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    Knight Tails : Jason's Story - Jessie's Tail *Revisied*

    I thought my life was over after Daddy died. The farm was just as dead since all the men moved off the land. It was just me now, all alone in that big house.

    I heard that big black Chevy rumbling down the gravel road like a bat out of hell. The sound brought back memories I thought long forgotten.

    Jason was so much like daddy, and yet so very different. He was my gentle giant; even at sixteen, my baby brother was huge. He towered over me by a good foot, and I’m a tall woman.

    Jason was painting the house that day, wearing nothing but faded blue jeans and those work boots. I spent the better part of the morning watching those muscles and that ass, damn the boy had a butt on him. I was feeling a little frisky, and put on a white cotton dress that I knew no straight man could resist, fixed a tall glass of lemonade, splashed some water on myself, and slipped out the back door.

    “Hey there handsome,” I smiled my best smile and took a sip, “thirsty?”

    Hey looked down from his six foot eight height and I saw the glint in his eye. The boy was definitely looking down at my plump breasts. I took another small sip, and he reached down with one of those massive hands.

    Jason drank half the glass in one swallow. “Thank you, Anna, it sure is hot today.”

    I fanned the front of my dress, giving him a good view in the process. “July in Texas.”

    He nodded with that shaggy reddish brown hair dripping sweat onto his face. “Been thinking of heading to the river...”

    The river was both a local swimming hole, and where all the young boys went to get their peckers wet. With it being that hot there was a good chance of both happening.

    A naughty smile stretched my lips. “You don’t need to go that far too cool off.”

    I’ll never forget the first time I put my hand in my little brother’s pants and found eight thick inches of solid man meat. He had the biggest, juiciest cock I’ve ever put in my mouth or my pussy. We must have fucked half the day away; no wonder I blew up like a balloon soon after.

    The gravel outside crunched and crackled as that diesel engine rumbled right outside. I peeked through the kitchen window and watched a gentle giant storm towards the back door with a look of a god on his bearded face. I had my clothes off before he reached the door.

    “What have you done, Anna May?”

    “I’m forty-three years old, Jason, where would you like me to start?”

    “Jessie,” He pointed a meaty finger at me.

    Jason was always an honorable man, and married a young girl simply because she was too young to be a mother on her own. Even when the little tramp left him, he stayed true to his word and raised Jessie as if she were his own.

    Jessie is a real sweetheart and everything her mother wasn’t. I’ve been teaching her to be a proper woman since she was three years old. Whatever that little girl did, had to be good to put that fire in Jason’s eyes. I haven’t seen him look like that since the day he gave me our daughter.

    “What did I do to Jessie?”

    “You turned my daughter into...” He stammered accused, “made her a...a…”

    I took a drag off my cigarette. “What is it you think I’ve turned her into?”

    “You turned my little girl into a house pet!”

    I recognized that fiery look in his eyes and grinned. “Why don’t you tell me what You’ve done to my niece.”

    *** Jason’s Story ***

    I came home last evening to find Jessie in the kitchen wearing nothing but a white shirt. Her raven black hair hung lower than that shirt, and I could see her pert little butt every time she moved. I swear Anna, it was like watching you twenty years ago.

    “Something smells delicious.” I said just to let her know I was there.

    “Dinner will be ready in twenty minutes, Daddy, why don’t you take a shower?”

    “Good idea,” I bent down to kiss her forehead, “what are we having?”

    I’m six foot ten, so there was quite a distance she had to look up. “Something Aunt Ann said was your favorite.”

    Whatever it was had my stomach rumbling and mouth watering. It didn’t smell like anything you ever fed me.

    “You said twenty minutes?” I had to take a step back.

    “Go ahead and relax for a while. I’ll keep it warm for you.”

    It took everything I had to walk out of that kitchen.

