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Thread: Stepmother, Stepsister and me (Stepbrother/stepson) The “Love In the Family” Series

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    Stepmother, Stepsister and me (Stepbrother/stepson) The “Love In the Family” Series

    When I was about 17 years old, I was in the bathroom playing with myself like most teenage boys do, except for this one time it was different. About the time that I was getting ready to cum the door came open, and it was my 16 year old stepsister. She looked up at me and then looked down as her presence made me cum the hardest that I had ever cum in my young teenage life. She looked at me and just smiled and then closed the door as she walked away. I was so embarrassed over the issue that it took me sometime to walk out of the bathroom, as I knew that she had told her mother about what she had witnesses.

    During supper that evening my thoughts was correct, there was this little whisper and giggling going on at the table between the 2 of them. Then my father spoke up and told me that the next time I go to the bathroom that I need to make sure that I lock the door behind me. The sealed my fate for being able to walk the floors of the house without wondering what one or the other would be saying or thinking. I did know that my stepsister started watching me more now than ever before. Maybe she was waiting on me to mess up again so she could bust me on it or maybe there was something else to her stares?

    A couple of weeks later I got a little payback against the both of them. My stepmother every night since her daughter was really young, she would go and sit beside her bed and watch her sleep. She did this almost like a religion, it was an every night deal with her, I think that she just enjoyed watching her daughter at peace, which when she slept, that was the only time that she did not mock me for her catching me in the bathroom that day, which was the only time that I was basically at peace over the whole situation.

    This particular night, I decided that I would go into my stepsister’s bedroom and get underneath the bed and see if I could maybe see if I could find out why she went in there every night, maybe there was some other reason than just watching her daughter sleep. (At this point my mind was thinking of all sorts of reasons to get back at them for the little mocks they did at me for my one indiscretion)

    I was under the bed for about 15 minutes when I caught a glimpse of my stepmother walking into the room, all 5’2 of her. (With red hair and a rather nice body, tiny little thing really, she weighed in at about 98lbs.) She kneeled down on the floor that is all that I could see nothing more as I was under the bed so I could not see anything about her stomach area. She had her knees touching for about ˝ the time she was in there, and then she moved and resituated herself and when she did, her legs opened up and I could see her red mound between her white luscious thighs. She stayed in this new position for over 5 minutes without change and then all of a sudden she reached down to scratch around her pussy and towards the center when her finger slipped between her lips and when this happened her finger must had jabbed a little too hard as she placed her entire hand on her mound and rubbed herself for a moment, and during the rubbing, I could see her finger was glistening with the wetness from her inner lips which must have gotten on her finger when she inserted it accidentally and hurt herself.
    When she finished rubbing herself, she pushed down and then back up and her finger went more gentler between her lips this time and when she removed her finger it was glistening more so now than it did before, and oh how I wanted so badly to suck on her finger, but I knew that I could not. At least I got to see her pussy, and it was beautiful, as I knew that it would be.

    After my stepmother left the room I was so horny after seeing her pussy that I was about to explode. I moved myself to the wall-side of the bed and eased myself up so that I could see my stepsister asleep. She was lying there with the covers off from her. Her top was pulled up just right above her panties and her panties, well; they looked so beautiful on her. I pulled my dick out of my shorts and started to jack off slowly, as I did not want to do it too fast and mess up the moment. There was a steady stream of pre-cum at the head my dick and I moved it towards her mouth and let it drip over her lips. It took a good amount of it to finally start rolling down into where her lips meet and she moved her mouth and her tongue came out slightly and licked her lips and when I saw this, it drove me nuts. I reached down and placed my hand on her panties and started to ever so lightly rub them. I could feel the center of her lips and as I rubbed her panties I leaned more down towards her face and the pre-cum was still steadily streaming from me head to her lips.

