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Thread: Stepdaughter lets stepdad have sex in exchange for partying

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    Stepdaughter lets stepdad have sex in exchange for partying

    Arnold and his wife Tanya were arguing again

    Arnold said: Your going away all weekend again! I wish you'd quit that job the weekends the only time I'm off I never get to be with you anymore!

    Tanya said: We need the money...I promise work will slow down and I will be off weekends

    Arnold stroked his black hair in frustration he said I guess I got to watch Amber too!

    Tanya said, If you'd just be firm with her and tell her no parties she'd listen!

    Arnold said No, she wont dear...she's like you and don't care what enyone thinks.

    Tanya said, You think about that while i'm gone then you can call me and apologize!

    Arnold said, Don't count on it!!!!

    Tanya slammed the door behind her and left

    Amber seen her mom leave and knew it was time to butter up step dad.

    She ran out and stood by the couch she said, Daddy I love you....

    Arnold said, No parties!!!!!!! No beer, No boys Nothing!!!!!

    Amber stroked her blond hair, pouted her little lips and gave Arnold a big hug

    Arnold said NO! it's not gonna work this time

    Amber started crying and wimpered like a puppy

    Arnold said, Damn it!!!!!!!! ok

    Arnold thought to himself," maybe if I say i'm gonna party with them she'll cancel it"

    Arnold said, Why should you kids have all the fun i'm getting drunk too...fuck having the party in that little bedroom bring the strobe light, beer and music out here.

    Amber said Ok, Daddy you'll have lots of fun you'll see....All your gonna do is sit around missing momma and being sad if you don't.

    Arnold said, You wouldn't mind having a fat old gray haired man sitting at your party?

    Amber said Nope, and ran too call her friends and get someone to bring beer

    Later that night

    Arnold was sitting in his chair drinking beer watch the kids drink and party

    He saw Amber dancing and shaking her ass

    Arnold thought, Damn, she looks so much like Tanya...That blondhair coming down curling on her shoulders, them pouty lips, Her breasts are nearly as big as her mothers they look like baseballs....her little tight butt and long legs

    Arnold smoked a cigarette and tried to stop thinking of how much Amber looked like Tanya

    About 3am everyone was passed out on the floor.

    Amber seen her dad sleeping in his chair...she tapped him and said you better go to bed you'll get a crick in your neck.

    Amber staggered off and went in her dads room by mistake and laid on the bed.

    She said, Oops this is Arnold and mom's bed...oh they probally wont mind if I sleep here.

    Arnold staggered in his room he couldn't see very well or think strait. He saw Amber laying in his bed and thought Tanya must of decided to come home.

    Arnold layed beside Amber and said Baby you don't have to work?

    Amber moaned No

    Arnold said Baby take off your clothes.

    Amber in a semi conscious state pulled off her shirt, pants, and bra tossing them on the floor

    Amber rolled on her side

    Arnold reached around with one hand rubbing her breast and with the other put his finger in her pussy stroking it

    Amber opened her eyes in shock and yelled who is that!!

    She tried to turn but Arnold was tight against her rubbing her breast and fingering her pussy

    She started breathing hard and getting hot

    She said You know how to make a girl feel good

    Amber turned around and tried to see who was doing this but it was too dark

    Arnold kissed her then started gently sucking her tits while fingering her pussy harder

    Amber squirmed and moaned I'll find out who you are later! fuck you make me feel good!

    Arnold went under the covers, spread her legs and licked her pussy

    Amber breathed....ahhhhhhhh....ahhhhhhh....ahhhhhhhh

    Arnold then got on top of her

    Amber squirmed and said, Your heavy!!!!!

    Arnold rolled over and put his dick in her pussy

    Amber said AAAAAhhhhhh

    He thrust it in harder and harder

    Amber screamed, AAAAHH AAAAHHHHH FUCK!

    He went harder and harder pounding her pussy

    Amber breathed hard, got very hot, and felt something rise within her she never felt before

    Finally, Arnold layed her down and said was that good baby

    Amber cried and said somethings coming out of me!!!!!!!

    Arnold said Baby?

    Amber yelled turn the fucking light on I'm hurting and bleeding!

