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    Knight Tails : Jason's Story - Jessie's Tail

    I'm working on a new series involving a multi generation family going back forty years or so (the first story starts in the mid 70s.) Fell free to leave critics and suggestions. The earlier stories aren't meant to be stroke stories but more like background for future stories.


    I always considered myself an honorable man. Sure, I bent a few rules in my time and might have told a fib or two, but in the whole I did right by everyone. I married my brother’s girl the day I turned sixteen because she was pregnant and my big brother was an asshole. Unfortunately my wife wasn’t ready for marriage, or motherhood, either and left us shortly after Jessie was born.

    I loved Jessie as any father loves his daughter, but there was always something more to it. Even now I can’t find the words to explain the feelings that grew inside me every time my little girl called me Daddy. One of my favorite things to do after a long day cutting trees and chopping wood was play with her long blonde hair. I could spend hours braiding every strand before carrying her sleeping form to bed.

    Then one day I noticed my little girl had turned into a little woman. She was doing chores without being asked, had supper on the table every night and coffee ready when I crawled out of bed in the morning. Her grades never dropped below a B+ and I never got one bad word from a teacher. She never asked for anything, and took the meager allowance I gave her with a smile and a kiss.

    I kept telling myself every time I went to kiss her goodnight that I was only doing what any good father would do. Sometimes she was already asleep, often with nothing but a thin sheet covering her pale pink flesh. Other times she’d be awake, reading or finishing homework. There were a few times however that I caught her with one hand between her legs, or playing with those budding breasts and their puffy nipples. I always turned away quickly but never before getting a good eye full of my beautiful little woman.

    Sometime or another Jessie got it in her head to tease her daddy, or maybe I was just noticing the clothes she was buying with the few dollars I gave her every week. It had been a long time since I’d been with a woman and she was beginning to look just like her mother. I never said anything though, and if I were being honest I didn’t want her to stop.

    It was 1976 when everything came together after another long day when I found her in the kitchen wearing a nearly see-through white shirt like a mini dress. Her dark blonde hair hung lower than that shirt and gave a peek of her perfectly heart-shaped butt every time she moved.

    “Something smells delicious.” I said just to let her know I was there.

    “Dinner will be ready in twenty minutes, Daddy, why don’t you take a shower?”

    “Good idea,” I leaned down to kiss her forehead, “what are we having?”

    I’m well well over six foot tall and she was just a touch over five foot, so there was quite a distance she had to look up. “Something Grandma said was your favorite.”

    It didn’t smell like anything my momma ever cooked. Whatever it was had my stomach rumbling and mouth watering. Momma’s cooking never did that.

    “You said twenty minutes?” I had to take a step back.

    “It’s okay if you need longer. Go ahead and relax for awhile. I’ll keep it warm for you.”

    It took everything I had to walk out of that kitchen.

    My shower took a good thirty minutes, and I didn’t notice the new flannel robe hanging on the door until I climbed out of the tub. Had it been there before? There was a fresh towel folded on the counter also, and my beard trimmer that I knew had been in the cabinet when I got in the shower.

    Another ten minutes later I exited the bathroom in my new robe to find Jessie waiting at the dining table. There was something at the center that looked suspiciously like a bottle of wine.

    “Wine with dinner?” I took my seat.

    “There’s beer in the fridge if you’d rather have that,” she smiled and sipped from her glass, “but since you won’t let me drink beer…”

    I shook my head. “You’ve been spending too much time with my momma.”

    She gave me a shit eating grin. “You should visit her more, she’s lonely.”

    We buried my dad a few years before and I didn’t visit near as much as I should have.

    “Alright, I’ll go see my momma.”

    She smiled.“Good, you can fix the gutters she’s been complaining about since Christmas.”

    I started to get up for a beer but she placed her glass on the table. “I’ll get it, need to get super out of the oven anyway.”

    My cock started hardening at just the thought of seeing her bent over at the oven. No matter how hard I tried, my eyes wouldn’t leave her body. I could feel the blood rushing through my veins, every drop headed straight to my groin.

    Jessie placed a long neck bottle in front of me with smile and a kiss on the cheek. “There’s eleven more where that came from, after that all we have are cans.”

    I couldn’t keep the grin off my lips. “Are you trying to get Daddy drunk?”

    She laughed. “You deserve to let loose Daddy, you work too hard and I haven’t seen you with a woman since Mom left us.”

    I sighed and reached for my beer. “You didn’t have to buy Heineken, I would have been fine with what we had.”

    She kissed my cheek again. “You deserve the best Daddy, not that cheap stuff that tastes like piss in a can.”

    “And you know that how?”

    She smiled and ruffled my dark red hair. “You’re much more fun after you’ve had a few.”

    “I get it now,” I laughed, “you want me drunk, so you can get drunk.”

    She turned towards the oven and flashed me her ass. “It’s more fun when you don’t drink alone, Daddy.”

    I was afraid to ask what she meant by that. I always tried to control how much I drank around her, but I knew there had been a few times when I over indulged a little. Had I done something to my little girl and not remembered? Did I touch her in some way a father shouldn’t? If I let her drink beer, then what else did I do?

