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Thread: A Kenyan in My Wife - Chapter 2

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    A Kenyan in My Wife - Chapter 2

    A Kenyan in My Wife - Chapter 2
    By Kyng Kooba - March 2010

    I sat alone in the café, a cup of coffee untouched in front of me and a British paper open at the second page. Over by the reception my daughter Poppy was making use of the play area. Blissfully unaware that just two floors above us in our hotel room, her mother Kirsten was with a black barman called Eddy. It was our second week in Kenya and my wife’s first time with another man in our eight years of marriage. Needless to say, my mind was not on the paper. My Kirsten; conservative, catholic and now a plaything for black cock. The desperate situation still bounced around my brain. This is what I had wanted. Perhaps even forced her into yet I still could not believe she had gone through with it. I was in shock. All had been my doing. My instigation. The affair I’d had with one of her closest friends alone hadn’t pushed her to it. Kirsten wasn’t doing this to get back at me. She was doing it because she felt it was what I wanted.

    Almost an hour and a half past. Horror, abandon, intrigue and erotic tension gushed through my mindset. I wondered if I should return but remembered their final words to me. ‘Come back in a few hours. I imagine this stud will have finished with me by then’. I did not want to interrupt what I was sure would be a life-changing event. Eddy had certainly had his share of white pussy. The women, tourists that I had seen hanging around and flirting with him at his beachfront bar were testament to that. Still, the satisfaction in his eyes of fucking a new wife was just as potent for him. As I waited time seemed to move slowly, my mind filled with all kinds of twisted visions. This was unbearable. By 10:30 Poppy was looking tired and ready for bed. Her room was joined onto ours but I’d made sure before leaving that the door between them was locked. I led my daughter up in the lift and as we turned along the red, carpeted corridor towards us came Eddy. He had a casual, satisfied look about him. Still tucking his shirt into his pants with post-sex sweat on his brow that gleamed through his thinning grey hair. He nodded to me, a knowing look and flashed his trademark smile. A gleaming row of white teeth. How many western ladies had fallen for that one? It was only Monday. We had another week left in Malindi and he was not done with us. Not by far.

    Kirsten was in the shower and after I put Poppy to bed I leant on the dresser and watched her dry her hair. For a woman who had just been through an intense black fucking with a man she’d only just met she looked composed. At least on the outside. We had been married eight years but in that moment I felt my feelings towards her change. Perhaps before I had taken her for granted in the past. Expected too much. Her face was tired but resolute. Staring blankly at her reflection in the dresser mirror. There was something else though. I’d watched her come three times with Eddy and that was before he’d dismissed me to the lobby. Even then her attitude seemed, adjusted.
    ‘Did you enjoy yourself honey?’ I asked. She paused, looked down at the dresser top for a moment and then resumed with the hairdryer. For a moment I thought her unable to speak to me.
    ‘Actually’ she said. ‘ I did’. Her voice was dry and quiet. All the groaning and at times, crying out she had done during intercourse had taken it’s toll. I’d never seen her like that. Still speaking her mind so purposefully surprised even her. I suspected nothing would be the same. ‘I can still feel his hands all over me’.
    ‘and his cock’ I added.
    ‘Yes’ she added with a pause. ‘He has a big willy hasn’t he’.

    The next morning we went down to the beach and spent three hours or so sunbathing and swimming. It was another glorious day. To look at Kirsten you would never have suspected any of it had taken place. The events of the previous night banished from our happy family. Somehow, I felt satisfied that we had taken matters far enough. If my wife had indeed had sex with Eddy to make a point she had done so. Kirsten seemed her usual self, marshalling Poppy as she read her book. The glorious sun beating down hard from above. So much beauty all around. Nevertheless, my mind returned frequently to the space in her belly where at that moment, Eddy’s native African seed was residing. I wondered if hers did the same. Later, after packing up we got some lunch in one of the outdoor hotel restaurants. I hadn’t seen Eddy but presumed he was working at his usual bar down the beach. Probably telling tales of his latest white, married conquest or even chatting up a potential new lady.