    Arnold ran out of bed and turned on the lights

    He saw Amber in tears with her hands on her vagina

    Arnold yelled OH MY FUCKING GOD AMBER!!!!!

    Amber looked and said Arnold!!!! Oh God!

    Arnold held Amber in his arms he said it's gonna be ok....i'm sorry....I thought you were Tanya.

    She said, What's happening to me?

    He said, You cumming and bleeding your a woman now

    She hugged him and cried

    Arnold said, go take a shower and again I'm sorry

    Amber saw cum going out of Arnold

    She said Daddy your cumming too

    Arnold said, Yea.....

    She said, Can I suck it like you did my pussy?

    He said Ok

    She put her hands around it and put her mouth on it sucking it

    He said bob your head up and down

    She bobbed her head up and down

    He yelled, Aaah! faster baby faster!!!!!!!!

    She went faster and faster

    He said, let me turn around and i'll clean your pussy off

    His dick dangled over her mouth as he licked the inside of her pussy

    She moaned aaaah!!!!!!! ah! ah!

    She reached up and started sucking his dick faster and faster as he licked her pussy faster and faster

    He laid on the bed beside her

    She kissed him and said, did you have fun tonight daddy?

    He said, Oh yes...

    She said, I knew you'd like partying if you just gave it a chance

    He said, You do this at every party?

    She said, I'v done everything but fucking until tonight

    He said, Did you like it?

    She said, Yes, I did

    She said can I have a party tommorow?

    Arnold said No!

    Amber said, You can fuck me....You know mom is always away and you want I good as mom?

    Arnold said, Your just like your mom

    Amber said Ok, then you make me happy, I make you happy and we all are happy.

    He said Ok, We'll party all weekend....Don't tell your mom

    Amber said, I wont

    It was night and Amber was thinking of what happened last night

    She thought "Did it really happen? it felt like it...I wonder if he'll do it again sober?"

    She went in the living room and saw her Stepdad drinking his beer and smoking a pipe.

    She felt warm and thought about what happened.

    She sat on his lap and said, Hey daddy I love you and kissed him

    Arnold said, I love you too baby girl

    Arnold thought about last night, "Was Amber really serious? Why would she even let me have my way with her?"

    Arnold accidetly spilled beer on her shirt

    Amber said, Dad you got my boob all wet clean it off

    Arnold lifted her shirt, licked her right boob...

    He stuck his hand down her pants, then stuck his middle finger in her pussy slowly stroking it in and out

    Amber jerked up and breathed very fast Haaaa haaaaa haaaa her mouth was wide open she squeeled mmmmm

    He then started squeezing her right breast...sucking on her nipple and turned so he could finger her pussy faster

    Amber moaned ahhhhhh oh my god oh! oh! oh! ohhhhhhhhhh

    Arnold said ready to take off your pants baby?

    She took off her pants, panties and shirt

    He said, I'm gonna show you another hole you can fuck...Turn with your back facing me

    She turned with her back facing and lifted up cause she knew something down there would be fucked

    He slowly put his dick up her ass

    She said, OWWWW! That hurts!

    He said, Come on try it a few minutes

    He layed her on his stomach, putting one hand on her right boob her rubbed her breast....Then reached around with his other hand and stuck his finger in her pussy going in and out.

    She jerked up breathhing hard again ahhhhh! aaaah!

    He then started fucking her ass, fingering her pussy fast as he fucked her and rubbed her breast faster

    She moaned mmmmmmm!!!!! mmmmm!!!!! Oh! Oh! Ah! Ahhhh!

    Amber grabbed her boobs squuezing them, jumping up screaming AHHH AHHH AHHHH

    The he picked her up and shoved his dick in her pussy...He put his finger up her ass and rubbed her breast with the other hand.

    She jerked up and moaned AHHHH! AHHH! breathing ahhhh ahhhh she was getting hot and her cum was pouring out on his dick as he sprayed cum.

    She said time to clean it off

    He said I have a condom on let me take it off

    She stuck her head between his legs and sucked on his dick

    He said go faster

    She moved her head faster and faster

    She then put her hand under his balls gently rubbing them

    He leaned down and squeezed her breasts gently

    He moaned AAAAhhhhhh Ahhhhhhh

    He said lay down

    She laid down he put his head between her legs, put his mouth between her pussy lips and licked them

    She leaned up and sucked his dick

    He shot cum in her mouth

    She coffed and choked a little

    Anold said you ok?

