deep and hard into Annie's pussy. It craved him, he could tell as it wrapped itself around him and produced a flood of juices to lubricate him. Her moans just edged him on too. He wasted none of his length as he slid the full way in and out each time, hitting her cervix on each thrust.

    "Can I try on top?" Annie asked timidly. Her mind was racing, coming up with all sorts of new experiences and things it wanted to try now that she was a woman. She had always been his to take, but newly empowered with her sexual freedom, she wanted to be in control and watch his face as she fucked him.

    Jason nodded and the two rolled over so Annie was on top. She sat straight up, her legs under her and started to raise and lower herself on his dick. It felt so much bigger in this position as she impaled herself on it. She was timid at first, doing this for the first time, but her instincts soon took over and before long she was bouncing on him hard. She brought her feet and legs directly beneath her, giving her better leverage as she continued to ride Jason. She raised her hands up above her and held her hair up on top of her head.

    Jason was enjoying the view and could see on his sister's face that she was enjoying this. He smiled to himself that the plan had worked and didn't worry any more about having to force Annie, he knew that she was now his. He had awoken the slut inside her and she wanted him, and he was more than happy to oblige.

    Jason's hands went up and grabbed her large firm tits in her hands. He hadn't really gotten to enjoy these yet. Annie screamed out in pleasure as he started to massage them and kneed them. He loved the way they filled his hands, loved how firm they felt, love the slight jiggle they gave as she fucked him hard and bottomed herself out on him.

    Annie screamed again as her orgasm washed over her. Jason watched as her eyes rolled up into the top of her head, he felt her nipples become rock hard and poke into his hands and he felt the gush of liquid erupt around his cock and soak the bed beneath him. Annie kept riding him, not slowing the pace or skipping a beat.

    For the first time today Annie was in control of the situation. There was nothing Jason could do to fend off his impending orgasm. As he felt himself about to explode his hands went down to her hips and he pulled her down hard on him. This pushed his dick even deeper into her womb causing Annie to scream out once in surprise and pleasure and a second time a second later as he exploded inside her bathing her womb with his cum. Jason felt Annie tremble on top of him as another orgasm swept through her body.

    Once she felt his cock was done pulsing and shooting inside her she jumped off of him and before he could say anything his dick was back in her mouth. Annie sucked him until he fully deflated, cleaning off all the cum and pussy juice from it. She let his limp dick fall from her mouth and slowly climbed up next to him, snuggled up to him then fell asleep.

    Annie awoke first the next morning. Her back was to her brother and as she came to she felt something long and hard nestled between her ass cheeks and running up to her lower back. She jiggled her back a little bit, knowing what it was and a smile came across her face.

    She slowly and quietly spun herself around and pulled the covers down and off her naked brother. Sure enough, his cock was at full attention. Jason stirred and rolled onto his back, Annie smiled at the irony of him making it easier for her.

    Annie hovered over him on all fours. Her large breasts hung beneath her. Her nipples stood erect and she traced them up his thighs until her face was aligned with his crotch. Looking up at him and making sure he was still sleeping, Annie stuck her tongue out and licked his hard shaft all the way from the base to the tip. Without any hands she opened her mouth and took his dick into her mouth then moved so that it stood straight up.

    She started bobbing on him. Slowly at first, only taking the head inside her mouth. She had to get her mouth open around his large member, stretching her jaw out so that she could take him. Slowly, she was able to take more and more into her mouth and was soon getting halfway down his shaft before she felt him hit the back of her mouth.

    Jason stirred and she looked up at him, his cock buried head deep in her mouth. The siblings stared at each other and Annie slowly started to lower herself onto him. This was her chance to please him and show him how much she had learned. She took him deeper than she ever had. Instead of stopping when it hit the back of her mouth she kept pushing herself until it started to slide down her throat. She was able to take most of it before she felt she reached her limit and she slowly pulled herself back up.

    "Am I getting better, Jason?" She asked, desperately hoping she was pleasing him.

    Jason ran his hand through her long blonde hair. “You are, Annie. If you keep practicing, you’ll soon be able to take a cock down your throat and keep it there while it cums. When you can swallow a cock as deep as mother can, and keep it there until it pours cum down your gullet, you will be perfect.”