    My shower took a good thirty minutes, and I didn’t notice the new flannel robe hanging on the door until I climbed out of the tub. Had it been there before? There was a fresh towel folded on the counter also, and my beard trimmer which I knew was in the cabinet when I got in the shower.

    Another ten minutes later I exited the bathroom in my new robe to find Jessie waiting at the table.

    “Wine with dinner?” I took my seat.

    “There’s beer in the fridge if you’d rather have that,” she smiled and sipped from her glass, “but since you won’t let me drink beer…”

    I shook my head. “You’ve been spending too much time with my sister.”

    She gave me a shit eating grin. “You should visit her more, she’s lonely now that Grandpa isn’t around to pester her, and you should fix the gutters she’s been complaining about since Christmas.”

    I started to get up for a beer, but Jessie placed her glass on the table. “I need to get super out of the oven anyway.”

    My cock hardened at just the thought of seeing her bent over at the oven. No matter how hard I tried, my eyes wouldn’t leave her body. I could feel the blood rushing through my veins, every drop headed straight to my groin.

    Jessie placed a long neck bottle in front of me with smile and a kiss on the cheek. “There’s eleven more where that came from, after that all we have are cans.”

    I couldn’t keep the grin off my lips. “Are you trying to get Daddy drunk?”

    She laughed. “You deserve to let loose Daddy, you work too hard and I haven’t seen you with a woman since Mom left us.”

    I sighed and reached for my beer. “You didn’t have to buy this, I would have been fine with what we had.”

    She kissed my cheek again. “You deserve the best Daddy, not that cheap stuff that tastes like piss in a can.”

    “And you know that how?”

    She smiled and ruffled my hair. “You’re much more fun after you’ve had a few.”

    “I get it now,” I laughed, “you want me drunk, so you can get drunk.”

    She turned towards the oven and flashed me her ass. “It’s more fun when you don’t drink alone, Daddy.”

    Jessie turned back to the oven and I couldn’t look away from that butt or those long pale legs. A moment later she slid a hot casserole dish onto the table.

    “Ann gave me the recipe for Shepherd's Pie but I spiced it up a little…”

    “It smells delicious.”

    Jessie picked the empty bottle off the table. “I’ll get you another beer.”

    When did I drink the first one?

    I got another look at her butt at the fridge, and she turned her head with a smile. “I almost forgot, we have Cheesecake for desert.”

    “You’re gonna spoil me.”

    That put a twinkle in her bright blue eyes. “You deserve to be spoiled, Daddy.”

    What was the little woman up to? She was acting way too much like you for her own good. I should have said something, but didn’t. I’m a weak, weak man.

    That Shepard’ Pie was so delicious that I stuffed myself on it. I hadn’t eaten like that in twenty years. Another three beers were gone before I knew it and Jessie was down to her last glass of wine.

    “I’ll help with the dishes.” I offered.

    Jessie shook her head. “No, you go sit in your chair and turn on the TV. I’ll clean up and join you in a few minutes.”

    I did as she suggested, taking a fresh beer with me, and was watching Happy Days when Jessie walked into the living room, the front of her shirt completely transparent now and clinging to those fist-size breasts. She walked to the TV and pressed a button on the new VCR, a movie I didn’t remember buying came on.

    My little woman turned to me with a smile on her lips and a beer in each hand. She didn’t need my permission to sit on Daddy’s lap, but she asked anyway. My arms went around her slender waist of their own accord, and she slid a bottle into my left hand.

    “Where did this come from?” I asked after I realized what we were watching.

    She wiggled her butt over my hard cock. “Ann gave it to us.”

    Of course, you did. What were you thinking? Oh, right, I knew exactly what was on your mind. Why else would you give my fifteen-year old daughter a porno.

    After half the movie, Jessie leaned against my chest and looked up at me with a sweet little smile. “I have to pee, do you need another beer?”

    “I think I had enough baby, but you can get one if you want.”

    “Okay, I’ll be right back, Daddy.”

