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Thread: My wife and her father

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    My wife and her father

    My wife was one of those women who didn't have to do anything special for men to want to look at her. I loved that most of the time she wouldn't even notice guy trying to cop a look at her. Alot of her cloths were very nice but also very sexy. When she bent down, if her top was loose enough guys around us would get a perfect view of her tits and she wouldn't know it. I use to give me a hard on when things like that happened.

    Debbie liked to do things for me to keep our our relationship sharp. Even though she didn't know she was showing herself she knew that I liked it when she would dress sexy. If she had a few drinks she would show herself off for my benifet. I know she like doing it because she would be wild when we got home. She would say things like, was I a good little wife for you honey? You know other men were looking at me tonight. I even let some of them see what only you should see. I would ask her to show me what she did. I already knew but I wanted her to show me. She would sit down and have me sit across from her.

    When we were at dinner there was an older couple sitting at the table just behind you. The woman had her back to me but her husband kept looking my way. Remember when I said I had to go to the bathroom, but just turned and stayed there? I told her I did. Well, the older guy was looking rite at me and I felt like giving him a little show. I spred my legs so her could see all the way to my panties. I thought he was going to choke. I looked at him and gave him a wink as I got up to go. When I came back, again he was watching me. I took my seat and let my legs come apart again. Only this time when he looked he could see my pussy. I had taken my panties off in the bathroom. She was showing me what she had done and I have a great view of her pussy. Damn Debbie, I sure would have liked to see the look on his face. It was a nice look and I began to get wet from him watching.

    She also told me that the server was able to look down her top and see all of her tits. She said she got so excited she wanted me to fuck her rite then. We both went to the bed and began to make out. She was playing with me and I her. I was slowly sliding my finger along her slit and pushed harder when I found her clit. Oh baby that feels so good, she told me. Debbie was getting super hot so I pushed her back and lifted her dress up passed her waist. She still didn't have any panties on so I had a great view of her moist pussy lips.

    I put my mouth real close to her pussy and began to blow little shots of air at it. Oh Jimmy, lick it, please, I want to feel your tongue. It was driving her crazy so I touched her lips with my tongue. Oh God yes, anything Jimmy. She had never said anything like that to me before. I was so turned on that I wanted to push the envelope a little.

    Before I go any further let me explain what I was about to talk to her about. Many times I had seen her father watching her. He never knew I had seen him. I would see him looking down her tops whenever he would be standing beside her. The look on his face told me he liked what he saw. There was one time when he and my mother-in-law came over early to join us going out to dinner. Debbie was taking a shower and I told him I needed to get something from the garage. I realized that I had already gotten it so I went up to our bedroom. I was in our walk in closet when I heard some noise. I peeked out and saw my father-in-law's back as he tip toed to the bathroom door. He was watching his daughter taking a shower. The shower doors in our bathroom are clear, so I am sure he got a great view of his daughter. He put his hand in his pocket and started to stroke himself. A minute later the showere shut of and he turned and rushed out the door. I never said anything to Debbie about it.

    Now with me licking my wife and her being so hot I thought I would find out if she knew anything of what her father had been doing. I pressed my tongue until the tip slid past her lips. I found her hood and began pushing it up. Her clit came out and I put it between my lips and sucked. Debbie was really going nuts now. I began to use my chin so I could talk to her. You liked showing your pussy off tonight, didn't you honey? Yes, oh yes, it was fun, she said. Tell me that you do like it when someone is watching you and that you really do know when shomeone is looking at you. I do Jimmy, I do know most of the time. I licked her again the put my chin back. I wish you would have told me honey, I liked it when I knew someone was trying to see all of you. Oh, I didn't know, she said as she let out a moan. You know it turns me on when you show off for me. I know honey but I had a few drinks before I would do it.

    I stopped talking and went back to using my tongue. I was really giving it to her clit and Debbie was really loving it. Jimmy, your so nasty I could cum all over you. I had to ask the question that I wanted to. After getting her worked up to where she was about to cum I pulled back and used my chin again.

    Baby, all me want to look at a beautiful woman like you. I do mean everybody. Do you kow who likes to try and look at you the most? Yes, I do but. Then I cut her off. You like it when he watches you, don't you? Oh Jimmy no, she answered. Tell me the truth Debbie. I have seen him and I didn't want him to stop. That is why I never said anything to you. Jimmy, it is so wrong, she said. Only if you think it is honey and somehow I don't think you think it is. I think it is exciting having someone that close wanting to see your body.

    Debbie was bouncing all over the bed. She was damn near ready to cum, but I stopped playing with her when I thought she was going to. Please Jimmy, don't stop licking my cunt. I want to cum. Does it turn you on knowing your own father wants you? Jimmy, oh God I can't believe I am going to tell you this. When I was a young girl my father use to come into my room and play with me. He would do it whenever we were alone. I wanted to hear more so I told her to tell me more as I began eating her out again. Oh, he use to do what you are doing now. It felt so good back then. Daddy loved to put his tongue inside of me and make me cum. I think he stopped when he thought I might remember what he was doing. I never said anything to him at all so I think he thinks I don't remember. That was it for me. I licked Debbie like never before and she came so hard it flooded my face, mouth and sheets.

    More to come later. Sorry about any spelling and punctuaion mistakes. English was not my favorite.

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    Great to see you again Jimmy

    Thanks for the new addition

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    Excellent start

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    very good,,,,,,thanks

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