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Thread: (FanFiction) My dog training days

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    (FanFiction) My dog training days

    My dog training days

    author Fanfiction (dog/woman, lesbian, wet, reluctance, teacher, panties )

    My name is Nicky . I am 36 and I had lived alone for about 8 months after loosing my husband in a car accident. Recently I had received a notice from the bank asking me to pay , within 30 days , an amount of more than $5000 for the home mortgage. I didn’t have any extra money over my insufficient salary. I asked my friend Irene if she could lend me some money. She told me , sorry, she didn’t have any to spare. We started thinking how I could solve my problem. Irene proposed I get in contact with her friend Maria. She told me that Maria was a grooming kennels owner and probably, she would have the money I needed if I did some work for her. She called Maria , asking her to help me if she could. Maria told her that she had some ideas on how she could help me and suggested we meet.

    So I met Maria at her home which was where she ran her business. She greeted me saying, “Any friend of Irene is a friend of mine”.

    We had a long discussion about my desperate situation. I learned she was 42 years old, that she had lived alone since her divorce 10 years before. She also told me that recently she started running a special kind of kennel business, breeding special full-bred dogs which she introduces to her customers and helps them to get adequately acquainted with, before selling them at high prices.

    Finally she raised the issue of how she could help me with the money I needed. She told me that she would give me an amount of $6000 which could easily be offset if I help her in running the kennel business. In fact I could earn a good lump sum every month.

    I told her that I didn’t know anything about dogs. I didn’t see how I could help her. I added that my working shifts kept me occupied from 8 am until 4 pm everyday .

    “Not a problem.” she replied.

    “We can work together in your free time and even during the weekends”.
    “The dogs I breed are mainly male dogs. I train them to be loyal companions for women. And more!”

    I must have sort of recoiled a little. Anticipating my thoughts she explained quite “matter-of-factly”, that dogs, by instinct, become excellent lovers for lonely women. If they have been properly trained they can be sold for very high prices. I admit I was stunned by what she was saying, but I guess I hid it fairly well. I was flabbergast. The thought of the money I so desperately needed probably helped me hide my shock and disbelief.

    She continued to explain that a lot of women know about bestiality sex with dogs and that dogs can fuck a woman better, harder and longer than any human man could, when trained properly. Clever women, perhaps business women with high priced fast paced corporate lives that didn’t afford much social time, may wish to have a pet of their own to fulfill their sexual desires.
    Then she looked me straight in the eye and said.

    “So what I want from you honey, is to help me in training dogs to have sex with women. I will assist you at every step and I assure you that it will be a business and pleasure position for you. You will be able to settle that loan of yours no problem, and moreover , earn a lot of extra money besides.” I sat the transfixed, nodding my head a little as she continued on with her rather indecent proposal.

    “Please don’t say anything to Irene as she doesn’t know anything about the nature of my real business here. She thinks I’m running a standard kind of dog grooming and boarding service”

    I had been sitting in stunned silence. I was dithering in indecision. Part of me wanted to jump up off the couch and run like hell away from this crazy woman. Yet another part of me was a little intrigued. It was not at all the sort of idea or conversation I had ever had before. But the honesty, the lewdness of it, struck me dumb and kept me listening almost against my will. Just then Maria leaned forward and reached out a gentle hand. She stroked my silky brown hair and in a sexy half whisper suggested.
    “It’ll be our little secret Nicky ”.

    I didn’t know what to say. I had no idea what it would be like to have sex with a dog! On the other hand, I found I wasn’t as revolted or offended as I probably should have been by this “job offer”. My husband had been an excellent lover. I missed the sex I had enjoyed with him, with any man for that matter. Perhaps I was hornier than I realized? However, the thought of a real cock, which I had missed for so long now, even if it was to be a dog’s cock, was an idea that resonated deeply within my female brain at a subconscious level that all women have, yet often prefer to ignore. And of coarse, I needed the money!

    Finally I found my voice. I steadied my self and took a deep breath before I sort of stammered out;

    “Maria, I should probably say no right now. I can’t promise I wont say no later. But I really need a solution for my problems. So, I’m willing to at least learn more about your offer of work and what’s required of me. That’s all I can say right now. I’m sorry if I don’t sound more grateful but.. well.. think you understand this is not exactly an everyday job offer your making here.”

