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    Knight Tails : David's Story

    I always loved April, just something about spring that always makes me horny. There I was, lying in bed rubbing myself, when I heard footsteps outside the bedroom door. At first I thought it was Jake, but then I realized those footsteps were just a little too heavy to be my nephew. The mystery guest didn’t wait long before pushing open the door and getting himself an eye full.

    “Nice to see you too David, about time you visited your mother.”

    My son shrugged and sat at the end of my bed. “I screwed up Mom.”

    David was always getting into trouble, but I’ve never seen that look on him before. I sat up and put my arms around him from behind.

    “Tell me about it.”

    *** David’s Story***

    Dad was drunk, like he always is on the weekend, and Mom, I mean Helen, was being a total bitch. I spent most of the night hiding out in my room.

    I was reading a magazine and...well you know, when the door swung open. The first thing I did was chunk the magazine at the door, like a complete idiot. I really expected Helen to bust in with some chore for me to do because she’s too lazy to do anything herself. But it wasn’t her, it was Riley.

    “Gee, thanks exactly what I wanted.” My little said sneered at the magazine opened at her feet.

    “Sorry,” I covered myself with the sheet, “I thought you were Mom.”

    Riley grunted. “If I was, you’d be in trouble. You know she doesn’t like Dad having these magazines in the house…”

    “Then I’m safe, because you won’t tell her.”

    She put her hands on those little hips and puffed out those little breasts at me. “And why won’t I?”

    “Because you love me.” I smiled at her.

    “Right...that’s why.” She shook her head.

    “What do you want?” I asked.

    “Dad is drunk and Mom is-”

    “Why do you think I’m hiding in here?”

    She picked up the magazine and gave me a look.

    “Oh, right.” I mumbled.

    “As I was saying, Mom is going out and I didn’t want to be alone with Dad when he’s drunk.”

    “And you think I’m safe because I’m sober?”

    She gave me a little smile that showed off her freckles. “At least your not old.”

    I laughed and held out my hand. “Give me back my magazine.”

    “I wanna look at it too.”

    I knew then that I was in trouble. Never could tell my little sister no. She climbed up on the bed beside me and put that dirty magazine between us.

    I could right away that she was getting turned on, and the magazine didn’t interest me half as much as my sister squirming in those tight jean shorts.

    “Why don’t you take off your shorts so you can touch yourself? It’ll feel better.”

    “You just want to see me naked.”

    I shrugged. “You got to see me.”

    “Not all of you.”

    I pulled off the sheet and watched her baby blue eyes travel down my chest to my cock. She licked her lips.

    “Now it’s your turn, take everything off and lay up here beside me.”

    Riley did this little slow strip tease, though I’m sure it wasn’t intentional. The girl was visibly shaking as that shirt came off. I already knew she wasn’t wearing a bra, but the sight of those bumps with their long nipples sticking out… I would have been happy just looking at her titties, but then she shimmied out of those shorts and damn… I’ve never seen a pussy like that before. It was like a big puffy slit on a tiny little body.

    “You’re beautiful Riley,” I held my hand out, “freckles and all.”

    She blushed and put her hand in mine.

    “Have I ever told you how much I love you?” I asked her.

    She shook her head and those dark red pigtails whipped around. I helped her back onto the bed and laid her on my pillow.

    “Do you love me?” I asked her.

    “Yes,” she whispered oh so softly.

    I leaned in slowly and touched my lips to hers. She kissed me back and those soft lips opened to my tongue. I slid a hand over her flat stomach, slowly pushing it towards that slit between her legs. She kissed me hungrily and breathlessly. I nibbled on her lower lip before kissing her neck and down her shoulder. By the time I reached one of those perky nipples, my fingers were dancing over her tight little pussy.

    “You won’t tell will you?”

    “No,” she said on abreath.

    I smiled and flicked her nipple with my tongue. Those tiny breasts were perfect for sucking on, I could get the whole thing in my mouth. She loved it too, and her hips kept lifting off the bed as she rubbed herself on my hand.

    Then my fingertip found her snug little entrance. Her hips lifted and she let out a little squeal. I put my other hand over her mouth to muffle the sound.

    “Shhh, Dad might be drunk but he can still hear.”

    She blinked and nodded. I pushed my finger in a tiny bit more.

    “Just relax and let me make you feel good.”

    “Okay,” she whispered.

    I kissed her lips again and fingered her slowly until her hips started moving again. My finger started making this wet sound every time it pumped into her and she made these little whimpering moans… It was just so sexy and I was already hard and aching…

    I moved ontop of her and between her legs. She looked at me but there wasn’t any fear in her eyes.

    “I love you little sister.”

    “I love you too, Big Brother.”

    I guiding my cock to her sloppy pussy and pushed it in. She was so tight...there was no way I could have lasted any longer. I tried to go slow and make it last for her, but there was nothing I could do once her legs locked around me and those hips started bouncing off the bed again.

    It lasted only a minute before I laying on top of her, my cock buried to the hilt as I came. I knew then I was in trouble, but I just didn’t care. That might be my one and only chance to show her how much I love her. I didn’t mean to cum inside her, but I couldn’t stop either.

    “What the fuck do you think your doing to your sister?” Helen was home, and she was pissed.


    I held my son in my arms and kissed his cheek softly. “What did you mean, it might be your last time to show her?”

    “I’m almost eighteen.”

    “I’m your mother, I know when your birthday is.”

    He took a breath then and let it out slowly. “I leave for the army the day after my birthday.”

    That is not something a mother ever wants to hear from her son. I didn’t know how to respond, so I just hugged him a little tighter.

    “What if she’s pregnant?” He cried.

    “We’re Knights, Baby, we’ll take care of her. You just worry about coming home again. Let me handle the family. I’ll deal with Helen too, it’s about time I had a talk with that whore.”

    David grunted. “Good luck with that.”

    I smiled. “I can handle her with my hands tied.”
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    Interesting Beginning … Hope it will continue,,, Thanks for the share
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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