    Annie smiled and lowered herself back down, taking him into her mouth again. She started bobbing on him again but this time took him down her throat each time. It was difficult at first but was getting easier each time as her throat and gag reflex got accustomed to it. She was determined to become as good as her mother.

    “I’m about to cum, Annie.” Jason warned her.

    “Ummmm huuu!” Annie acknowledged the warning, moaning onto his dick. She plunged herself deep onto his dick again, taking him deep in her throat. Her throat muscles wrapped around him were too much for him to take as he started to cum.

    The first three shots went straight down her throat. Annie began to choke and pulled herself up but kept his head in her mouth, taking the rest of her brother's cum. When he finished she swallowed everything in her mouth, then cleaned off his dick.

    Jason got up and went and took a shower and got himself dressed. Annie stayed back, laying in bed as she reminisced on the previous 24 hours. She ran her hands along her body, over her breasts and down to her wet pussy. She had never known how fun this all could be. She knew men had found her attractive, but letting them do something about it to her was much more fun than teasing them.

    By the time Annie got up, Jason was gone for the day. She felt different this morning, liberated. New body, new life, now a woman, Annie embraced it. Annie put on the same small dress she had been wearing yesterday. It hadn't been worn too long, plus it came with some happy memories.

    Annie admired herself in the mirror as she put it on. She repeated the process she had done the day before when she took it off, except this time slowly pulled it onto her body. Her new, bigger tits didn't quite fit in it as well as they had the day before and the fabric strained against them. Whatever didn't fit within the confines of the fabric pushed up through the top. The dress gave people more to look at now as her breasts pressed themselves together as with a pushup bra.

    Annie headed downstairs but didn't notice the muffled grunts coming from the kitchen until she rounded the corner. She stopped dead in her tracks. Her mother was laying across the kitchen table, holding herself up by her elbows. Her robe was open and her large tits swung freely underneath her. Dan stood behind her, his hands on her hips as she fucked her from behind. Both were facing the door when Annie walked in.

    They both looked up at their daughter but neither made an effort to stop, they just looked up at her and smiled and said good morning. Annie watched for a few moments then entered the room. She grabbed one of the chairs on the side of the table and pulled it away. She sat down and pulled her dress up, exposing her pantie less crotch. Her parents both watched her as she started to finger herself as they fucked.

    Annie's pussy was wet almost before her fingers ever touched it. She wasn't at all shy masturbating in front of her parents and alternated between rubbing it and finger fucking herself. It seemed to just fuel her parents lust and she wasn't sure, but thought maybe her dad was increasing his assault on her mother while watching her. Her parents both moaned out as Dan flooded his wife's pussy with his cum once again.

    As her parents finished, Annie cleaned herself up, put herself back together and enjoyed breakfast.

    Annie met up with her best friend later that afternoon to go shopping at the mall as they usually did on Saturday's. Annie wasn't sure, but her friend had a different glow about her. Annie caught her on a couple of occasions staring off into the distance, a mischievous and happy look on her face. Annie asked but wasn't able to get her to tell her what she was thinking about.

    Her new tit's didn't escape her friends attention though.

    "Is it just me, or did your girls like, grow overnight". Her friend asked.

    "Actually, literally." Annie thought to herself. "Oh, ha ha, yea, I guess." She replied. Desperate to change the subject before she revealed anything, she said the first thing that came to mind. "So, Jason came home this weekend unexpectidely".

    "Yea, I know, he came over this morning..." Her friend replied, then got that same look on her face as she stared off in the distance. Annie had her suspicions, but dropped the subject.

    When Annie returned home, Jason wasn't there yet, which left her slightly sad. Her mother, still in her robe informed her that he was at the bar with his friends. Annie went into the living room and saw her dad sitting in his chair also still in his robe.

    "Wow, didn't you guys get dressed today?" She asked her father.

    "Well, we tried, a few times actually." He said smiling.

    Annie glanced down at his crotch. She knew he wasn't hard but could still see the outline of his dick through his loosely laid robe.

    Annie had dinner with her parents alone. She noticed the eyes they were giving each other through the whole thing. After it was cleaned up, they excused themselves and ran upstairs like two teenagers.

    Almost immediately she heard her mother scream out as, she imagined, her dad slid himself into her again. Annie retired to the living room to watch TV. It served as a moderate distraction to the lovemaking sounds coming from her parent's bedroom. Finally she head a "I'm finished for now" then all was quiet.