    Maria brightened visibly.

    “Excellent. Of course I understand and respect your feelings perfectly honey! We’ll start tomorrow evening then”

    She gave me some advance money and asked me to visit her again the next day at 5.00 pm.

    Accordingly, I was at her door step right on 5 the next afternoon. I rang the doorbell and heard a large dog barking from the room beyond. Maria opened the door. I did a little double take. She was wearing a pink robe and damn little else. She invited me in, and as I entered she hugged me and kissed me smack on the lips. I was a little taken aback, however I guess I had already realized that this kind of “work” was going to involve a very broad minded attitude towards sex and an intimate relationship with “the management” so to speak.

    Suddenly, a large yellow dog entered he room. A striking animal which immediately took up a position at Maria’s side. He sat obediently and alertly on his brawny haunches. I guessed he was a Labrador of some kind. He had a very serious expression on his face. He seemed to be looking at me the way a glutton might admire his lunch.

    “Don’t be afraid of Hector, Nicky.” Maria soothed.

    I followed her into the beautifully decorated living room. Maria sat on the big antique leather couch and with a patting motion indicated I should sit beside her.

    The big, handsome looking dog had followed us. He took up a position on the big carpet directly in front of us, eyeing us intelligently with his head slightly tilted to the side.

    At this point I noticed something else about Maria. As she sat, her robe had fallen opened and I realized she was wearing nothing at all underneath it. I had never had a lesbian experience before, but I must admit, I liked what I saw. Maria had a lovely body. Her big firm ripe tits were beautifully full and rounded. Her nipples were like brown raisons. They pointed nicely from their small areole like rubber erasers at the top of lead pencils. Her taught, trim torso was athletic and I could make out the top of her well trimmed pubic bush gracing her well former pubic mound which nestle seductively at the V-fork of her silky tanned legs.

    “There’s nothing to worry about Nicky. Just relax. We’re all friends here darling.” Maria reassured.

    As she calmed me with her lovely contralto tones, she reached out nonchalantly, affectionately touching my leg and continued.

    “Nicky, you have such a sexy body, now I want you to take off all your clothes and to slip on these panties and this robe please”. I was reminded of a schoolmarm telling a little school girl how she needed to behave. However the way Maria seemed so sure of herself added a degree of professionalism to the situation I may have needed to keep going along with the increasingly of the wall requests. I took the folded items she handed me and started to undress.

    Without a sound, the big dog left his place on the mat and moved towards me.

    “Stay. Hector. Sit!” Maria commanded.

    Hector immediately obeyed. I could feel their two sets of eyes on my body as I stripped off my clothes in front of them both. I could feel myself blushing. I have to admit, I was wondering at that moment if Maria liked what she saw? And even more guiltily, I wondered what the big dumb animal was thinking as I stripped in front of him, exposing all my feminine secrets to his bestial gaze . I could feel his intense concentration as he sized me up.

    “Gorgeous, simply gorgeous my dear.” I heard Maria saying. “You have an ravishing body darling. Congratulations!”

    For some reason I felt a little relieved. A bit less self-consciously I put on the panties and the red robe Maria had handed me. I sat beside her again. Maria told me that Hector was indeed Labrador ,3 years old and she was expected to introduce him to a prospective client the following Saturday. The potential customer, Lydia, was a widow, 46 years old, who had heard about Maria special kennels from an internet chat room somewhere. She had interest in a dog for sex purposes. She was willing to pay a high price for a suitable animal.

    ”In three days we have to prepare Hector properly for her by completing his training. I wanted to start you off with a dog which has some experience already Nicky. It’s better for both of you that way.” she explained.
    As I was analyzing what she meant by that comment. She moved a little closer, placing one arm gently behind my shoulders and with the help of her other hand, carefully opened my robe. She smiled appreciatively as my firm ripe breasts swung into view.

    “The panties you are wearing belong to Lydia.” Maria explained as her eyes roamed over my body and settled at my crotch.

    “The plan is to get Hector used to Lydia’s personal sex odors. And at the same time, making sure he understands what is inappropriate behavior, what IS required of him, and of coarse, when he is required to perform his key purpose.”