    Kirsten went up to the room and changed into a blue, one-piece swimsuit. Returning with her sun-bag in one hand and a hat in the other she returned to the beach. Her shoulder length hair pushed back and held with a tie. Poppy, exhausted from the sun was happily enjoying herself in the lobby play area and after a cup of tea I took my camera and went outside to take some shots around the hotel. An hour past and deciding to check on Kirsten I headed down to the beach. It was busier than I’d imagined with sunbathers spaced out a few yards apart. Spotting my wife halfway down the sand I approached to find a young black man of maybe twenty standing with a tray of drinks. I’d seen him around the hotel a lot, the last time serving a mid forties woman at Eddy’s bar whose eyes had been all over him. He was athletic and lean with boyish features and short dark hair. A red tribal necklace hanging around his neck.
    ‘My names Sima’ I heard the man say as I approached. The young waiter grinned, his eyes like saucers on my wife’s body. The swimsuit really complemented her figure, particularly her trim waist and shapely breasts. ‘Can I get you a drink lady…..or maybe more?’ he grinned making no effort to hide his indulgence.
    ‘Peter?’ Kirsten said, obviously flustered and glad to see me. She looked sheepishly around the other sunbathers. Just what was this?

    Then it clicked. Eddy was not alone in his pursuit of white pussy and had obviously told his friends that Kirsten was available. My wife suddenly made the same conclusion and her face paled.
    ‘Oh my God Peter’ she gasped in embarrassment. ‘He’s put it about all over the hotel’. Quickly she covered herself with a thin red shawl, as if afraid other leering eyes might be watching. In that moment it seemed everyone around suddenly knew what she had done last night. Shaking my head at Sima he shrugged and departed, a scowl upon his young face. Clearly he had not been turned down often.
    ‘What did you expect honey? I said knowing full well there would have been implications for our actions. ‘Eddy is probably up the beach getting a lap-dance from a couple of girls and talking all about you’. I recalled the first day I’d see Joanne and Rick together with Eddy and some of his friends. The Alcove had been private and accessible enough. I’d described the events of that day to her in detail.
    ‘Oh my god, this is terrible, we need to leave. We need to…’. My wife stopped talking and stared out to sea.
    ‘Ok. I think I’ll head up there’ I said at last. It dawned on me that Kirsten had sacrificed a lot. I’d speak to Eddy, let him know this was a one time thing and to keep it quiet. She seemed to follow my trail of thought and nodded.
    ‘Ok honey, just hurry back ok?’

    Brushing the sand from my shorts I made my way along the seafront. Along the beach led to desolate jungle but well before that, just around the hillside was the alcove. A convenient place for hotel workers to shrink away for beer, cigarettes or women if the opportunity was there. A breeze picked up and I had to take care along the rocks. The alcove itself was obscured from the main beach and I saw Sima wandering up towards the wooden forms where both Eddy and another man were sat smoking. I had seen this other man the previous day, working in the bar with Eddy. He called himself Mashudu or ‘Mash’ for the tourists. They looked up as I approached.
    ‘I send Sima to fuck your wife’ Eddy said as I sat down. ‘She say no?’. He didn’t sound entirely happy. The young man shrugged and switched on a small battered radio.
    ‘He must get plenty’ I suggested.
    ‘French, German, Italiano…yes…yes. Never English. Not yet’. I felt the men were playing with me and suddenly they burst into laughter.

    He reintroduced Sima and Mash who it turned out was Eddy’s cousin. Both men had worked at the hotel for many years. The three soon lost interest in me and continued listening to their radio and rolling cigarettes. They talked in their native language and a short period of time seemed to pass. Suddenly, from the corner of my eye a figure appeared against the seafront. It was my wife. She was stumbling slowly along the rocks, her shawl around her shoulders. For a moment I thought she was going to fall but she managed to get down to the sand. What was she doing? We all watched curiously as she saw us and approached.
    ‘So this is where you come?’ she said with a shy smile and shaking her shoulder length dark hair.
    ‘Hey baby’ Eddy grinned taking a long drag on his stub and exchanging a joke with Sima. ‘Boys this here Kirsten. Woman I was telling you about’. Kirsten blushed and looked down. Her earlier notion for me to put a stop to Eddy’s tale telling seemed to have gone for now. Returned to his presence she was perhaps reminded of last night. Everyone here knew what she’d done. There was no hiding it.