    I wanted so badly to see what my stepsister’s pussy looked like, so I slowly moved her panties to the side so that I could see. She has a light blond hair, almost a whitish color and her public hairs were a beautiful shade of light off-white. This made her lips more defined than I had ever seen on a woman. I was able to move her panties over towards one side, exposing her entire whitish mound. I leaned down and gently put my tongue on her pussy lips and inserted it between them, and when I did her body reacted to it, and she moved her hips just enough that she met with my tongue and it caused my tongue to press into her cliterous which made her body jerk a little. I them very gently opened her lips so that I could see the inside of her beautiful pussy, and it was so pink that it drive me nuts. I leaned down and started licking her opening and putting pressure against her, and rubbing her clit with just enough pressure to not disturb her sleep. I kept this up for quite some time, then I could not hold it back any more, I need to relieve myself. I stuck my tongue in her one last time and then I covered my stepsisters beautiful pussy back up with her gentle panties, and stood up. I started to jack off again, and this time I leaned down and put my dick up to her mouth as her lips were just far enough apart at this time that I could place the head right on her lips and it happened! I started to cum into my stepsisters mouth, and it was the best feeling in the world when the cum entered into her mouth and she reacted on it by swallowing and doing this sucking motion with her mouth with the head of my dick started to go in-between her lips. I finally finished Cumming and I removed myself from her mouth and watched as just continued this little sucking motion with her mouth like she was sucking on a bottle.

    The next day when I woke up, I heard talking in my stepsister’s bedroom. She was talking to her mother about this dream that she had, and that in the dream she felt like someone was kissing her down between her thighs and that in her dream, it felt so good that she wished that the dream would have never ended. Her mother told her that she would experience more and more dreams like that the older that she gets. (I could do nothing but smile, as I knew that I was the one that made her feel that way)

    That afternoon I was outside and my stepsister came up to me to get my help with something. I did, as I always helped her and after what I did to her the night before, I wanted to help her more so now than ever before, regardless of the way that they had treated me, I got them back and made her enjoy me even though she did not know it was me.
    She needed my help getting a box out of the attic so I went up and got it for her, and when I came back down and took it into her room she turned to me and apologized to me about picking on me, and she said that it was wrong of her to do, and that she hopes that we can still be friends. I told her sure, and she reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck and said thank you, and it felt so good to have her body against mine that I just cherished every second that I had her pushed into me. And she did not seem to mind either, I think that dream that she had made her hormones go wild as well, as she did not try to push away. When we did stop hugging she looked up at me and kissed me on my cheek. Thank you; she said as we separated from one another. You’re welcome.

    All day long I could not stop thinking about the hug that we had shared together, that it felt like she wanted to hold me longer, so later on that evening I went into her room right as she cut out the lights and we started talking. I got between the bed and wall and kneeled down beside the bed and we were face-to-face with each other. She looked at me and told me that she enjoyed the time that we spent together this afternoon, and I told her that I enjoyed it as well. She asked me if I could give her another hug and of course I told her yes. We stayed there holding each other for about 20 or so minutes before I heard footsteps. I let go of her and got down on the floor as I knew that it was her mom, and she acted like she was asleep. My stepmother did the same thing as previous night, kneeled beside the bed for about 20 minutes and then left the room, but this time she did not have to itch herself, so I did not get to see her glistening finger again tonight.
    After she left the room, my stepsister called my name, and I brought myself up.
    Her: I did not think mom was ever going to leave.
    Me: Yes I know.
    Her: Where were we?
    Me: Hugging?
    Her: Yes.

    We continued to hold each other for a while longer and I could not help myself, I turned to face her and pressed my mouth against hers to kiss, and she looked into my eyes and then closed hers, and I gently moved my tongue into her month and it felt so good to finally kiss this beautiful girl. After about 3 or 4 kisses I started to rub her body and she started to react to my touches and then I braved myself up and moved my hand down to her panties and when I touched her panties she pressed her mouth into mine like she was trying to eat my alive. I started to rub her panties and they quickly become wet, I then moved my hand up and into the top of her panties, and she was soaked, it was like the flood gates had been opened. I started to rub her cliterous and do gentle probing on her opening as she is a virgin and was rather tight and I could tell that it hurt when I put pressure on her there, so to not mess up the mood I just did gentle rubs and soft probing against her opening so it would make her hotter not hurt her. She looked up at me and asked me if I could do something for her?
    Her: Will you do something for me please?
    Me: Yes I will.
    Her: Will you kiss me down there like you just kissed me on my mouth?
    Me: Yes I will!