    ‘Key purpose?’ I heard my self asking.

    “As his mistresses love object silly” she giggled at the same time clasping my ripe tits in her hands and giving then a gentle shaking. Then, very nonchalantly, she slid her hands onto my thighs and with firm but gentle pressure, she spread my legs delicately apart as she turned to address the patiently awaiting dog.

    “Hector! Come!’ she commanded. The big dog moved immediately, purposefully. He was between my wide spread knees in one fluid motion. His eyes seemed to be burning holes through the flimsy material that made up the the crotch band of Lydia’s borrowed panties. In my leg spread position on the edge of the couch, the sheer material was stretched tightly across my unprotected groin area. The dog could plainly see the dark fur-fringed lips of my passively waiting pussy in stark relief against the pale chiffon. I noticed he licked his lips as his concentration seethed at my exposed crotch, his very intensity sending illicit shivers of curiosity through my brain which responded by sending tingles to my camel-toe like pussy lips pouching through at his lust crazed eyes..

    Sensing my sudden tension, Maria stroked my cheek softly, reassuringly.

    “He likes you my dear. Relax. He is well taught. And in this sort of situation he is taught only to respond to certain unusual commands”

    As she explained how Hector was taught to respond in a sexual way only to Spanish words , rather than English ones, as this way he was less likely to show a sexual interest to his mistress at in appropriate time, I was busy checking out Hector himself. He was indeed a noble looking animal, well groomed and muscular. He sat before me, between my softly yielding legs, on his hairy haunches, perfectly upright, alert to every sound, every movement of the two beautiful women before him. My eyes moved down his strong neck, his hairy belly. I could plainly see his big hairy cock sheaf there below. His impressive, lunchy looking doggy cock protruded from its hairy cock casing. It was pointy looking and bright pink. It glistened wetly in the dimmed living room light. I could make out what appeared to be a glob of his animal pre-cum sticking to the bizarre, purplish fringed edge around his cocks head , the spouted flute like tip of his penis, I observed the dark purple veins that crisscrossed his animal pudds shiny surface. Nether-the-less, the thought of him fucking that strange, in-human cock into my to-long neglected cunt, and fucking me furiously no less, must have been starting to tickle my sexual nerve. An unmistakable warmth was beginning to rise down there between my legs. My cunt was definitely moistening. I could feel the lips of my pussy growing slick with my own juices , the shear fabric of the thin panties starting to stick in patches to the salty cunt lips beneath, the aroma of my own cunt, fuming away down there, was starting to become all to obvious to everyone present I realized. I’m sure Maria noticed it as she said ,
    ‘Now, Let’s see one of Hectors little “tricks” shall we?” Not waiting for a reply she addressed the big dog in a commanding tone once more.
    “Hetor, lámase!”

    As if through reflex action Hector moved. As Maria was explaining that “lámase” meant “lick” in Spanish he had brought is muzzle down between my thighs and had started sniffing at my most private famine parts. His hot breath blasted my whole cuntle area. He inhaled the mingled aromas he found there like a vacuumed cleaner. The smell of Lydia, my nasty female fragrance, perhaps he caught the slightly tart, but intriguing smell of my timidly hidden asshole? He shivered a little as his primitive olfactory, no doubt, confirmed the sexual readiness of this human females heated cunt.

    I closed my eyes and breathed raggedly. I felt him pushing his bestial muzzle and nose onto my pussy. As I starred down at the unfolding seen of depravity, I was slightly aware of Maria pushing my thighs gently again, spreading my legs even further apart, lest the big brute fail to get at every inch of my unprotected loins.

    I felt Hectors tongue licking at my pussy through the filmy panties. He made great dabbing motions with it, sponging my pussy from top to bottom, soaking it all over with his warm doggy slobber and causing the shear panty material to become transparent with his slickening ooze. At a certain moment, his virile male tongue moved beneath the edge of my panties.
    “Good boy Hector!’ Maria encouraged as Hector ministered to my tingling pussy mound.