    Eddy ran his eyes up and down my wife’s well kept figure. ‘Why you no fuck Sima?’ he laughed at last. ‘He very…’ he help out his hands to insinuate the young mans size. Kirsten looked away, speechless. There was a huge cultural gap here and it was fascinating to see it. To Eddy and his friends, we were no different that Rick and Joanne. It was hard to tell if these men were toying with us or not. I guessed they could see how awkward and new to it we were. Eddy finished his cigarette and lit a new one. He took a deep drag into his lungs and looked at her through narrow eyes.
    ‘Now lady’ he said. ‘You going dance for us?’. Kirsten’s eyes widened. ‘For young Sima’ he added slapping the young mans back. He stood up and leant close to my wife ear, whispering something inaudible to the rest of us. My wife’s face darkened but she turned almost submissive to his demands. Looking around she spotted some rocks and headed slowly towards them.

    After three minutes, Mash signalled her return with a whistle and slapping of his thigh. Kirsten was still wearing the shawl around her but it was obvious that she had turned her swimsuit around back to front. Her breasts moved freely, exposed out of the front with the flat nipples visible through the thin shawl. I couldn’t believe it. For years I’d wanted a slut-wife and now Eddy had practically done it overnight. He grinned and nodded as she walked up to us, motioning her to take away the shawl and show herself off. Breathing heavily she closed her eyes and let the garment drop to the sand. My erection showed no sighs of dipping, particularly with my wife standing topless in front of three horny, black men. Their eyes were glued to her exposed chest.
    ‘Mmm that’s it baby’ smiled Eddy.
    ‘Western whore’s the best’ added a delighted Sima, admiring my wife’s beautiful English tits. It was clear he fancied Kirsten a lot.

    ‘Now dance for us baby’ Eddy said resting back on the form. The old radio continued to spill authentic African music as slowly she began to sway her hips. Tentative at first and glancing frequently down the hill as if afraid someone from the beach had any chance of seeing us. Who knew what she was thinking. Certainly she amazed even herself as her breasts moving explicitly in the afternoon shade. She was getting into it more and more. Her movement more impulsive, teasing. Vigorously she turned, putting her hands on her ankles and her ass up in Eddy’s face. Her sudden, growing enthusiasm taking even him by surprise. This was getting to her, turning her on. To finish she went along the row, putting her breasts inches from each mans grinning face. Almost as if she was finally enjoying the power she had. Then, torn from her fantasy she stopped and her swaying ended. Her moral principles snapping back into play.

    The men clapped and Kirsten gave me a confused, bewildered look. Just what was happening to her. She returned to the rocks to change back. What a difference. Sima blew out his cheeks in appreciation of the hot lap-dance. When she reappeared she was flush and coy, seemingly a little ashamed of her behaviour too. Mash and Sima both had to be back at work but thankfully though, Eddy had another few hours. He grinned at me, erection standing up through his pants. I knew what was in his head and after that show he was ready to pound my wife’s pussy for her performance.
    ‘Come Kirsten, we go back to your room’ he said. She widened her eyes but didn’t resist. Such a thing was to be expected. It was what she wanted after all. He smiled, holding her ass I carried her bag. My pulse was rising again. Was this what it was going to be like for the rest of our holiday? I hoped so. As they walked quickly back along the beach my wife kept her head down. Especially when we past the bar were Eddy worked. Several mature women sat and watched with knowing, jealous looks. They knew what Kirsten was in for all right.