    She said, Yea

    Arnold got up and got some beers

    He said, Wash that down baby

    She drank the beer

    Amber put her clothes on and then he did

    She said, You got enough beer to party tonight

    He said, I filled the whole fridge

    Amber said, Daddy I'm going to go take a bath

    Arnold said, Want me to wash you baby?

    Amber said Yes, I'll get in the tub

    Arnold said lets go.

    Amber ran the water,poured in the bubble bath, and laid still.

    Arnold came in with a spong and put soap on it.

    He gently rubbed Amber's breasts the soap streaming down her belly

    She laughed and said it tickles

    He held the right breast slowly circling her nipple then held the other one slowly circling it

    Soap was running down her body Then he rubbed the soap down her belly

    She said, That feels good

    He then rubbed the sponge up and down her pussy

    Amber jerked a little and said Oh, That's the spot Daddy

    He held one leg and rubbed soap down it and under her foot

    She giggled, mmmhmmm that tickles

    He then grabbed the other leg and rubbed soap down it and under her foot

    She giggled, mmmmhmmm

    He said get on your knees

    She got up

    He slowly washed her back down to her butt

    Then he couldn't resist he stripped off his clothes

    He laid down in the tub and grabbed amber pulling her on his stomach

    He slid his dick into her pussy gently thrusting her and rubbing her breasts with his soapy hands

    Amber started moaning mmmmm

    He rubbed his hands down her soft wet stomach

    He pumped his dick in harder and rubbed her wet pussy hair

    She moaned Yea, Daddy fuck me daddy uh uh rub my wet body!!

    He said, I want to rinse you off and lick your wet body.

    She pulled out the stopped and turned on the shower

    The shower sprayed down her body sending the soap down the drain

    Arnold got up and said lay down sweetie

    Amber laid down and Arnold turned off the shower

    Arnold rubbed her leg while licking her foot

    Amber giggled aaaah your tickling the fuck out of me!!!!!

    He scratched her foot while licking her other leg

    She jerked up squealing ahhhhhhhh laughing and giggling

    He licked held her other foot and gently sucked on her toes

    She aquealed louder Ahhhh! and squirmed

    He held her leg licking and rubbing up and down it

    He layed over her held her legs and licked her pussy

    She started moaning uhhhhh

    He then licked her belly land lightly ran his fingers down her sides lightly scratching

    He then licked and sucked in her breasts

    She jerked up...He held her and scratched her back lightly while licking her neck

    She breathed hard ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhh

    He said, You always kiss me me on the cheek to butter me up...Let me show you how to really butter me up

    He hugged her and stuck his mouth on her lips moving her lips up and down

    Amber got the idea how to do it and moved her lips with his

    He stuck his toung in her mouth flicking it like a snake

    She flicked her toung against his

    He hugged her tight and she wrapped her arms around him hugging him tight

    He said, You remind me so much of your mother before she got wrapped up in her job...I wish she could be like you.

    Amber said, That's the real reason you now like my partying and fucking me isn't it? I remind you of the way she used to be?

    Arnold said, Yes baby

    Amber said, Maybe she'll change someday....For right now we can just have fun and enjoy life.

    Arnold said Yea, I'm gonna have fun on the weekends lets get ready to party

    Amber yelled hell yea!

    Arnold said, Remember don't tell your mother it's our little secret

    Amber said, I wont

    The end

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    nice story hope there is more to come

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    good story with a little bit of everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hot-tiff View Post
    nice story hope there is more to come
    Thanks I am thinking of a part 2 to this.

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    Part 2 and 3 and more I loved the story Thanks

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    great story. cant wait for part 2

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    here's part two called Step Family fun night it has stepdad, stepdaughter, stepmother and stepbrother
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    didn't like the format

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    Red face Bang on the money

    Great story line looking forward to the next part?

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    Good story I just agree with Lisa I didnt like the format too much but it was a good story.

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    not a bad story

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    good story.

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    strange format

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