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    Sally and Billy's Romance Grows

    Sally and Billy's Romance Grows

    It was a little before nine AM when Sally knocked on Billy's door. He had been up for a little more than two hours and was happy to see his girlfriend.

    “Sally, I am so glad you came over this morning. I am looking forward to spending the day with you. I have just finished my homework. Are you done with yours?”

    “Yes, Billy. I did my homework as soon as I got up this morning. Now, if you don't mind, I would love to go somewhere where I can show off my new boyfriend.”

    Billy recognized Sally's need to establish the fact with her friends that she really had a boyfriend. Her friends, as well as those who might want to continue bullying her, needed to know Billy and Sally were now a couple. He was proud that she wanted to show him off. He was just as proud to know the girl he had liked since they were very young children was now his girlfriend and under his care and protection.

    “Okay Sally. How about we go out for breakfast and then hang around the mall for a while. Will that be alright with you?”

    “Oh yes! I'd love to go shopping with you.”

    Sally could tell from his reaction that Billy wasn't too excited about a shopping trip to the mall. She loved him all the more because he would do this for her.

    Billy took Sally into his arms and kissed her lips. While hugging her he let his hands slide down her back and squeezed both of her butt's cheeks.

    Sally groaned and pressed her pelvis into Billy's groin as he squeezed her butt. She could feel his cock start to grow as it pressed into her belly.

    He released her butt, took a deep breath, and said, “Well then let's go before we never get out of here.”

    Sally kissed Billy again and walked out the door toward his car with Billy close behind. His attention was captured by the sway of Sally's butt in her tight denim skirt. He opened the car door for his girlfriend, and she started to get in. He patted her butt and told her, “Sally, you have a very nice ass.”

    She giggled, wiggled her butt at him, and slid into his car. He patted and stroked her left leg as they drove to a nearby restaurant. Sally regretted wearing such a tight skirt. Had it not been for he tight skirt, she would have spread her legs for Billy and allowed him to pet her. She was not happy that the skirt would not allow her legs that much movement. All she could give him was enough room to slide his hand several inches above her knee.

    After arriving at the restaurant, Sally excused herself while waiting for their breakfast to arrive.

    When she came back Billy noticed right away that she had left the top two buttons of her blouse open. He had a nice view of her ample cleavage. He smiled at her and licked his lips. “Yummy, don't you look nice.”

    Sally grinned and quietly replied, “I knew you'd like me this way.”

    “I sure do, Baby. You know how much I love your breasts.” He then licked his lips.

    Their breakfast order arrived and they chatted about their schools and what subjects Sally might be interested in taking in college. As smart as she is, it was a given the she would be going to college after high school.

    It was nearly eleven O'clock when they left the restaurant and headed for the local mall. Billy had never been one to enjoy wandering around and shopping at the mall. Shopping was a girl's thing. Women shop. Men purchase. In other words, the girls wander in and out of every store in the mall just to see what they have. A guy goes to the store that has what he needs, buys it, and gets the hell out.

    However, Billy figured it would do his girlfriend a world of good to get out and wander around without her parents nearby. At least with Billy, she could feel a little freedom and still not have to worry about the punks bothering her.

    Billy thought they could spend and hour or so at the mall then go do something more fun. He was wrong. As they ran into Sally's friends, they joined in the shopping trek. Soon there was a small mob of teenagers, mostly girls, drifting from store to store. They were chattering like a bunch of magpies.

    It was mid-afternoon when Sally finally said, “Billy, I'm a little tired. Can we go somewhere else so I can rest my legs?”

    “Sure, Baby. I've got just the place. Let's go!”

    They stopped at a drive-in restaurant for burgers and fries. They were nearly finished eating when Sally released another blouse button.

    Billy's eyes were locked in on her chest and he was grinning from ear to ear again.

    Sally smiled asked, “See anything you like?”

    “I sure do, Baby. I can hardly wait to help set those puppies free.”