    He was lapping my pubic hair where it wisped out from the waist band and deeper in around the cleft of my humid fork. He seemed in a hurry now. Trying to insert his probing tongue beneath the soaked material. Searching for the source of the acrid cunt vapors that now permeated his primitive brain and sent searing waves of fuck lust to his visibly expanding and elongating cock.

    His tongue was thick and wet as it rasped across my pussy. His hot breath inflamed my tormented labia even through the panties and made me soak them further with my own womanly juices. Just as I was really starting to unwind, Maria took Hector away momentarily, and asked me to take off the panties. I did so quickly , repositioning myself at the edge of the couch next to her swiftly in heated anticipation. She asked me to open my legs and again, smiling approvingly as she saw the sticky labia lips parting, the viscose strands of my girl-goo clinging like tiny, tacky bridges across the sludgy morass within. There were no barriers now. I could feel a little trickle of my cunt juice escape as it opened flower-like for all to see. Now Maria commanded Hector again.

    “Hector, lámase!”

    Totally unhindered now, the sex hungry beast thrust his snout down and into my hot wet crotch as if it was an open lunch pale.. He immediately started to lick the honey like dew from my cunt. Spreading the soft pliable lips apart and stripping the crusty secretions from them into his greedy mall. It felt so good! I was a little awed by his sexual onslaught.

    “At this point the client should be relaxing.” Maria suggested as she began to run her cooling hands gently across my heaving bosoms.

    “It would be quite normal that she stimulate herself through masturbation at this time.” She spoke with quite authority as she caught my stiff little nipples between her thumb and for finger and rolled them there between.

    ” Masturbation releases even more of a girls own sex pheromones at such a time. That encourages her K9 lover to please her even more you see.” She spoke the words softly and soothingly as her star K9 pupil continued to root through my pubic bush like it was the best meal he had ever had. As Maria spoke, she pushed me back gently and began kissing my tits. She paid special attention to my rock hard chest nubs with her tender nibbling teeth.

    “Honey, relax and don’t be afraid”, she cooed erotically. Before long, my fear gave way completely. I concentrated on the delicious feeling of Hectors tongue licking through the loosening folds of my buttery cunt crack. My clit hardened, protruding from its quivering little hood. The more Hectors rough tongue abraded away at it, the hornier I felt. Faster and faster he licked and plungered my cunt, with the occasional love nip, zapping my little-man-in-the-boat to its core.

    I felt myself humping spasmodically against his animal jaws. The sharp k9 teeth adding a bizarre sensation to the forbidden cunalingual attention he was showering upon my yearning girl-gudgeon. I moaned and threw my head back. I lifted my knees a little so he could stick his tongue deeper into my cunt furrow. I had never felt this way before!! Meanwhile, Maria caressed my lower belly, sending butterflies racing through my mons. Above the dogs incessantly dipping skull, her flicking finger tips enraged my exposed clit whenever she found a chance. At the same time she was biting softly but firmly on my lust expanded nipples. Then. All of a sudden, I came! Maria kissed me on my mouth as my orgasm thundered around my quivering body. Our tongues met and tangled passionately as my eyelids fluttered in ecstasy.

    ”Well. Hector likes you and he is a fast learner.” Maria said as I reveled in the orgasms after glow. Then., with a quick command she took the somewhat frustrated yet obedient dog from the room. When she returned, she explained that it was time for the next “class”. What we had to do now, was to get Hector accustomed having sex with a woman on command.

    “He hasn’t yet mated with a bitch dog. His experiences fucking a woman are therefore very important since it will define his future habits with his new mistress whom so ever she may be.”

    I told Maria that I was a little hesitant about going any further with Hector just now since I had never imagined, let alone actually seen, a woman have sex with a dog before. How was he going to react with me?

    “Nicky, Listen to me.” Maria spoke authoritatively.

    “Just follow my instructions carefully and I assure you that it will be a wonderful sexual experience for you”

    Maria stood. She asked me to strip naked and to follow her. I did as she told me. We went to a small room at the end of the corridor and entered it. Maria closed the door behind us. Then she opened a closet and took out a red blanket , a big pillow and some other items. She spread the blanket on the floor and put the pillow at an edge of it. She kneeled on the carpet and placed her elbows on the big pillow spreading her legs apart seductively. I couldn’t help starring at her opened cunt. She had darker pussy lips than mine. Perhaps lighter pubic hair, which was very thoroughly manicured and trimmed attractively. I could also see her arousal. The inner pink of her slightly parted cunt lips glistened with her own goo. “What a Job!” I mussed to myself.