    I then went down and gently pulled down her panties, and after I removed them from her, I finally got to see every part of her this time with her knowledge.

    When I leaned down and put my head between her legs and inserted my tongue into her soaked pink beautiful flower, and this time I took my time and made sure that she felt the same way if not better than she did in her dreams. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I will never forget it as long as I live.
    She reached down and grabbed my head and started pressing her hips up towards me as her body was starting to react to the feeling and shocks of passion and excitement that was going through her while I was licking her cliterous and her opening. And then it happened, she let out the muffled moan as she put the pillow over her head as to muffle the noise that she was making so that she would not wake anyone else up in the house. And then her body started to quiver so I stopped and moved myself up and we kissed and then held each other and she told me that she had never experienced anything like that before and she thanked me, and I told her that she was welcomed, and that anytime that she wanted me to do this for her again, that I would. She thanked me and told me that she would defiantly get me to do it again really soon.
    I kissed my stepsister one last time and told her that we needed to get some sleep, so I left her in her room and I went to mine. She called out my name as I was leaving the room and said:
    Her: Thank you for last night.
    Me: What?
    Her: Thank you for what you did to me last night!
    Me: You know that I did last night?
    Her: Yes, and there is one thing that was missed tonight.
    Me: What is that?
    Her: Come here.

    I walked over to the wall-side of the bed and she reached out and pulled my shorts down and grabbed my penis out, she looked up at me and then she licked the head and then inserted it into her mouth.
    (She acted like she was a pro at it, but this one the first time that she has ever given a real blow job but had practiced on other similar object in the past).
    She would try to take all of me into her mouth but couldn’t so I told her not to do it if it hurt or she did not like it, but she continued until I grabbed the post of her bed and reached my hand under the covers and started to rub her panties, and she reached under the covers and pulled down her panties for me and I started rubbing her beautiful flower once again for the 2nd time tonight. Then I started to feel myself ready to explode, I told her that I was fixing to cum, and she wrapped her arms around my waste and held me there so I could not move and then it happened, I started to cum in her mouth and it felt so good, it was like a million pounds had been lifted from my shoulders.
    She looked up at me when she was complete and smiled and asked me if she did it right, and I told her that she defiantly did it right, and she said: Good, I did not want it done wrong when you did a wonderful job on me last night and especially tonight.

    And the rest is what you call: History.
    Stay tuned for more of the series of: “Love In the Family

    By: dreaminstories
    dated: Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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    Thanks for the re-write, I look forward to more in the future.

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    that was very good, well written and easy to read, thanks, looking for more

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    great little story, thanks for publishing

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    Thank you all;
    I love to write, and when I get into the mood, I can write without faulter for hours.
    This story here took me about an hour to write.

    I have another one that I am thinking about publishing here, It really depends on if I have more to go with it.
    As I have been told that I could probably make it into a small adult book and sell it.
    So, will just have to wait and see
    And that one is 14-pages long and took me 2hrs to write, and it is 10 times better than this one.

    I will be doing another one for here shortly.
    So, keep an eye open for more.

    dreaminstories (If you can dream of your life, then you can write it. Remember: There is a thin line between your imagination and your own reality)

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    Great story, can't wait for the next part.

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    You suck so bad..... Ending it like that I cant wait for more

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcg619 View Post
    You suck so bad..... Ending it like that I cant wait for more
    It will be ok, just keep an eye out for more.

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    Looking forward to more.

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    Great can't wait for more. Keep up the good work

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    Great story, very hot.

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    great story Very Smoking HOT

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    Very hot! Thanks!

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    Nice start. What a hot little story you've got brewing. Looking forward to reading the rest of it.

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    nice story.

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    Glad to see that all are enjoying my Post(s).
    I have a HUGE one that is over 7 pages long that deals with
    Myself and my stepmother, not really sure when I will publish it here, but will one day.

    Take Care all;

    If you read this, please check my profile, as I cannot send no messages to anyone.

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    more of such story

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    very good story

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    love to read more

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