    “Did I do something baby?”

    She turned quickly. “No daddy. Don’t even think that. You played with my hair till you passed out. That’s all, I promise.”

    I let out a breath and nodded. It didn’t occur to me that she might be lying. Jessie never lied to her Daddy.

    She turned back to the oven and that thin shirt rose above her hips to show only a thin pink string between pale cheeks. A moment later she slid a hot casserole dish onto the table.

    “Grandma gave me the recipe for Shepherd's Pie but I spiced it up a little…”

    “It smells delicious.”

    Jessie picked the empty bottle off the table. “I’ll get you another beer.”

    When did I drink the first one?

    I got another look at her butt at the fridge and she turned her head with a smile. “I almost forgot, we have Cheesecake for desert.”

    ‘You’re gonna spoil me.”

    That put a twinkle in her bright blue eyes. “You deserve to be spoiled, Daddy.”

    What was the little woman up to? She was acting way too much like my mother for her own good. I should have said something, but didn’t. I’m a weak, weak man.

    That Shepards’ Pie was so delicious that I stuffed myself on it. I hadn’t eaten like that since I was a teenager. Another three beers were empty before I knew it and Jessie was down to her last glass of wine.

    “I’ll help with the dishes.” I offered.

    Jessie shook her head. “No, you go sit in your chair and turn on the tv. I’ll clean up and join you in a few minutes.”

    I did as she suggested, taking a fresh beer with me, and was watching Happy Days when Jessie walked into the living room, the front of her shirt completely transparent now and clinging to those teardrop breasts. She walked to the tv and pressed a button on the new VCR, a movie I didn’t remember buying came on.

    My little woman turned to me with a smile on her lips and a beer in each hand. She didn’t need my permission to sit on Daddy’s lap, but she asked anyway. My arms went around her waist of their own accord and she slid a bottle into my left hand.

    “Where did this movie come from?” I asked after I realized what we were watching.

    She wiggled her butt over my hard cock. “Grandma gave it to us.”

    Of course she did. What was the woman thinking? Oh right, I knew exactly what was on that woman’s mind. Why else would she give her granddaughter a porno.

    After half the movie, Jessie leaned back against my chest and looked up at me with a sweet little smile. “I have to pee, do you need another beer?”

    “I think I had enough baby, but you can get one if you want.”

    “Okay, I’ll be right back, Daddy.”

    She slid off my lap and crawled on all fours all the way to the bathroom. I knew she couldn’t be that drunk, could she? My eyes went back to the tv once she disappeared into the bathroom.

    I’m not sure how long it was before Jessie came back into the living room. I didn’t even notice she was there until I felt my robe slipping open. My eyes snapped down to find her smiling up at me, completely naked with candy red lipstick on.

    “What are you doing baby girl?”

    The tip of her tongue slid from one corner of her lips to the other. “I’m not a little girl anymore, Daddy, and I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

    I swallowed a hard lump in my throat. “Do what?”

    She didn’t answer with words, just took my seven inch cock in her hand and gave it a long lick. I gripped each arm of my Lazyboy.


    “Yes, daddy?” She kissed the tip of my cock and swirled her tongue around the glands.

    “You shouldn’t…”

    She took the head into her mouth and kissed it like a lover. “It’s okay, Daddy, I want to.”

    I clenched my eyes closed and felt her mouth sliding over my cock. “Baby girl.”


    My fingers twirled through her long locks and pulled back. She looked at me with wide eyes but there was no fear there.

    “Do you remember those popsicles I used to bring home for you?”

    “Yes, I miss those.”

    “Pretend I’m a popsicle.”

    She smiled. “Okay, Daddy.”

    I pulled her head back down and she made love to me with her lips, tongue and hands. It was better than any blow job I’d ever received, even better than my mother. I could only take a few minutes of her teasing before I started fucking her throat. She gagged and drooled but never made a sound of complaint. I stopped just before I came and pulled her up into my lap.

    “Kiss me.” I told her, and she kissed me like never before.

    Her tongue slipped into my mouth and I felt her pubic hair caress my rock hard cock. She wiggled and rubbed herself over the bulging shaft. I gave her a nudge and positioned her right over the tip. Her sopping wet pussy lips folded over me like a silk cloth. I gripped her slender waist and gently pulled her down on top of me. She moaned into my mouth and slid all the way down, taking me to the hilt in her virgin cunt.

    “Is this what you want Baby Girl? Daddy’s cock in your hot little pussy?”

    “Yes, Daddy, your cock feels so good in my hot little pussy.”

    I nipped at her lip and slid my hands to that perky butt and held on. “Show me how good it feels, Baby Girl.”


    I didn’t have anything scheduled the next day and used it to visit my mother for a long overdue chat. Rachel May Knight was sitting nude at her kitchen table with a glass of wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other at 9:00 am. Even in her fifties the woman was beautiful, that dark red hair was almost black in the morning sun and her breasts were spread out on the table like a King’s feast.

    “What have you done, Mother?”