    “Nicky, now I want you to place yourself just as I have done there on the blanket.” She instructed as she stood again beside me.

    I kneeled down and put my elbows on the pillow. She asked me to spread my legs. I obeyed. I was a little surprised when she knelt between them and rubbed my pussy area with what appeared to be a pair of woman’s panties. Indeed they were another pair from Lydia, Maria confirmed, as she mopped them gently over my spread open pussy. She told me to relax again, and as I tried to control my growing sense of apprehension, I became aware of Maria opening the door and calling Hector inside. A mirror on a side of the little den-like room allowed me to see everything from my place on the floor.

    Hector entered the room quickly. He seemed agitated, anxious. I could see his semi-erect doggy cock swinging around beneath his tense bulk as he awaited his instructions.

    “Sit!” Maria commanded the excited carnivore. Hector did so with military precision. Maria kneeled next to him on the floor. She presented Lydia’s panties to his nose and shook the flimsy garment slightly beneath his vibrating nostrils. As she did this, I saw her reach down under his bulky frame. She took his protruding doggy dick in her hand and gently began to stroke it, rhythmically awakening it from its hairy sheaf once again. Again she offered Lydia’s panties to his sensitive nose, the dog smelled the panties once more. Hector was shivering eagerly now. Smelling the scent of a horny human’s cunt at his nose while a beautiful woman was enraging his cock with the purposeful motions of a teachers firm , supple, hand was having the desired affect. These were the “one plus one’s” of dog sex training school. His angrily stiffening prick and the provocative odor helped him make the correct associations.

    Horny woman equals something I want to fuck!

    Apparently satisfied with Hectors progress. Maria stopped the exercise, seized his collar and guided him beside me. She asked me to stay completely still and be calm. Then she released his collar. The powerful animal moved quickly. He was already horny from the session on the couch. Within a heart beat he was between the spreading columns of my smooth inviting legs. Without preliminaries, he licked into my pussy eagerly. I exhaled loudly as hot ,stroking, tongue lashings cut through the sensitive lips of my rapidly heating cunt, spreading it lavishly with his oral thrustings. His lathing tongue action plastered down my pubs an scooped my molten cunt lube from my bubbling twat, cupping up great bobs of my cream and guzzling the foamy stuff down his animalistic throat like suds down a sewer.

    My mind was hazy with fuck-lust. My body, electrified with long forgotten sex urges ignored to long, now buzzed with ecstatically. I could sense the subtle, deep beginnings of my orgasm forming within my very being. The dogs tongue twisted and corkscrewed in ,out and around my sloppy cunt. Obscene, wet, smacking sounds reverberated as he burrowed into my cunt like he was head down , ass up, in a rabbit hole. And just at that moment;

    “Hector Sit!” I heard Maria spit the words. Somewhat incredulously, I propped myself on an elbow, why did she want him to stop? I know I didn’t!

    “Nicky. Get onto all fours now please darling. Its time for the next phase of Hectors lesson.”

    As it dawned on me what Maria was implying, I found my self rolling onto my side. Then, in the mirror, I saw myself raising up on all fours. A very servile position that would be a most obvious invitation to the K9 mind. My sweat-beaded body glistened lushly in the seductively lit room. My back arched invitingly, showing my smooth skin over rippling ribcage. Small, firm waste and flat stomach. Off to my side, Hectors gleaming eyes roamed over me. And what a sight he had! My ample tits were swinging, alluringly, under my supine, submissive torso. Rock hard nipples flushed with lust, pointed at the floor, betraying my heightened readiness to be fucked like a bitch in heat. The shapely curves of my thighs bent obediently at the knees in an accommodating challenge. Petit feet, slightly quivering in the cool air of the room. The spreading rounds of my firm , agile arse presenting in an unmistakable invitation to big shaggy mongrel. He could tell, despite any futile reservations I may still have, that I desired to be sexually devoured. Clearly, I was his willing human bitch now, his plaything, he could kill me, he could fuck me, who could tell which he might choose? The very idea made me giddy with excitement , sending un-beckoned jolts of lust to the seeping cauldron of my flaming box. I’m sure he could sense the steady bubbling of my over heated cunt, as I gently, teasingly, swaying my dutifully upturned buttocks side to side in obvious invitation to a dog.

