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    Knight Tails : Jake's Story

    I was sunbathing on the back porch when I gad the familiar feeling someone was peeking through the window. It was odd because I didn’t hear any cars pull up, and with a half mile of gravel leading up to the house that was unusual. Someone was definitely in the house though.

    I turned onto my side, giving my mystery guest a nice view of my DD breasts as I tried to peer through the curtains. All I could see was a flash of young, smooth chest that could only belong to one thirteen year old boy.

    What was Jake doing, other than peeping on his aunt? I smiled to myself, grabbed my favorite summer dress, and rose to my 5 foot 10 height.

    “Hello, Jake, fancy seeing you hear. What’s it been, 2 years?”

    “I’m sorry, Aunt Ann, but-”

    “Don’t worry,” I grinned, “you aren’t the first boy to get a peek of me. Just tell me why your here.”

    “I thought you might have something I could do...”

    I thought about it for a minute and took a look at my nephew. He was on the scrawny side, as tall as me, and not bad looking. Another couple of years and some muscle would make him a handsome man. Sadly, I recognized that look in his brown eyes.

    “You ever chop wood?”

    Jake nodded.

    I put a hand on his tan shoulder. “There’s a pile of logs out by the barn and a stack of firewood on the side of the house. When you finish that I’ll have something else for you to do.”

    Jake went right to work and I kept an eye on him while fixing something for lunch. He was way too skinny and I figured a good meal would do him some good. There wasn’t much in the freezer, but I found a nice thick steak hidden away.

    Lunch was on the table when I went back outside and found Jake leaning against the barn.

    “You hungry?”

    “Starving,” he wiped at his forehead, “this is hard work.”

    “Come to the house and cool off for a bit.”

    He followed me and I wondered how he liked the view. I knew my dress was clinging to my ass in a way that most men couldn’t resist. If he was like his uncles then it was only a matter of time.

    Jake sat down at the kitchen table and drank half his lemon aid in one gulp.

    “I’ll get the pitcher out of the fridge.” I said and went to do just that.

    I could feel Jake’s eyes on me as I bent over at the fridge. He was certainly a male alright. I lingered a few seconds longer and wiggled my hips for him.

    “I almost forgot, I have a cherry pie if you want dessert.”

    “That sounds great,” he said with a mouthful and swallowed, “but not sure I’ll have room after all this.”

    I smiled and refilled his glass. “It’ll be there for later then.”

    I took my seat across from him and picked up my fork. “Is my little sister being a pain in the butt?”

    He shook his head and got this love sick look on his face. “Mom is great…”

    “Talk to me Jake.”

    “She’s always working, and they hardly pay her anything at the diner.”

    I reached over and put my hand over his. “I have plenty of things you could do to last as long as you want to work.”

    “Thank you.” He cut another chunk of meat.

    I gave him my best smile. “This old farm needs a lot of work.”


    Jake came every day after that, all through the summer and after school when it started up again. I made sure he had at least one good meal a day and plenty of things to keep him occupied till my sister picked him up. He was looking ten times better already, but that lonely look was still in his eyes every day.

    I arranged a family Christmas for the first time since Daddy died. Not everyone showed up, but Jason brought Jessie with him and that girl was an angel. She went right to Jake and those two were together the entire night, till my little sister came to pick him up.

    “Why is Jake so sad?” Jessie asked, watching him walk to my sister’s car outside.

    “Because his Daddy died and his momma spends all her time working. He’s lonely, like your Daddy was lonely.”

    She nodded. “He needs a woman.”

    I laughed. “I don’t think he’s ready for that, give him a few more years.”

    “Not me,” she rubbed her swollen tummy, “I already have a man, besides, he didn’t even look at me. His eyes were on you all night.”

    “Me?” I laughed.

    She nodded. “And I think I know why.”

    I leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. “I know why too, but he isn’t ready yet.”

    “You mean, she’s not ready.”


