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Thread: Sonís Desire for Mom

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    Sonís Desire for Mom

    Sonís Desire for Mom

    At 16 Joe was a lot bigger than most kids his age. He was taller than his father and was considered the best looking boy in his class. Joe had been interested in girls for a while, but had never had any experience with one. He looked at pictures and dreamed of being able to look at a real naked woman.

    Every chance he got he would try to look at his mother when she was walking around half dressed or in her nightgown. There were times when she would come out and only have one button on the front of her nightgown buttoned and he could catch a glimpse of her tits, not the whole thing but parts. He would try to get her to turn different ways and would drop things to try to get her to bend over and pick them up so he could get a better look.

    Today was different Joe was being moody and she came over and gave him a hug. Joe looked down and noticed that she had only one button buttoned and thought that dad must have been busy getting some this morning. He looked down and she pulled him close and asked what was wrong. He began to ramble about being confused about thing and girls made him confused and he did not know what to think. She said it would be okay and that he would get over some of these feeling that he was having and in time he would find a girl and fall in love and get married.

    Joe was only thinking about how sexy and exciting his mother was making him and it was evident by his raging hard-on. When she pulled him to her to give him a hug and comfort him she felt his cock up against her and tried to act as if she did not notice, so not to embarrass him. He was extremely aware of her warm body against his and became even more excited. He looked down and noticed her button had opened and now her front was open from her neck to her waist and when he turned and looked down he could see her tit and the nipple all at the same time. He dropped his hand down to the small of her back and felt that she was not wearing any underwear.

    His thoughts were only on trying to get her to move so he could see her pussy. He acted like he was still upset and she was still trying to make him feel better and did not notice that her nightgown had slipped from her shoulder on one side and was exposing her to the waist. Joe noticed and adjusted himself to the other side to get her other shoulder exposed so he could see both of her tits at the same time.

    About this time she moved to try to move so his hard cock was not pressing into her pubic mound. The hard cock against her clit was making her excited and she wanted to stop it before it went too far. She stepped on his toe and he acted like he was really hurt and went down on his knees pulling her nightgown down with him. She was now standing naked in front of her son with her nightgown on the floor in a pile. Joe had his face eye level with her pussy and pulled her close to him and began to cry and say how sorry he was.

    She looked at him and at the hard cock staring her in the face. Joey was pleading with her to teach him everything she knew about sex. Joe said he was not sure if he should be telling her how he felt and what he wanted from her. He was pleading with her to talk to her and tell him what she was thinking and feeling about what just happened.

    She was feeling a bit confused and yet she was excited that her son felt close enough to her to tell her what he was feeling and that she was beautiful. She was also amazed that his cock was so long and thick. She said to Joe that what just happened was wrong and that nobody must ever find out. Joe said that he would never tell anyone.

    Joe reached over and touched her nipple and asked her how she would like him to touch them and if it would be okay for him to suck them. He waited for her to answer him before he did anything. He was so excited that his cock was twitching. She reached over to him and said she would teach him what to do and what made her feel good, but he was going to fast. Joe said what was he supposed to do he was so excited he thought he was going to shoot off any second.

    She was surprised at what she just did and what she was getting into by teaching her son about sex. She looked at his hard cock and watched him quiver at every move she made. She asked him if he wanted to touch her and was responded to by him reaching for her tits and grabbing them and moving his hands roughly all over her.

    He was clumsy in what he was doing and going way to fast Ė she touched his hand and held it and began to guide it to her nipples and showing him to be gentle and how to move his hands. He then grabbed her hand and shoved it to his cock and asked her to help him. He said it would only take a stroke or two and he would be done. Then she held him and asked if he could cum again very soon if he came again now. Joe told her he could normally masturbate 3 X in a row.

    She was surprised and wondered if she could make a difference in how many times she could make him cum in an hour. He already came once and now she was going to make him cum again. She took him and guided him to get onto her and to take it slow and follow her instructions, but he was two strokes into her and he came again. But he was still hard and still going. Joe told her how good it felt to him and that he never wanted to stop. Joe kept it up for about five minutes and came again.

    She noticed his cock was still partially hard and wondered if he could keep going. She decided to let him do it again and see how many times she could make him cum before he had to take a rest. His father could go three times and could go again in an hour if she sucked his cock. Joe started again and continued to pump his cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy faster and faster. He came again and she thought he was going to stop but he continued to go more for another 15 minutes he pounded his cock in and out of her pussy. She had cum herself several times and needed a rest.

    She told him the lessons were over for today and that he would have to be satisfied with what he just got. Joe could not believe it he came in his motherís pussy five times and still felt excited. Then he asked her if she would suck his cock and make him cum again. She said it would have to be later and went into the bathroom and took a shower.

    Joe went to his room and thought about everything and wondered when he would be able to do it again. They did not speak to each other until supper time when his father asked what kind of a day he had today and he answered that he had a great day that mom helped him in the kitchen and he learned a lot. She looked at him and did not say anything.

    Jim said he thought it was great that he was learning his way around the kitchen and said mom is a good teacher and to do what she told him. Jim suggested he plan on making a dinner for the family when he was ready. Then he squeezed her leg under the table and winked at her. Jim whispered that she should go to the bathroom and take off her panties and come back and sit with him.

    She smiled at him and got up and went to the bathroom and took off her panties and came back and cleared the table and got two glasses of wine and went in and sat on the sofa and pulled a blanket over her lap. Jim came in and they had their wine and he was playing with her pussy and rubbing her clit. Joe did the dishes, something he never did and looked in at his parents on the sofa and the look on his mothers eyes as he played with her pussy and made he cum two times in a row.