    “Fiesta!” I heard Maria command, her voice thick was with lust.
    A strange term I pondered momentarily. Even without a thorough knowledge of Spanish, I knew the word meant; “PARTY!”

    The command had an immediate affect on Hector. The big dog moved to and fro behind me for a moment. I could hear the little whines of frustration in his panting breaths as he looked for his opportunity. Suddenly, he jumped right up on my back. I sagged a little, grunting, as my body took his animal weight. Muscles bracing, responding as if it was all quite natural. I was willing and ready to satisfied my new animal lovers needs whatever they might be .

    I felt his fur covering my back, warm and alien all at once. His front paws grabbing firmly at my hips, trying to draw me toward his rutting lions. I was mesmerized by the thought that he was trying to get inside me. I tied to mentally prepare myself as I felt him dry humping the dwindling airspace between our heated crotches. His partially sheathed, spike-like cock stabbed my buttocks. One , two, three sharp jabs of pain set my my inner thighs and the cleft between my legs quivering in pain. Hectors frustrated attempts to skewer me with his rigid tool where temporarily thwarted by his inexperience with human bitches in heat. I could sense his need to impale me, now, as quickly as possible with his inhumanly pointed fuck sword. But he seemed to be having trouble finding my eager cunt-hole.

    I was dimly aware of Maria lending a guiding hand to the wildly humping brute at that moment. I imagined her experienced hand securing Hectors wayward fuck-stick and guiding it gently on its true, cunt splitting path. All of a sudden I felt the tip of his cock pierce between the exposed, slippery labia lips of my defenseless cunt mouth.

    “Good boy Hector! Maria praised the rutting animal. And then;
    “Fiesta!” she shouted with an almost maniacal satisfaction.
    Hectors slimy dog cock had found my shuddering human girl-flange.

    He thrust forward mercilessly. I reeled with pain as the full length of his searing K9 cock punched its way through the resisting folds of my all-engulfing cunt tunnel. My vaginal walls, well lubricated with my salty secretions, clenching and sucking at his wildly hammering penis as he plunged it into me like a pile driver. The breath was smacked out of my lust contorted body as his nasty doggy prong thumped violently against the fluttering back wall of my cervix. All within that first, unimaginably brutal in-stroke.

    “Fiesta” Maria seemed to roar again as I felt my cunt tunnel being stretched apart by the rapidly expanding girth of Hectors deformed k9 cock. He was now buried to the hilt in my searing cunt. He seemed to teeter no tipy-toe, trying desperately not to allow his human fuck interest to escape his punishing cock thumping blows. The first pain wave was indescribable, yet it was already turning into pleasure. I made an attempt to move forward a little, to alleviate the pain and to escape from Hectors savage grip on my heaving, undulating hips. Instead he fastened more firmly than ever. He thrust forward again and again causing loud, juicy, sucking sounds to emanate from my squishy cunt as he battered away at the tormented fuck mouth lipping around his wildly flaring cunt cudgel. His prick seemed to flex and swell as it whirled agitatedly inside the bright pink washing machine of my tightening cunt tunnel.

    I felt Maria touching my belly with her hand , correcting my posture so the rutting animal could plunge his cock into me at a better angle. That eased my pain as well.

    “Relax and enjoy Honey” Maria cooed.

    She needn’t have been concerned. I was already enjoying the blistering fucking action now like the happiest dog fucker ever. Hectors thrusting spike was bludgeoning my roiling innards at incredible speed. His pistoning cock dug halfway into my body like a claw hammer, twisting my cuntal canal around it on the in-stroke and drawing groans of pleasure from my lust crazed body on the outstroke. It was more enjoyable than anything I had ever felt before.. It was a pure bliss dog fuck !