    I kept waiting for some sign from Jake, but other than a few quick hugs and peeking he didn’t give any. Not until summer rolled around again. He showed up bright and early one Sunday morning and caught me lying in my bed with a hand between my legs. He didn’t turn away and run out of the room like I expected, but didn’t come any closer either. Jake just stood in my bedroom doorway and watched, one hand rubbing at the crotch of his jeans.

    “Do you watch your mother play with herself?” I asked softly.

    “Nnnnooo.” He stammered.

    I smiled. “I happen to know my little sister likes being watched. We watched each other all time when we were younger, and a few of our brothers watched too.”

    He licked his lips and squeezed at that little bulge in his pants. “Can I watch you?”

    I gave him a sweet smile. “If I can watch you.”

    He hesitated only a second before unzipping his jeans and whipping out a nice size dick for a fourteen year old. It must have been close to five inches and thick as two fingers. I slipped another finger inside my wet pussy and lifted my hips so he could get a good look.
    “Why don’t you come closer, sit on the bed, for a better view.”

    He took one slow step then ran to the bed and crawled up beside me.

    I smiled at him. “You have a lovely cock.”

    “Thank you,” he said to my breasts, “you’re beautiful Aunt Ann.”

    “Please, just call me Ann.”

    He smiled. “You’re beautiful Ann.”

    “Thank you, Jake, and it’s okay if you want to touch me.”

    He eyes flicked up to my face and fell back to my breasts.

    I reached over and took hold of his wrist. “I promise not to bite unless you ask me to.”

    His hand enclosed over my plump breast and squeezed. I let out a little moan to encourage him. It worked because both of his hands started squeezing and playing with my boobs. I slipped my hand between us and took hold of him. His hips jerks when my fingers circled his cock.

    “You keep playing and so will I.” I whispered.

    He licked his lips and relaxed. I gave him a slow stroke and tugged him a tad closer.

    “You can kiss them if you want.” I said softly.

    His lips fell to one plump nipple.

    “That’s it baby, suck on momma’s titties.”

    That did the trick, Jake scooted closer, nearly on top of me now, and tried to swallow my breast in his mouth. I arched my back and stroked his stiff cock.

    It wasn’t long before he was sprawled on top of me, sucking on one breasts while fondling the other. I teased and toyed with his cock, loving how it jumped and bounced in my hand. Then he surprised me and I felt his fingers digging in my hairy cunt. I gave him a smile and reached down to guide his wandering fingers.

    “Nice and gentle, just rub it at first, you feel that little bead at the top, that’s really sensitive.”

    “Like this?” he asked, his finger tip barely touching my clit in a slow circular motion.

    “Oh shit,” I squealed, “yeah, just like that baby. That feels wonderful.”

    “Can I see it?”

    I tugged him on top of me with his cock dangling in my face. He stuck his face right between my legs and watched his fingers dance over my cunt. I couldn’t resist giving the tip of his cock a little kiss and took it into my mouth. A few seconds later I felt a tongue licking awkwardly at my pussy. I reached down and shoved his mouth against me, riding his tongue while I sucked on his cock. That lasted about half a minute before he was sputtering in my mouth.

    “I’m sorry.” He cried between my legs.

    I let him up and pulled him by the hair until he was looking me in the eyes. Then I kissed him and didn’t let go until I had his tongue in my mouth.

    “Now that’s how you kiss a woman,” I said with a smile, “no more of those quick pecks.”

    He smiled and nodded.

    “Now put your pants back on, there’s work to do.”

    “What are we doing today?”

    “It’s been a few years since this old house had a good cleaning. And now that Jessie had her baby, I’d just feel better if my house was clean again.”

    “Jessie had her baby?”

    I grinned. “Mason Ryan Knight.”

    “Mason Ryan Knight,” he grinned, “I like it.”

    “Me too, and the sooner we get this house cleaned up the sooner he can come visit.”

    Jake dove off the bed without even pulling his pants up first.

