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Thread: family vacation

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    family vacation

    Twelve hours on an airplane and now this; they can’t find our reservation and they say they a booked up. The resort manager assured us he’d take care of things but I didn’t have a good feeling about it. There we were on an island in the Pacific that I couldn’t even pronounce the name of and they say we have no reservation.

    I had no bars on my cell so I couldn’t call our travel agent, my husband looked like he was going to have a heart attack, and our boys looked like they were in total disbelief. It took us twelve hours on an airplane and two more on a ferry just to get to this island and the ferry wouldn’t return until tomorrow. What were we supposed to do? Sleep on the beach maybe?

    After an eternity of phone calls and scrambling around the manager finally had some good news. It seems our agent had made a mistake and booked us at one of the other resorts on the island. The names were extremely close and we that speak English would make that error easily. He assured us that the other resort was just as nice as his was, in fact the corporate parent owns it as well. He arraigned to have a shuttle take us there and we were finally breathing sighs of relief.

    My husband Mike and I had always wanted to travel to the Pacific and stay on a remote island and knew that at 17 this might be the last time the twins would be able to join us. Darren and Devon are identical not only physically but both are highly motivated to excel in their collegiate careers so next year might be too late.

    Mike is my husband of 18 years and in my eyes is the most gorgeous man on earth. We met in high school and have been together ever since. He’s always been my rock in more ways than one. Whenever I get frustrated he calms me down. If I get over zealous he reminds me to keep my feet on the ground. When I first met him we were both inexperienced sexually but he has a great imagination and has led me in exploration. When I was curious about other women he encouraged me to experiment. When I was turned on by the fantasy of being with two men he found a partner for us. The rock in his pants has always been good to me. What woman wouldn’t love a cock that measures eight inches and seems to always be hard?

    The twins look just like Mike only slightly taller. If you don’t know them you really cannot tell them apart. It’s easy for me though; Darren is the more out going of the two and has a tendency to talk too loud. Devon on the other hand tends to mumble quite a bit being that he tends to be shier. If they don’t say a word it’s nearly impossible even for me to know which is which.

    By the way my name is Mary, I’m 36 now and if you saw me you’d swear I was still in my twenties. I have a knockout figure that I work very hard to retain. I have short blond hair and blue eyes, 36-d boobs, and I’ve been told I have the butt of a teenager still.

    Well we finally arrived at the other resort and we were all happy. After so much travel we were exhausted to put it mildly. The moment we walked into the lobby though we knew instantly that there was a problem. The place was filled with naked people. It turned out that this resort was for nudists. Now we are far from prudish but this was beyond our way of life by a long shot. The thing is there were no other rooms available on the entire island; we really had no choice but to stay.

    We just went straight to out suite and figured we could deal with the nude issue later. Upon entering the suite though the first thing on anyone’s mind was getting some rest. We all crawled into bed and fell asleep. Exhaustion had gotten the best of me and I didn’t wake up for nearly eight hours. When I did finally awaken Mike was watching TV and the boys were nowhere to be seen.

    I asked mike where they were and he told me out on the beach. He went to go get them so that we could go and get some dinner. When he came back with the boys in tow I was surprised to see that they’d gotten into the spirit of the resort and had been out on the beach in the nude. Seeing them naked was a little uncomfortable for me but they didn’t seem embarrassed by it at all. I may as well be honest and admit to you that I found it impossible not to check out their goods even if they are my own sons.

    They reminded me so much of Mike at that same age that it was scary. Smooth looking sin, plenty of muscle definition, and save for the pubic region no body hair. In fact Devon was even bald there, obviously opting to shave. I guess I found new way of telling them apart. They informed me that nobody staying there opted to wear clothing and they weren’t about to stand out in the crowd.

    It was getting late and there wasn’t time for discussion over the nudity matter if we wanted some dinner. Mike joined the boys and went nude and I wore a bikini with a sarong tied around my waist. When we were seated in the restaurant I had to admit I did feel out of place. The only other clad people there were the staff. Not one single guest other than me opted to wear any clothes.

    We had our dinner and headed back to our room. The clock on the wall said it was nearing bed time but our internal clocks were not in tune with it yet. So we sat around and watched a couple of movies. None of the guys ever did put any clothing on and the truth is I found myself looking at cocks more than I watched the movie.