    Eddy didn’t want to draw the attention of any lobby staff so he sent us in first. We met in the lift, the horny male lifting and squeezing her tits as they kissed passionately against the wall. It was incredible. Almost as if I wasn’t there at all. She groaned, needing his long dick again and reaching for it between his legs. Quickly he led her by the hand along the carpet and to the door of our room. It felt the same as the previous night but more impatient. Once inside Eddy dragged the swimsuit down around her waist. Her breasts bouncing free as he planted a heavy set of lips on her nipple. He sucked greedily, squeezing her tits with his hands.
    ‘Tell Hubby what you want bitch’ he smiled at me. Croaking a groan of pleasure Kirsten looked at me standing hard and desperate by the door.
    ‘Fuck me Eddy’ she said to my amazement. I’d hardly ever heard her swear. ‘Fuck me with that huge black Willy’.
    ‘That’s good Kirsten’ he grinned. ‘You know that hubby’.
    ‘It’s so much bigger than my husbands’ she added with a smile. His shirt and trousers came off as quickly, hard-on jutting out from his crotch with aggressive intent. Kissing Kirsten hard on the mouth he pushed her back on the bed, tugging the gusset of her swimsuit aside. After last night, my wife’s cunt offered only token resistance as he parted her legs and shoved his big cock up her. I watched as she folded her ankles around his back. Her body swallowing up his dick again inch by inch until the heavy, fat balls squashed against her.
    ‘Oooohhh yes Eddy’ she moaned, eyes closed in pleasure.
    ‘MMm yeah baby’ her black lover grinned, lifting himself up to a fucking position. Kirsten screwed up her eyes tight, her mouth open wife as the bed met the wall. ‘Thump…thump…thump…’. Part of me hoped the occupants of the next room could hear it. Hear my wife being such a slut. Gasping, hard and erect in my shorts I leant back on the dresser. Eddy’s sweaty black cock enjoying white, married pussy for the second time. She looked oily and wet, taking each stroke deep.
    ‘….UUUUrrgh’. With a long, desperate wail she came, her hands digging into his back.
    ‘White bitch’ Eddy gasped breathlessly a single bead of drool rolled from his bottom lip and extended down onto the skin of her neck. Kirsten turned away, her face contorted. I imagined she was already tender from last nights fucking. Her married cunt getting another stretching so soon.

    With one arm Eddy pushed her left leg back, pointing the heel to the ceiling. Confident he could fuck a little deeper he drove manic, wailing cries of anguish from Kirsten’s mouth.
    ‘Urrrgh…..ohhh….uurrh….arrrgh’ she grunted as he ground his long meat into her belly with purposeful strokes. I couldn’t help myself and began jacking my dick, just as I had last night. Masturbating to this sight was all too easy. Kirsten was defeated, hopeless. All that was left was for him to pump his African seed between her legs.
    ‘Sssshhhaaa’ he gasped as last, lurching forward and driving three paced, hard strokes again the bed. My wife’s legs relaxed and unwound as she accepted the full contents of his balls. A healthy, paced fuck reaching it’s conclusion. Gently he pulled back, leaving her married cunt lips slightly ajar and filled with thick white semen.

    Eddy fucked Kirsten again both Wednesday and Thursday. Usually around mid-afternoon when he would not be missed from the bar. On both occasions he came down to the beach where he knew we would be. Our daughter splashing in the sea while he sidled to my wife and suggested she go back with him to our hotel room. He was insatiable. Even more amazing was how my wife seemed to succumb to his advances. Submissive, perhaps shocked at her own actions. Only last week she had been disgusted by the mature, western women who gathered around Eddy’s bar, chatting and flirting with him and Sima. Now she was no better, turning several knowing heads as she made her way back towards the hotel with the randy African.

    Our last night at the hotel was one to remember. Eddy and several other employees had been roped into a special evening for paying guests only. It was billed as an authentic evening of Kenyan culture and dance and a giant poster hung in the lobby. As preparations began we didn’t see him at all on Friday or at any time on Saturday morning. The beach bar was closed. Determined to buy some traditional gifts for both her parents and her sister, Kirsten wanted to go into town and look around the local markets. I wondered if my wife was going to miss Africa and what kind of memories she would have of this place? Certainly she loved the native feel of Kenya, the warm and welcoming people. Part of her, I’m sure though was glad to be heading home to normality. Perhaps she felt she could put some distance between ourselves and the actions that had taken place here. Back home, no-one would know what she had done and in time maybe her memories would fade to a contented blur.