    Joe could tell she was really enjoying what ever he was doing to her that was making her look that way. Joe finished in the kitchen and came into the living room and sat across from his parents. His mother was laying back with here eyes closed and his father was obviously playing with her pussy making her look the way she was with her head back and a smile on her face.

    Jim looked over at Joe and noticed he was watching them while trying to appear to be watching TV. He stopped and whispered something to her and she got up and went into the bedroom and came back wearing a long robe and apparently was not wearing anything under the robe, which opened as she walked into the room and sat down where she was and smiled to Jim. The robe was nearly transparent black and only had a draw string in the middle keeping it closed.

    She purposefully looked over at Joe on the other side of the room and winked as she put her leg up on the end of the sofa and let the robe fall open to her waist then covered herself with the blanket. Jim looked over at Joe and winked as he began to kiss her and play with her pussy and nipples.

    Joe got up and turned off the main lights so there was only light coming from the hallway shining in the living room. The light from the hallway was at the right angle for him to look and see everything that his mom and dad were doing and not to be outwardly obvious he was watching everything they were doing looking for every glimpse of her he could see. Jim knew that Joe was watching and intended to give him as much of a show as he could until she realized and stopped everything. Jim untied the sash on her robe and opened the front of the robe so he could have full access to her body. She offered some minor resistance so he would think she was not giving in to him too easily.

    Jim continued kissing her and opening the front of her robe several times as she half heartedly closed it until she was completely exposed and had given up on trying to close the robe, but made a minor attempt to cover herself with the blanket. Jim had a way of playing wit her pussy that made her very excited and willing to try new things if the conditions were right. Today was one of those days, especially after she had sex with Joe earlier that day and was in part preoccupied with the events of the day and what was happening now. She was thinking to herself if she did not know better Jim was trying to get Joe excited by watching him and having him watch her. She decided to play along and see if that was actually what he was doing, so when he slid the blanket down she moved her leg so it would fall down even more.

    Jim did not notice what she did and thought she was just moving to give him better access to her pussy, which was really wet. Now, Jim moved to get a better angle to play wit her pussy and to get the blanket the rest of the way off. The blanket slid off her onto the floor and now she was lying back on the sofa with one leg hanging over the edge of the sofa and the other leg bent at the knee against the back of the sofa with her pussy totally exposed and the rest of her body totally exposed.

    Jim watched as Joe moved to get a better look and trying not to be obvious, but Jim motioned for him to be quiet and come closer for a better look. She could see what was going on but kept her eyes almost all the way closed so not to appear like she knew what they were doing. Jim was working three fingers in and out of her pussy while he was eating her pussy.

    Now Joe came over and began to suck on her nipples as Jim continued eating her pussy. She let out a pleasure moan and rolled her head. Joe was having a hard time controlling himself and pulled his cock free and offered it by placing her hand on it. Jim spoke softly and said suck it and she bent over and began sucking Joeís cock as Jim ate her pussy. Joe rewarded her with a large load of cum.
    She knew that it was Joe because of the size difference. Joe withdrew from her mouth and inserted his cock into her wet pussy. Jim was quiet during all of this and she watched him motioning to Joe what to do next and as he started to slide in and out he made him kneel more erect and shocked both of them as he began to eat her pussy again with Joeís cock buried to the hilt in her pussy.

    The combination of everything was too much she began to cum and then was even more surprised as she had her first ever ejaculation and she gushed all over his face and Joe. She continued to ejaculate three more times and then had several more multiple orgasms. Jim then told her that he was tying to get her to do that for years. She then rewarded him with by sucking his cock all the way to the hilt and swallowing every bit of his cum. They changed places and positions and continued their lovemaking until they were exhausted. They all cleaned up and went to bed.

    Early the next morning when Jim woke up he looked at his wife and was excited, boy she was sexy he thought and thought about the great sex they had the night before. Now he was horny again and wanted to get a little before he went to work. She looked at him and asked sheepishly if he did not get enough last night. He showed her his cock and asked what she was going to do about it Ė he certainly could not go to work with a hard-on like he had now.

    She smiled and asked what he thought he should get and he said whatever you are willing to give me. So she said she knew how much he liked getting a blow-job and began to suck his cock. As she was going down on him Joe came in with a hard-on and asked if he could join in the fun.
    Jim looked at Joe and asked if he ever ate any pussy. Joe said no and Jim pulled up her dress and exposed her pussy to him and he said observe as he began eating her pussy and was rewarded by her increased vigor in sucking his cock. Then he let Joe try it out and he was a natural. He would be great with a little more instruction and practice. About this time mom sucked him all the way in and buried her nose in his pubic hair and he exploded in her mouth and throat with a huge load of cum. She continued to suck him off and then he pulled out and said he wished he could stay and enjoy the fun, but he was going to be late for work if he did not hustle.

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    Good story

    thanks for the addition

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    It's a shame there is no sister to bring into the story

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    great story

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    very nice story,

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    wish i was joe or jim or even mom

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    nice story :P
    bit more realistic next time maybe? xD

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    sexy story. thanks babe!

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    Very Nice!

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    great story, but how did he get naked so early?

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    Nice Story!!

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    great story

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    An easy hot read.

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    Awesome story.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Great storywish I had a mom n dad like that

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    every teenage boy needs a set of parents like these

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    Is that the end? There has to be a sequel.

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