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Thread: Aunt Fucks Dog on Tape

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    Smile Aunt Fucks Dog on Tape

    One day, I went to my aunt's house after school to here erotic groans and panting coming from the master bedroom. Firstly, I am a Singaporean and am an only child, I am well to do and live in a large bungalow. My parents are in thier late thirties and have a great sex life. My aunt is my mum's sister and is a teacher and is tall, has great tits and is very sexy. She also is very open about sex and always dresses very provocatively, once she even bent down to pick up a tissue, giving me a full view of her c-cup tits held by a triumph maximizer bra. She also has all kinds of sex items in her bedroom, like dildos and lubricants, my uncle probably has a great sex life. So, back to the story. I quietly waliked in and peeked into my parent's bedroom. My aunt was clad in a luscious pink silk bra and panty set and was in the doggy position. There was a dog behind her and there were also two men who were filming her. I immidiately whipped out my cock and started stroking it. Soon, the two men had removed my aunt's lingerie and had placed the dog's stick in my aunt's dripping wet pussy. My auntie groaned and said something like "oh god, he's huge". Soon, the dog started thrusting it's massive cock into my aunt and my aunt kept moaning and saying things like "oh god, please fuck me" and "oh i'm going to cum. From where I was standing, I could see the video and the live action. Soon, my aunt was about to cum, so the two man moved the camera and zoomed in on her pussy as she came. The camera caught her pussy squirting waves of her love juices onto the dog's cock and the bed, my aunt let out an orgasmic scream and the dog blasted his load into her hot, wet slit. I too came at this moment, all over my pants to my horror. I quickly ran to a washroom as the men thanked my aunt, handed her a copy of the dvd and she ushered them out. What a great sex tape it was going to be.

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    Welcome back....thanks for the story.

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    Thanks for a great addition. And nice to see you again.

    Pobodys Nerfect

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    aunts house

    you went to your aunts house but caught her in your parents room ??????? are the two houses joined together with a connecting door

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    Yes thanks for this little herb. Hope to see you cum back with some more!
    :icon267:---Southern Belles are innocent until proven horney---:icon267:

    "I have been and ever shall be your friend. Live long and prosper" Spock - Star Trek II

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    i like your story it was great .

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    how opportune for you - will you repeat the experience - you hope

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    The DVD would be good to see, did you get a copy?

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    good story, thanks

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    i want a copy of that DVD!

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    That is awesome,to be honest I never actually knew you could have sex with dogs until I visited this site. I know stupid right

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    can we see the video??

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    Quote Originally Posted by bedroomeyes View Post
    can we see the video??

    If its a beasty video......Nope sorry not allowed.

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    great story left me hanging

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    Nice story. Very short but sweet ;-)

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    What they said^. Nice.

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    It would be nice if u would share the video too. Nice story though

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    dyl1dyl, and after that whats happening ..............................................

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    Small but amazing story...eheheh
    I would like a DVD like that too.
    Very erotic, thanks. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by davesmistress View Post
    If its a beasty video......Nope sorry not allowed.
    thats something ive yet to here, so its good to know,, are beasty pic's allowed?

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    Lightbulb Beasty Images

    Quote Originally Posted by redredred View Post
    thats something ive yet to here, so its good to know,, are beasty pic's allowed?
    Only cartoon/drawing type beasty illustrations are allowed
    as per our site owner.

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    ya come on share please

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    good story

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    Did the author ever find the DVD?

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    Really good story. it was great .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisa F View Post
    Did the author ever find the DVD?
    even if he did I doubt they would ever share it great story though.

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    sound like one happy dog

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    Good story ... thanks ... it would be fun to see that else the Ant was into...

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