    Back in the large dining room a stage had been set up, decorated in green and yellow with lights hanging from the ceiling. My daughter watched with fascination as a band complete with two large tribal drums came out and began setting up their equipment. There must have been fifty or more tables, the hotel staff hurrying to set them up for that evenings performance. Later, as we dressed for dinner I too had mixed emotions. Kirsten and I had reached a crossroads in our relationship sure enough but I was unclear in my mind if I wanted it to end. It was eight months since I had broken my wife’s confidence and cheated on her with a young black woman called Sanja. Now that Eddy had, ‘had his way’ I was sure we were more than even.
    ‘I have to say’ she said as she readied herself at the dresser, ‘it’ll be good to get home’.
    ‘Will it?’ I grinned, expecting she would miss Eddy more than she’d care to admit. She paused, took a deep breath and turned to me.
    ‘I wont deny Peter that it’s been an experience. But you mustn’t ever speak of it to anyone once were home’. My thoughts immediately turned to phone video I had of Eddy powerfully fucking Kirsten but I remained silent.

    My wife had on a white, ‘60’s style’ dress with bare arms and a square front which fastened up the back. I watched her getting ready, my gaze transfixed. The dress fitted just above the knee, a belt and gold buckle around the waist with stockings and bra beneath. She didn’t wear any knickers and had a small, silver crucifix around her neck, hanging above her breasts which lifted neatly together out of the front. Perfect and delicate. As she did her hair I put on a suit and together we took Poppy down to enjoy the show. A perfect western family. Taking a seat at our reserved table the other guests filled the dining room, looking excited about the evening ahead. I cast my eye around the crowd noticing several familiar faces. There was no doubting that several other women had taken black cock during their stay at the hotel. I wondered how many for the first time. Either from one of the employees or one of the many local men who wandered the beaches during the day looking for western pussy.

    After ordering drinks the lights dimmed and an African male in traditional tribal dress sprung out to the roar of drums. A collective gasp erupted around the room and a wave of applause sprang up. The man was in an excellent outfit including head-dress, a bare chest and a grass and leather skirt. He held a dangerous looking spear in his hand and yellow war-paint upon his face. His feet were bare and he shrieked out in his native tongue, thrilling the audience who at once went for their cameras. The flash of bulbs glittered the stage. Then the band played and perhaps ten more men came out. They were less orchestrated, obviously having performed this scene for many tourists in the past. Amongst them were Eddy, Sima and his uncle Mash. Though not nearly as active as the leader they joined in the song and stamping their feet. It was a tourist show. Nevertheless, the crowd loved it. Kirsten watched quietly, sipping her drink. Who knows what unnatural thoughts went through her mind. I wondered if she found the sight arousing. The black, muscled torsos in their aggressive stance.

    There was riotous applause once more as the men were clapped off. Turning back to the table Kirsten helped Poppy cut up her food. Then putting her hand across the table she squeezed mine and gave me a smile. It was a lovely moment. We were heading home together a family. Had our escapade brought us closer together? I’d certainly never been as attracted to my wife as I was at that moment. As if sensing this, the hunter like Sima appeared beside us. He, like the others had spread out now the show was over and was taking orders for drinks on a paper pad. Each remained in the native dress. Some even posing for photographs with guests.
    ‘Hello nice people’ he grinned, rolling his tongue around his lips. He still had designs on Kirsten’s pussy sure enough and I was immediately reminded of the lap-dance she had been compelled to give the group the other day. It aroused me considerably to know he had seen her virtually naked. True enough my wife’s eyes widened as he stared hungrily at her. Sima didn’t know anything of us or our lives back home. He just saw a white woman his in Kenya for one thing only; black cock. In this crowded dining room I could understand her reluctance to draw attention to ourselves. ‘Want drink?’ he asked.
    ‘Carlsberg for me’ I said contentedly.
    ‘House White wine’ said Kirsten, ‘and a lemonade’. She touched Poppy’s head. Sima wrote down the order and grinned suggestively.
    ‘Anything else lady?’ he said. His gaze fell to my wife’s tits and Kirsten blushed. The young mans huge hard-on was barely masked by his billowing grass skirt.
    ‘Not now’ Kirsten gasped covering her mouth in embarrassment. Another couple at a nearby table sniffed and looked over in contempt. Just as I had earlier noticed other sluts around the room, now Kirsten been labelled.
    ‘But maybe later?’ the ever hopeful lad beamed.

