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Thread: The day I fucked my dad, my brother and my neighbour

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    The day I fucked my dad, my brother and my neighbour

    The day I fucked my dad, my brother and my neighbour (not true)

    I’m 35 now and left home when I was 18 and have lived all over the world due to my work and never got married. I hadn’t been home in just over a year but then my job came to an end so I had to go back to my parents till I got another job.
    Well since I last saw my parents I had lost over 8 stone in weight and I was well toned and even if I say it self I looked hot.

    I had been home for a month and still not got any work but it was summer and I was enjoying the heat wave we where having and the fact I could wear just short shorts and a bikini top.

    This particular day it was really hot and I was so horny and went in the house as it was cooler and I slipped my hand down into my shorts and began to masturbate and moved my other hand to my not small but not overly big breasts I needed to cum and I did very soon.
    With the heat I fell straight to sleep with my hand still down my shorts and my breasts exposed.

    I was awoken when my dad walked in and saw me I kept my eyes closed in the hope he would just walk away but he was stood in front of me for what felt like ages then I heard him moan and say “fuck me” I felt something brush my tits and I felt my nipples stand to attention.

    I opened my eyes and my dad was stood in front of me with a big grin on his face and a big bulge in his jeans. I sat up and was face to face with his big bulge he didn’t tempt to move away in fact he moved closer so he was an inch from my face. So I reached up and undid his jeans pulled them down along with his Y fronts and out sprang his cock wich I was well impressed with as it was 7 inches long and abut an inch and a half thick and very very hard not bad for a man in his early 60’s I took it straight into my mouth and he started mumbling how mum never did this to him but he loved having a blow job.
    Well I was getting horny again so I knelt in front of my dad while I was still sucking his cock and slid down my shorts and slipped my hand to my slit and on to my clit my dad saying “yes baby suck your daddy suck him good” he started to moan to as I was close to cumming again he then realised what I was doing and took his cock out my mouth and said to get on the sofa wich I did and he got on top and stuck his cook in my so wet pussy.

    It felt great so I squeezed his cock with my pussy and he started pumping faster I then said “daddy will you fuck me in the ass” he stopped and said “I have never done it in the ass before” so I turned over on to all fours and said just make sure it’s wet down there (which it was with all my juices running down from my pussy) I told him to guide it in slowly then when he in to push a little at a time till I tell him to fuck me hard.
    He did and it was about 3 mins before I said “fuck me daddy fuck your little girl and fuck me hard”.

    He seemed to like it in my ass and started pumping faster he kept saying “oh baby girl you like your daddy fucking you don’t you tell daddy you like it”
    So I kept saying “fuck me daddy fuck your little girl”
    We did this for 10 minuets and he said he was going to cum I said fill my ass up daddy fill it with your love juice which he did and it felt great I told him to pull out and I would clean him off so I sucked him clean.

    I thought that would be the end of it but it wasn’t he was getting hard again while I was sucking him and he was holding my head fucking my mouth. Just then the door opened and in walked my brother he just stood there with his mouth open and said “what the fuck” my dad just kept fucking my mouth and said “it feels so good you got to have some” with that my brother said get on the floor sis on all fours which I did, still sucking my dad’s cock he didn’t want me to stop. Once on all fours my brother got his dick out and got me to suck him he was semi hard and big but soon got rock hard with me sucking he was now 9 inches long and 2 inches thick.
    He turned to my dad and said “I see why you staying here but I want some pussy” with that he went round the back of me and pushed his fingers into my pussy and said god sis your so wet he then saw my ass was open and said “dad you old dog you fucked her ass good” with that he pushed his cock in my pussy he was so big, bigger than I had ever had before and he wasn’t been gentle about it and it felt good. Soon I was cumin and screaming even with my dads cock in my mouth.