    “Oh and Jake,” I waited till he looked at me again, “don’t be afraid to touch a woman, you’re a natural at it.”

    He gave me a big smile and blushed.

    It was three days later when I convinced my little brother to let Jessie come visit with the baby. The big oger went into protective Daddy mode the minute she told him she was pregnant. I thought it was funny, but Jessie wasn’t laughing one bit.

    He dropped her off around lunch and I went to get Jake out of the barn. When we came back into the house, Jessie was sprawled out on the living room sofa with both breasts hanging out and the little bugger going to town on one of them. Jake started to turn his back on them, but I grabbed both shoulders and held him in place.

    “There is nothing wrong with looking at a woman, Jake.”

    I meant to whisper that, but Jessie over heard. She gave Jake a sweet little smile.

    “It’s okay, I don’t mind if you look.”

    Jake took a step forward and took a seat on the end of the sofa by her feet. Jessie lifted her feet and deposited them in his lap, the boy didn’t disappoint her. I smiled.

    “I was thinking about fixing us all lunch, you two hungry?”

    “Starving.” They said together.

    I left them alone and slipped into the kitchen.

    To be honest, I didn’t know what I expected to happen by leaving those two alone together. Jessie was enormed with her Daddy, and Jake...well Jake was like any fourteen year old boy. By the time I had lunch ready, Jessie was sleeping softly. Jake had the baby held against his chest and was still rubbing Jessie’s feet with his other hand.

    “I think you can stop now, bring the baby and let her sleep for a while.”

    He gently lifted Jessie’s feet from his crotch and slipped off the sofa. I couldn’t help but see the way his jeans were tented with a little wet spot in the middle. Did he have a foot fetish? I shrugged the thought away.

    “Can I ask you something?” Jake asked, after putting Mason down in the high chair.

    “Ask me anything you want.” I took my seat across from him.

    “How many kids do you have?”

    “Do you mean how many did I give birth to, or how many have I helped raise?”

    “How many did you give birth to.”

    I smiled. “That’s a family secret, but the answer is four. Three of them were raised by their fathers, but I kept Ashley for myself.”

    “Why were they raised by their fathers?”

    “A boy needs a man to teach him how to be man. There is only so much a woman can teach you.”

    He sighed. “I wish my dad was still alive.”

    I reached over and took his hand. “You may have lost yours, but there are still five fathers in this family.”

    “They’re all too busy for me-”

    “Nonsense, you’re last name might be different, but you are still a Knight and we take care of each other.”

    “Then why doesn’t any of them help us?” He cried, “why does Momma have to work so hard.”

    I moved quickly and hugged him. “They’ve been trying all along sweetheart, but your momma is a stubborn woman. I’m afraid it’ll be up to you to help her, she won’t let anyone else.”

    “How?” he cried against me, “how can I help her? I give her all my money but it just isn’t enough.”

    I stroked his back softly. “Money isn’t everything, sometimes it’s the little things that matter most. Something as small as a foot rub can go a long way to putting a smile on a woman’s lips. And you can do chores at home too, clean up after yourself so that she doesn’t have to. All of those things she’s always complaining about... “

    He rubbed his cheeks between my boobs. “I do all of that, but she doesn’t even care.”

    I ruffled his thick brown hair. “She cares sweetheart, she just doesn’t know how to show it. That’s something you’ll have to tell her.”

    He lifted his head with a frown. “Tell her?”

    “You’re the only one who knows what you want. It doesn’t have to be with words, even a hug can go a long way.”

    I knew the next day that Jake took my advice to heart.

    “Want to tell me about it?” I asked.

    “Nope.” My sister said with an innocent smile.

    That’s okay, Amber glowed with passion for the first time in eight years.

    “He’s becoming quite the man isn’t he?”

    “Yes, he is.” She grinned.

    “Take care of him,” I told her, “or I will.”

    Amber nodded and got back into her car.

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