    We finished our meal. My wife ate little. Throughout our holiday she had only fucked Eddy. Now it seemed she had inadvertently agreed to let Sima into her bed. She was battling with herself. I felt she was just eager to get back to the hotel room and hope the young stud found another willing, white affectionate. Quickly the three of us made our way though the lobby and into the lift. Our room was a welcome destination. After taking off my suit, I got Poppy ready for bed. Then I returned to our adjoining room where my wife was staring at herself in the dresser mirror. With a tired sigh she stood and lifted her foot to un-strap the first of her high heel shoes. As soon as she touched the buckle a knock came from the door. In an instant her face emptied of colour and she looked at me. We were both thinking the same.
    ‘Peter?’ she said weakly.
    ‘Well, it would be a fine end to the holiday?’ I said. There was a pause while she fought with herself.
    ‘Alright, let him in’.

    I went to the door and unfastened it. There, in the corridor were Sima, Eddy and Mash. They had taken off the head-dresses but had the rest of their garb intact. For a second I froze. Three natively dressed African men. Eddy’s older face was painted with three green lines. I should have known he would not be denied a last shot at Kirsten’s married hole. His grin spread across his face.
    ‘Who….who is it honey?’ my wife asked, perhaps sensing something was wrong. Before I could answer the men pushed past me, Eddy shutting the door quickly behind him.
    ‘Hello again lady’ Sima grinned. The young man had no such inhibitions now safely in our hotel room. Pulling the crotch of his outfit aside he slipped the shaft of his cock into his hand. Eddy had not exaggerated in the alcove for he was indeed, very well hung. A thick and dark pole. My wife took a step back as the men leered at her.
    ‘Time to give this white whore good send off’ grinned Eddy. He looked horny as hell and I could smell cigarettes, sweat and lust upon him.

    ‘I don’t think I can…can do this’ gasped Kirsten looking around the three men. All ignored her. Feverish in their determination to seed this trapped western slut. Sima and Mash walked up, the later immediately putting his hand on my wife’s chest and fondling her breasts in turn through the dress materiel.
    ‘Nice white bitch’ he gasped in his broken English.
    ‘Just wait a moment’ my wife gasped but she was fighting a losing battle. Her dress was unzipped by Sima and pulled neatly down over her bra. The young mans lips were upon her neck as she looked at me for help. There were none. We were after all, guests in their country. These men were in charge here and they just wanted her dress up and legs apart as soon as possible. I saw the earlier look of faith towards me dwindle in my wife’s eyes and her face bowed, reigned. Her married belly was getting pumped full of sticky, African come one last time.

    Our small room looked crowded. I watched, pulse racing as Sima fumbled with her bra, wrenching her torso back in his haste to get it off. Eventually the clasp came free and the two men rolled their hands over my wife’s heavy tits.
    ‘Lovely bitch’. Thick fingers squeezed the soft, round nipples with eager disregard. Mash was the least well endowed of the men at a mere eight inches. Older veins running down the uncut shaft of his dick. I wondered how many women he had fucked while working here. His chest lightly covered with grey hair that fitted with a man of late fifties. Taking off his grass skirt he pushed Kirsten to the floor of the room and slid his cock into her mouth. It looked like it had seen plenty of use. My wife’s red lips stretched to take him and she coughed as he slid his erection to the back of her throat.
    ‘Mmm, yes that’s good’ he gasped, drawing back and fucking her mouth with small, impatient strokes.
    ‘Yeah man fuck that pretty mouth’ added Sima.