    She slid off my lap and crawled on all fours all the way to the bathroom. I knew she couldn’t be that drunk, could she? My eyes went back to the TV once she disappeared into the bathroom.

    I’m not sure how long it was before Jessie came back into the living room. I didn’t even notice she was there until I felt my robe slipping open. My eyes snapped down to find her smiling up at me, completely naked with candy red lipstick on.

    “What are you doing, little girl?”

    The tip of her tongue slid from one corner of her lips to the other. “I’m not a little girl anymore, Daddy, and I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

    I swallowed a hard lump in my throat. “Do what?”

    She didn’t answer with words, just took my cock in her hand and gave it a long lick. I gripped each arm of my Lazy-Boy.


    “Yes, daddy?” She kissed the tip of my cock and swirled her tongue around the glands.

    “You shouldn’t…”

    She took the head into her mouth and kissed it like a lover. “It’s okay, Daddy, I want to.”

    I clenched my eyes closed and felt her mouth sliding over my cock. “Baby Girl.”


    My fingers twirled through her long locks and pulled back. She looked at me with wide eyes but there was no fear there.

    “Do you remember those Popsicle I used to bring home for you?”

    “Yes, I miss those.”

    “Pretend I’m a Popsicle.”

    She smiled. “Okay, Daddy.”

    I pulled her head back down, and she made love to me with her lips, tongue and hands. It was better than any blow job I’d ever received. I could only take a few minutes of her teasing before I started fucking her throat. She gagged and drooled but never made a sound of complaint. I stopped just before I came and pulled her up into my lap.

    “Kiss me.” I told her, and she kissed me like never before.

    Her tongue slipped into my mouth and I felt her pubic hair caress my rock hard cock. She wiggled and rubbed herself over the bulging shaft. I gave her a nudge and positioned her right over the tip. Her sopping wet pussy lips folded over me like a silk cloth. I gripped her slender waist and gently pulled her down. She moaned into my mouth and slid all the way down, taking me to the hilt in her virgin cunt.

    “Is this what you want Baby Girl? Daddy’s cock in your hot little pussy?”

    Her pussy was so tight and slick around my thick cock that it felt like wearing a silk glove. I never wanted to leave my little girl’s pussy. How can something that feels so good be wrong?

    “Yes, Daddy, your cock feels so good in my hot little pussy.”

    I nipped at her lip and slid my hands to that perky butt and held on. “Show me how good it feels, Baby Girl.”

    That little woman rode my cock for two hours before finally falling asleep in my arms. I haven’t had a night like that since I left the farm.

    *** Ann’s Response***

    I looked at my huge little brother and smiled. “Jessie chose her path, just as I chose mine.”

    “You were nothing but a whore, to be used and abused whenever a man felt like it, just like every other pussy on this farm.”

    “And I’ve enjoyed forty-three years on this farm, I gave them what they wanted, and they gave me what I wanted.”

    “How could you enjoy being a whore?”

    “Because that’s what I chose to be.”

    “I’m sorry,” he sighed, “it’s just…”

    Shit, I’ve seen that look before too.

    I slid into my brother’s wide lap and put both palms on his hairy cheeks. “You did nothing wrong, neither of you did anything wrong, none of us did anything wrong.”

    “I don’t know how to be Dad,” he cried, “I’m too weak to be like him.”

    “Do you love Jessie?”

    “Yes.” He said without hesitation.

    “Then you will find the strength to give her what she needs.”

    “Will you help me?”

    I smiled and kissed him. “You don’t need my help to be that girl’s Daddy, but I’ll give you all I have if you’ll let me.”

    “I can’t be Dad.”

    I kissed him again. “You’re perfect just the way you are.”

    “I love you, Anna May.”

    I slid my hand down his smooth stomach and into those skin tight denim jeans. “Then let me show you how much I’ve missed you, baby brother.”
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    That's I hot story and I'm looking forward to The Next Chapter... Thanks for the Share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Excellent...Please continue.



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