    “Well, why don't we head to your place? I can rest my legs, and you can let the puppies out to play.”

    “Your wish is my command, Baby.” Billy then fired up his car and drove them to his house.

    About thirty seconds or so after walking in Billy's front door, Sally's had dropped her blouse and bra on the floor in Billy's bedroom. Her shoes had been kicked off as well. She was still wearing her tight denim skirt and was prone on his bed. She was smiling up at him.

    “Billy, I know you weren't excited about going to the mall. Thank you so much for taking me. My friends all loved you. Maybe there is something I can do to repay you.”

    “Baby, you don't have to repay me for anything. Though it is true I don't care for the mall, I will do anything I can for you if it makes you happy.”

    Well then, help me out of this damned skirt. It may make my butt look slimmer, but it's too tight.” Sally rolled over onto her stomach so Billy could get to the skirt's zipper in the back.

    He patted her butt before lowering the zipper. “You do have a nice ass.”

    “You really don't think it's too fat?”

    “No Baby. I love your ass just as it it.” Billy knew just the right words to say to his horny girlfriend.

    Sally rolled over again and raised her hips so Billy could pulled the tight skirt off her butt. He pulled it down her legs, and the skirt joined her blouse and bra on the floor.

    Sally was about to let Billy see her surprise. As he pulled her panties down, she again lifted her butt so they could slip off her ass and down her legs too.

    As Sally's panties slipped past her pubic mound, Billy stopped pulling. He looked up at a broadly smiling Sally who was looking back. “You like?”

    “Oh yeah! I like a lot. You look so tender and smooth.” He then quickly finished pulling Sally's panties off and tossed them to the floor. He fell between his girlfriend's legs and ravenously ate her pussy until she was writhing on the bed below him.

    “Oh God, Billy! Eat me! I'm cumming!” Sally was nearly incoherent as her orgasm washed over her body.

    After Sally's orgasm ebbed, Billy kissed his way up her body.

    Sally kissed all over his face and licked her juices from him. “Humm, I don't taste too bad, do I?” She asked.

    “Baby, you taste great, and I intend to eat you every chance I get. I love your bald pussy too.”

    Sally giggled and hugged Billy tightly. They then lay facing each other kissing and cuddling. Billy let his left arm slide down Sally's body and grab a hand full of her right ass cheek. She moaned and wiggled her butt.

    “Billy, my legs really are a bit sore today from all that walking. Would you mind rubbing them for me?”

    “Of course not, Baby. Lay on your back while I go get some lotion.

    Billy hustled to the bathroom and found some baby oil his mother used when sunning. When he returned to his bedroom, Sally was on her back with her legs slightly spread.

    He sat on the his knees straddling her feet and dribbled baby oil down both of her thighs.

    Sally jumped and giggled. “That's cold!”

    “Sorry Baby. He placed some oil in his hands and rubbed them together to warm the oil a bit. Then with a gentle touch, Billy spread the oil up and down her thighs. He progressively increased the pressure on Sally's legs until he was firmly kneading them.

    “Okay Baby, roll over.”

    Sally slowly rolled over and again slightly spread her legs.

    Billy warmed more oil in his hands and began working on her calves. As with the front of her thighs, he began gently and slowly increased the pressure he exerted on her lower legs. He then moved up to the backside of her thighs. As Billy firmly kneaded Sally's thighs, he slowly moved his hands closer and closer to her pussy and butt.

    Sally was moaning with relaxing pleasure and slowly rocking her pelvis. Because he enjoyed caressing Sally's butt, Billy added more oil to his hands and rubbed them together to warm the oil. He then slid his hands to the top of her legs and onto both of her butt's cheeks.

    Sally groaned with pleasure again and continued to rock her pelvis. “That feels so nice, Billy.” She lifted her hips to encourage Billy to continue his massage of her butt.