    Both he and Eddy stood, jerking off and awaiting a turn. All three were erect and an enormous size. Despite my earlier feelings, my cock was hard for this sight. I wanted it to happen. It was only nine in the evening and this could go on a long time. Kirsten, rising up onto her knees took Mash’s cock n her hand and began blowing him properly. Her head rose and fell as she took him, a big grin of pleasure on the older mans face. ‘Yes bitch…yes…yes’ he sighed. Bringing up his length Kirsten turned to Sima and took him next. She croaked, eyes wide at the floor as the young black stud forced his dick into her throat.
    ‘That’s right, suck that dick bitch’ he laughed, patting Eddy on the arm. ‘You look pretty with black dick in your mouth’.
    ‘Gggrrrurh…’ my wife coughed violently, a wad of spittle bubbling down her chin and landing on her chest.

    My cock pulsed as my wife was systematically used. It seemed as if my head was going to explode from all the emotions I felt. Sima had stepped in. Holding my wife’s head against the foot of the bed and ploughing her throat with controlled strokes. Reluctant and needy gasps blurted from her lips together with the regular sliver of drool that already streaked the crisp front of the dress. When Sima withdrew, hot and panting, my wife’s perfect lipstick was slightly smudged. She put her hand to her throat, seeking to compose herself. The dark brown of his cock skin was wet with a small patch of spit on the head. Kirsten gasped for precious oxygen over and over.
    ‘Oh….oh…oh….’ her chest wall rose and fell. She was getting used. As the men stood around, wanking their impatient cocks in her face I slipped my hand into my trousers. This was just incredible. Three of them.
    ‘Oh god, oh god’ Kirsten gasped, her voice muffled as Eddy took a short turn. Already her mascara was starting to run. As he took her head and worked her lips up and down his shaft Mash crossed the room and opened the patio window, letting in the sticky, hot, evening air. The sound of the sea flooded into the room as Sima took over. Now with her hands pressed tightly to his thighs my wife attempted to control the depth of his fucking. A white fuck-toy.
    ‘Ggg…Gggg…Gggg…’ she croaked as Sima held her behind the head, his hips rocking back and forth.
    ‘Shit I go come…I come’ grunted the young man. His thrusting stopped. My wife’s eyes turned upward as his warm, salty seed gushed into her mouth. ‘Yeeeeaaah’. Holding her head still a minute he released and withdrew.
    ‘That’s good bitch. Now swallow that’ Eddy said commandingly. With bulging cheeks and a submissive nod my wife did so, screwing up her face as she took Sima’s sticky baby batter down in two gulps.
    ‘Damn yeah’ he smiled.

    Kirsten wiped her lips with the back of her hand. Likely the taste of salty, thick semen strong and lingering in her mouth. From the floor she looked up at the three grinning Kenyan’s.
    ‘You want us to fuck that pretty white pussy baby?’ Eddy grinned playing with his member. Pushing her hair behind her ear my wife seemed almost in a daze, her eyes blank.
    ‘Yes Eddy’ she said dutifully. He said something in Africa to his friends and between them they helped her stand and dispense with the dress. My wife, now in just her stockings and heels was led around the bed. Almost throwing her over the mattress Mash brushed his rough hands over her back and positioned himself on one knee. Pulling back his foreskin he worked the head against my wife’s slippery cunt lips.
    ‘That good’ he sighed as he slowly pressed forward with the shaft.
    ‘Ohhh….Peter!’ my wife’s face screwed up tight as her hole took him. Pursing his lips the older male pushed his way up from behind, fucking with short strokes.
    ‘Urrrgh…..urrrgh…ohhhh yes’ two more desperate and long groans erupted from her mouth as he took firm hold of her hips and began laying in harder. The bed seemed to move, jerking.