    I felt my clit getting banged by the knot at the base of Hectors long animal cock.. Then he was moving rhythmically to and fro with slower, short strokes, sinking deeper into me with each thrust. I became aware of a new sensation, of someone forcing an apple-like object in-between my sensitive inner labia. Suddenly it was fully inside the tight confines of my womanhood. I felt the “apple” expanding, my cunt flesh trying to accommodate the new growth with all the elasticity it could muster. Hectors cock seemed to became even bigger as he drove farther into me still , the heat and feel of him was driving me wild. My cunt tube felt stuffed full to bursting point with his fetid, rumpling, prick meat.

    I was getting close to an orgasm again now. All this time Maria had been in close attention. Sometimes patting the humping dog and offering him encouragement and kudos for doing such a good job of fucking his human bitch. Sometimes kissing my sweaty forehead, tweaking my turgid nipples or adding a little digitally stimulating finger play to my ever fluttering clit. Now, reassuringly, I heard Maria whispering in my ear ;

    “Take a deep breath honey. He’s trying to seal you now!”

    I didn’t understand the meaning of her words at that moment, since I didn’t know anything about the anatomy of dogs at the time. But as I concentrated on Hectors vibrating cock pulsing away inside my girl-guts, I could feel the lips of my pussy were now stretched tight like a drum skin around his mystifying, rapidly swelling “apple”. Later, Maria taught me this was the dogs “knott” from Hectors own tortured cock base. A natural enlargement meant to keep a male dogs semen tanked up inside his chosen bitch to better ensure her impregnation. But at that moment, all I knew was that my cunt was stuffed fuller with cock than it had ever been before. No man could make a woman this filled up! I was experiencing something only a woman who has reveled in the taboo of bestiality could ever know.
    In the next instant, I felt Hector tightening his grip around my waist and making slower but deeper thrusts. His cock was buried in me as deep as it could go. The beautifully pointed tip scratched maddeningly at my cervix wall. I gasped for air as I felt my insides being forcefully stretched to the extreme. Slight pain mixed with pleasure made me let out a long shuddering moan. It was like nothing else I have ever felt. I screwed my neck around, trying to find Maria. I saw that she was off to a side now, completely naked, crouched down with wide spread thighs, her hot, dripping, cunt gaping obscenely as she fucked herself fartingly with two fingers, watching with great pride as her brilliant k9 student banged his way through his first lesson with his new human bitch.

    Perhaps it was that lewd thought, or the slapping sounds of the dogs ball sack slapping against my inner thighs as he vibrated on my back. Maybe it was the idea of Maria’s cunt leaking its hot sauces as she watched and encouraged Hector and I in our depravity. But whatever it was ,it was just to much. My body stiffened violently. and in an instant, I had my first real hard orgasm to a dog.

    Instantly Maria was close to me again ,attentively caressing my belly, sensing me trembling all over.
    “Mmmmmmmmmm” she purred. “Yes baby, That’s it. Cum around his nasty doggy cock my darling”.

    She massaged my quivery , lust aching breasts as she kissed my sweaty cheek..

    “ I know how you feel honey, but stay still. He will soon cum in you”

    As if on cue Hector stopped all thrusting movements. He was only vibrating slightly now instead. He laid his boney head on my shoulder and sort of groaned. I sensed he was close to some kind of climax of his own.
    “Is he cuming now?” I asked.

    “He will in a moment. Don’t worry darling. You’ll love it” Maria replied pinching a nipple and sending an intoxicating lust shiver from it all the way through to my abused, dog cock stuffed, cunt.

    All at once, Hectors cock pulsed harder inside me and I felt the first squirts of dog cum splashing my insides. The tip of Hectors dick was so far in me that I could feel each jet of his cum pushing out the end of his cock, gushing against my vaginal walls and filling my cum hungry womb. The warmth of his slushy semen forced me to a yet another orgasm. Maria inspected the situation back where Hectors grotesque prong ball was now welded to my over stretched cunt mouth. She whispered excitedly in my ear:
    “Nicky it’s wonderful, he has tied with you. And on his first time with you, that’s very good. He is a quick learner. Now we have to wait for him to finish his orgasm. It will take some time before he can un-click from you.”

    I began to panic, I suddenly realized I was stuck, or rather , this slobbering, panting mongrel dog was stuck in ME! Not knowing how long I was going to be impaled this way, I tried to pull away, but he was firmly wedged inside of me and came with me in any direction.