    I was actually getting pretty worked up over looking at so much cock though I realized I wouldn’t be doing anything about it. It was actually quite a thrill to witness the boys get hardons several times throughout the evening. In fact any time something the least bit sexy happened on the screen all three guys became aroused. There was no doubting one thing; the boys had indeed inherited their father’s large cock. Theirs were every bit as big as Mike’s is.

    The next day was a big one for me. It was the first time I went nude with my men. I don’t think I would have hesitates if it had been just Mike and I on this trip but with the boys along it seemed very odd to me. What really surprised me was that I didn’t really feel embarrassed or shy about it. On the contrary I found myself getting a thrill out of exposing my naked body to them. I won’t lie to you about it either; when they’d get hardons when looking at me I got very excited by that.

    By the third day nudity had seemed to become old hat to all of us. It was almost as if that had been the way we’d always lived. Mike and the boys were still getting aroused quite a bit but other than that we all seemed to be comfortable with it. in fact the hardons even seemed to be a natural part of it all. Where on the first day pillows and towels were often used to hide them by the third day they were just a natural part of the entire experience. Now I’m not saying it was that way out of our room but it was while we were in private.

    Day four brought a huge change in the weather. It began raining and didn’t stop for two days. It would figure we’d traveled half way around the world just to get rain. On the first day it rained we’d had lunch and Darren and Devon grew bored so they took off for the video arcade. That was my chance to finally jump mike’s bones and I seized upon it.

    We made love for an extended period of time taking full advantage of our privacy. When we were cuddling afterward I confessed to Mike that I was excited by seeing the boy’s erections. He surprised me by admitting that he understood since he actually was getting excited by it as well. He also pointed out how they really seemed to get very excited anytime they would be looking at my naked body. By the end of that discussion we were deeply enrapt in round two of love making and completely forgot about time.

    Mike’s cock was buried deep inside of me from behind when suddenly the door opened and in walked Devon and Darren. Their eyes widened and their jaws dropped when they saw us and for whatever reason I can’t explain Mike and I didn’t stop. He kept pounding the fuck out of my pussy while the boys stood there and watched us.

    Their splendid cocks were as hard as rocks and the sight of that sent both of us over the edge. Mike and I both came with a ferocity that island will not soon forget. I was screaming “Fuck me! Fuck me!” and Mike grunted and groaned. His warm milky seed was soon dripping from my satisfied cunt and we collapsed into a heap.

    The boys were still gawking at us even after we’d finished and mike told them it was ok to go ahead and masturbate if they wanted to. There was obviously no reason to hide anything anymore. They looked at one another, shrugged their shoulders, and sat down together on a sofa and both started to stroke their cocks.

    Watching them was probably the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my life up unto that point. Their styles of stroking were so different and yet every thing else about them was so much the same. I got two big thrills out of watching my boys do this. The first was just the thrill of watching guys stroke their cocks and it was even better that they were my own sons. The second thrill was realizing we were now a family that hid nothing from one another. From that point on we’d be totally open and free with each other.

    When they came I got them each some tissues and kissed them on their cheeks and thanked them. I told them to never hide that again as their father and I would no longer going to hide our sexuality in front of them. It turned out we’d have plenty of time to enjoy our new found freedom since by that point it was now raining in buckets outside.

    Mike and I had joined Devon and Darren in the lounging area sitting on the other sofa opposite them. I wantonly sat with my legs spread and let my boys have a good look. I still had Mikes cum dripping from me and I felt so incredibly naughty. It didn’t take long for both boys to start getting hard again at they gazed at me.

    I then reached for mikes cock and started fondling it while I smiled across at the boys. “My how I love all these hard cocks.” I mentioned right before lowering my head to Mike’s growing cock. I took it into my mouth so that our boys could watch me suck it. My God how incredibly sexy that felt. I looked at them with my mouth full of cock and watched them start jacking off once again.

    “You boys look so hot playing with your cocks!” I heard Mike say and that turned me on so much. “You’re Mom and I just love watching you guys stroke them.”

    I fingered my pussy while I sucked mike and I was in heaven. The way the boys watched drove me wild. I took Mike’s cock out of my mouth long enough to tell them so. “Oh God you guys look so hot! It’s so sexy to suck a cock right in front of you!” and then I went right back to sucking.