    Just then the door flew open and there stood my dads friend and next-door neighbour. He said, “What the fuck is going on”
    My dad just said “come on in Jack and have some fun” I could see from the corner of my eye that my neighbour was turned on by what he saw so I beckoned him over with my hand he came over to me I stopped sucking my dads cock so he started stroking it.
    I undid Jacks shorts and slid them down to his ankles he didn’t have any under pants on so I saw how hard he was. He was about the same size as my dad, I started sucking him he turned to my dad and said, and “I have always wanted your daughter to suck my cock”

    My brother was still fucking my pussy from behind and giving my ass the odd slap now and again. My dad said “hey Jack remember the other week when I said I had never done anal sex well I have now you should try it it’s so fucking good”

    With that my brother got under me still inside of me so I was sat on his cock facing him then he said to Jack “go on Jack fuck her ass while I do her pussy” Jack didn’t need telling twice and with that pulled his dick out my mouth and went round the back of me. My dad didn’t waste any time and shoved his cock back in my mouth and said “milk me baby daddy close to cumin”

    Jack now at the back of me between my legs pushed a finger in my ass and said I was wet. I said fuck me now Jack stick you cock in my ass” so he did he slid straight in cause I was still wet and relaxed from the fucking my dad had given me.

    He said it was nice and tight and he soon picked up rhythm with my brother and it was so good but I knew my dad and brother were close to shooting their load so told Jack to fuck me faster he said he was going to cum soon so I said do it in my ass my brother said can I cum in your pussy I said yes I want all my holes filling.

    With that I felt my dads cock twitching and knew he was going to come first and he did load after load hit the back of my throat I thought he was never going to stop. Then I felt my brother cum in my pussy he was so big it felt like it hit the back of my womb.
    Then Jack started moaning and shot his load in my ass I told him to cum round to my mouth and said I would finish the job for him an I sucked his cock clean.
    Not wanting to be left out my brother said what about me so I slid of his cock with a little pop and sucked my brother’s cock clean as well.

    My dad and Jack where now sat on the sofa with big grins on there faces my dads cock was soft but Jack was getting hard again he said can we go again.
    I said “not here my mum would be home soon” so he said “well everyone’s out over at mine”.

    My dad said count me out of this one I’m fucked with that we all laughed.

    Jack and I headed over to his place with my brother into saying he wanted some ass next. But that is another story …..

    Please rate this and give feed. and be honest it’s the first time I have ever written anything like this wet'n'horny

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    Thanks for the story...not bad at all if its the first time....I dont get too much into telling people how to had good flow and was spaced well.

    Thanks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by davesmistress View Post
    Thanks for the story...not bad at all if its the first time....I dont get too much into telling people how to had good flow and was spaced well.

    Thanks again
    thanks for the feed back

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    Your welcome...Keep it up.

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    Good story, Wet n Horny! I would've liked it to have been longer! Keep 'em cumming, I'd love to read more! I love stories written by women.

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    Well, well, you are a wet and horny one. Your story is well written and pretty much what I had in mind for the Jerk Off story contest. You should enter it. All you have to do is post a reply to the contest thread with a link to this page. The link to the contest page is on my sig. below. If you don't know how, let me know and I would set it up for you. Give it a thought. I enjoyed reading your story and hope you enjoyed writing and will keep doing it.

    Pobodys Nerfect

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    It was a good story but seemed to end just when it was really getting hot. What happens with the 3 of them? what happens when mom gets home? Does mom find out? etc...

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    i wish mom would have walked in on them. I've never read a story were someone gets caught doing something with someone they shouldn't haha.

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    I wish that there was another part to this story, i really enjoyed it. although i wish that it was more details in this story.

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    Great story!!! Need some more. Kepp it cumming!!!

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    hood story just wish there was another part

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    very hot, thanks for sharing!

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    pretty good for your first

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    makes me horney

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    I wish you had been my Neighbor ... Good story... thanks...

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    This was awesome. Made me wet. Keep em coming.

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    awesome story plenty of fucking cant wait for more of your stories

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    as a rating its at least a 9

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    Nice Story. Thank you.

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    hot story, should be some more,

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    Nice and kinky, I loved it! Thanks.

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    Nice story. Please continue.


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    Very erotic story, especially for your first time. Hope you keep writing. Thanks.

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    nice story for the first time.

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    great story

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