    She exhaled a plume of smoke. “I’ve done many things, which are you talking about?”

    “Jessie,” I said.

    “What did I do to Jessie?” She tilted her glass back.

    “You turned my daughter,” I accused, “made her a...a…”

    She took a drag off her cigarette. “What is it you think I’ve turned her into?”

    I looked into my mother’s deep blue eyes. “You, you turned my daughter into you.”

    Mom smiled subtly. “I gave the girl what she asked for, nothing more.”

    “Bull shit, she’s been acting like you for years.”

    “My, that is flattery but she only started visiting me a a year ago.”

    “Then how-” I fell into an empty chair when the answer came to me.

    “She chose this for herself, Jason, just as I chose to be my father’s wife.”

    “Wife?” I glared at her, “you were never anything more than his whore, a plaything he used and abused at whim.”

    Mom grinned from ear to ear. “And I enjoyed every minute of the fifty three years we spent together.”

    “How could you enjoy being his whore?”

    She smiled. “Because that’s what I chose to be Jason, Daddy was the only man I trusted until you came along. You were my gentle lover and he was the strength that kept me breathing. And now you’ve both left me.”

    “I’m right here, Mom.”

    She took another sip of her wine. “This is the most I’ve heard from you since the funeral, and you came to accuse me of something I didn’t do.”

    “I’m sorry,” I sighed, “it’s just…”

    She stubbed out her cigarette and put a hand on my thick arm. “No guilt baby, if she sees that look on your face it will crush her. She chose this, not you. You did nothing wrong, neither of you did anything wrong. This was Jessie showing her love for you, don’t take that away from her.”

    “I don’t know how to be Dad,” I cried, “I’m too weak to be him.”

    My mother slid from her chair and into my lap to put both hands on my face, forcing me to look her in the eyes. “Do you love Jessie with all that you are?”

    “Yes.” I said without hesitation.

    “Then you will find the strength to give her what she needs.”

    “Will you help me?” I asked.

    Mom smiled and kissed me on the lips. “You don’t need my help to be that girl’s Daddy, but I’ll give you all I have if you’ll let me.”

    “I can’t be Dad.”

    She kissed me softly. “You’re perfect just the way you are.”

    “What about the others? Mason, Jim, David…”

    She shook her head. “They all had their path in life and none of them needed me like you did. I’ve only been with two men, you and our father.”

    It didn’t slip my notice she didn’t mention women.

    “I love you, Momma.”

    Her hand reached between us. “Then let me love you too, I’m too old for anymore children of my own, but I’ll help you raise my grandbabies for as long as I’m able.”

    I smiled. “Who said anything about grandbabies?”

    Her warm, wet cunt swallowed my cock whole. “Don’t worry, you’re plenty young to give her all she wants.”

    That was all the talking for a long while. Mom rode my cock like she hadn’t had one in more than a decade, then I fucked her over the table, on the counter, and eventually took her to the bedroom.

    It was late afternoon when I finally fixed the gutters, and found Mom in the backyard wearing a summer dress that she hadn’t worn in twenty years.

    “How's the roof up there?” She asked.

    “It could use a bit of work, why?”

    “Realtor says I get more for it if we fix it up.”

    “If you sell the farm, where are you going to live?”

    My mother just looked at me and smiled.

    I sighed. “I’m going to need a bigger house.”

    That put a spark in Momma’s eyes. “This one is for sale.”

    I cocked an eye towards my childhood home. It was a nice house, needed fixin up but it had plenty of room and a huge backyard. The farm died long ago, but the land was still good. And the nearest neighbor was five miles down the road.

    “I think I’ll get a dog.”

    Mom laughed. “I was surprised you didn’t get one the day you moved out.”

    “How much you want for it?”

    Mom grinned. “You can probably get a few grand for that tin can you call a house, I even know someone who’ll buy it.”

    I narrowed my eyes at her. “Who?”

    “James’ is looking for a place, it’ll take a bit to pay it off but he’s got a job working for David, he needs a good truck too.”

    “Which James are we talking about?”

    “Junior, he just turned eighteen and has a temper that doesn’t fit well with Jim’s drinking habit. If one of them don’t move out the other will be dead within six months.”

    “And you want me to give him my trailer, and my truck?”

    “Or fix that old Chevy of Daddy’s…”

    “We still have that old thing?”

    “Daddy never got rid of a good car, just parked them in the barn.”

    I nodded, thoughts turning in my head. There was a lot I could do with the old farm, might even dig a swimming pool.

    “Call James and give him my number.”

    Mom smiled. “I already did.”

    Of course she did.

    Momma and I fixed up the old farm house; Jessie and I moved in at the end of that summer. I treated my women well, every night, and gave Momma a whole litter of grandbabies that she spent fifteen years spoiling.

    My sixteen year old nephew took the trailer house along with my truck, and gave me a dog in return. It fit in my palm at first, but soon grew to the size of a small horse. Jessie named it Boner for some strange reason.

    Living back on the old farm was even more fun than it was when I left it, but I’ll tell you those stories another time.

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