    Collapsing down onto her elbows with her ass in the air Kirsten’s mouth hung open. The steady slapping of his heavy balls audible to all against the distant call of the sea. His dick would be good preparation for Eddy’s.
    ‘That’s it’ my wife groaned, ‘don’t stop….please…don’t stop’. Her fingers were tight on the bed-sheet.
    ‘Damn that pussy good’ stammered Mash, sweat collecting on his brow.
    ‘Ohhh’ she moaned, her body tensing up as she came. Following suit and thrusting quickly with his hips Mash ejaculated, throwing back his head and squirting his load up into my wife’s warm, welcoming cunt.

    Winding down and pulling out, the older man wiped his forehead with a tissue from the dresser. His cock twitched still, semi-hard and wet from sex. As Eddy roughly began taking her from behind Sima wandered around the bed and lifted my wife’s torso. Squatting he started slapping his dick playfully around her cheeks. Tormenting her with it. It seemed he wanted to make her pay for refusing him the other day. Forcefully he guided his dick into her mouth.
    ‘Shit yeah….shit..’ grunted Eddy. I walked around the bed where I could watch the steadfast ring of my wife’s pussy stretched around his cock. His balls slapping furiously, heavy and loaded. Despite the growing fucking she was taking from behind she managed to roll her lips up and down Sima’s cock, his heavy hands reaching beneath to cup and squeeze her breasts. It was an awesome sight to witness. Two black dicks in her at a time.

    Eddy, impatient as ever, turned Kirsten onto her back, winding her with his eagerness. Gathering up her legs he effortlessly penetrated and pushed up into her. Both her hands rested on his ass as it romped on top. His fat, heavy balls slapped away. Furiously mating in front of us all.
    ‘Yeah Kirsten….yeah lady…’ he gasped in her ear. ‘Your white pussy so good’. I felt my come start to rise and realised I’d been wanking hard. The sights, smells and atmosphere in our hotel room were electric. At the last moment I stopped and let the feeling subdue. There was no reason to rush anything. Humping solidly the horny Kenyan gasped along, mostly in his native language laced with the odd English. ‘Fucking bitch….I fuck you good’. Lifting herself onto her elbows Kirsten looked down over his naked back, towards his ass which romped between her legs. Elevating her chest made her breasts roll sweetly with the steady digging of his cock. Her face looked drained and her cheeks tear-stained.

    ‘Shit I come’ Eddy gasped after fifteen minutes of heavy pounding. He lurched forward, driving a gasp from my wife mouth as his spunk splattered up against the walls of her cunt.
    ‘Ohhhh Eddy’ she gasped tracing a hand down the side of his face. The stud grinned, finishing with a cruel wink. ‘Now we pumpin that belly full’. He looked over his shoulder to me, pulling his cock out and leaving a wad of semen welled in the hole. Both his and Mash’s combined. There was a solid mess between her legs on the bed. This was a train though. No sooner had Eddy stepped off the bed than Sima was climbing on. Kirsten covered her eyes with her hand. This was incredible. In moments the young man’s dick began to pump deep, come gathering around the lips of her married pussy.

    Locking her ankles over his back Kirsten gasped along. She was on her way to another orgasm. Eddy and Mash knelt on the bed, fondling her breasts and touching her hair. The high heels were still in place but only just. Perhaps feeling them catching his skin Sima paused, expertly collected her legs and pushed them back into the air. With a hand on the bed rail I watched. His heavy dick slamming up and down, penetrating her body completely with each thrust. The steadfast ring of come around his shaft a promise to what had already been delivered. Three African men, in the tribal colours of their homeland. It was incredible.

    Feeling I should go and check on Poppy in the next room I humbly dismissed myself. While Sima and Kirsten rutted away I crept out and stood in the hall head spinning. The space of the carpeted hall felt welcome. No-one would know what was going on inside. Slowly I twirled the wedding ring on my hand around my finger. Was I really going to be able to give this feeling up? To put it all behind us when we flew home? The lights were off as I entered. Much as I has left her I walked to the bed. She was sleeping soundly. Too young to understand what was going on in the adjoining room. The steady but faint sound from the next room was quiet but audible. I heard my wife’s voice but could not understand the words. Her savage, needy groans erupting every few seconds. The taunting laughs of the men. The regular ‘thump…thump..’ of the bed against the insulated wall.


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