    “Stay still honey.” Maria advised reassuringly.

    “You just have to wait. It may hurt if you internally if you try to pull his cock from you now. Just take advantage of the situation and enjoy it darling. This is the real reason any thinking woman prefers a K9 male to a human male any day. To be knotted! To be trapped and stuffed completely with cock and sperm. This is a pleasure to few women will ever know my darling.”
    She kissed my lips then, and as her naughty fingers found my aching clit once more, Hector continued to leak is dog chowder into my quivering girl-guts.

    ”Move slowly now darling. Let his cock rub your insides” I did as Maria suggested. She stimulated my clit ardently while I waited for my K9 lover to dump every last drop of his acrid sperm into my gratefully sucking tummy.

    The gentler movements caused a new wave of pleasure and I thought I was going to orgasm again at any moment. Hector sensed me tightening around his monstrous , lust engorged cunt prodder and I felt it pulsating again and squirting even more rank animal semen into my flooded fuck tunnel. I came again. Bright light exploded in my fevered brain as my cunt spasmed deliriously around Hectors cum pumping fire hose. My eyes rolled back into my head. And it happened again and again and again.

    After about thirty minutes, the dogs disfigured cock started getting softer. Not long after, his cock had slowly shrunk, and finally he popped it out of me with an obscenely wet sucking sound. Warm dog chowder mixed with my own feminine fuck juices splashed out, cascaded down my shaking inner thighs and pooling on the blanket.

    Sitting up a little, I inspected my wrung out vagina. It smelt pungent with Hectors dog cum, thoroughly used, abused and defiled. It felt great!

    Satisfied for now, Hector moved off to the corner of the room and he started tongue cleaning my cunt butters off his swiftly deflating male member.

    Maria was overjoyed, praising my efforts and toasting a very successful day of dog fuck training.

    I had that delightfully fucked-to-the-bone feeling a woman may be lucky enough to experience once in a very long while. I left and found myself a shower. When I finished my bath, Maria proposed I stay with her for the night.

    “I don’t like to sleep alone and after all, we may have some fun together” she said giggling.

    “Tomorrow you will fuck Hector again” she ordered. I think he will be ready for Lydia by Saturday.”

    Later that evening, when we were in bed together, she asked me how I liked my first experience being fucked by a dog. I told her I had never had such tremendous and extended orgasms.

    “Do you still have his doggy cum inside you?” she asked teasingly.
    “God yes!” I giggled. It’s been running out of me all evening!”

    ” I’d like to drink some of it from you Nicky. If that’s all right with you?” Maria confessed with a wicked little grin.

    I just smiled my approval. Gently guiding her sweet, sucking mouth to my dog cum leaking cunt-hole.

    “Just you wait my dear!’ she gurgled from between my wide flung legs as I strained to find the new orgasm beginning deep within me.
    “There is so much more for you to learn and enjoy.”

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    thanks for adding this

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    k9 is very hot ..thanks for posting

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    Now that is one hot story, hopefully the next installment will be posted soon.

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    liked the story thanks for posting it,

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    My dog training days,

    Lovely story, I remember my first time like it was yesterday. My boyfriend had a horse cock on him and it hurt like hell when he tried to put it in me. He had told me that there was a way I could work up to his size. He introduced me to his dogs and not being to understanding as to what was about to happen. After several weeks with his ever growing in size dogs he was right and I was able to take him without to much pain but I loved his dogs more. I have several dogs living with me now and I really enjoy having females come over to my home and wind up being mated to one of them.
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    wow i loved this

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    Very hot... thanks...

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    wow, I hung on to every word

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    amazing i loved it well done

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    Great, but ddo we get Saturday as well? I hope so :)

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    well such a great story is there any more?

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    thanks for posting this. Really nice.

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    Great story.

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    great story

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    nice story

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    greatr dog story

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    good story i liked it

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    Excellent post. Love training them doggies to take care of those hot bitches

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    Very good story.

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    Good story.Now know why so many women have male dogs

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    Very hot doggy story. Need more.

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    great story

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    Good story

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    my daughter read this story and could not help herself buster our rottie thanks you very much

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