    He was more than happy to oblige. He added more oil and pressed harder into the gluteus muscles that formed her butt. “Oh yes, Billy” Sally lifted her hips until she was on her knees with her head and shoulders still on the bed.

    Billy began using his thumbs to caress the split between Sally's cheeks. Almost by accident, his thumb brushed Sally's tight asshole. She moaned and pushed back toward Billy's hands on her ass.

    While Billy continued to rub his thumb over her asshole, Sally thought to herself. 'I know what more I want to give Billy. I'm going to give him my last virgin hole. I'm going to give Billy my ass.'

    “Billy, use more oil and please make love to me there.”

    Billy questioned his girlfriend’s request. “You want me to make love to your butt? That will probably hurt as much as it did when I took your virginity. I really don't like hurting you.”

    “I know Billy, but I've been wanting to give you something more, but I didn't know what it was. I know now. I want to give you my ass.”

    “If you're really sure, Baby. I'll do your ass as gently as I can.” He then took the bottle of baby oil and put a nice sized squirt near the top of the split between her cheeks. As the oil rolled down her crack, he caught it with his fingers and worked it into her tightly puckered asshole. Using his oily index finger, he pushed into Sally's ass.

    Sally moaned and rocked her pelvis to offer a better angle into her ass.

    When he could easily slide his finger into her asshole with no resistance, Billy added a second oily finger. He shoved two fingers as far into her ass as he could.

    Sally pushed back and moaned. “Yes, Billy. Please take my ass.”

    Billy oiled his cock and knee walked up behind his girlfriend's ass. There was oil all over her butt, his cock, and in her asshole. Her whole backside glistened with the shine of the oil She was more than ready to have her ass fucked. When he pushed the head of his cock against her crinkled hole, he slipped past her sphincter with little effort.

    “Umph! That didn't hurt at all. Go on, Billy. Take my ass.”

    Billy grabbed Sally's hips. Due to all the oil on her butt and his hands, he had to grip her hips firmly. Slowly he pushed his entire cock deep into her asshole.

    “Oh! It hurts, but not too bad. Please give me a minute to get used to you being in my ass.”

    “Of course Baby. Take all the time you need. Your ass feels fantastic. It is so hot and tight.”

    “Oh God, I know. I can feel every inch of you in me. It is a strange feeling but a really nice one. Billy, you can start moving in me now.”

    Bill did as Sally asked. Slowly at first, he began stroking in and out of her tight hot asshole. When she began pushing back to accept his thrust, he increased the speed and power of his strokes.

    Sally was soon thrusting back as hard as Billy was thrusting into her ass. “Oh God Billy, I love it! Give me your hard cock! Fuck my ass!”

    Billy held her hips as tightly as his oiled hands allowed and ram his cock deep into his girlfriend's asshole.

    Between Sally's tight ass and the rapid thrusting of his cock deep into it, Billy was soon approaching an orgasm. He shouted, “I'm cuming, Baby!” He then buried his cock deep in her ass and flooded her bowels with cum.

    “Oh, oh, oh, so am I.” Sally pushed back onto Billy’s cock as hard as she could. Her whole body seemed to vibrate as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her. She cried out. “Fuck my ass, Billy! Fuck it hard!”

    As Sally continued to cum, Billy, repeatedly slammed his cock deep into Sally's ass. She soon groaned and pressed back hard one last time. With his cock still deep in her ass, Billy laid over her back and fondled both tits.

    When Sally collapsed beneath him, Billy fell with her. With one final full thrust of his cock into her ass, he withdrew and laid beside her. He stoked her hair as she regained her composure. Softly, he whispered in her ear. “Baby, I love you.”

    Sally looked at Billy with love in her eyes. “Oh Honey, I love you too. I have been wanting to give you something more. Now, you have taken all of me that I have to give.”

    “Baby, you are a fantastic girlfriend. I will be so honored to be with you for as long as you want me.” Billy promised.

    She kissed Billy and cooed, “That may be a long long time.”

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    interesting... good story... thanks for share...
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