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Thread: True Story/1st time

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    True Story/1st time

    Here is what happened the first time for me. I
    was out drinking with a college buddy and his wife and
    she kept telling us that she knew we had done things
    with each other in college, and although we had not we
    kept playing it up and acting like we into each other.
    She kept telling us how hot it was to watch us flirt
    with each other and how she would love to see us
    together and watch us suck each others cock. At first
    I was shocked at where this seemed to be heading but
    the more I drank and the more she talked the hornier I
    was getting. Now, to let you know she was extreamly
    hot and I had always wanted to fuck her and here she
    was rubbing against me and whispering in my ear about
    how horny she was and how much she wanted to see me
    with her husbands cock in my mouth, then she grabbed
    my cock and said she could tell it was what I wanted
    too, and she was right. We then went to one of the
    local topless bars here in Austin and she had a freind
    who worked there that danced for us and then they both
    started to try and get us to kiss in the VIP section
    in front of them and all the other customers. Well,
    let me tell you, having his tounge down my throat just
    made me even harder so I grabbed his dick and it was
    hard as a steel pole and burning up even through his
    shorts. I then reached up his shorts and started
    jacking him off there in the club, I would have blown
    him then and there if the girls didn't tell me to calm
    down because people were watching and we didn't want
    to get kicked out.

    Well, we ended up back at their house, just the three
    of us, with her sitting a chair and he and I sitting
    on the couch. She just smilled and told me she was
    waiting and then he spread his legs, so I got on my
    knees in front of him and started to rub him getting
    him harder and harder...his cock felt fucking huge for
    a guy his size. He is about 5'10" and about 150 lbs
    and I am 6'5" and about 200 lbs, but we both have 8
    inch cocks. When I took his shorts off and his hard
    cock was in my face I could not believe I had waited
    this long to try this and I just wanted that beautiful
    piece of meat in my mouth. I started by licking up
    and down the shaft and around the head, trying to get
    it as wet as possible and he already had some salty
    precum for me to taste. AND I LOVED IT, I wanted more
    I wanted his cum so bad then you would have had to
    have to use the jaws of life to get my mouth off his
    cock. I worked on his cock for about 15 to 20 minutes
    while his wife told me what and how to suck cock and
    it is still to this day (10 years later) the most
    intense and erotic moment of my life. When he said he
    was about to cum I just started sucking harder and
    harder and she was now on her knees so she could watch
    up close and was telling me not to miss a drop and
    that she wanted to see me with his hot load in my
    mouth. When he came I did not think I could hold it
    all but finally his spasms ended and I turned to her
    and showed his load on my tounge and then I swallowed
    the whole thing and just smiled. Later he gave me a
    hot blow job and then we both had to eat her out and
    we all fell asleep on the living room floor. When I
    woke up, I realized we did all this with all the
    lights on and the curtins open so if any of the
    neighbors were looking they got a hell of a show.

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    thanks for the addition

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    very good and very hot story

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    Very hot story.
    Incest is best!

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    I like this trend you have of the couple in which the women encourages you to suck cock.

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    Loved it. Maybe some fucking is in the future of these horny friends?

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    Sexy story. It's nice when marriage can be fun.

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    that was hot

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    Did you ever get to fuck his wife?

    Hot story, any more to share?

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    Hot story

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    very hot story, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Only reason I ever sucked my first cock was cuz it turned his wife on to no end. Thx for the hot story!

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    Very hot!

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    nice one hope u fuck his wife

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    Nope, never did get to fuck his wife...sad thing is that she left him about a year later and I moved in to help with the house payment. And other things.

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    Good story...too bad you fell asleep before you got to fuck the wife.

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    very hot. very, very hot!!!!

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    one hot and sexy tale

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    Hot tale, thanks

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    would have been one awesome show!!

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    good story,loved it.

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    Cool story! Thanks!

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