    By this point, Annie was naked on the couch. She was tired of being constrained in the dress and the sounds of erotic lovemaking had turned her on and it was just easier to please herself without anything in the way. She was careful though not to get herself off, she wanted Jason to take care of that.

    She heard Jason's car in the driveway and quickly turned off the TV and ran up to her room. Annie was on all fours on her bed when Jason opened the door. He stopped dead in his tracks and admired the pose. She smiled, exactly the reaction she was hoping for.

    “Oh Jason.” She cooed. “I’ve been waiting for you. I am so horny for you. You can have any hole you want.”

    Jason walked towards the bed, stripping as he came. By the time he was to her he was completely naked. Annie stayed where she was and he climbed behind her and slid his hard dick right into her wet and waiting pussy. Annie moaned out in pleasure as he slid into her again. This morning seemed like an eternity ago and her body was once again happy to be impaled on his cock.

    Jason fucked Annie hard and Annie stayed in that position taking it like the slut she had become. She pushed back on him. Meeting his thrusts with her own, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her. She heard him moan out and his hands grab her hips. She felt him explode deep inside her, filling her womb with his cum again.

    Jason pulled out and slid his well lubricated dick into his sister's ass. Her pussy juice and his cum provided more than enough lubrication. She was tight, but her ass took his dick without much resistance. Annie moaned out, caught by surprise, but was soon encouraging him and egging him on.

    "That's it Jason, fuck my ass!" She screamed at him as he pounded her. He didn't last too long and soon filled her ass with his cum as well.

    The siblings collapsed on the bed and passed out.

    Annie once again awoke first the next morning. Her brother's morning wood pressed against her back. She was excited to start her Sunday off the same way as her Saturday had. Slowly she turned around and took his dick in her mouth. She was determined to become better at deep throating him so she skipped right to that.

    Annie watched as Jason awoke and looked up at her with a smile on his face as he had the morning before. She stared at him as she slid her mouth on and off his cock. His eyes were mostly watching her throat, she guessed as the outline of his cock was visible. Jason started breathing heavily and moaning more and more.

    Annie learned over the last 36 hours this meant he was going to cum soon. Determined to be the one who controlled when, she pushed herself as far onto his cock as she could as sucked hard, working her throat muscles. Jason moaned out and she felt his cock suddenly grow, pushing itself another inch down her throat as he deposited his seed into his sister's stomach.

    Annie moaned with delight and swallowed every drop of cum her brother gave her.

    Jason got up and went to take a shower. Annie stayed in bed and slowly and softly played with herself. She didn't stop when he came back in after his shower, and enjoyed as he stole glances at her as he got himself dressed. When he was ready she followed him, still nude, into the kitchen.

    Dan and Mary were sitting at the table, completely nude and staring lovingly at each other.

    Her mother greeted them. “Annie honey, you will have get breakfast this morning. Your father wore me out last night, and I am sore all over this morning. He hasn’t made love to me like that since we were newlyweds.”

    Annie smiled at them, stealing glances at her father's cock as she walked over and started cooking breakfast. As she served them their pancakes, the men took their turns lightly patting her bare ass. She wasn't sure, but she thought she felt Jason's finger try to slide between her legs as well.

    As the men finished they got up and left the room, leaving Mary and Annie followed. Jason said goodbye to each of them. He hugged his mother and sister, giving each's ass a squeeze before he left. Dan followed Jason out the door closing it behind him.

    Annie went over to a window. She wasn't able to make out what they were talking about, but felt some sadness come across her as she watched Jason get into the car and pull away. One hand went down to her pussy and she lightly fingered herself.

    Already she craved a cock to fill her up again. She wasn't allowed to take any other dick in her pussy except Jason's and she suddenly wondered how long it would be until he came home again.

    Mary walked up behind her daughter and placed her hand on her ass. She slid a finger down between her cheeks. Annie looked over her shoulder at her mother.

    "You have other holes my dear." Mary said as her finger lightly teased the entrance to her daughter's hole.

    Just then Dan walked back in the door and saw the women standing close to each other. They looked at him with a knowing smile.

    "What did I miss?" He asked as they broke into a grin.

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    I enjoyed your prospective on my story. I hope you continue writing and share your thoughts with your readers. There aren't enough women writers of erotica. Good luck!

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    great Story ... thanks for the share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    loving the two parts of this story keep them cumming



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