    Before long the room was filled with orgasmic moaning and groaning once again. Mike came in my mouth. Devon and Darren shot their hot loads all over themselves. As for me I easily brought myself to climax with my hand. What a way to kill the meat of a rainy day. By the time we’d all been satisfied it was time to take showers and get some dinner. We’d all worked up a healthy appetite that’s for sure.

    As we sat in the restaurant enjoying our meal I took a good look around. I wondered how many other families there were having fun when in the privacy of their rooms just as we’d been doing. There were too many sexy families to think we were the only ones. Just the thought of that had me turned on all over again. I could hardly wait until we went back to our room.

    When we finally did I suggested we tune into a porn movie on the TV. There were too many sexy sounding ones to choose from so we picked a package deal that allowed us to view as many as we pleased for the rest of our stay.

    When a movie started the guys were all hard immediately. Any shyness that had existed before was now gone for good. Mike was fingering me as the boys watched. He started asking them if the liked my body and they were hungrily saying yes as they stroked their cocks. Devon then said “Mom’s pussy looks good enough to eat.”

    Mike then told him to go right ahead and Devon was quickly on his knees jamming his tongue inside of me. Oh my God how excited I was to feel my own son’s tongue exploring me. I grabbed his hair and pushed his face hard into my cunt screaming “Oh fucking yes! Eat me Baby! Eat your mommy!”

    Mike then told Darren to get over here as well and get his cock sucked. I couldn’t wait to taste that lovely piece of meat that was hanging between his legs. Darren didn’t come to me though; instead he brought his cock right to his Father’s hungry mouth ad Mike willingly accepted it. I came the instant I saw mike open up and take his son’s cock.

    As soon as my climax subsided I too wanted to taste some cock and Devon was more than happy to feed me. Oh how I loved the feel and taste of his cock. it made me wonder why we hadn’t done this long before. I can’t think of a sexier moment in my life then right then. My husband and I sitting side by side sucking our sons off. Life doesn’t get any better than that.

    I watched with glee as Darren exploded into mike’s mouth. He looked like he absolutely loved how it tasted. If it weren’t for the fact that our son then wished to get a taste of cock as well he may have never released that tasty looking cock from his mouth. When Darren dropped to his knees and began to lick his father’s cock I could not have been prouder of him than I was at that moment.

    I begged Devon to fuck me while we watched them and he was quick to comply. Oh god how it felt to be filled with cock that I had given birth to. I came nearly as soon as he entered me. My juices gushed forth all over his cock and each wave of my orgasm caused my pussy to contract and squeezed his hard cock until he could no longer stand it and exploded inside of me.

    He lay atop me as we caught our breath and watch his brother sucking his father. Soon mike started grimacing and his cock exploded into Daren’s waiting mouth. He came so much that much of it was seeping from the sides of Darren’s lips. What a sight it was to behold.

    As I lay there feeling Devon’s cock slowly softening inside of me I knew that this was just the beginning. We would all be fucking and sucking one another from now on. There was to be nothing off limits for us from that day forward.
    Note to self-Don't forget to stop and pick up battery's.

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    I love it. Very good story line and visuals. I like how open you left it as well.
    Well done.

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    Great story Orchid, would love to see more!

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    interesting twist...i gotta say i liked it

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    Great story, is there more???

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    I have always been into dad daughter stories, but the more i read on this forum, I like most of the stories, and this story is especially hot, keep it up

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    that was pretty damned hott

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    got me going a bit...nice job!

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    Got me going ...great story.......more

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    Interesting, nothing I'd want to do myself, but hot nonetheless.

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    Another great addition from you Orchidspray - just as sexy as the others ! More please ! :o)
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    This is one damn good story. Thank you .

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    absolutely brill story with a great twist

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    great story thanks

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    loved that story...what else can be said

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    i liek ths tory thnx for share it

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    Fantastic as usual, very enjoyable.
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    gave me a hard on ,need a wank now

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    wow awesome story. Enjoyed it very much. Thank you for posting that.

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    very hot story

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    i want more of this story :)

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    Great story Loved it

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    Oh, I loved this story. Thank you!
    Incest is best!

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    thanks orchidspray, loved the post

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    wish the story went longer

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    Nice story, I only wish it was longer

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    one of the best stories I have read on this forum

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